August 06 Birthday Compatibility

August 6

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Jupiter; Numbers: 5, 6

In Love

Like other Leo natives, lions celebrating birthdays on this date want love and affection in their lives. Companionship matters a great deal to you; you don’t like living alone. However, you rarely need to look for love because it has a way of finding you. You plunge in at the beginning of a relationship in an attempt to sweep your beloved off his or her feet. Since you come across as Mr. or Ms. Wonderful, your magnetic charm is difficult to resist. Once in love, you make a most generous, caring, and enthusiastic partner but also an extremely demanding one.

In Bed

Your lover’s eyes are the mirrors through which you see yourself. Because a happy relationship is so important to you, you invest a lot of energy in pleasing your partner. You are not immune to flattery, and your mate’s good opinion is exceedingly important to you. You thrive with a partner who showers you with attention and approval. The bedroom is your stage, and you like to hear a few words of appreciation after an exceptional performance.


The idea of sensual lovemaking in lavish comfort appeals to you a lot more than grabbing a quickie before rushing off to work. You prefer building anticipation for an erotic sexual encounter by setting up the scene in advance. Planning a romantic getaway, instead of hanging around the house doing the same old thing, is guaranteed to turn you on.

Reality Check

Because of your good taste and aesthetic sensibilities, everything beautiful and harmonious appeals to you. Although some born on this day find their life’s work in the arts, others make an art out of living. Your self-confidence and positive turn of mind cause you to seek the best that life has to offer, and you usually find it.

August 06 Birthday Compatibility


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