July 22 Birthday Compatibility

July 22

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Neptune; Numbers: 2, 4

In Love

To some extent, the exuberance of the Cancer native born on the Leo cusp is at odds with his or her true persona. Outwardly gregarious, sociable, and witty, you appear to live life with zest and enthusiasm. On the inside, however, your deepest feelings often remain a carefully guarded secret. You believe that love makes the world go around, and in an intimate union you are romantic and affectionate. You may flirt a little bit, but you do it more for the attention than anything else. Once committed to another person, you make an exceedingly loyal and devoted partner.

In Bed

The theatrical side of your nature wants a love life of mythic proportions, filled with dramatic, meaningful moments. Another part of you just wants to enjoy the sensual pleasures of lovemaking in comfortable, luxurious surroundings. In the bedroom and elsewhere, you are thoughtful, considerate, and generous. You may not show it, but you want to be admired and adored by your lover. In return, you are prepared to do whatever it takes to gratify your partner’s desires.


Your love nature is passionate but also playful and fun loving. You are turned on by glamorous and sophisticated intimate attire and erotic novelties such as enticing sex toys and amusing, suggestive edibles. In acting out your secret fantasies, you engage your entire being in a game of seduction while adding drama and excitement to your love life.

Reality Check

Inherently compassionate, empathetic, and gracious, you are always ready to extend a sympathetic ear to someone in trouble. However, you like knowing that your efforts to be helpful are acknowledged and appreciated. Although you tend to be rather emotionally needy yourself, you are considerably better at counseling others than you are at confronting and dealing with your own problems.

July 22 Birthday Compatibility


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