December 13 Birthday Compatibility

December 13

Sun Sign: Sagittarius/Jupiter

Decanate: Sagittarius/Sun; Numbers: 4, 7

In Love

In love, you are steadfast and sincere and have less of a roving eye than many of your Sun sign counterparts. However, your romantic dreams tend to create gaps between your idealism and everyday reality. You want to find true love, but few potential partners can live up to your high ideals. In an intimate relationship, you are a true romantic and more emotional than the typical Sagittarian. You go back and forth between wanting freedom and independence and needing the safety of a secure, committed union. Yet once you reconcile your conflicting desires, you make a loving, loyal partner.

In Bed

The paradoxes in your temperament extend to the bedroom. You can be carefree and romantic one moment and serious the next. However, your fiery sensuality simmers just below the surface of your reserved façade.

Although cautious at first, with a little encouragement you begin to reveal the true extent of your passion and sensuality. While you can be something of a daredevil when it comes to sexual exploration, you tend to be rather reticent when it comes to establishing deeper ties.


Sharing intimacies with your romantic partner in the great outdoors sparks your love of nature and provides you with a splendid backdrop for expressing and exploring sexual desires. Your ideal lover satisfies your lusty libido and your sexual restlessness by creating a setting for lovemaking that is in the open air, yet sheltered from prying eyes.

Reality Check

Like others of your Sun sign, you’re honest to a fault. Consequently, you may garner a reputation for being outspoken to the point of tactlessness.

Because you have never learned how to tell the proverbial little white lie, you are a master of the left-handed compliment and likely to suffer from recurring symptoms of foot-in-mouth disease.

December 13 Birthday Compatibility


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