August 27 Birthday Compatibility

August 27

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Mercury; Numbers: 8, 9

In Love

You are innately warmhearted and sentimental, and the emotional part of you places a high priority on a close, loving relationship. Your cerebral side craves companionship of a more thoughtful, intellectual variety. When you find the love you seek, you will sacrifice everything for your partner. If you’re alone in life, you may retreat into the rich fantasy world of your imagination where love always reigns. A genuine romantic, you are as likely to fall in love with a dream as with a real person. When reality doesn’t live up to expectations, you’re deeply disappointed yet ready to move on to another “ideal” lover.

In Bed

Making your partner feel cherished and cared about is your special talent.

You have no qualms about catering to your lover’s whims, either in bed or elsewhere. For you, physical love is a tender expression of deeper feelings—

an emotional mingling of body, mind, and soul. Sensitive, sensual, and concerned, you’re an exceptionally easy person to love. You concentrate on the needs and desires of your beloved and hope for the same kind of consideration in return.


Relaxation draws out elusive passions. A pampering bath laced with aromatic oils followed by an invigorating, sensuous massage soothes your nerves and awakens your lusty sensuality. You also get off on sharing your most intimate secrets and dreams with your bed partner. Companionable pillow talk makes you feel closer to your lover.

Reality Check

Your empathy with the feelings of those around you can make you nervous about your own. Despite a tendency to be self-critical, your touchy emotional nature makes it difficult for you to deal with the disapproval of others. Intelligent, insightful, and multitalented, you can accomplish anything you like, so long as you refuse to let inner doubts stand in the way.

August 27 Birthday Compatibility


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