August 17 Birthday Compatibility

August 17

Sun Sign: Leo/Sun

Decanate: Leo/Mars; Numbers: 7, 8

In Love

In an intimate union, you’re passionate and demanding. You have high standards, and you expect your partner to live up to them. As a result, you’re not the easiest person to live with. Your proud nature and fragile ego require constant reassurance from your beloved. What you’re really seeking is proof of his or her love and devotion. You respect traditional ideas and want permanence in a romantic relationship. When you’ve satisfied your need for emotional security and acceptance, you’re a loyal, generous, and protective mate. Only a serious betrayal could make you break your commitment and walk away.

In Bed

A powerhouse of sexual energy, you like being the one in control of the action. Your bedmate probably won’t object when you take charge, because you use your astounding sexual prowess to build slowly to a peak of pleasure that is satisfying to you both. You do everything you possibly can to gratify your partner’s desires, in and out of the bedroom. Admiration and appreciation are extremely important to you, and you get off on the knowledge that your efforts to please are well received.


The lover clever enough to stroke your ego along with your body is virtually guaranteed ample rewards in return. Your erotic sensuality responds to the beauty and comfort of an ultraluxurious environment. The stimulating caresses of a full-body massage help to relax you and increase your appetite for the lovemaking to follow.

Reality Check

You aim high, and your inner core of steely determination practically guarantees you’ll reach your goals. While you may not be as confident as you appear, you’re much too proud to admit that you have doubts about your abilities. When things don’t go as you planned, you feel gloomy or depressed; however, your brooding never lasts long.

August 17 Birthday Compatibility


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