Scorpio and Capricorn

They left nothing undone that was consistent with the reputation of their tribe.

Neither Scorpio nor Capricorn finds it easy to communicate, but because their association is influenced by the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern, they’ll usually be more conversationally at ease when they’re together than when they are with most other people they know. Only with the other 3-11 sextiled vibration of Virgo, and with the trined Sun Signs of Cancer and Pisces, does Scorpio feel as free to be himself—or herself. The same thing is true of Capricorn—with Pisces, Virgo and Taurus. Or with their own Sun Signs in the 1-1 vibrational pattern.

Scorpio and Capricorn will spend most of their time together discussing their individual and mutual hopes, dreams and wishes, and although they’ll be in general agreement regarding the nature of their goals in life, they may not be in complete agreement as to the ideal methods of achieving them. They both secretly desire to be respected, they both aspire to a quiet kind of power behind the scenes over their sphere in life, whether it be a home, a classroom, a business or a government; yet the Goat may deplore Scorpio’s inner intensity, believing it to be a waste of vital energy, while Scorpio may think the Goat lacks sentiment and sensitivity. Still, they’re both practical-minded enough to consider their divergent methods of achievement of far less importance than success or failure in the final analysis, and once they decide to trust each other, they can intermingle their abilities to increase their chances of the former.

Fortunately, the Goat will receive the retaliatory sting of the Scorpion somewhat less frequently than others, and will find those few stings easier to shrug off (Cappy tends to shrug off anything that impedes progress or takes up precious time in excessive emotional reaction), while Scorpio is likely to understand and be patient with Capricorn’s Saturnine broodings, for Scorpio is also susceptible to spells of inexplicable depression. This sort of astrological sympathy is evident with children of these Sun Signs, as well as with adults. Not always, but almost always, brothers and sisters undergo phases of competitive struggles, ranging from mild disagreement to what temporarily appears to be active dislike. Although Scorpio and Capricorn experience their share of sibling rivalry, these two will normally find a way to work out their difficulties sooner than most, and will usually end up defending each other against outsiders. The same pattern emerges between the Capricorn Goat and the Scorpion Eagle in business, friendship or love relationships. The association may not always be completely harmonious—but there’s always a basis for compromise, because of a subconscious comprehension of each other’s inner natures.

Although the Scorpion and the Goat are both very private people, the typical Scorpio is apt to do considerably more talking in public than Cappy. But the Scorpion uses words as a smoke screen, verbosity being utilized as a kind of substitute for (or armour against) saying what he or she is actually thinking. Scorpios are fond of all manner of disguises, and talking about everything except what’s really important to them is merely one of the many masks Pluto wears to fool the uninitiated. Capricorn recognizes and admires this ability, even envies it, for the Goat is essentially shy. Beneath the surface social nonchalance, Scorpio is also shy, or rather, markedly reserved regarding private feelings and emotions. And so, the Goat’s sometimes painful timidity touches Scorpio deeply, and is not frequently the initial basis for sympathy between them.

There are always the exceptions to be considered, of course, always those Scorps and Cappies who are influenced by the Fire or Air elements through the Moon Signs or Ascendents of their horoscopes, but the average or typical Scorpio and Capricorn will place a great deal more emphasis and concentration on getting ahead in life and insuring personal security than on social frivolities and nonproductive activities—often a shade too much emphasis and concentration. For man and woman live not by bread alone, and these two would profit immeasurably by adding not only hyacinths for the soul but a little more poetry and magic to their lives. Thanks to Saturn’s gift of the reverse aging process to Capricorn (described in detail in the Capricorn-Capricorn chapter), as Scorpio and Capricorn grow older, the Goat is likely to coax the Eagle into more exciting experimentation. One of the dangers of a close and long-continued association between these two Sun Signs is that they could get stuck in the repetitious rut of a monotonous life-style, until Cappy feels that kicking-up-the-heels urge, and wheedles the Eagle into dancing to a more daring tune—the same kind of persuasion used by Scorpio toward Capricorn in the beginning of the relationship. Rather like the rules of American football. It’s half-time—change sides!

A somewhat amusing and one might say positive aspect to this combination (depending upon how one views it) is that Scorpio’s compulsive secrecy will not normally be a cause of friction between them, for Capricorn is seldom fascinated by anyone’s secrets. The Goat is invariably bored by any variation of a guessing game. Unless there’s a Cancer or Scorpio Moon Sign or Ascendent, Capricorns will ignore Valentines signed Guess Who? They are not amused by anonymous letters or round robins, and should the Eagle address a remark to Capricorn beginning with the words Guess what!, the reaction will probably be a polite yawn. The Goat will simply wait until Scorpio gets around to stating what. Cappy is not about to be drawn into such a childish challenge. The typical Saturnine philosophy concerning intrigue is that Time will eventually provide all answers, and those answers not so revealed by Father Time, in all his wisdom, are not worth pursuing (unless it’s a Mother Goat who’s poking about for information regarding her offspring, in which case she may turn into a rather persistent temporary detective).

Ordinarily, however, Capricorns are not cursed with the torture of a burning curiosity. Let Scorpio follow the starry trail of creatures from outer space, and secretly long for a close encounter with alien beings. Cappy considers it risky to fool around with people who might possess the kind of weapons used in the American film Star Wars. (The Goat didn’t want to go, but the Eagle insisted, with that Scorpion glare, so Cappy gave in and went to see it to keep peace.) Personally and privately, the typical Capricorn feels the whole UFO hoopla is a little silly, because it’s based more on fancy than on fact. If such creatures do exist, Capricorn will gladly walk out in the backyard to watch them land in the strawberry patch, but vicarious experience doesn’t thrill the Goat. Capricorns have small use for peek-a-boo or hide-and-go-seek, whether as children or adults. If a person has something to say, Earthling or Alien, let it be said now—flat out—instead of all this telekinetic and telepathic beating about the bush.

Most of the time, Capricorn’s boredom with curiosity in all its forms will please the Pluto-ruled Scorpions, since nothing makes them angrier than to catch someone snooping in their diaries, checkbooks, sock drawers or private thoughts—until and unless they choose to share their secrets. But now and then, the ultra-sensitive Scorpio man or woman will take offense at Capricorn’s refusal to be curious, and interpret it as a lack of interest—which is exactly what it is.

The Goat’s lack of interest, however, is not synonymous with a lack of caring. Yet, with Scorpio, a lack of interest does indicates a lack of caring, for Scorpios are curious only when they care about something, and when they don’t care, that thing or person becomes invisible to them. The problem with Scorpio curiosity is that the Eagles tend to stretch it into suspicion. They tell themselves that a little suspicion is a healthy thing, a protection against those who take advantage of the gullible. But suspicion has its negative side too, and can cause Scorpio to suffer many groundless fears. Capricorns, on the other hand, have no need to trouble themselves with undue suspicion, because the Saturnine caution accomplishes the same self-protective purpose with much less wear and tear on the nervous system.

For all their uneasy suspicions, Scorpios are metaphysically and religiously driven; therefore they believe intensely in the power of faith over all manner of failure (even when they don’t openly admit such faith), and this is a major difference between the Pluto-ruled Scorps and the Saturn-restricted Cappies. If you really want it, preaches the Eagle to the Goat, believe you’ll attain it, and you surely will But Capricorn remains unseduced, unmoved, and replies with one of Saturn’s own religious beatitudes: Blessed are they who expect nothing, preaches Cappy, for they shall not be disappointed.

Sometimes the philosophical debates between these two do somewhat resemble a church service on a gloomy Sunday, with inspired Scorpio giving the sermon and practical Capricorn passing the collection plate. Yet they’re both soul-softened by the sound of the choir and the organ, even when they’re singing from different hymnals. Music has a way of filling the space between their attitudes, because music speaks the language they both hear in their hearts but are unable to express in words, and they should not allow themselves to live without its blessing. The finest stereo available would be a sound happiness and harmony investment for this Sun Sign combination. To the Eagle and the Goat: Don’t wait for a sale. Buy it now—and never mind the cost.

Never mind the cost?!!! Just look at them. Scorpio is frowning, and Capricorn has turned pale. You see? There are some things these two have in common.

Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man

For long there was no answer; then again the knock.

Who are you?

No answer.

He was thrilled, and he loved being thrilled.

The male Goat is handcuffed by his warden, Saturn, and although he serves his time as a model prisoner in the jail of restricted emotions uncomplainingly, he nevertheless longs for parole.

Anything that promises or threatens a thrill titillates his imagination, and stirs his blood with the call of the wild. This man is more imaginative than you might suspect. Just because he doesn’t tell faerie stories in public—or write poetry, then frame it and hang it on the wall of his home, doesn’t mean he’s not capable of feeling all fresh and rain-washed inside when he smells lilacs or sweet peas in a summer storm. He’s not immune to an appeal of the senses . . the scent of grass or freshly turned warm spring earth makes his heart beat faster, and as a boy, he even wished on stars . . when he was sure no one was looking. He enjoys music and art too. Of course, it must be sensible music and classic art. He won’t dawdle over the doodles called pop art, and he won’t suffer the deafening decibels of punk rock. But try him on Clair de Lune or Rhapsody in Blue, show him a truly lovely sculpture or a beautifully molded piece of turquoise, and you’ll see that slow, shy grin appear. Capricorn’s grin is incomparable—it makes you feel good inside, just to see it. That may be because it’s displayed so rarely, so when you’re treated to it, you know it’s genuine, not just an empty smile formed by social expediency. The Goat grins when he’s happy or amused or when there’s something to grin about. Wearing a continual happy face and smiling just to be polite is, to Capricorns, hypocritical. Perhaps it is, to some extent. But it’s also more open, tentatively inviting friendship. Cappy does not invite friendship casually.

This man seldom monopolizes a conversation. He doesn’t speak often, but when he does, the Capricorn wit shines through to mix with the Capricorn wisdom, and his rare witty remarks are often the kind you’d like to write down so you can remember them to quote later. Stern wisdom and clever humor make a fascinating blend.

It’s no wonder his Saturnine aura magnetizes a Lady Eagle. The Goat is a great deal like herself, and that’s why she feels strangely secure when he’s near—even across the room, before they really know each other. She won’t allow him to be aware of how she feels right away. In fact, she may exert all her considerable self-control to make it appear that she doesn’t realize he even exists. He may sense that she’s looking at him, but the moment he looks back, her eyes are gazing in another direction, and he believes he only imagined she was looking his way. He didn’t imagine it. She was looking when she thought he wasn’t looking. Later, when she’s decided she’s tortured him long enough, she’ll not only look at him, she’ll stare at him, with a steady gaze that flusters his poise, and it is not a small thing to possess the ability to fluster a Capricorn’s poise. She possesses it.

He is intrigued. Who is this mysterious woman who has such power over his rigidly controlled emotions? Oddly, many men find it difficult to think of this female as a girl, even when she’s in her teens. Something about her seems to fit woman more than girl. Her eyes held whispers of secrets from the time they first opened, after her birth, increasing in depth each year of her life. The imponderable. The unfathomable. It’s easy to see why he’s thrilled, and feels little shivers in her presence. Not necessarily shivers of fear, or even curiosity . . just shivers.

Capricorns fear nothing, except poverty. And since they are not curious, in the normal sense of the word, if they bump up against a mystery or a secret, they won’t pursue it. They’ll wait until it unfolds, in its own time. So his shivers are caused by something else. Mostly, from the unexpected knowledge that someone may be about to penetrate his secrets, the inner self he guards so well behind his careful composure. He has an idea she may understand that his surface coldness and sternness cover an affectionate nature, and a heart that aches just as painfully as any other heart when it’s wounded, maybe more so, even though it never shows. He has the right idea. She does understand this.

His first reaction may be to behave in even a more stuffy manner than usual toward her. His innate shyness may deepen, his timidity tremble, and his formal attitude grow even more formal. But gradually, gently and inevitably, he will slowly relax through their unhurried conversations together, and finally risk giving her that special grin. His eyes will shine, saying so much more to her than his spoken words . . and her heart will turn over suddenly. It isn’t easy to make a Scorpio’s heart turn over, especially suddenly. But this man’s soft eyes and shy grin can do it. The quiet wisdom behind his calmness helps too. And this is how the Goat and the Scorpion fall in love. Never noticeably, almost soundlessly.

It takes their friends and family some time to realize what’s happening. His normal Saturn allotment of no more than three close friends. And his family. Her family too, but it’s his family that counts. He won’t want to do anything to displease them or make them unhappy—or be forced to spend a lot less time with them just because he fell in love. I mean, they’re used to his being around—or at least hearing from him by phone or letter once a week or so. And if they should need his financial assistance from time to time, well… .

Yes, this could be one of their problems. The Scorpio woman will find a way to handle it. I shudder to think of the possibilities, but she will find a way. I believe we should say no more about it, now that we’ve pointed out the potential trouble area, but just let them work it out, won’t you? She’ll be sweet and patient for a while, but …

The Goat is, by nature, undeniably possessive once a commitment has been made that symbolizes his attempt to make a relationship a permanent thing. The Scorpio woman won’t be happy about this, since she’s always more or less felt that possessiveness is her own exclusive right. It could be interesting when she discovers it works both ways.

She’s probably the one who should make any necessary compromises, however, because a Capricorn man who is really in love with his woman or his wife will seldom demand enough freedom or time away from home to arouse possessiveness in anyone but a woman abnormally possessed of it—and I didn’t mean that to be a pun, it just came out that way. Barring a Fire or Air Moon Sign or Ascendent, or an afflicted Mars or Venus in his nativity, the typical Goat won’t wander far away from the hearth. He enjoys a quiet evening with the one he loves more than any other activity—besides work. When a Capricorn says he’s working late at the office, he is most likely doing just that. If he’s one of those sports freaks, involved in politics, is some sort of salesman or travels for a huge corporation, he may be gone from her side often enough to give her good cause for annoyance. But the average Goat won’t give her cause. There could be more reason for him to be concerned about her whereabouts.

This woman will usually insist on leading an independent life. She won’t be held under anyone’s thumb. It doesn’t mean she’s not in love with him, or that she’s found another man. It’s just that she needs the freedom to do things whenever she feels like it, whenever the mood strikes her, without having to account for every minute, to ask permission to visit a friend, go shopping, stop for a coffee or catch a film by herself, like holding up her hand and asking, Teacher, may I? when she was in school. It’s confining.

She should understand that everyone needs this sort of freedom, in varying degrees, whatever his (or her) Sun Sign, and that the way to deal with a possessive person is to make that person know, beyond all doubt or speculation, that he (or she) is wholly loved—and to do so frequently. The more frequently, the better. It’s really not all that difficult to heal possessiveness and its sibling, called jealousy. Lots of extra reassurance never fails to do it. It’s as simple as that. Anyone who refuses such reassurance to the one who is tortured (and possessiveness or jealousy is sheer torture for the person suffering with it) has a sadistic streak hidden somewhere. It’s so easy to cure excessive fear, which is exactly what jealousy and possessiveness are made of—fear of losing what is so very much needed, fear of losing love. If you truly love someone, why deny that person a relief of such an awful fear? With enough sincere, loving and affectionate words, and physical touching, the possessed person will find that his (or her) desired freedom is surprisingly attainable. It’s worth the extra time and trouble it takes—and if it isn’t worth it, the two people don’t belong together. To hold the formula of the magic alchemy secret, which can translate sadness into gladness, and not use it, isn’t very bright—or very kind. And kindness is what real love is all about.

Sexually, the Scorpio woman will enrich her Capricorn lover or husband’s emotional spectrum of awareness. He is stirred into feelings he never experienced before by the depth of her physical need to give—and to receive. And she will feel comfortable with him, in a cozy way. His quiet strength and soothing gentleness calm the unnamed fears that haunt her, and that lie behind all her mystery. She may sometimes wish he would be more imaginative, more verbally expressive in his lovemaking … … he may sometimes feel she expects too much of him, and this could cause a nameless depression he can’t put into words. Being influenced by the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern as they are, this man and woman are friends, as well as lovers, and so they should talk things over more often, with honesty. It clears the air, and allows them to be themselves with each other. Both of them tend to hide their real selves from the curious and uncaring, but the moment of Oneness is not a time to be anything but real. It’s a time to trust all the way, to do—and to say—whatever is true. These two are both experts in self-discipline, self-control, and may need to learn that controlled passion is not the way to discover fulfillment in mating with the one you love. A change of scene, whether it’s a new residence or a trip, is often the miracle these lovers need to refresh their emotional energies.

The Scorpio woman and Capricorn man are influenced by Pluto and Saturn through all their love for each other, and this is sure at some time to bring back a chord of music from long ago, connected with death, old memories… . relatives or children … … to touch their hearts with a remembered sadness that deepens love. There is nearly always a secret they share that intensifies their devotion. It forms a circle of strength around them, helps them to be more patient with each other—and patience is one of love’s best friends.

Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman

But unfortunately Mrs. Darling could not leave it hanging out the window; it looked so like the washing and lowered the whole tone of the house. She thought of showing it to Mr. Darling, but he was totting up winter greatcoats for John and Michael, with a wet towel round his head to keep his brain clear, and it seemed a shame to trouble him.

With the rarest of exceptions, when an Eagle and a Girl Goat fall in like with each other, then fall in love, they will play it by the rules. They will pay for the license, complaining about inflation, submit stoically to the needle for their Wassermans and seek the benign blessing of a man of the cloth or, at the very least, the respectable approval of a legally authorized Justice of the Peace. They will marry, dear hearts, they will marry. They’re certainly not going to carry on an endless love affair. What future is there in that?

Their friends and neighbors will innocently sigh, and remark among themselves that this is surely a union of blissful perfection. Their close relatives will know otherwise. That is, they’ll realize that these two are as vulnerable to an occasional problem of adjustment as every other man and woman who struggle to harmonize their natures and habits within the intimate confines of marriage.

The reason Scorp and Cappy’s friends and neighbors are fooled is that these two are normally not the kind of couple to wash their dirty linen in public, as the saying goes. Not so much as a hanky of hankering or an old sock in the heart (let alone punch in the nose) would the Goat and the Eagle dream of laundering in public. Nor will they hang their differences out to dry in full view of strangers, neighbors, the postman, passing pedestrians and curious joggers. They’ll wash out their quarrels behind closed doors, quietly and discreetly, making certain that all spots of hurt are removed, bleaching them relentlessly until they are—and they’ll wait more or less patiently until their relationship is thoroughly dry of tears before wearing it again. (Wearing damp differences of opinion can give you an emotional cold, which could develop into flu, and even into pneumonia. Then love can die.)

Capricorn and Scorpio are as practical about love as they are about everything else. Their romance must pass a stern reality check, and score high on a reliability test. Sturdy. Durable. Long lasting. These two insist on receiving their money’s worth with furniture, clothing, college degrees, used cars, grapefruit, broccoli, real estate and so forth. They make no exception of their relationship—or the money they laid out for their marriage license, let alone the two dollars he tipped the minister. And when you add the corsage he bought her that day, plus the room at the wedding-night hotel, even though it was a bargain, because they took advantage of the weekend summer rates—one just doesn’t permit something that costly to deteriorate without making every effort to save it—in private, of course.

Nor does one allow a small crack in the surface to go unattended until it spreads into a major problem and the ceiling falls in. No, the tiny crack must be plastered and puttied and painted as soon as it’s noticed. So it is with the smallest conflict of opinion between Cappy and Scorp. They’ll normally repair the damage before it becomes a real threat to their harmony. Such constant watchfulness can be exhausting, unless there’s great patience and will power, but this man and woman possess an abundance of both, an ever-flowing supply, from the combined strength of their rulers, Pluto and Saturn.

The Aquarian Age may have zapped society with revolutionary changes, but Scorpio and Capricorn have not been basically affected by the vibrations of Uranus. The conservative natures of Eagles and Goats remain essentially the same at any chronological age—or during any astrological Age. The Capricorn female always was and always will be an independent woman, one who doesn’t feel the need to take a strong feminist stand on issues. The Scorpio male’s inner confidence also needs no improving. He has always done pretty much as he liked, and always will.

I know a Canadian man with a Scorpio father and a Capricorn mother. As he was beginning his college education, he became romantically involved with a girl, but they weren’t sure their feelings about each other represented a forever-type love, so they decided to live together at college in Montreal for a year or so, to test the relationship. The Papa Eagle and Mama Goat were horrified. A family powwow was called, during which the young man and his girlfriend were forced to listen respectfully to the parental advice offered. First, the Capricorn mother explained to the girl that she must consider her future. What if she should discover later on that it wasn’t really love? Then her reputation would have been permanently damaged, and no decent man would ever marry her. She might spend the rest of her life as a lonely spinster.

Besides, Mama Goat told her, since you’re both planning to work for your doctorates in zoology, you might both someday achieve the kind of scientific recognition that would qualify you to be listed in Who’s Who, and if they found out the two of you lived together out of wedlock for a year, you could be blacklisted. They have rules about that kind of thing, you know. I’m sure they do. If they don’t they should.

Then it was the Scorpio father’s turn. He had come to the meeting prepared to win, armed with a list of figures he had run up on his calculator the night before. Staring at the two of them, he said: You see, as a legally married couple, the premiums you pay on your car, life and hospital insurance will be much cheaper. In just one year, you’ll save a substantial sum of money on the difference. If you study these figures, you’ll see that marriage is the only sensible answer.

The young couple thanked his parents for their concern, and left. They did live together. They did not marry. They finally separated, in friendly fashion. She married a zoologist from France, moved with him to Europe (where no one knew her shady past) and became the mother of several happy children. He managed to avoid poverty, despite paying all those single man premium rates for his auto insurance and such—later married a lady lawyer, dropped zoology, switched to archeology and received worldwide acclaim for one of his Egyptian expeditions. Both he and his wife were listed in Who’s Who for their individual accomplishments (the Who’s Who committee did not blacklist him for his illegal interlude with his college girlfriend). Eventually his Scorpio-Capricorn parents recovered from the shock of becoming grandparents of triplets.

Astrologers are always insinuating that Scorpio men are oversexed, passionate male animals, ready to seduce, or even rape, every female they see. I trust this chapter will correct that impression. True, he does have intense inner sexual drives, but sexual is a word with more than one meaning, and the Pluto-ruled male can be downright old-fashioned in his ideas of love and marriage. Not every Eagle is Richard Burton. Besides, if you ever lived with this Scorpio Welsh actor, you’d realize he had very sound and practical reasons for buying Liz all those diamonds. They represented a double investment—in career publicity and future financial security for both of them. You’d also quickly learn how he feels about the breath of genuine scandal should it touch his woman. Gossip column lies don’t count. I said genuine. Fun is fun, but don’t carry it too far with a Scorpion. These men are possessive in love and circumspect regarding their personal lives, and don’t you forget it.

Scorpio being a Water Sign, naturally there are male Scorpios with afflicted natal Suns who temporarily slip into the clutches of demon rum or drugs. Even so, the Eagle will never lose control of his dignity, or his sense of right and wrong. This man will never allow himself or any member of his family to play the role of fool. He cares very much what people think about his public image (although he believes his private behavior is none of their business), and so does the Girl Goat. Everything she does is done with an eye out for getting ahead in Life, and on her reputation in her community. There may be a few Capricorn females who have loose morals and behave with sybaritic abandon—about twelve, maybe, on the entire planet. But we’re not concerned with them. We’re discussing the Capricorn woman worthy of the Eagle’s intense and loyal devotion, and she will be a lady. Or she can find another man.

The Capricorn woman seldom reveals her inner emotions by her outward manner. Neither are the Scorpio man’s innermost feelings imprinted on his features, or exposed by his speech and actions. That’s why it’s not easy for them to fall in love. Both of them are wearing masks when they meet. It takes a while for these two to trust each other enough to remove them, and even when they do drop their disguises of protective poise long enough to become their real selves—to know and to confess that they love, they won’t continue to walk around with their naked emotions showing. They’ll embrace, declare their need for one another, marry—then tie their masks right back on for the benefit of the rest of the world, taking them off again only when they’re alone together.

There’s a strange aspect to the love between this 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern composed of the Water and Earth elements, created by their ruling planets, Saturn (Capricorn) and Pluto (Scorpio). In one way or another, either a heavily or a light influence of death and secrecy will link their hearts. Their life together will be touched by echoes of the past, however faint. This may not occur within the first few years, but the shadow eventually falls… . and seems to soften their love in a haunting way. Third house matters of relatives and siblings are often involved, also motherhood. Pluto rules death itself, as a process—also birth, regeneration, reincarnation and sometimes adoption. Saturn rules all matters pertaining to the dead themselves, also self-discipline and duty. Obligation. Both planets have a powerful affinity for deeply felt and long-held secrets, and no emotional relationship between these two Sun Signs will escape some trace of such vibrations. Nearly every Goat Girl and her Eagle contain within themselves some unspoken, buried sorrow of the past, mutually experienced, that forms a strong tie of shared memory between them… . and somehow draws them closer.

Beneath her air of self-sufficiency, her seemingly cold ambition for herself and her family, and her apparent lack of sentiment, the Capricorn woman’s heart aches silently for affection. Her emotions are touched by suffering more than she’s able to tell, and she’s stirred more than she can show by great music and art. With his penetrating insight, the Scorpio man perceives this, and it arouses in him a fierce desire to love and protect this funny little creature with the droll humor and soft, shining eyes, who is so loyal and dependable and honest.

He’s also aroused into deeper desires by her calm manner and gentle ways. The sexual magnetism between Scorpio and Capricorn is clear and uncomplicated. There’s an unexpressed loneliness in both of them that calls out to itself, a need to reach for emotional security through companionship. His odd blend of tenderness, mystery and controlled intensity hypnotizes her, and she’s able to relax in his arms, welcoming him into the coolness of her quiet waiting. Every part of her Saturnine being is enriched by his more passionate nature. Like all Scorpios, he’s conscious of secret longings and vague yearnings he can’t define, and these seem to be transmuted into a feeling of peace during their physical togetherness, like coming home from a foreign country, to where everything is once more safe and familiar.

Just so they don’t allow familiarity to breed contempt. Scorpio and Capricorn, as a couple, tend to drift into habit patterns over the years that can cause not only their sexual expression but all facets of their love to become stale and uninspired. Like all 3-11 vibrational couples, they will be friends, as well as lovers, and so the natural ease of friendship can be used as a bridge over which they can find their way back to each other when their passions have cooled and their emotions are locked—when long periods of pouting or boredom have separated them by numbing the need they used to feel.

Change is the exhilarating cold shower that will bring love alive again for Scorpio and Capricorn. Travel is a terrific tonic for these two, but even small changes can free them. The Goat and the Eagle may go to bed at night, and awaken in the morning within seconds of the same time for years. They should change their schedule drastically, let the lights burn and hang the electric bill—eat out several nights a week in a Japanese restaurant, sitting on the floor, study Iridology together (look it up, don’t be lazy) and give each other some different gifts.

Must she give him a billfold every single Christmas, birthday and anniversary of his life? She can give him a telescope on Guy Fawkes Day. He can bring her a kaleidoscope simply because it’s Tuesday. But the Iridology is best. While they’re becoming experts in this fascinating, ancient science, on their way to the exciting new joy of being able to help and heal people, they’ll need to practice on each other. He’ll have to stare deeply and steadily into her eyes for a long time—and you know what that means with a Scorpio.

Listen, you know that Scorpio-Capricorn couple who live down the block, in the house where the lights go out after the eleven o’clock news every night, so you can set your clock by them? The ones who seem so blissfully happy? Go to a health food store, get an Iridology book and leave it on their front porch some sunrise. Then see if you don’t notice something different about them the next time they come outside to sprinkle the hedges. Something about the way they smile at each other … . . like a shared secret. After a week or so, you’ll notice that she’s changed her hair style, he’s wearing a bright, rainbow-striped shirt—and you won’t be able to set your clock by them anymore. They’re free again! And all because of your silent gift. Astrology will send you the Good Neighbor Award for Rejuvenating Love, and that’s even more important than winning the Nobel Peace Prize, or being listed in Who’s Who.

Scorpio Aquarius
Water—Fixed—Negative Air—Fixed—Positive
Ruled by Pluto Ruled by Uranus
Symbols: Scorpion & Eagle Symbol: The Water Bearer
Night Forces—Feminine Day Forces—Masculine


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