Dating Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man can be described as highly independent individuals. They are very determined and can successfully achieve what they put their minds to given that they rarely give up. Given that a Scorpio loves to be in control, they may not be very social and can survive well on their own. However, given that he is very passionate, a Scorpio will be highly passionate about everything including a partner he is in love with.  These people may be a bit difficult to understand at times given that getting them to settle and commit at times might not be as easy.

A Scorpio man wants a strong powerful woman as a partner. He would like a woman who can stand on her own in terms of career, money and other interests. With these individuals, there is always more than actually meets the eye; thus any lady attracted to a Scorpio needs to take heed to that. A Scorpio has a number of characteristics that may be positive or negative, these include;

Positive Traits

  • Observant
  • Passionate
  • Loyal
  • Dynamic

Negative Traits

  • Jealous and Suspicious
  • Possessive
  • Manipulative

Generally, a Scorpio Man can be described as an individual of extreme intensity. Their penetrative mind is aimed at learning more about others and their conserved nature can be mysterious at times. A lady attracted to a Scorpio needs to be aware that in a relationship, life may not be always smooth. On the other hand, they tend to be loyal and kind to those they love.

A Scorpio man loves a strong, courageous woman. Scorpios like a woman who can take charge, therefore a confident lady should not be afraid of walking up to him and letting him know she is into him. He loves that and will not be disappointed. His demeanor is cool and calm and thus he can be easily approached. They are also men of many interest and the ladies can find them in luxurious places.

The lady does not have to be flashy to attract him since he loves some degree of mystery. Showing him that she is interested is enough and the rest can be explored in the subsequent dates.

Scorpio Man – Your First Date

The first date with a Scorpio Man can be at a luxurious place. The lady does not have to expose much of her body for him to like her. He wants to explore her to learn about her. The lady can keep him attentive and interested by sharing bits about her, but not everything at once. On the other hand, the lady should keep in mind that these men love to be in control, if they go out on a date, she can let him choose the venue and timing. This gives his a sense of control.

After a successful first date, the lady still has a number of things to learn about this man if she feels that he is the one that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. He has quite an interesting number of traits that she should know about so that she can deal with him well in their relationship and make it a successful one.

Observant and sensitive

These men are very observant and with just a look into the eyes of their partner they can sense when something is wrong. The lady of his choice should not try to play games with a Scorpio Man since he will know for sure. His observant nature enables him to know. The sensitive nature of a Scorpio Man makes him hurt very easily and this is one of the reasons as to why a lady he is dating should avoid flirting around and playing games. Showing him he is the only man she wants to be with will motivate him to show and give the same amount of love back, and even more.


A Scorpio Man is among the most passionate human being and has a lot of passion for what he loves. He will dedicate the same amount of passion and care to a woman he loves. He also expects the same amount of passion from the lady of his heart, and any less would cause this man to become suspicious and jealous. The passion of this man can also be seen in bed while making love. A Scorpio  Man is an excellent lover that will ensure that he makes love in the right manner as to satisfy his lady. This is one of the areas where a Scorpio Man is known to be good at.



One thing that most people worry about in a relationship is loyalty. When it comes to being loyal Scorpio men represent it well. For the lady that has his heart he will only see her in a room full of crowded women.  He is truly devoted to a woman that he feels is devoted to him. So, if you want to keep him all to yourself make sure he feels your devotion and you will be the only girl in the world.


Scorpio men are very dynamic. They are full of energy and are also self-motivated. They are extremely active individuals and the lady that wants to be by his side should be the same.  Also keep in mind they like to be challenged and a lady that wants to keep his attention should play hard to get at times. This will surely keep his attention and also keep the relationship exciting.

Jealous and suspicious

When he finds the right woman, a Scorpio Man is very loyal and supportive in the relationship. He will also be generous and kind to her as he keeps her feeling that she is the only lady in his life. Although he might have the tendency to be suspicious, it is because he is sensitive and fears getting hurt. Once he starts getting suspicious, a Scorpio will turn into one of the most jealous men around and may prove to be highly defensive.


Scorpios are highly controlling and possessive. He wants to possess his partner and take control over her. A Scorpio Man will rarely live in peace with a woman who tries controlling him. A lady should be sure to understand this fact before she gets into a relationship with this type of man. Unless she is willing to be submissive to him and under his control, she should not take the relationship any further since it will only leave him hurt as a result of him being controlling.


A Scorpio Man will rarely express how he feels about a given issue. Instead, he tends to withdraw and avoid the talk. On the other hand, they are very manipulative and will go to all ends to make sure that they have manipulated the lady to do as he wants. At times, he may do this regardless of whether or not it will hurt the lady in the end. This makes him a potentially dangerous person. This is because he might take advantage of the lady and when he is done and bored dump her and hurt her feelings. Ladies should be aware of this fact and be ready to deal with him when he tends to be manipulative to get the lady to do what she is not comfortable with. However, at times they may use this trait to maintain a relationship they believe in.



For a woman that has interest in a Scorpio it is important to know what she is getting herself into. Like all of the other signs he has his positive and negative traits. Scorpios are known to be passionate, observant, sensitive men. They are also very dynamic and loyal. These are some very good traits to possess. However, they also can be jealous, suspicious, possessive, and manipulative. For a weak willed or weak minded woman they can easily be taken advantage of. It is important to know the traits of a Scorpio before you jump head first into a relationship with one.


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