July 07 Birthday Compatibility

July 7

Sun Sign: Cancer/Moon

Decanate: Cancer/Pluto; Numbers: 5, 7

In Love

Your charming, personable façade attracts people to you, and your quirky eccentricities and air of mystery draw them in. In an intimate union, you are sensual, affectionate, and responsive. However, you need a partner who makes you feel cherished and appreciated. When things don’t go your way, you become as moody and brooding as any other Cancer Sun native. If real life doesn’t live up to your idealistic view of how things ought to be, you turn despondent or depressed. You’re happiest with a mate who understands your moods and occasional craving for the solitude of your crab shell.

In Bed

There is nothing boring or routine about your approach to lovemaking.

Creative and a tad mysterious, you keep your sexual relationship fresh and alive with moves that are both innovative and unexpected. With a little bit of encouragement from your mate, your ardor ignites with rapid intensity.

You’re always ready to try new things, either in the bedroom or elsewhere.

You have a rather goofy sense of humor, and making love in unusual places gives you an added thrill.


You’re unpredictable yourself, and you need an imaginative partner who keeps you on your toes. You are most likely to be turned on by a far-out idea, such as a sexy scavenger hunt for two. A clever lover will leave clues for you to follow, leading to a torrid tryst in a hidden place that is protected from prying eyes and frequent interruptions.

Reality Check

You possess a vivid imagination with possibly clairvoyant or psychic abilities.

Everything unusual, mystical, occult, or secretive interests you. A natural detective, you love a mystery, and you’re absolutely fascinated by puzzles and puzzling people. However, your overly suspicious nature can eventually make you feel unnecessarily paranoid and distrustful of everyone around you.

July 07 Birthday Compatibility


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