April 27 Birthday Compatibility

April 27

Sun Sign: Taurus/Venus

Decanate: Taurus/Venus; Numbers: 4, 9

In Love

In an intimate union, you’re the consummate romantic. Tenderhearted and sincerely devoted to your beloved, you’re prepared to make sacrifices when you deem it necessary. Despite a yearning for permanence and stability, you fall in love rather easily. Because what you are seeking is a magical fairy-tale romance, you are just as easily disappointed if things go wrong. You’re stubborn and like doing things your own way, yet you rarely express these feelings directly. When you find the person you consider your “one and only,”

you’re capable of absolute devotion. However, you can also be really jealous and possessive.

In Bed

You’re one of the warmest, most openhearted lovers in the zodiac. There is a delicacy and sensitivity to your bedroom approach that is quite irresistible.

Dreamy and romantic on one hand and practical and earthy on the other, you are actually more resilient than you seem. Extremely sensual, you will do everything possible to heighten the physical pleasures you share with your lover. However, you’re no sexual athlete. You enjoy kissing, touching, and trading fantasies as much as wild, passionate lovemaking.


You adore long, lazy hours of loving, during which you and your partner take the time to explore each other’s bodies from head to toe. You like it when things progress in slow motion, with lots of cuddling; long, luxurious caresses; and deep, lingering kisses. Even if the sex act is not fully consummated, you still enjoy the snuggling and petting.

Reality Check

Compassion makes you very receptive to the needs of others. People realize that you understand their pain and are capable of helping them solve their problems. Because your empathy is of the practical variety, your advice is generally sound. However, if someone you help disappoints you, you may become temporarily despondent.

April 27 Birthday Compatibility


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