Scorpio and Sagittarius

All are keeping a sharp look-out in front, but none suspects that the danger may be creeping up from behind.

Everything about Sagittarius is always open, friendly and direct. Everything about Scorpio is sometimes open, friendly and direct—on the surface. Don’t challenge astrology, please. (Do you hear the noise of all those Archers reading this making a fuss? Questions, questions, questions.) Yes, Archers, there are indeed many Scorpions who, like yourself, may be described as friendly, bright, agreeable and straightforward, whether you realize it or not. Such Scorps as, say, Harold Hern, Dolores Simon, Steve Cook, Kathleen Hyde, Arthur Klebanoff, Lydia Link, Roger Good, Buz Wyeth and Bob Henson. You’re not convinced because you’ve never met these Eagles? Well, I’ve met them—can’t you take my word? No, Sagittarians never take anyone’s word for anything, until they’ve run out of questions. I suppose we’ll just have to take the time to prove these claims, so we can get on with it, and have some peace.

All right, Sag, think about the following people, some living, some no longer with us, but all of them who should be well known to you—and all of them Scorpio Sun Signs: Vivien Leigh (alias Scarlett O’Hara, a Scorpio playing an Aries)—Richard Burton (Shakespearean actor and occasional Peck’s Bad Boy)—media mogul Ted Turner—Marie Antoinette—Prince Charles of England—high tech entrepreneur Bill Gates—and actress Sally Field. Do you wish to argue that these particular Scorpio men and women do not immediately present to the mind an image of open friendliness? Do you not agree that the whole lot of them could be thought of as bright and agreeable—sometimes—and could be considered to be direct, honest and straightforward sorts? I hear no objections. Sudden silence from the Sagittarian bleachers. Not a word, not even from Archers Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Steven Spielberg, or Jeff Bridges. The silence of assent, I trust? Excellent. When Sagittarians have been silenced, a major victory of logic and intellectual stamina has been achieved.

Now that I’ve proven my astrological point, and hushed the dissident Archers, we may continue our compatibility analysis, undisturbed and uninterrupted. It’s perfectly true that many Scorpios share (on the surface) the bright, agreeable, open and friendly straightforwardness of Sagittarians. The difference is that when it comes to Sag, What you see is what you get. But with Scorpio, what you see is definitely not what you are going to get. Absolutely never.

It’s hard to say exactly what you will get. It varies, depending. But you can be sure it won’t be what you expected, or what the surface personality of Scorpio might lead you to believe it will be. Every Pluto-ruled man, woman and child wears a false face—from the moment of birth. Every day is Halloween to Scorpio. It’s trick or treat with these people in their dealings with friends, business associates, relatives, lovers and mates. When you play nasty with them (like hiding in the house with the lights out, pretending not to be home on Spook and Goblin night, or on any night) or are guilty of any similar sort of insult that may justifiably anger the Eagle, the trick you get can be as relatively harmless as having the air let out of your tires, so that you face four flats on a snowy morning when you’re late for school, the office or the airport, or discovering that the hair dryer you refused to lend Scorp has been carefully hidden, so that it takes you weeks to find it—to slightly more serious retaliations, like being fired when you least expect it, having a bank loan inexplicably refused, having your library card cancelled with no explanation—all the way to the most chilling, fearsome Pluto revenge of all: having a magic spell cast upon you, which makes you totally invisible to the Eagle. You are not heard or seen. The wounded (or angered—same thing) Scorpion will simply walk coldly past you, as if you were a picket fence, a discarded grapefruit rind, an empty trash can (empty, not full), a telephone pole, standing there helpless, feeling twenty feet tall, skinny, lonely and full of splinters—or a teeny-tiny insect, like an ant, so small and insignificant you’re in danger of being crushed beneath someone’s large boot. (Guess whose boot?)

That’s a general idea of the negative side of not getting precisely what you may see from Scorpio. There’s a positive and happy side to it too, and the Sagittarian mixed up with an Eagle in this 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern may be on the receiving end of either. But before I describe the positive side of the surprising glimpses behind those Pluto masks, let’s switch to Sagittarius for a moment.

The Archers never sneak up on Scorpio from the rear, as the Eagles do to them. There is nothing sneaky about Sag. They’re honest enough to kill you right to your face (symbolically, of course) in front of anyone who happens to be standing there … or passing by. From Sag, it won’t be a retaliatory act of revenge the Scorpio is stung with. The sting will be verbal. Loud. And clear. Emphatic. And blunt. Very blunt. (Or candid, frank, truthful—you may choose your own term.) Since Scorpio is capable of such naughty actions when he or she has been hurt or put down or injured in some way emotionally or financially, and Sagittarius stings only with words and never ever with underhanded actions, it might seem that Archers are really the least dangerous of the two, all things considered. It might seem so, but it’s not necessarily true. Because, you see, the Scorpion only plays trick or treat with that Pluto behavior when he or she has been the victim of something negative from Sag—whereas the Archer can shoot those stinging, burning, painful verbal arrows into the Eagle for no reason whatsoever. There need not be a cause. In fact, the happier Sag is, the more likely he (or she) is to aim the bow and shoot. The more bright and cheerful the Archers feel, the more they are apt to feel friendly and talkative—gregarious, as it were.

Sagittarians may not approach from the rear, but Scorpio may wish they would. It would be less public. Not always, but usually, the Archer’s zinging darts are well meant, seldom intended to hurt. But for all that, they do. When Sag says to an Eagle, in front of a group of people, including the Eagle’s wife: Hey! Tell everyone that story you told me about that time, last month, when your old girlfriend showed up at your office, and coaxed you into taking her out to dinner, the Archer isn’t being malicious, he only wants to share a hilarious story with friends. The end of the story is that the Scorpio did not take the old flame out to dinner, but his wife might leave the party alone before he can explain this. Facing the Scorpio caper of four flat tires is less traumatic for an Archer than the scene he faces with his wife, later at home, after being the victim of playful, innocent, harmless Sagittarius. Of course, it won’t stop there. The following day, poor Sag will become an insect, a splintered telephone pole, grapefruit rind or whatever to the injured Eagle. Heaven only knows for how long. Probably until Scorpio thinks Sagittarius has suffered for his sins sufficiently, and that can be a long spell, depending on the magnitude of the sin.

I’ll give one more example along this line, an event that actually occurred. An Archer and an Eagle I know were sitting in Vince Sardi’s in New York, having gone there for an after-the-theatre snack. The Eagle had recently gained a few pounds, not many, maybe five or ten, and it was not terribly noticeable, but he was sensitive about it. (Scorps are extremely sensitive about everything.) Sag left the table they were sharing and proceeded to merrily table-hop all over the place, saying hello to friends and so forth . . and after a few minutes, the Archer cheerfully called out across the crowded dining room to Scorpio, Don’t order one of those chocolate parfaits with whipped cream! Remember all that fat you have to lose!

A sudden silence fell upon the diners. The Scorpio was a famous person everyone knew either personally or by reputation. Approximately ten seconds passed, by the clock. Then the Eagle called out to his Sagittarian friend across the room, in a deep, rich voice, Shall I tell the waiter to charge both checks on my tab, since your credit has been cut off until you pay your bill? Every eye in the place turned to the red-faced, humiliated Archer. Ah, yes! Let the punishment fit the crime is Scorpio’s motto.

As determinedly ruthless as some Scorpios can be when they’ve really been hurt and feel compelled to teach the guilty a lesson they’ll never forget, the Eagles can also be unbelievably loyal and fiercely protective of anyone who has ever been kind to them. That’s another surprise the Archer may discover behind Scorpio’s Pluto mask—the identity of a warm and loving friend, capable of intense devotion, who will still be there when the fair-weather friends have all flown the coop. The Sagittarian who can learn to keep his or her mouth out of trouble with the Eagle will never find a more secure port in a storm than Scorpio. These people will literally risk their lives for a great cause, or to defend someone they care about from any kind of harm or danger.

But the Archer who can’t be still, and who doesn’t count to ten (preferably to twenty) before openly blurting out painful observations that cut into Scorpio’s poise and self-confidence, will suffer in commensurate measure, or be permanently exiled from Scorpio’s magnetic circle. Once a Scorpio has had enough, it’s all over. It’s the end. Since no one can safely or accurately predict how much it takes to bring an Eagle to that rare, but final, steely-eyed, cold and never retracted decision, Sag should tread carefully and not push his (or her) luck too far. That’s the trouble. Archers are always pushing their luck beyond the limit. Often, they win giant jackpots of all kinds by daring to go that last mile. But not with Scorpio.

There are some things these two have in common. Needing to know all the answers is one. With Sagittarius, it’s called inquisitiveness. With Scorpio it’s called . . well, simply a burning need to know, a compulsion to probe the buried, the hidden and the mysterious, to ferret out secrets. Curiosity is too mild a word. As I’ve said before in this book, and in my book Sun Signs, the Eagles are aware that knowledge is Power, and they’re after all of that they can accumulate. Sagittarians are forever asking blunt, even rude questions, demanding logical answers, wanting to know the why of everything, never resting until they’ve been convinced. Scorpio goes about discovering the truth in a more subtle manner, with equal fervor but with a disguised desire. It’s rather amusing to observe the two of them attempting to find out everything about each other. The Archer is determined to strip off Scorpio’s protective mask, and Scorpio won’t stop until he (or she) has uncovered every last vestige of the Archer’s inner character and various thespian roles. Sagittarians do enjoy acting out different parts, from time to time, but only for fun, not for sinister purposes. They’d like to make you guess Who am I today? but they’re cheerful about dropping hints, and finally confess what they’ve been up to with their acts.

Both Sag and Scorp usually enjoy competitive sports, if they’re typical of their Sun Signs. In this, they are alike, especially the male Archers and Eagles (also many of the females). It’s in the losing that they’re different. Sagittarius is, admittedly, an admirably good loser, normally brave and optimistic about winning next time. Scorpio is a very poor loser, frequently saying (and almost meaning) they’d rather die than lose. To the Eagle, not to win is tantamount to a cardinal sin.

These two are influenced in their association by the 2-12 vibration, and so there’s no denying that Scorpio has lessons of freedom, optimism, daring and self-honesty to learn from Sag, which the Eagle will actively dislike learning. Yet the situation will be softened somewhat by the Sagittarian’s karmic memory tolerance for Scorpio’s faults and failings, with the Archer subconsciously remembering what it was like to look upon life so intensely, with such great sensitivity, and dedicated to avoiding such a heavy emotional burden this time ‘round … which is why Sag is generally so happy-go-lucky, viewing life more casually, taking the time to roll a few hoops, to see as much of the world as possible—refusing to be really serious about anything, except for those occasional Sags who enter the religious life (but seldom before the end of an exciting search). Neither will the average Sag be contentedly tied down, during this incarnation, to the home fires (especially in youth) with the bonds of Scorpio’s powerful sense of duty and obligation. Sagittarians want to wander on the wind—to be free to answer the call of wild adventure. Yet they have a genuine compassion for Scorpio’s different outlook. The Archers feel, somehow, deeply sympathetic toward the Eagles whose flights are so often grounded, sometimes canceled, by responsibilities, secret fears—and promises to be kept that can’t be broken—for the sake of Pluto honor.

But Sagittarians shouldn’t blurt out their compassion aloud, making it sound like pity. One doesn’t dare say I feel sorry for you to a Scorpio. This is a Fire and Water combination, and that sort of mistake could create a lot of-steam in the teakettle.

Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man

Some of the greatest heroes have confessed that just before they fell to, they had a sinking. Had it been so with Peter at that moment I would admit it … … . . But Peter had no sinking, he had one feeling only, gladness; and he gnashed his pretty teeth with joy.

Scorpio is Fixed, Sagittarius is Mutable, and Fixed and Mutable are words with totally different meanings. Scorpio is ruled by the Planet Pluto, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Pluto is secretive and subtle, Jupiter is open and expansive. Scorpio’s a Water Sign; Sag is a Fire Sign; and water and fire don’t mix easily without some sort of catalyst, such as a great deal of patience or tolerance. Do you think any of these difficulties bother the Archer who’s in love with a Scorpio woman? Of course not. These are merely astrological challenges, and Sagittarius eats challenges for breakfast.

The larger the challenge, the brighter the fire that flames in his Jupiter eye. The challenge of a Scorpio female, with its scope, its complications, its intrigue, its depth of mystery or its danger, will surely not discourage the Archer. It will fascinate him.

Because every Sagittarian male, at any given period of his life, is enthusiastically involved with a dog, a horse, a career, a hobby, a dream, a travel plan or a course of study (from religious philosophy to homeopathy or numerology), he’ll have lots of things to talk about as icebreakers when he meets a Scorpio woman—and believe me, there’s always a substantial amount of ice to be broken in the initial phase of a relationship with any Scorpion.

Unlike many men, he won’t be put off or put down by her rather distant manner with strangers. It won’t put him off, because it excites him with the possibility of using his charm and persuasion and logic and cheeriness to raise her cool temperature a number of degrees—and it won’t put him down because it’s next to impossible for Sagittarians to suffer from the pain of a put-down. Mostly for the reason that they don’t recognize insults as such. They think you’re just being honest, the way they like to be, and who are they to object to the same sort of honest observations and remarks from others as they pass out themselves?—which is uncommonly decent of them, and I’d say they have a very good point there, wouldn’t you? It’s difficult to puncture the Sagittarian’s Jupiter balloons, filled with the helium of optimism, bless their sunny hearts (and curse their brutal frankness). Unless he suffers from a Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer or Virgo Moon or Ascendent, Sag doesn’t often brood very long over a disappointment or a criticism. Normally, the Archer will simply shrug, toss trouble over his shoulder and wait for things to be better. The weather report may say rain, snow and high winds today, but it’s sure to be sunny, fair and warm tomorrow. Each sunrise brings to him a new dawn of impossible dreams and an unexpected solution to old problems.

Admittedly, it’s a philosophy the Scorpio woman could imitate with great benefit. Let’s change admittedly to definitely. If she hears a weather forecast for fair weather, she tends to secretly suspect that the weatherman is deliberately trying to trick her into setting out on a hike just so he can laugh at her when she gets caught in a downpour, and her potato salad gets drenched. Human nature is like that, she tells herself silently. A person can’t be too careful. You can’t always trust people to be as they appear to be, or to keep the promises they make. You can see how her worldly-wise air and suspicious nature may occasionally clash with the auric colors of the Archer’s naivete and blind trust.

She’s wrong to suspect this man of being anything other than what he appears to be. Oh, he may symbolically smear on a little greasepaint, now and then, wear a putty nose, dress up like a clown or imagine he’s playing some part like Hamlet or Jimmy Stewart’s role in Harvey (he might even play the Rabbit—it’s possible), but these are just harmless acts he indulges in, because he has a touch of the theatre in his blood. Usually, he’s as delighted as a child when someone guesses the part he’s playing, like the game of Twenty Questions. The sort of brief and temporary masque of tragedy-comedy the Archer wears for fleeting moments is easily detected by anyone of normal perception, especially by a Scorpio woman with her kind of penetrating perception. No, this man won’t deliberately or consciously fool her. God knows he won’t lie to her (in fact, she may wish he would once in a while, to soften the blows and dull the edges a little).

Whatever flaws he may possess which could cause her grief or worry will probably be painted in vivid colors on his features when she first meets him, or, at the worst, transparently hiding just beneath his cheery grin, and clearly visible to the Scorpio X-ray vision. The Sagittarian man’s faults and weak points, just like his virtues and strong points, almost seem to wave at you, after a few hours of conversation, saying: Hi, there! Recognize me?, completely unafraid that anyone might disapprove. How could anyone disapprove of a few minor faults? Doesn’t everybody have them, to some degree? Yes, everybody does have them, to some degree. Thanks to Sag, we are all aware of this great truth. If humanity had not been graced (graced?) with the presence of Sagittarians (and Virgos), we would still be blissfully ignorant, for the most part, that we all fall a little short of the angels, now and then.

One of the Archer’s flaws that may wave Hi! to the Scorpio female when she first meets him, is that he is gregarious concerning women. He likes females. (He also likes males.) He likes people. He likes to play tennis with them, soccer, volleyball, basketball, football (either sex, he’s not picky or choosy)—bounce ideas around with them—see plays and films with them—argue with them—question them, about all manner of things—and simply fraternize and co-exist with them. She may frown on the feminine angle, and she won’t be overjoyed about the masculine angle either, since it causes him to spend a greater amount of time away from her than she believes ideal. This woman is more than a little jealous and possessive (and suspicious), but she can’t hope to hold her Sagittarian man’s love unless she cheerfully and trustingly allows him to freely roam when the mood strikes him. She must give him lots of rope, but she can content herself with the certain knowledge that he’s sure to eventually hang himself with it. If this man is ever even tempted to be unfaithful, he’s not likely to hide behind the mulberry bush. He’ll come right out and tell her, if he’s a typical Sag, and give her the chance to win him back before he’s gone anywhere. So, at least she has the comfort of knowing that what she doesn’t know truly won’t hurt her. As long as he comes home each night, kisses her on the nose each morning and makes no confessions, she can be confident that his heart is still hers—and every other part of him, including the most important part, his spirit.

Usually, he’ll ask her to go along anyway. He’d much prefer to share his hegiras with a familiar companion than go to the trouble of looking up old friends or tramping around with strangers. If she adapts to his pup tents, road maps and flight schedules happily, he’d rather have her beside him than anyone else.

The compromise, of course, can’t be all one-sided. That’s not how compromise works. He’ll have to give a few inches too, if he wants to be the proud possessor of the deep devotion and thrilling mystery of a Scorpio woman. She greatly admires his honestly, but she is super-ultra-extra-sensitive, and his careless, thoughtless remarks will wound her unexpectedly vulnerable heart more than he’ll ever guess, because she keeps her deepest hurt to herself, inside, where it won’t show. She’ll bear her agony silently for a long, long time. That’s the first Pluto stage. Next comes the second stage, when he can expect (but the trouble is, he won’t expect) the burning sting of Scorpio retaliation. It’s impossible to predict what form it will take, but whatever the form, he can be sure it will cause him to fumble a few arrows, and he might discover his bow of truth is badly bent for a while. The final stage, if he doesn’t wake up and learn to value this woman’s rare love, which doesn’t grow on every tree, and to appreciate her loyalty and multi-dimensional emotional challenges—is that she will leave him. And she will not return. Once Scorpio makes a decision, it is seldom, if ever, retracted. Too much agony of soul has gone into the making of it for her to lightly disregard it. A Sagittarian man is, by nature, somewhat impulsive and careless, but to lose what might have been a lasting love is unforgivable carelessness. All it takes is a little more tenderness, a little more consideration of her feelings—and the lost might be found.

Their sexual attitudes are very different, but not incompatible. His lovemaking is passionate, yet just as often touchingly and strangely naive and idealistic. Hers is all-consuming, concentrated—and at certain magical and memorable moments, deep-beyond-deep. It doesn’t take astrology to interpret this as a very real opportunity for two people to find a way to blend their physical needs into a deeply fulfilling experience together. One possible area of tension may be her tendency to look upon the act of love as a sacred thing—a silent thing. An unspoken shared ecstasy. He may, at some time, use the opportunity of their intimacy to say something that’s been on his mind, and it doesn’t occur to him that this could be the wrong moment to say it. However infrequently he makes this blunder, it’s too often. Then she may use their lovemaking closeness as a way to get even with him for something he’s said or done to hurt her earlier, by deliberately being cold and unresponsive to his embraces, behaving in such a passive manner that his fiery desire is completely extinguished by her Water Element’s ability to dampen his feelings and drown his emotions. This is always a danger with a Fire Sign and a Water Sign, in all their areas of adjustment, not just the sexual … … but they should both be especially ashamed to treat one another any way but tenderly when their hearts and bodies are trying to manifest the miracle of Oneness that is love.

Because this man and woman, whether they realize it or not, are influenced by the 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, she will sense he knows things she needs to learn, and he will be more tolerant of her different personality than one might expect him to be, because of his karmic memories of the Scorpio essence. If he uses this tolerance, which is there to be brought forth from the subconscious when he calls upon it—and she accepts gracefully that he has things to teach her (such as the foolishness of fear and suspicion, how these emotions bring about the manifestation of misery … and how excitement, enthusiasm and optimism are powerful affirmations with the ability to materialize dreams into reality)—they can make their relationship work smoothly and harmoniously. A great deal will depend on whether the Luminaries between their horoscopes are favorably or unfavorably aspected.

Money is a subject they should agree in the beginning to avoid like the medieval plague. Fortunately, if he’s a typical Sag, he won’t mind at all if she wants to develop her career. He believes in freedom of expression and following one’s own path – and it was her individuality which made him fall in love with her in the first place. But since he tends toward extravagance, and she tends toward economy, they should have separate checking accounts, and never question each other over income and outgo.

If he values her love, he’ll never be careless of her feelings. For all her gentleness, her apparent poise and calm, sometimes when she’s the most silent, the volcano within is the most active. Her secret emotions are powerful. They can incite her to raging anger or cool, premeditated revenge—yet they also make her capable of an enduring devotion that will launch him toward the higher heavens he dreams of reaching, if he cares enough to handle her heart tenderly and speak no evil, like the wise monkey.

As for her, she should treasure his open, honest love, not suffocate it with suspicion and accusation. She must never break his spirit, for this is where his sky-blue dreams, his golden optimism and his starry Jupiter idealism are first born—and later nurtured. When his spirit is broken, he can no longer aim his arrows straight, and he becomes a lost, unhappy Robin Hood, wandering Sherwood Forest without a vision to his name. What a sad thought. Would Maid Marian have so unkindly treated her brave, wistful Archer? Of course not.

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman

This dread made her forgetful of what must be Peter’s feelings, and she said to him rather sharply, Peter, will you make the necessary arrangements?

If you wish it, he replied, as coolly as if she had asked him to pass the nuts.

I once observed and overheard a meeting between a female Archer and a man with a Scorpio Ascendent. At the time they were introduced, she was about eighteen, and typically believed she was going to remain in that glowing chronological niche forever. He was soft-spoken and intelligent, perhaps three decades or so her senior. A quiet man, of distinguished appearance, who wore glasses, and whose hairline was slightly receding. He was completely kind and courteous to her when they were introduced, but shortly afterward, she turned to her companion and whispered, He’s really proof of life after death, isn’t he? Then she exploded into peals of laughter, in appreciation of her own cleverness.

Astrology often takes an amused, tolerant view of a Sagittarian’s ability to kill with a word, but there are times when the frankness of a Sag exceeds the boundaries of sensitivity and good taste, and can be described as nothing short of inhuman and indecent cruelty. Now and then, these Archers need a slap of truth themselves. A sharp slap.

A female Sagittarian who crosses the boundaries of good taste with a Scorpio male will find that her romance has a miserable ending before the first chapter is even written.

Fortunately, most Sagittarian women are the kind whose Jupiter rulership causes them to spread more joy and sunlight than pain. And it’s this type of Sag who can truly bless an Eagle with her holly-berry personality, touching honesty and generosity. Symbolized by the Centaur (half horse, half human), she sometimes stumbles clumsily, sometimes glides gracefully into his life, trailing brightly colored streamers of hope and optimism. Her contagiously cheerful smile flashes into the dark corners of his soul like a remembered song from a happier time, and lights up his buried dreams, resurrecting them with the promise of new life. Unless he locks her out.

As pleasant and mild as he may appear to be on the surface, the Eagle is a man of many brooding moods, inexplicable spells of depression and self-doubt. He may break her heart without meaning to, when he refuses to be caught up in her enthusiasms, because this searching female needs another human being against whom to bounce her bubbles of happiness, or they simply burst and disappear into the air, just when she thinks she’s created them with enough strength to float around for a while, so she can watch their rainbow streaks as they change hues with each new exciting idea. It’s not much fun to blow bubbles with someone who won’t chase them with you.

The Sagittarian woman requires lots of traveling; she needs lots of pets and people around her. If she’s denied a frequent change of scene, or her animal and human companionship, she’ll become a restless, dissatisfied woman. Nothing can be sadder than the expansiveness of a Jupiter person being held captive. When the Sagittarian enthusiasm and gregariousness are confined or smothered through circumstances or restriction of any kind, the Archer will sink into severe mental and emotional anguish, leading to despair, a very real danger to these people. Sagittarius must, literally, exist in an atmosphere of hope and happiness, or the spirit will die, and the health will be severely afflicted on all levels. To smack down this woman’s friendly, optimistic outlook is an act of great unkindness.

Unlike her, the typical Scorpio man dislikes crowds of people, although he’ll usually be kind to animals, barring some Jupiter or Neptune affliction in his nativity. He needs long periods of solitude and quiet, time to meditate and enter into the core of himself. He needs privacy. Naturally, this can cause conflicts between them. It’s not, however, an insolvable problem. (No problem is.) He should make a sincere effort to curb his possessive urges and allow her to seek the bright lights, changes of scenery and stimulating conversation she needs, rather than trying to keep her on a leash, as though she were a pet herself. Even real puppy dogs don’t like leashes, and Sag is very much like a friendly puppy dog. Of course it makes her happier if he’s with her when she’s socializing, but if it disturbs his tranquility, it’s better that they allow each other the right to retain the earlier individual life-styles without feeling they must force them to overlap. He needn’t worry that she’s being unfaithful to him when she’s out walking the dog, riding her horse, chasing deer with a camera or roaming through the woods alone. A strange peace descends upon her when she’s close to Nature, and the solitude he needs so much—that she rejects herself—would be as healing to her spirit as it is to his if she’d allow it to be. (Since Scorps like to meditate mysteries, the Eagle might ponder over the use of the word nature, as in human nature—the reason this is the word used to describe the true inner essence of a person. There’s much food for thought in contemplating word games.)

As for other men, the typical Sag isn’t likely to carry on a secret affair. Secrecy is Scorpio’s department, not hers. If she ever felt she was falling out of love with him and falling in love with someone else, she’d probably pour out her troubled feelings to him before he himself even suspected anything was wrong. Since Scorpios are by nature suspicious, also uncannily perceptive—and know nearly everything about everyone close to them before they know it themselves—you can see how quick she can be to speak the truth. It’s quite a feat to beat a Scorp to the punch . . of any kind of knowledge.

The one thing that will cause a Sagittarian woman to fall out of love faster than anything else is boredom—whereas the Eagle stops loving only after he’s decided his partner is no longer worthy of his devotion, because she has, in some way, not measured up to his ideal of strength of character. Scorpio does not admire weakness, or people who give up easily. He may have compassion for losers, but he respects only the winners.

In the beginning, at least, there should be no boredom between these two during their sharing of physical intimacy. In this respect, her frankness can be a shining virtue, her sexual expression of love as open and honest as such feelings are meant to be—and this is a powerful emotional magnet to a Scorpion. He’ll eagerly respond to her fiery passion, just as she’ll respond with sincere and flattering interest to the varied facets of his always slightly elusive sexuality, which fluctuates from gentle affection and tenderness to intense sensuality. But if the Luminaries between their birth charts are square or opposed, she may thoughtlessly make a critical remark immediately before, during or just after their physical closeness, which pounds like a hammer on this man’s trembling sensitivity. In return, he may retaliate with a sudden coldness and disinterest that cause her to feel both unloved and undesirable, bringing on a scene of tearful reproaches, for she won’t hold her frustration inside. As a Fire Sign, she’s capable of being consumed by the torturing flames of jealousy, and may angrily accuse him of being in love with someone else when he’s hurt her by one of his spells of sexual passivity. Probably not. The sense of honor is as strong in him as the sense of honesty in her, and it’s a rare Scorpio who can live a lie.

If they talk it over, they’ll uncover the real reason for their tension, and be surprised to discover what a small wound, easily healed, it really is. She’s always willing to talk it over, but he may pout and brood, keeping his feelings bottled up, which is the worst thing he can do with this woman—also the worst thing he can do in relation to the churning and boiling within himself, beneath his mask of indifference.

There’s little use to talk, however, regarding money. Let her have her own to spend, then drop the subject. If he wants to save his, and lock it in a safe, fine. If she wants to throw hers away, fine. Unless their Moon Signs and Ascendents soften this area of difficulty, all the talking in the world won’t bring their divergent financial outlooks together. They should both handle their own money, as they did before they met.

When they quarrel over anything and stop speaking for a few hours, the situation will be much harder on gregarious Sag than on the Eagle. Scorpios are more or less used to being alone, and you get good at being alone when you’ve had enough practice. Still, loneliness, even for brief periods, is not a happy feeling. The Sagittarian woman is usually pretty predictable. Her explosions of temper, her impulsive generosity and forgiveness, her serious, philosophical moments… . are all easy for the intuitive Eagle to anticipate. But she feels far less secure about his emotions. Dealing with Pluto is rather like coming to a yellow stoplight when you’ve been daydreaming, and you try to guess whether it’s next going to turn red or green. She’ll never fathom his silences completely; his yellow traffic light stages will always puzzle her, for he is Water, she is Fire. But this is a 2-12 vibrational influence, so he will be learning more from her than he’ll ever admit, while she finds an unexpected tolerance for his moods eternally springing from somewhere within herself, originating in the deep well of karmic memory.

This is a man who knows how to will and image things into existence—if he wants them intensely enough. This is a woman who needs a goal, something to strive for, to look forward to, tomorrow, next week or next year. Her enormous capacity for faith harmonizes beautifully with his vast reserves of will power, so that together, these two can make anything happen they desire deeply enough and long enough—including permanency in their love for each other. Then all lights will be Green for Go.

Scorpio Capricorn
Water—Mutable—Negative Earth—Cardinal—Negative
Ruled by Pluto Ruled by Saturn
Symbols: Scorpion & Eagle Symbol: The Goat
Night Forces—Feminine Night Forces—Feminine


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