December 27 Birthday Compatibility

December 27

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Saturn; Numbers: 3, 9

In Love

People celebrating birthdays on this day are tenderhearted and romantic. In love and friendship, you’re loyal and devoted and have a humorous, whimsical side that makes you fun to be with. Although you are less serious than the typical Capricorn native, you are just as responsible and protective.

You’re extremely generous with your loved ones, but your sensitive feelings can be hurt if you think that your help is not appreciated. Despite your self-sufficient nature, you crave love and may not be truly happy without it. In fact, too much time alone can make you feel lonely and depressed.

In Bed

Although you try to hide your restless emotions behind a serene exterior, where your love life is concerned you’re subject to doubts and insecurities.

At such times you become rather clingy and need to be reminded that you are truly cared about. Idealistic about sex, you seek perfection in your partner. Because you respond to the magical side of love, the accoutrements of romantic courtship spark your libido. Your dream lover senses your shifting moods and intuits your physical desires.


The creative bedmate who devises diverse types of erotic pleasure for you two to experience together turns you on. You enjoy making love in a romantic setting with scented candles, soft music, and luxurious bedding. Role-playing games and acting out romantic fantasies merges your creative imagination with your strong sexual passions.

Reality Check

The Capricorn goat rarely forgets an unkindness, insult, or slight. As a result, you may harbor deep resentments that smolder for years before surfacing as part of a vengeful plan. When someone hurts or disappoints you, it takes a really long time for your wounds to heal. While they are healing you may look for ways to pay back the pain.

December 27 Birthday Compatibility


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