August 24 Birthday Compatibility

August 24

Sun Sign: Virgo/Mercury

Decanate: Virgo/Mercury; Numbers: 5, 6

In Love

Your idealism and exceedingly high expectations can make it difficult for you to reach a concrete decision about the future of a romantic relationship.

You like to take your time before making a serious commitment. However, once you do, you hang in for the long term. You may appear self-sufficient, but you’re definitely a person who needs other people. Because you don’t like being alone, partnership holds a high priority for you. Naturally peace loving and amenable, you do whatever you can to avoid disagreement and discord. You invest a great deal of energy in creating an intimate union that is romantic, harmonious, and totally satisfying.

In Bed

You have discriminating tastes in and out of the bedroom. Your main objective when making love is to create a memorable shared experience that is pleasing to both partners. Since you view love as a two-way street, you expect the same kind of consideration you show your bedmate. In your image of a perfect union, your connection with your lover goes well beyond the physical. You want an intimate relationship that includes intellectual, emotional, and spiritual bonding.


Traditional courtship rituals turn you on, and you adore the playful games and flirtatious banter that precipitate sexual arousal. Easily overwhelmed by aggressive ardor, you prefer a slow, artful seduction in a serenely romantic setting. Your hidden passions emerge in surroundings that are replete with all the accoutrements of love and romance.

Reality Check

The charming, sociable individual born on this date has been blessed with impeccable manners and a tendency to be more tactful than other Virgos.

Civilized, cultured, and refined, you possess delicate sensibilities and a love for everything artistic. Even so, you are as detail oriented and as much of a perfectionist as any other member of your Sun sign.

August 24 Birthday Compatibility


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