April 23 Birthday Compatibility

April 23

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 5, 9

In Love

People born on this date project an enigmatic quality that can cause others to wonder who they really are. Your affable, gregarious personality covers a detached, impersonal inner core that allows you to keep cool under emotional pressure. You want the security of a close relationship, yet your independent spirit fears too much intimacy and togetherness. Eventually, your Taurian need for stability and consistency overcomes your reservations.

Once you decide to commit to another person, you do it with your whole heart. Ultimately, you make a wonderfully loyal, devoted romantic partner.

In Bed

An uninhibited, freewheeling lover, you enjoy exploring various avenues of intimate experience. The physical part of your sensuous nature yearns to relax into complete sensuality in a truly luxurious atmosphere. However, your mind quickly dismisses this idea as boringly conventional. A lover who is open-minded and uninhibited really turns you on. You enjoy engaging in sexual activity in improbable places and at odd times. Even so, you prize mental rapport above all else and want a bedmate you can talk to.


Your mind plays as much a part in your lovemaking as your body. Words and pictures can rouse your passions, and you get an erotic charge out of sexy, seductive suggestions, whether in a poem, a song, a film, on TV, or whispered in your ear by your bed partner. The rebel in you also likes engaging in naughty acts with a risk of discovery.

Reality Check

Your friendly, gracious manner and vibrant personality attract many friends and admirers. Progressive in outlook, sometimes you’re so far ahead of the pack that you foresee possibilities the less imaginative can’t even fathom.

However, the fixed quality in your nature is strong, and you possess a fierce determination that makes you appear quite stubborn and intractable.

April 23 Birthday Compatibility


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