June 25 Birthday Compatibility

June 25

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Moon; Numbers: 4, 7

In Love

Socially you are friendly, outgoing, charming, personable, and mildly flirtatious. In an intimate union, you are more cautious, yet genuinely affectionate and caring. Like many Cancer natives, you can be moody, secretive, and subject to emotional ups and downs. When real life doesn’t live up to your romantic view of how things ought to be, you have a tendency to become despondent or depressed. Although you recognize the importance of togetherness and compromise in a close relationship, you feel that each partner also needs some time alone to concentrate on his or her own interests.

In Bed

Sexually you’re a free spirit, and you enjoy making love whenever and wherever the desire seizes you. Because you can’t abide the idea of a love life that falls into predictable patterns, you’re happiest with a partner who is capable of going with the flow. On occasion, you may become withdrawn and disinterested in sex. When this happens, it’s best to leave you alone until you come out of your funk. Once the clouds pass, you’ll make up for lost time.


You’re turned on by the promise of the unexpected. The lover who tantalizes you is the one who satisfies your appetite for variety with lovemaking sessions in unusual or inconvenient locations. You enjoy dancing around the edges of danger and adventure. You may not actually do anything naughty, but you like contemplating the possibility.

Reality Check

Essentially a subjective person, you are inclined to view the world from an exceedingly personal point of view. Despite your innate kindness, you are naturally clannish and mainly interested in helping those in your inner circle. In an intimate relationship, you are normally very loving and generous.

However, when you are hurt or disappointed, your nurturing, protective attitude can morph into possessiveness and jealousy.

June 25 Birthday Compatibility


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