September 06 Birthday Compatibility

September 6

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Saturn; Numbers: 6, 6

In Love

Outwardly, individuals born on this date appear cool and detached.

However, you crave affection and may not be really content without a loving partner to share your life. Despite the practicality of your Virgo Sun sign, you are profoundly idealistic and romantic. You’re looking for the perfect mate, and you refuse to settle for less than the real thing. Even so, you fear rejection and you are likely to think twice before risking your heart.

Although it can take you quite a while to make a firm commitment, once you do, you expect the relationship to endure over the long term.

In Bed

A sensual, patient lover, you’re willing to wait for the most agreeable situation before you make a move. A slow, artful seduction is more your style than fast, furious, or aggressive lovemaking. You enjoy flirting and other romantic games of courtship almost as much as the sex act itself. Giving, sharing, and making your partner happy is what it is all about for you. You see honest communication as an essential ingredient of sexual interaction because it keeps the bedroom activity lively and mutually gratifying.


You prefer surroundings adorned with simple, harmonious touches to anything decked out in showy, dramatic opulence. Comfort and congeniality contribute to your sexual enjoyment. A romantic ambiance, with candlelight, fresh flowers, soft music, affectionate gestures, and words of love, turns you on and puts you in the mood for loving.

Reality Check

Inherently civilized and cultured, you have delicate sensibilities and a great appreciation for all things beautiful and artistic. Refined and reasonable yourself, you possess an instinctive aversion to people or things that are crude or vulgar. Because you need peace and harmony, you cannot be truly happy unless life runs smoothly, with a minimum of discord.

September 06 Birthday Compatibility


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