Leo and Virgo

Some of them wanted it to be an honest ship and others were in favor of keeping it a pirate; but the captain treated them as dogs, and they dared not express their wishes to him even in a round robin.

When the Luminaries and Ascendents between their birth charts are in harmonious aspect, the Big Cat and the male or female Virgin will waltz down the Yellow Brick Road, grinning at each other and tossing posies, as happy and hopeful as we mortals are capable of being, with Leo strumming the ukulele and Virgo playing the piccolo, serenely singing their song in tune. If it goes out of key for a few bars, Virgo will immediately blow the proper note on a pitch pipe, correct the situation, and all will be melodious between them again, as Leo beams in affectionate approval.

However, before we follow them to the Emerald City, these lucky ones, we should pause and give a hand to the Leo-Virgo pairs who may have stumbled over a loose brick and need our help.

There’s no doubt that there are a few scattered and rare Leo-Virgo associations which catapult themselves into a sadomasochistic bond rather quickly. Now don’t go guessing right off that in these infrequent situations, Leo is always the mean sadist, and Virgo the helpless little masochist. Whether these two are entangled as friends, relatives, business associates, lovers, or mates, it can work either way. Let’s play Libra for a moment, and look at both sides of it.

Take the Big Cat first. Leos are not sadistic by nature. Actually, no one is, really. Sadism is a twisted form of behavior that occurs when a person is emotionally pretzeled into a square knot by inner complexities of confusion and fear, and misery does love company. Still, although the normally benevolent and benign Lions and Lionesses aren’t sadistic by design or intent, they can—and do—on occasion, behave as though they were, through their tendency to expect or demand that others consider them superior. When the others, whether singular or plural, happen to have been born under the Sun Sign of Virgo, it’s understandably tempting for the Big Cat to lean a little heavy on the orders and commands. Virgins do seem to submit so sweetly, quietly, and courteously—at first.

Just as Leo isn’t a natural-born sadist, neither is Virgo a natural-born masochist. It just seems that way. Granted, these people behave in a way that appears to verge on masochism at times, considering their gentle, polite speech (when they aren’t being cranky), unobtrusive manner, and self-effacement. Since Leos are so often bossy, and a touch arrogant besides, it may sometimes look as though the more introverted Virgos are being mashed into a masochistic mold, as they keep bobbing up and down, and curtsying to the King or Queen—at first.

Admittedly, there may be a few cases where this sort of Yes, your Majesty syndrome from Virgo, and the Do exactly as I tell you, because I know best syndrome from Leo, gels into a pattern, then solidifies into a very sad, permanent arrangement, but as I’ve already mentioned, such a situation is rare and infrequent.

What is more likely to occur after a time, is what is referred to as the turning of the worm. When this happens, Leo is dumbfounded to discover that the curtsying, obedient Virgo does have a tolerance level for being trampled upon, and when it’s been reached, the long-suffering, quiet Virgin will become quite surprisingly verbal. All of a sudden, he (or she) will reel off a list of Leo’s flaws and shortcomings, with painful accuracy, then quietly (and still courteously) walk away from the royal castle with an irritating aplomb and determination (Virgo is an Earth Sign, you know), open up a cobbler shop somewhere … and thereafter refuse to cobble any boots or slippers for His or Her Majesty’s feet, let alone kiss them in servitude any longer.

Then we have the opposite scene: the unfortunate Lion or Lioness (this Leo will invariably be a Pussycat type) who becomes the masochistic victim of a long siege of very subtle sadistic treatment from a cool, earthy Virgin, who incessantly (never mind how politely) splits every hair in Leo’s mane, until the poor Lion (or Lioness) is nearly bald, in a symbolic sense—continually berates and belittles the Shy Pussycat’s accomplishments or efforts—endlessly analyzes his (or her) Leonine dreams as being impractical, and as full of holes as Swiss cheese—and criticizes the Leo’s every word and gesture as overly dramatic. After a while, bereft of all dignity, the Leo person, stripped of pride, and robbed of confidence, will wander forlornly around the house or classroom, office or playpen, like the whimpering Lion in the Land of Oz, twisting his or her tail nervously, keeping it tucked protectively under the arm, weeping waterfalls of tears.. and searching pitifully for the gift of courage. Nothing could be a more pathetic sight than a proud King or Queen of the jungle thus reduced to a quivering mass of masochistic meowing.

Although this is an extreme example, it can happen. Nevertheless, such a story will likely have the same kind of 0. Henry ending as the earlier scene we used as an example, when the Virgo worm turned. Only rarely will such a situation continue permanently. The most probable ending is that the Leo worm (I don’t know if I dare call Leo a worm, even in an allegorical sense, but I feel uncommonly brave today)—is that the Leo worm will also turn, grow into a Giant Monster Cat, growl … then give a deafening roar … and pounce upon the unsuspecting Virgo nit-picker like any feline pounces on a mouse … magnanimously allow the now-frightened, squeaking Virgo to escape … and finally stalk out the door (or over the side of the playpen) in regal victory, draped in majestic anger, never again to return.

These are all the sad endings, the dangers this Earth-Fire, 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern must guard against. Now that we’ve warned them about the negative naughtiness that might tempt them, which might occur in some variation, if the Sun-Moon aspect between them is square or opposed, or their Ascendents are unfavorable to each other—and have hopefully taught them how to prevent such heartache—we can move along to the brighter side of the Leo-Virgo association. And there very definitely is a bright side.

A Pussycat and a Virgin of either sex, who have conquered their differences and created a compatible atmosphere for themselves, are a joy to behold. Leo will at last have found a gentle, devoted companion, who sincerely appreciates the golden Leonine virtues—an admiring, intelligent subject to serve him (or her) and to be loyally protected in return. Virgo will at last have found someone genuinely worthy of respect (and Virgo standards are high), a warm-hearted and generous friend, who is both wise and loving.. strong enough to count on in an emergency, yet vulnerable enough to need the Virgin’s constant fussing and attention. (The awareness of being needed is an intoxicating boost to the lonely Virgo spirit.) When this association is a good one, it’s very good indeed. Once Leo has taught Virgo that he (or she) will simply not be nagged and constantly criticized—once Virgo has taught Leo that a Virgin has no intention of becoming a slave to his (or her) arrogant demands and whims—there can be a warm and vibrant communication between these two, which is a magical thing. Magical because Virgo is what astrology calls a human Sun Sign, symbolized by the Virgin, gathering in the harvest, and Leo is what astrology calls a bestial Sun Sign, symbolized by the fearless ruler of the jungle, the Lion (or his mate, the sensuous, equally as confident Lioness). Symbolically or literally, it’s never easy for a human and an animal to truly communicate, yet when they do, one is reminded of places like Eden … or the woods walked so joyfully by Saint Francis of Assisi, accompanied by the wolves and birds and lambs …… and all manner of animals who trusted him.

As dramatic and effusive and flamboyant as Leos can be, they’re also very capable and level-headed organizers. Except for those times when their Leonine pride and vanity get in the way, Leos have an amazing store of common sense. Practical Virgo privately admires this, but must get into the habit of saying so to Leo. Just as Leo approves of, and is pleased by, Virgo’s sincere effort to quietly do the very best he (or she) can, often under tense and demanding conditions, yet too seldom pays the Virgin the compliment of honest appreciation for being so sensible and reliable most of the time (at least, more often than lots of other people Leo relies on, only to be disappointed).

In attempting to analyze the Leo-Virgo association, a stream of disassociated images flickers across my memory screen, in no logical or chronological progression ………. a small, dark-eyed Virgo child named Gary, patiently and uncomplainingly standing for an endless time, wordlessly humiliated at being forced into a bunny-rabbit suit, with huge, floppy ears, on Halloween, stuffed into it by his more forceful, commanding big brothers, one an Aries Fire Sign, the other a strong Lion—but at the last minute, the docile little Virgo balked, and refused to take one step out of his bedroom, dressed so foolishly ………. a proud Leo father, in a small western American town, reading with tears in his eyes, a gentle verse, a poem written in tribute to him by his Virgo son, who had been away for too many painful years—yet, when the boy came home, the Lion’s tears were soon forgotten, as he arrogantly dictated his son’s every movement, demanding strict obedience, never once expressing affection or appreciation to him—while the Virgo forgot the sensitive poetry he had written in genuine praise of his father, seeing only Leo’s vanity and arrogance, stubbornly refusing to recognize the unexpressed love and warm-hearted concern behind his dad’s stern commands and expectations of him ………. Leo film star Mae West giving a press interview about a Virgo man she knew well, who had been for years a tender, helpful friend—spending the entire thirty minutes allotted to the reporter talking exclusively about herself, as Lionesses often do, her absolute unawareness of her own self-absorption somehow both amusing and endearing ………. the inexpressible tenderness in the eyes of a Lion in West Virginia when he looks at his bright and gentle, beautiful Virgo wife, who brought into his life a fresh promise of Indian summer and a new reason to live—after he’d lost two former wives in succession to the same crippling disease, courageously met with Leo’s loyal, unswerving devotion to the helpless…. his reward the song her quiet Virgo love now sings to his great Lion’s heart, which hadn’t dared to hope for love again, until she came, lingering in the air like a miracle set to music.

Fragments of images, small bits and pieces, spinning around the astrological wheel of Life, colored by Leo’s brilliant, sunny, yellow-gold and royal purple …. blending with Virgo’s pure, sparkling white, tranquil blue, and the deeper green of scented woods. As with all Sun Signs, the shades of their auras contain the harmonies that shape their destinies.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man

Peter could be exceedingly polite also….
…. he rose and bowed to her beautifully.
She was much pleased, and bowed beautifully
to him from the bed.

Do you think, perhaps, that bowing before the Lioness as she lies languidly in her bed is asking too much of her Virgo lover-friend-mate-husband? (In a good marriage, all four terms apply, and are interchangeable.) Back to the question. It may possibly be asking too much of him, but it could never be an excessive homage to pay to her. I sense some of you smiling, others laughing aloud in disbelief. Never mind, astrology will, as always, have the last word. Those males of any Sun Sign whatsoever who are reading this, and who have a Leo wife, I double-triple-dare-you to try it tomorrow morning. Don’t startle her suddenly. Begin by bringing her breakfast in bed, on a tray, if it’s only fruit juice and tea or coffee. She may evidence surprise by a discreetly raised eyebrow, but she’ll thank you graciously. At that very moment, drop to your knees on the floor beside her, projecting a blend of half-jesting, half-earnestness, take her hand, place it against your cheek, and say softly: This is the only way I can think of to show you how much you mean to me.

However stagey or dramatic it may sound, I don’t care who she is, if she’s a Leo woman (unless she was adopted, and is actually a Capricorn, in which case she’ll believe you’ve gone mad), this lady will smile her very brightest smile, her eyes will glow, her cheeks will turn pink with pleasure—and she’ll look at you with so much love, you’ll be momentarily stunned, and forget all about feeling foolish. Try it, and see for yourself. There’s not a Lioness anywhere in the world that sort of scene would embarrass. It’s really astonishing how casually and gracefully a Leo will accept any display of worship as perfectly natural and right. Some Leos demand it, all of them desire it—and not a one of them will ever refuse it. That’s an absolute fact.

Now can you picture a woman with such an overwhelming need to be adored, in love with a Virgo man, who also loves her, yet who finds it difficult to select a sentimental card for her birthday, is too shy to even glance at her affectionately in front of others, let alone hold her hand or put his arm around her when anyone else is looking—a Virgo who only says I love you to his Lioness maybe once a year, who scolds her about her extravagance constantly, insisting that she add and subtract every canceled check on the calculator, while she’s just standing there before him bravely, too proud to cry—wearing a new sweater, a new hair style, a different shade of lipstick, her eyes begging him in vain to tell her she looks beautiful? Have you pictured it? You have, and it makes you sad? Wait. There’s another sad picture to paint. Hang on to your hanky.

A Virgo male can actually suffer from vertigo and high blood pressure when he’s forced to live in the midst of clutter and confusion. This man must have order in his life and his surroundings, or his nervous system goes haywire. Practical and conservative by nature (unless the Moon or Ascendent in his nativity is in a Fire or Air Sign), he abhors waste and extravagance. He worries about his health, frets over details, and when his patterns are broken or even momentarily interrupted, it brings on dizziness and a tightness in the chest. He panics when his personal possessions are mislaid or destroyed. Loud voices and dramatic emotional scenes tear at his tranquility. He’s gentle, somewhat introverted and sensitive, therefore, when something humiliates him, he nearly wishes he were dead. (Or at least, mercifully unconscious.)

Now, picture a man possessed of such set habits, such methodical ways and delicate emotional stability, in love with a Lioness, who also loves him, yet insists on spending twice as much money as they both earn to buy every luxury she sees that appeals to her, rearranges his desk and his bureau periodically and throws out his favorite socks and ties if the colors should happen to displease her, without bothering to tell him. Add a few more brush strokes to the picture. Imagine this warm and loving Lioness unconsciously and thoughtlessly leaving her makeup on the bathroom sink, carelessly strewing her negligees around the bedroom, as though she expected a team of servants to make it all neat and tidy, becoming annoyed with her Virgo man when he’s offended her dignity in some minor way, and punishing him with a Leonine lecture in front of the plumber or their parakeet.

Can you imagine the feelings of this sensitive male creature when she tells him tales about all her old boyfriends at night, just before they go to bed, while he’s just standing there before her, humbly, wearing the pajamas she stained with bleach, with a large rip down the side he awkwardly tried to sew himself, resulting in one leg being four inches shorter than the other … nervously aware, as she’s reciting her romantic episodes of yesterday, that the alarm clock is broken, which means he might oversleep and be late for work the next morning … trying to forget that she smashed the rear fender on the car that afternoon, and didn’t mail in the car insurance payment last month because she was involved in redecorating the den, which forced him to take out a second mortgage on the house to pay for it?

You won’t need any further imagination to know what will happen after the foregoing scene, when the lights go out. The Lioness will be wounded because her mate falls instantly asleep (in the manner of one enduring a complete nervous collapse) without kissing her goodnight. It’s even possible that she’ll be more offended in the morning, because the poor man talked in his sleep all night long, and it kept her from getting her proper beauty rest. It’s all his fault, she tells him, as she gazes into the mirror and sees dark circles under her eyes.

Yes, these are all extremes of behavior, but the extremes are helpful as warnings to a man and woman who must be more careful of one another’s Achilles heels if they expect to nourish, not starve, the love they felt when they first met.

The self-centeredness, vanity, and pride of a Lioness are magically transformed into gracious consideration and loving generosity when she’s properly pampered and adored—when her own feelings are respected, yes, even revered. Just as the fussy fault-finding and cool detachment of the Virgo man is magically transformed into tender solicitude, into a calmer and at the same time a more friendly, outgoing manner—when he’s courteously treated and genuinely appreciated, rather than constantly agitated.

If he wants to make this relationship work, he must realize at the outset that he’ll have to curb his natural inclination to be critical, if not forego it altogether. To criticize this woman is to guarantee trouble. Her Leo pride makes it more painful than he could ever comprehend (or than she’ll ever show) to accept even the slightest criticism. One might think it would be easier to take from the man who loves her. Not so with the Leo woman. It hurts even more when the man she cares about finds fault with something she does or says, with her appearance or her personality, than when others disapprove of her. The only way to change the Lioness is through subtle hints, using the utmost tact, never by outright criticism, and certainly not by nagging. She must be allowed to retain the illusion that she’s more or less above reproach. One doesn’t tell a monarch she’s wrong, one very carefully suggests a better plan. At first, such a total curbing of his critical instincts will frustrate the Virgo man, but he’ll simply have to get the hang of it, or resign himself to the inevitability that the Lioness he captured will escape from the confining cage of his criticisms, to wander free again. The choice is clear-cut, and his to make. Although it’s never easy for a Virgo to gracefully pay compliments, he must learn to satisfy this lady’s hunger and thirst for admiration. He’ll master the art more quickly when he sees what frequent and sincere compliments can do to sweeten and soften her disposition, how they turn her angry roar or proud pouting into a contented purring. An affectionate word or two, spoken at the right moment, will bring forth her sunny personality in all its brilliance. The Lioness is a noble animal, and when her Sun-ruled qualities are encouraged, not buried under tons of earthy Virgo conservatism, she can be an eternal bubbling fountain of hope and happiness, wonderful to be around, in every way—and capable of creating exactly the kind of harmonious atmosphere he needs. She becomes lazy and careless only when she’s bored and unappreciated.

Naturally, she’ll have to come down off her throne and meet him halfway. She should never argue with him at mealtimes, when he’s eating his lentils and garbanzo beans, because tense emotions turn food into acids, which create severe indigestion. If she cares enough to take trouble to try to understand his personal emotional metabolism, how he feels obligated to solve every minor and major problem that crosses his path because he believes that if everything isn’t fine and perfect, his world will fall apart, her generous heart will find a way to unwrinkle his brow and smooth away many of his tensions. She might remind him that perfection itself is an imperfection, removing the charm of contrast from life, all the exciting textures formed by light and shadow, leaving only a flat surface, dull and unexciting. But she should explain these things to him gently, not arrogantly, taking care to respect his opinions too—and really listening to what he says when they talk, instead of simply waiting for her turn to be heard.

Unless there’s both mental and emotional communication between them, they can’t expect their sexual union to be everything it should (and could) be. There will be times when his lovemaking is too unresponsive and mechanical for her more spontaneous desires, then her visible disapproval will add to his humiliation and discouragement. Her icy aloofness can be a sexual depressant—and his silent Virgo criticism isn’t exactly Nature’s most effective aphrodisiac either. He needs to allow himself more freedom and enthusiasm in his sexual expression to know that lovemaking is meant to be an intimate sharing, with no fear of rejection, not simply a guarded, partial release of feeling—that the overwhelming experience of physical blending between a man and woman is more than simply a controlled exchange of affection. She needs to realize that passion can sometimes be a quiet thing, like a whisper. Often, all it takes to join their hearts and bring them to the kind of total fulfillment they’re capable of achieving together is a change of attitudes—and a little extra effort in understanding one another’s deeper needs, which are not so different as they may seem.

Because they’re influenced by the 2-12 vibration, he may in some way represent either a material or an emotional security to her, while she senses there are many lessons of happiness to be learned from this intelligent, conscientious man. He’s sure to grow more tenderly tolerant of her independent, impulsive temperament as they become more familiar. If she’s patient, she’ll notice that he takes a shy pride in her beauty and accomplishments. The love between Leo and Virgo is like a flame that burns slowly but steadily brighter every year, if it’s carefully tended and shielded from the winds of selfishness.

He’s a strangely remote man, sometimes extremely sensitive, at other times stubbornly insensitive, with a stern symmetry to his emotional patterns. But his spirit lives in a peaceful stillness. The cool, marble halls of his reflections are a restful place for her own spirit to visit ….. and sometimes he does things, in his quiet manner, which are really extraordinarily touching. When their life together threatens to become a little too neat and precise, it’s up to her to impulsively throw open the windows so the sunshine can pour in, and give their love a more lived-in feeling. I wonder what would happen if she surprised him by bringing him his breakfast in bed some morning? It should be very early, before dawn, because he might think of a special way to thank her that could take a long time … and she’ll have to be sure it doesn’t make him late for work.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman

What’s your name? he asked.

Wendy Moira Angela Darling, she replied with some satisfaction. What is your name?

Peter Pan.

She was already sure that he must be Peter, but it did seem a comparatively short name.

Is that all?

Yes, he said rather sharply. He felt for the first time that it was a shortish name.

The first thing that happens when the Lion meets the Virgin is that he’ll be stirred by a powerful urge to protect this lovely, dainty lady from Life’s ugly and unhappy experiences, with his great strength and loving heart. The second thing that happens, after a while, is that he begins to feel a faint sense of unease. He’ll find himself uncomfortably aware, as the glances in the mirror, that he perhaps needs a haircut. Then he’ll notice several heretofore-ignored small spots on his best jacket, which he hastens to send off to the cleaners. His shoes suddenly appear to be shamefully shabby, and he decides to buy several new pairs. While he’s shopping, the thought strikes him that his wardrobe could also use some new shirts, maybe in slightly more subdued shades than the vividly colored ones he’s been wearing. (Or the drab ones he’s been wearing, whichever.) Gradually, there steals into his mind a vaguely disturbing suspicion that his grammar may not be the model of perfection he’s believed it to be all his life until now, and so he’ll drift into occasional periods of silence (from a Leo—SILENCE? Yes.) and start to peek in the dictionary, when he’s sure she isn’t looking, to make certain the word he just used when they were talking means what he always thought it meant.

It isn’t that she actually said anything, you understand. She’s too polite to criticize him verbally or directly (at least, until she knows him better), but it’s the way she looks at him … that cool glance from her clear, beautiful eyes … the barest suggestion of disapproval fleeting across her tranquil, composed features. Not quite distaste, but a bit too close to it for his vanity’s comfort.

The Lion is dangerously near to being tamed. And she doesn’t even carry a whip—or a pistol loaded with blank caps. Music tames the savage beast, they say. And the soft music of Virgo’s meticulous nature, discrimination, and exquisite sense of loveliness, accompanied by Virgo’s gentle, courteous manners and her endearing way of making clear her respect and admiration for his virtues, is capable of turning the most ego-oriented, roaring Leo male into a docile, playful Pussycat, purring contentedly and rolling ecstatically in the catnip of her charm.

If she’s careful not to overdo it, her technique will work wonders with the Big Cat. He’ll adore her for making him feel so worshiped, without suspecting she’s behind the gradual changes in his life-style. After a time, he’ll lose his uneasiness, begin to feel more relaxed, pleased with his new image, more self-confident than ever. There’s no doubt that persuading a Leo to improve himself, and not destroying his self-esteem in the process, but instead, increasing it, is a rare and worthy accomplishment, for which the Virgo female should be approvingly patted on her neat, well-groomed head. But should she be carried away by her success to the point of settling down to some serious criticism and nagging, she’ll be crossing the safety line. It’s a fine line, difficult to determine, but since Virgos are experts at drawing and defining fine lines, she stands a good chance of having the common sense (Virgos are all loaded with common sense) to quit when she’s ahead, and switch to a policy of praising him for all those wonderful new changes in himself he initiated. If only everyone had such a great capacity for self-improvement. He’s so introspective, and he possesses such incredible self-discipline. It’s truly amazing!

Yes, it is nothing short of amazing to be able to turn what so easily could have been a deflation of the gigantic Leo ego into another genuine reason to tell him how strong and smart he is. Virgo lady, you are amazing. Now please don’t spoil it all. Curb your criticisms once you’ve molded and redesigned him into more or less your idea of masculine perfection. Allow him to retain a few flaws, so he remains human. Otherwise, he’ll soon catch on to what you’ve done (if you keep doing it), and when all the sawdust from his outraged dignity has settled, you’ll find yourself a literal, not symbolic, virgin again…. in a manner of speaking. All alone, without your once-affectionate, loving, and loyal mate. Don’t split hairs with me, please. That’s close enough to being an actual virgin. There’s not a great deal of difference. If you insist on analyzing it down to the last straw, it’s really worse, because a literal virgin doesn’t know what she’s missed by not having experienced the fulfillment of true love. You will know. And you will suffer—from the memory of former happiness. Better to let him make a mistake now and then, wear an occasional gaudy sport shirt, overestimate his bank balance—better to smile when he stretches a story a bit in the telling, to let him believe he’s as good a driver as he thinks he is, and never remind him that he sometimes takes the wrong freeway when he’s in charge of the road map.. all those things. Wouldn’t you say? Why tell him the fudge he makes when he’s puttering around in the kitchen is too soft, his noodle casserole too hard, his baritone, when he sings in the shower, more off key than in key? What can you win? Nothing. But you can lose a lot. Like—him. And that’s a lot.

When this relationship works, it’s such a quietly beautiful thing. Despite the Virgo woman’s tendency to be supercritical of others—and almost cruelly critical of herself—the vibes passing between the Virgin and the Lion in their 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern allow her to be exceptionally sparing and tolerant in her judgment of this man. Her sympathy for his attitudes, as foreign as they may be to her own, stems from her karmic soul memory of having recently experienced the Leonine motivations (Leo representing the twelfth house of Karma to Virgo). There’s always the possibility (especially if there’s a negative exchange between the Sun and Moon positions in both birth charts) that she’ll slip once in a while, and nag him a little, but on the whole, he’ll probably accept it rather well. When she steps too firmly on his sensitive Lion’s tail, he’ll emit a medium-sized roar of warning, and she’ll sweetly apologize. Yet, all things considered, harmony is easily restored between them, after minor misunderstandings.

In the final analysis, Leo will have his own way. She may drop subtle hints, and sometimes he’ll permit himself to be swayed by her suggestions, but only if it suits him to do so. It will be his choice. He is the unquestioned authority, his must be the last wise word regarding all major decisions and questions. (Or it had better be, unless she wants to nurse him through depressing periods of wounded vanity and pouting.) The really nice thing is that because she so gently and pleasantly submits to his royal majesty’s preferences most of the time, he’ll feel free to pour out to her gratefully, in return, all the warm sunniness of his Leonine nature, treating this polite, intelligent, and clear-eyed woman with an almost tangible benevolence. More than anyone, she’ll experience the Lion’s true nobility and generosity, therefore her obvious adoration of him won’t be insincere, but will be from her heart.

Every Leo ever born is in love with love, a quality that makes the typical Lion an unsurpassed lover. He’s undeniably sensuous, yet he’s equally sentimental. As erotic as his desires often are, there’s always the added dimension of honesty and naturalness to his lovemaking, which allows the Virgo woman to trust him enough to be relaxed in his arms, and to give more of herself than is her normal inclination. There’s something so unmistakably cozy and comfortable about the sexual behavior of the Leo man. He has a way of turning the physical demonstration of love into a gesture of tenderness, creating a feeling of emotional security that makes sex both an expression of passion and a warm, protective thing. On a subconscious level, this calls out to all that is virginal and pure within the Virgo nature, and so she responds with enthusiasm, and with a touching faith in his gentleness. Leo has both an open mind and an open heart when his self-confidence is nurtured, which is why Lions are so lovable and huggable (and also why it’s so easy to forgive their spells of insufferable pride and arrogance). In turn, the appealing simplicity of her sexual attitude arouses in him the very best side of his lovemaking talents, which are considerable. One thing which could smother their physical harmony is the always-present possibility that she may choose a moment when he’s silently contemplating romance to be unnecessarily outspoken over some minor issue, resulting in a glance of frozen dignity from her Lion, and a wounded retreat … maybe all the way to carrying his pillow and blanket to the couch in the den, where he’ll pout like an exiled monarch, and sleep alone. But he’ll be back by morning, when his feet get cold, and the mood to snuggle returns.

Oddly, these two may both sleep a lot. They share the kind of metabolism that requires more than eight hours of sleep a night (if they’re typical of their Sun Signs). They’ll usually retire early, and rise early. Leo needs a nightly long span of snoozing to replenish his splendid physical stamina. She needs the extra slumber to replenish the mental energy she uses in such great amounts all day long worrying about things, and trying not to show it. The Lion may also sneak in a few cat naps in the late afternoon, which could cause her to think he’s lazy, at first. But the male Lion, like the jungle Lion, only appears to be lazy. After a while, he’ll yawn, stretch languidly, like a cat, and become busily active, fixing things, sawing things, remodeling something, excitedly suggesting a trip or some new adventure, in short—taking care of business.

The Virgo woman will be absolutely delighted with her Leo man’s ability to fix anything that’s broken (including the small cracks in her heart when she’s hurt), and the fact that he normally doesn’t procrastinate when there’s something that needs his attention, including her. Just as he’ll be delighted with her fastidiousness, her neat appearance, and the cool, attractive image she presents to the public at all times. Leos do love being able to exhibit their ladies (like their accomplishments) with pride. He’ll be particularly proud of her fine mind. Many Leo men tend to marry women who are neither their intellectual superiors or equals, so the King will have an admiring subject to train, teach, and lecture. But the happiest Lion is the one whose girlfriend or wife represents a stimulating mental challenge. The Virgo female will certainly provide him with this.

His personality is ruled by the powerful Sun itself, which is why she often feels so snugly toasted in his presence (and sometimes a little scorched). Her personality is shaped and influenced by Mercury which causes her to be quick-minded, alert, versatile, and almost constantly active. He’s grateful for her tranquil presence, the practical dreams she brings to him, content to be graced by her cool sweetness, by her fascinating blend of Earth and Sky … to be blessed by her laugh, like silver sleigh bells. His own gift to her each bright new morning they awaken in each other’s arms is a slice of sunshine … wrapped in the brave, golden ribbons of his unshakable optimism, his confidence that it’s going to be a beautiful day. As usual, he’s right—isn’t he always? Whatever the weather, it will be a beautiful day, for even the soft, clean rain is a fragrant benediction … the sparkling, cold snow a miracle … when you love, and know you’re loved in return.

Leo Libra
Fire—Fixed—Positive Air—Cardinal—Positive
Ruled by the Sun Ruled by Venus
Symbols: Lion & Shy Pussycat Symbol: The Scales
Day Forces—Masculine Day Forces—Masculine


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