March 21 Birthday Compatibility

March 21

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 3, 6

In Love

You make such a delightful companion that it sometimes seems as if you can’t help attracting hoards of friends and admirers. Because you prefer variety and excitement to safety and security, fidelity is generally not your strongest suit. You fall in and out of love quite easily. Moreover, when you are in love, it’s difficult to pin you down and even harder to hold on to you.

You stick with a partner only as long as the relationship is fun and interesting. If it turns dull and boring, your inclination is to leave and move on to someone new.

In Bed

You want everything in life, including sex, to be spontaneous and exciting.

Creativity and the ability to mix words with actions are your specialties. In bed, you know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it. Your joyful enthusiasm and powers of persuasion virtually guarantee that your every wish will be gratified. However, your lovemaking is as unselfish as your sweet talk is convincing. You happily comply with all your partner’s needs and desires as well.


Your freewheeling lifestyle shows that you don’t like wasting time in pre-planning and preparation. You want to be swept off your feet. Your idea of a great turn-on consists of witty, fast-paced verbal sparring accompanied by a variety of exciting and innovative sexual moves leading up to ultimate culmination in an erotic mattress mambo.

Reality Check

Driven by spurts of nervous energy, you move fast, talk fast, and rarely waste a moment of precious time. Because your energy flow is erratic, you need to learn to pace yourself. You’re a lot better at starting projects than finishing them. Easily sidetracked, you’re likely to go off on a tangent whenever something (or someone) more exciting comes along.

March 21 Birthday Compatibility


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