February 27 Birthday Compatibility

February 27

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 2, 9

In Love

Love is one of the few necessities in your life, and without it you feel empty and incomplete. You exude a haunting, enticing quality that draws potential lovers like a magnet. Your sexuality is closely allied with your dreams and imagination. When you fall in love, you fall hook, line, and sinker. An incurable romantic, you believe people are whatever you wish them to be.

Even when they do not live up to your expectations, it’s difficult for you to let go of your illusions. You would rather deceive yourself than admit to any fault in your partner.

In Bed

While not sexually aggressive, your bedroom technique is right up there with the most seductive in the zodiac. Although fear of rejection may make you reluctant to initiate the first move, the telepathic signals you send out are unmistakable. You telegraph your desires and intentions so completely, even the most insensitive dolt has little trouble understanding your message.

Sensuous, spontaneous, and imaginative, you’re privy to the hot little secrets that turn lovemaking into a magical, mystical experience.


For you, love, sex, and romance are irretrievably intertwined. Nothing gets your erotic juices flowing like an old-fashioned romantic courtship. You want a lover who writes poetry for you, whispers sweet nothings in your ear, scatters rose petals on your coverlet, and makes all-consuming love to you by flickering candlelight.

Reality Check

The Pisces shadow emerges when the Neptune-ruled carry the inclination toward self-sacrifice too far, and it turns into martyrdom. In this scenario, you sacrifice everything for the one you love and then resent the heck out of him or her for letting you do it. If your sacrifice fails to elicit the hoped-for response, you may become depressed and seek escape from pain in alcohol or drugs.

February 27 Birthday Compatibility


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