Libra and Capricorn

The pandemonium above has ceased almost as suddenly as it arose, passed like a fierce gust of wind; but they know in the passing it has determined their fate.

The challenges thrown in the path of people influenced by any of the 4-10 Sun Sign Patterns are considerable. But the soul testing required of a 4-10 relationship in which both people were born under a Cardinal Sign (of leadership) is even more formidable. The 4-10 Cardinal vibrations are: Aries-Cancer, Aries-Capricorn, Cancer-Libra and Libra-Capricorn. (For more information, see special sections in the back of this book.)

When two Mutable Sign friends, relatives, business associates, lovers or mates are plagued by the tense 4-10 vibes, they either triumph over their difficulties and claim the rewards in solid (and usually urgently needed) character development—slip away and separate gradually—or lead double-lives (meanwhile communicating rather noisily when they do squabble, for all Mutable Signs are Communicators).

When two Fixed Sign Organizers are confronted with the 4-10 influence, they either succeed in achieving harmony through the kind of supreme mutual effort that brings a new inner confidence and satisfaction—stubbornly avoid each other as much as possible—or walk away to reorganize their lives, and never return.

However, when two Cardinal Sun Sign people enter into the 4-10 competition together, they either settle for a neck and neck finish (a tie) with the dominance of the relationship evenly divided between them—or one leader clearly conquers the other leader in a sweeping (but unfortunate) victory, leaving the vanquished one sadly defeated. The latter will accept his (or her) fate by eventually becoming an introverted and reluctant follower (always an unnatural situation for a Cardinal person) or finally manages to permanently escape, and in this manner, gain back the self-confidence lost through the relationship. The neck and neck finish is obviously the better goal for Libra and Capricorn, as with all Cardinal combos. It’s never easy to make a tie hold, of course. Someone is demanding a recount—and the two participants may be forced to go to the polls (the starting gate or whatever) more than once to confirm the votes for their equality of popularity and authority. But it certainly beats the other choices.

It’s true that the Masters of Karma require a lot of those who connect their lives through the complicated 4-10 threads. Yet, as I’ve said before, the rewards of victory are sweeter than those bestowed upon the more fortunate compatibility combinations. One thing is certain. If you know a 4-10 team, such as Libra and Capricorn, and they tell you their association has been very happy and harmonious for many years, you can be certain of one of the following—that (a) the Luminary (Sun and Moon) and Ascendent aspects between their horoscopes are conjunct, sextile or trine (b) that one of them was adopted and given a false birth date or (c) that these two Earthlings deserve the kind of respect and admiration usually reserved for heroes and heroines, because they’ve successfully molded their mutual personalities and characters into the shape of the unselfishness and tolerance needed to adjust to one another’s totally different attitudes and motivations—into the blend of self-control and compassion of which sainthood is woven. They may not quite be saints, but they will be nearer that level of self-discipline and genuine inner happiness than are most struggling souls. Submission, humility and selflessness are synonymous with rich peace and other inner and outward serenity, but few believe it till they’ve tried it—and since they don’t believe it, not many try it!

Admittedly, it can be a dull and dreary experiment if only one person is trying, and the other won’t cooperate. Martyrdom is dreadfully boring, unless both people sacrifice together. Otherwise it isn’t fair, the halo gained feels more like an iron band, and doesn’t have much glitter. The wings are rather sparse of feathers too, somewhat skimpy. It’s rough to work for the rank of saint or angel all by one’s self. Then sweet humility can cross over the line into masochism, if one isn’t careful. It’s a fine line, and masochism is not synonymous with sainthood, never mind what all the Polly Perfects and George Goodies tell you.

Capricorn is a feminine Sun Sign, ruled by a masculine planet (Saturn). Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, ruled by a feminine planet (Venus). This is extremely helpful in assisting the Libra and Capricorn men, women and children to achieve a harmonious blend in their association, since they each possess the blend themselves, and can trade it back and forth. The proper blending of the feminine qualities of gentleness, patience and sensitivity and the masculine qualities of energy, firmness and idealism.

Now that we have Libra’s Scales swinging in the soft breeze of happy balance, all smiles and dimples—and Cappy pleasantly nodding in wise agreement that Peace is better than Conflict—we’re off to a good start at post time with these two competitive people. It should be, therefore, a friendlier race to the exciting photo finish. (Libra will want to be sure that he—or she—looks attractive, if there’s to be a photographer around, while the Goat will grumble that it doesn’t matter, but secretly glance in the mirror to be sure his tie is straight—or that her hair is behaving reasonably.)

The good start between these two may not last long, however. They aren’t to blame. The mea culpa admission rightfully belongs to their ruling planets. How could Libra be unfair? How could Capricorn be unwise or rash in any way? They’re both such nice people. No, it’s those pesky ruling planets. They cause all the trouble. To be candid, Venus and Saturn are not exactly what an astrologer would call space buddies. Libra’s Venus tends toward gentle permissiveness, liberal softness, sometimes excesses of spending and pleasure, and a bit of procrastinating now and then. Cappy’s Saturn tends toward stern discipline, conservative hardness and never excesses in anything, especially not for pleasure, definitely leaning more toward economy of the purse, emotions and behavior. As for procrastination (which, to the typical Goat, is synonymous with laziness and the shirking of duty) few Cappies are guilty of postponing until tomorrow what they can force themselves to accomplish today. If circumstances beyond their considerable control should require postponement, they won’t waste valuable time and energy in arguments, debate, discussion, tears, frustration, indecision or any of those Venus-type strategies and defenses. They’ll just resign themselves (temporarily) to Fate, mumbling one of their favorite Saturnine truisms, such as: time is on our side—patience is a virtue—haste makes waste—anything worth having is worth waiting for—and so on.

Then Libra will add the favorite Venusian truisms, like: isn’t it a lovely day?—tomorrow will be better—everything will be all right—don’t worry about the future—things are going well—it will be sure to have a happy ending—there’s a rainbow ‘round the bend—and last, but not least, Libra’s truly-all-time-favorite, every cloud has a silver lining.

These particular Saturnine and Venusian philosophies, at least, are in beautiful harmony, each adding the right amount of light and shadow to make a clear and interesting picture (all pictures are flat when they’re painted in one dimension only) and you must admit the foregoing truisms do not conflict with, but rather complement and enrich each other. Although they may appear to reflect different viewpoints they actually reflect the same viewpoint, just expressed in polarized fashion. Sort of like—is the wine flask half-empty or half-full? Is the end of the day the beginning of night—or is the beginning of night the end of the day? Is awakening in the morning the beginning of sleep—or is falling asleep at night the beginning of awakening? When a woman is four-and-a-half months pregnant, is she half-past conception or half-way to delivery? Do people take vitamins to stay well—or to keep from becoming ill? It all depends on whether your general outlook is pessimistic (cautious-Capricorn) or optimistic (hope-Libra). If they half try, they can probably meet one another smack-dab in the middle of Cappy’s caution and Libra’s hope.

One nice thing about a linking of these two Cardinal souls is that they certainly do project one huge amount of power as a unit. Make that Power. With a capital P. They’re both iron-determined to get what they want, to arrive where they’re going and to bend others to their will. Of course, they go about achieving these goals in markedly different ways, but the bottom line is what counts. (Or is it the top line?) Once Libra and Cappy have decided to join forces and walk in more or less the same direction, they can accomplish, between them, almost anything they want, whether it’s a personal ambition, a mutual private dream—or some blessed mission of mercy to bring happiness to others.

Since Libra is symbolically (and often literally) the Judge—and Capricorn astrologically symbolizes Law and Authority, the Wisdom of Age and Experience—these two might laser their combined attention on a multitude of heartbreaking problems on this planet. Only one of many thousands of these is the 1978 law passed in the Bronx, New York, allowing judges to mete out adult sentences to punish youthful criminals between 13 and 16 years old. A 13-year-old child who kills somebody with a gun (and an alarming number of them are doing just that) can now be imprisoned for life, with no parole. Unsafe streets and the shocking rise in crime among children must be stopped. No one denies that. But is this the solution to halt it? How does a 13-year-old obtain a gun? From adults. Where do children get the idea of violence, of shooting, maiming, killing, crippling? From television.

To program young minds with vivid images, to set a negative example before impressionable youngsters, who always have (and always shall) imitate in order to learn, then punish them for being efficient human computers, and reacting precisely to what’s been fed into them by their parents and the television networks will never balance out as either logical or fair on Libra’s Scales. Neither will such a solution as life imprisonment be viewed as wise or profound to Capricorn’s sensible way of thinking. Perhaps the two of them might call upon the guidance of their ruling planets to suggest a new way to bring light into the darkness, rather than deepening it. Between the merciful justice and compassion of Venus and the Dispenser-of-Karma Saturn’s unerring instinct for placing the blame infallibly where it belongs, maybe the Bronx—and the world—would be a brighter place in which to live. Not exist. Live.

Following Gilbert and Sullivan’s counsel to let the punishment fit the crime, they might begin by lobbying for a law to give life imprisonment, not to children, but to particular television programmers and network chiefs, who are, to a great extent, the cause of the youngsters’ crimes—by feigning innocence, claiming their programs have no measurable negative effect on audiences—and refusing to accept the great weight of responsibility for the mass programming of the human mind. Then, with the real criminals justly and safely behind bars, the youngsters could all be happily re-programmed. The computer programming of young minds who will control the future of the planet is a vital career Libra and Capricorn might consider engaging in together. It’s not an astrological exaggeration to claim that Libra and Capricorn together can create enormous energies and power for the positive, when they choose to combine their vibrations and rise up to (rather than avoid) the 4-10 challenge of their association.

Libran President Jimmy Carter has been accused on all sides by angry, disappointed American critics of constantly changing his mind and his position —who, after all, in being so changeable and having some difficulty in making a decision from time to time, like all Librans, was only being true to his Sun Sign. Until he made (as Librans always finally do) a brilliant decision, the most important one of his life. Librans may drive you crazy while they’re deciding, but when they balance the golden trays of their Scales and at last make a firm one, they don’t fool around. It’s never less than profound, and really worth all the seesawing they subject you to beforehand.

The eternal dream of Libra—peace. The eternal grace of Capricorn—patience and wisdom. The eternal blessing of Leo—beneficence, warmth and magnanimous gestures. Everyone behaving in a manner befitting the most positive qualities of his Sun Sign essence … and behold what miracles may manifest! Of course, not being there, I can’t be sure, but I have a hunch the Libran Carter kept his Venus optimism intact during the dark moments of the Summit meeting by repeating the usual Libra mantras to himself. A bird perched high up in a pine tree outside Carter’s window probably heard him sighing more than once to himself that every cloud has a silver lining—and sure enough, Libra proved his own truism!

One thing Capricorn and Libra may share is an interest in Art or the Arts. Not every Goat is an artist, but nearly all Cappies are quietly inspired by paintings, and so are most Librans. They also share an interest in music, these two. Both of them tend more toward the masters in all art forms than toward the more modern idiom of artistic expression. There are exceptions, as always, but they are rare. Libra loves fine and elegant furnishings and beautiful objects, whether they’re chairs and tables or china and crystal. Capricorn admires craftsmanship—articles which are not only beautiful, but built to last longer than a few months after you bring them home. Somewhere near the center of these two views, Libra the Judge (or Judgess) and the Goat (or the Goat Girl) will meet cheerfully and agreeably. Capricorn will be more interested in the price tag and the practicality of everything, from clothing to carpeting, whereas Libra will be more drawn by the colors and fabric, the overall impression of balance—and the aesthetically pleasing. There are lots of areas where these two can find compatibility rather than conflict when they take the time and trouble to make the distinction.

Capricorn, however, may be unable to hide his (or her) disapproval of Libra’s eternal optimism and dances of indecision. And Libra may sometimes feel that hanging out with Cappy is like chumming around with the Warden at Sing Sing or an adult truant officer who turns in guilty adults who occasionally play hooky from the school of life.

But probably, bye and bye, Libra will once more tint the Goat’s seriousness with pastel-colored bubbles of hope … Capricorn will make Libra feel even-tempered and snugly protected . . they’ll both look toward tomorrow, which of course will be better … realize that time is on their side … somehow glue their association back together … and race for the photo finish again.

Libra Woman and Capricorn Man

… and she sat with him on the side of the bed. She also said she would give him a kiss if he liked, but Peter did not know what she meant, and he held out his hand expectantly.

Surely you know what a kiss is? she asked, aghast.

I shall know when you give it to me, he replied stiffly.

In the beginning, the Libra woman will judge the Capricorn man as too stiffly old-fashioned, stuffy, dull and stodgy to fit the rosy-pink image of her dream mate, spun from the silken threads of her rosy-pink imagination.

She’ll think he’s impossibly conservative, set in his ways, stubborn, prosaic, humorless and depressing. He is also, she decides, unduly pessimistic, opinionated and emotionally cold. After tossing all these assessments into one tray of her Scales, she certainly ought to make an attempt to fill up the opposite tray with a few of his virtues. Otherwise, the Goat, astrology—and I—will accuse her of being unfair to this man’s potential as a lover or husband. You wouldn’t want all three of us against you, would you, lovely Libra lady? All right, then here are some Saturnine virtues for you—to give your analysis of the shy Goat, who’s captured at least your attention, if not yet your heart, a little more perspective and balance.

Stubborn he is. We’ll give you that one. There’s no getting around it. He was born under an Earth Sign, not a mental Air Sign like your own, and can therefore be immovable when he gets a notion into his head. To an extent, old-fashioned too. But in a kind of charming way, don’t you think? It’s one of the restful, peaceful things about him. Surely you, as a Libra female, have nothing against restfulness and peace.

Stuffy and conservative? Well, it depends. One needn’t be stuffy just because one is conservative. To be true to your Libra Sun Sign, you’ll have to examine your charge more carefully. The meaning of conservative is relative. An ordinary mugger is conservative to a big time stock manipulator or clever bank embezzler. A Porsche and a BMW are conservative to the owner of a new Ferrari or Lancia. Everything is circular, and if you’re going to measure a circle’s circumference, it really doesn’t matter where you begin. When you check the list carefully, in a circular direction … on reflection … you might decide to reverse your decision, and classify conservative not as stuffy, but as the lesser degree of what you believed. So maybe you should change your mind and switch his conservatism over to the Positive tray of your Libra Scales, as a sort of beginning balancer.

Yes, the Goat is definitely opinionated, but you might add to the Positive tray also the reverse, which is that he’s not wishy-washy. Emotionally cold he sometimes is, granted, but you can fill up the tray containing his virtues even more by adding the fact that neither is he rash and impulsive, prone to passionate, angry outbursts (and you know how you recoil in distaste from that kind of thing) unless his birth chart is extremely afflicted, which can happen to any Sun Sign, not just Capricorn. Even Libra. Now, if you don’t mind, eliminate from the Negative tray of your Scales the term humorless. Because you’re wrong about that. Wait till you know him better. You’ll discover that he has a delightful, whimsical sort of humor that’s acutely tuned-in to the vibes of the ridiculous behavior of Earthlings. It’s rare and subtle, but his sense of comedy timing is exquisite. He’s also gentle and loyal. Dependable and earnest. He’s a hard worker, never lazy or shiftless. He possesses an appreciation of art and music he doesn’t talk about much. Nor does he rent a billboard to advertise his deep and instinctive wisdom regarding human nature.

How are your Scales balancing him now? Almost even, with his shortcomings on one side and his longcomings on the other? You’re still undecided about his pessimism and its depressing effect on you? Well, have you thought of looking at it from the other side—like, his side maybe? Which could end up by also being your side, when you view it dead-center, because this man secretly wishes he could raise his pessimism a few notches toward your optimism—more than he lets you know. Isn’t that your favorite endeavor, cheering the sad and lonely, teaching the futility of futility? He honestly needs the magic touch of your sunny disposition and your airy mental challenge to release him from his inhibitions and to fill the emptiness he often feels, but won’t confess, even to himself. He’s much too shy to tell you that your smile brings tears to his eyes. Notice him the next time you smile at him the way only a Libra woman can smile, brightening the room like a thousand candles, suddenly flaming all at once. See how he turns his head quickly, pretending he’s busy, and you’re disturbing his work or his thoughts? When he turns back around, his manner is more crusty than before, his voice gruffer. Self-control does that to a man. Saturn’s self-discipline, instilled in him when he was born, blankets him with a chilly charisma that sends people away, never suspecting how much he wants them to stay.

But if you’ll take the time and trouble to gaze deeply into his eyes, you’ll see hiding there the Goat’s soft twinkle of happy, longing to escape and smile with you, if only he could be sure it’s safe to trust his feelings. The eyes are the windows of the soul. When you catch him off-guard, you can look through them and see the warm fires inside, behind the frosty winter exterior he sometimes projects.

The sexual compatibility between Libra and Capricorn doesn’t always fall into place naturally with the first embrace they share. She may feel hurt and rejected by a certain indefinable coolness in his approach, which she mistakenly interprets as disinterest—and he may also feel that her aloof response to his advances indicates detachment. Just as the elements of air and earth in Nature are strangers, so are the Air and Earth human natures of Libra and Capricorn puzzling, each to the other. Gentle and persistent effort can slowly and surely, however, bring an unusual enchantment to their lovemaking. The attraction of the different can be a powerful magnet to sexual desire. It’s as though they never run out of things to teach one another about themselves. His reticent manner at first disturbs her, then gradually draws her, curiously, with a strange wanting to penetrate his quiet, to fathom its depth. The elusiveness of her airy freedom of behavior and expression holds an intense fascination for him, like the call of a sea gull when you’re walking along the shore … both tantalizing and haunting. Even if they spend a lifetime together, she’ll never completely uncover this man’s deeper self—nor will he ever succeed in completely capturing her changing passions.

A desire thus not quite satisfied can take one of two paths. It can intensify their intimacy with a silent challenge that makes their sexual expression always exciting with promise, which can be rekindled and newly aroused even after prolonged periods of mutual withdrawal—or it can cause them to gradually lose interest in lovemaking because of the frustration of being unable to comprehend how to fulfill each other. Which path it takes depends a lot on the aspect between their Suns and Moons in their nativities, also the relationship of their mutual Mars and Venus positions at birth. Even more, it depends on them … how much they love.

A Libra woman speaks musically, moves lyrically. She’s graceful, tender and sentimental … as intoxicating as a fragrant rose. Yet she is also determinedly independent, however well hidden may be her driving ambition and intelligent mind behind the satiny facade of her velvet Venus smile or dimpled grin. She can coax and cajole most any man into willingly (even ecstatically) doing things her way. But the earthbound Goat may resist her charm, when her way conflicts with his way.

Since the Saturn-ruled man can’t help being immovable regarding his favorite notions, and since his Libra woman is more flexible, guided by her Air Element, it’s easier for her to change her position than for him to do so. Consequently, much of the responsibility for the success of their relationship may fall upon her dainty but strong shoulders. If she really tries, her lovingly grateful Goat should reward her with a romantic honorary degree for the fine art of harmonizing her personality to blend with his own, maybe a gold bracelet to encircle her arm, inscribed in Latin sweet talk with: Artium Elegantium Exquisi-tariumque Doctoris. Then she can give him an old-fashioned pocket timepiece, complete with an antique watch fob and chain, to add to his dignified appearance … recalling all the sweetness of the past … engraved inside the case with the words: stuffy and conservative equals serene and cozy. Or maybe a more private code between them, like: 4-10 is the lucky number of the angels.

Libra Man and Capricorn Woman

All he thinks he has a right to, when he comes to you to be yours, is fairness. After you have been unfair to him, he will love you again, but he will never afterwards be quite the same boy.

Oddly and unfortunately or fortunately (I really can’t decide which, nor can Libra) this otherwise tense and challenging 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern-influenced relationship is blessed with an inherent positive-plus factor the Libra man and his Goat Girl may not utilize. Taking into account, naturally, the normal number of exceptions that prove the rule, a Libra man is one of the six Sun Sign males—the others being Aries, Gemini, Sag, Aquarius and Pisces—who (if he’s not one of the rare, perverse exceptions) is likely to understand a woman’s desire to have a career. He’s fair. He’s just. He’s tolerant and adaptable to change, whether within his own personal sphere, or concerning the sweeping changes of social reform. He’s thoughtful, logical, reasonable—and pleasantly willing to recognize the benefits of equal rights for men and women. A Libra male, being both secure in his man-hood and liberal minded, is even open to the reversal of roles where the husband stays home to take care of the kids and the wife is the one bringing home the bacon.

On the other swing of the pendulum, the Capricorn woman was born under a Cardinal Sign of leadership (as was he) and she must lead something or someone at sometime—somewhere. She enjoys being in charge of her own life, and of everything and everyone else she can manage to wisely guide and discipline with the grandma knows best attitude that hangs over her (which began hanging around her aura when she was approximately six years old). She’s marvelously qualified to have her own career, and usually rises quickly in her chosen profession, making a splendid executive given how capable she is of keeping everything serenely functioning in a down-to-earth, sensible way,.

Wouldn’t you say that was a positive-plus factor between them?

Although she needs to lead—being, as noted earlier, Cardinal, like Libra—the typical Capricorn shrinks from the idea of leading out front, in a showy way. The Goat (male or female) prefers to be the spider in the corner, who pulls the strings behind-the-scenes and makes it all happen, with no fuss and fanfare. So you’ll often find the typical, rather shy Goat Girl contentedly fulfilling her Sun Sign ambitions by weaving her webs of strategy unobtrusively, in the background, leading and directing in positions that don’t require as much showmanship as they do more subtle, calculated thinking. Sometimes this translates into the Capricorn female preferring to direct her energies towards the home front, managing her husband’s affairs rather than pursuing a career of her own.

So here they are. A Libra man who’s cheerfully willing to have his lady work outside the home—and a Capricorn woman who would just as soon make him her career. You know that truism about behind every successful man there’s a woman? It’s often a Capricorn woman. Goats don’t waste their valuable time on anything short of success. If this ambitious woman guides her man, she certainly isn’t going to guide him toward failure. Whatever she’s helping him achieve, her eye is on the most fruitful result. The thing is, he might prefer her to follow her Cardinal instincts outside, rather than inside the home. He adores being the man to whom she’s loyal and devoted, the man she loves and cherishes and protects (against himself), but he may rebel at being made her lifetime career.

He is of the Air Element, and the first lesson an earthy female must learn about the airy man she loves (especially the Cardinal Air Sign) is that air seeks freedom of movement, and simply cannot bear restriction—or it becomes stale. Not only that, it will escape the instant the lid is removed. Leave an Air Sign man alone to drift and to dream, to roam mentally, following the breezes of his inclinations, and he’ll happily remain more or less nearby. Try to bottle him or box him in, and he’ll become windy, argumentative and resentful—easily stirred into a tornado or hurricane of anger. Then he’ll storm away.

If she’s genuinely contrite and truly wants him back, he might return. She’ll have to be fair enough to acknowledge her mistake and ask for his understanding of her side of the situation. No, let’s change that. Acknowledging her mistake and asking for his understanding is fine. He’ll probably respond like an absolute angel. But it may not be wise to try to get him to see her side of the disagreement—openly, that is. It’s always a mistake with a Libran to make a point of defending a particular side of any question, if you expect compromise from him. Enumerate all the positive factors of one side, and this man will instinctively use all his mental energy, deductive reasoning and brilliant logic (with which he is, please believe, more than amply endowed) in making it all balance out even on his Scales by eloquently defending the opposite side—whatever the opposite side may be. Never mind which side he thought his sympathies were with before. He’ll change his mind (even a long-held conviction) just to win an interesting debate. Something about the challenge of an argument seems to hypnotize him, until he actually forgets where he stood before the discussion began.

This is Libra’s Achilles Heel, and few of them realize it. I personally think it’s mean and unfair to take advantage of the poor man’s Sun Sign weakness, but there could be extenuating circumstances when the end might justify the means. In such a circumstance, the wise Goat Girl will take his side all the way, make it clear that she’s been completely wrong, recite a sort of monologue (difficult for Cappy, but she can practice by observing his own verbal finesse) containing all the reasons he is right and she is woefully wrong, giving herself not the slightest edge, making it all seem obviously lopsided and unfair to her. It will work like a charm.

He’ll be helpless, unable to resist his strong Sun Sign judgeship instincts, and begin to point out to her all the flaws in her argument, show her where she’s being unfair to herself, offer to take at least half the blame—and end up just where she wants him—making a spoken declaration of his comprehension of the things he’s done to hurt and worry her, which caused her to behave as possessively and poutingly as she did. He’ll barely know what happened, except that, somehow, he has honestly begun to see where maybe she was justified in her feelings. Soon he’ll become his normal sweet and sentimental self again, ask for forgiveness and coax her to have faith in a new beginning. Then he’ll smile his outrageous Venus smile. And it happens. The resurrected rush of remembered trembling, the familiar yearning. And sorrow, too. From comprehending the pain caused, that wasn’t meant to hurt, but was a reaction to hurt—on both sides. Sorrow is always followed by compassion, the overwhelming need to forgive and to be forgiven. A Capricorn woman can resist (if she chooses) any temptation ever conjured to test the human soul. But not even she can long hold out against the blinding brightness of the Libra smile. She’ll answer it with her own little shy Goat grin, her eyes and her heart will soften simultaneously … . . and roses will bloom again in January’s snow.

She may not, however, melt into his arms immediately, if the snowflakes are still falling inside her. He’ll have to use all his tenderness and charm to reverse her frigid withdrawal, after he’s caused her to feel rejected. Just as she’ll have to use all her gentle persuasion to heal the wounds in his optimistic nature she inflicted by her cold, disapproving manner. But this woman can be surprisingly gentle when she trusts the man with whom she’s making love. Their sexual harmony will be at times elusive. Nevertheless, it’s attainable when both of them unselfishly seek to know what it is the other needs, recognize the differences of desire, and honestly try to bridge them … softening the traits that offend and imitating the qualities in each other they individually admire. Saturn’s restrictive influence can make her appear too reserved and unresponsive to the romantic and verbally expressive Libra man. Because her approach to sex is one of slow sensuality, his light and airy seeming detachment can leave her feeling empty and yearning for a more tangible passion. But if he tries, he’ll be gladdened and amazed by the unsuspected affection and sentiment buried within her, needing only his patience to bring it out. And she’ll discover there’s much she can teach this man about the deep earthiness of physical union and sexual intimacy that he’s touchingly anxious to learn from her. Each of them will benefit by trying to be more like the other. She must try to be more expressive; he must try to be more concentrated during their lovemaking. Then all will be well.

A Libra man contains a bottomless well of sentiment, yet he may not be sensitive enough to his Capricorn woman’s silent secrets. Sometimes his logic and clear thinking get in the way of his understanding of the human heart. He’s fair and sympathetic, but often in such a mental way that he neglects to comprehend the motives behind what she’s doing or saying. Libra isn’t noted for a perception of human emotions—more for analyzing the result of emotions, their outward manifestation in words and deeds. For all his airy refinement and artistic leanings, his talent for romance, he can appear cool to the Goat Girl, whose own nature is richer with various shades and tones and levels of the heights and depths of all human longings.

They are both moody. He swings from high to low, from cheerful and sweet to cranky and domineering, several times in the course of a week, or even a single day. Her moods are neither as swift nor as multiple. Saturn’s depression clouds gather more gradually, over an extended period of time, disturb her more seriously—and last much longer.

She needs his rainbows of hope. He needs her haven of dependability. And someone once wrote that being needed is as good as being loved. Sometimes … even better. Because there’s a kind of love that blooms too quickly, like a fragile blossom, briefly beautiful, but easily bruised by frost, unable to withstand the first wind of a storm. Needing seeds a sturdy, more familiar kind of love, that grows quietly into a strong tree, with roots that remain in Earth, branches that offer shade … leaves that sing in the wind a lyric lovely enough for Libra, yet practical enough for Capricorn. Trees don’t grow overnight. They must be nurtured throughout the patient waiting of many seasons. But they last. Trees are forever. Libra and Capricorn might meditate on the mysterious truth hidden in Tagore’s words, that … . . the faith waiting in the heart of a seed … promises a miracle of life which it cannot prove.

Libra Aquarius
Air—Cardinal—Positive Air—Fixed—Positive
Ruled by Venus Ruled by Uranus
Symbol: The Scales Symbol: The Water Bearer
Day Forces—Masculine Day Forces—Masculine


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