October 27 Birthday Compatibility

October 27

Sun Sign: Scorpio/Pluto

Decanate: Scorpio/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 9

In Love

You are highly sexed and extremely romantic, and love and intimacy play a major role in your life. However, your emotional nature is so deep and complex that your love life can be as turbulent as it is passionate and intense.

You’re quite capable of displaying a poignant vulnerability one moment and then becoming exceedingly possessive, demanding, and jealous the next. You are more likely than other scorpions to idealize your partner and place him or her on a pedestal. Then, if things turn sour and you are forced to face up to reality, you can be severely hurt and disappointed.

In Bed

Your dreamy demeanor and soothing approach to lovemaking do little to hide your steamy sexuality. However, the boiling passions simmering just beneath the surface are driven more by emotional needs than physical ones.

Everything you do, whether in the bedroom or elsewhere, is guided by your intuition. You crave the complete soul-mate package with your one true love, and nothing less will suffice. When you find it, you surrender totally to the ardor that consumes and transforms both you and your partner.


You like unraveling mysteries and may be drawn to a lover who comes off as secretive and slightly dangerous. Just one glance from those sultry, enthralling bedroom eyes, and you can hardly wait to dive into precarious waters. You are turned on by the very idea of exploring some of the darker, more intense aspects of your own sexuality.

Reality Check

You possess an illusive quality that surrounds you with an enchanting mystique. Instinct and intuition give you an eerie insight into people and situations that borders on the psychic. However, it is your active imagination and your love of all things romantic, mysterious, and melodramatic that define your distinctive lifestyle.

October 27 Birthday Compatibility


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