Dating Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio Woman is the most intensive sign in the zodiac. They are fierce in both emotional and physical attributes and they’re a person who you don’t want to toy with at all. They are exceptional and mysterious; and they know it very well and is proud of it. Scorpio Woman women have the charm, allure and strength that is able to overcome every circumstance in life. Being secretive is one of their nature, she will learn everything about you, but later you will realize that she hasn’t giving you many details about herself. Soon enough you will find out more about a Scorpio Woman , such as how you can treat her and what are the things you shouldn’t do to her. This complicated sign will trouble you if you don’t understand everything about her.

Positive Traits

  • Passionate
  • Very determined
  • Independent
  • Ideal life-partner

Negative Traits

  • Possessive
  • Jealous
  • Obsessive
  • Vindictive

It is the best to understand very well everything about the complex Scorpio Woman so you can build a good and strong relationship with her. They have the most extreme qualities among the zodiac so hold on and read everything starting with how you can ask her out, on your first date with her and on how to continuously communicate with her well.

Asking a Scorpio Woman Out

Scorpio Woman are the most passionate and romantic sign in the zodiac. Scorpio Woman are hard to seduce since they are secretive by nature and have a tendency to hesitate once you start communicating with them.However, a Scorpio Woman can pour out all her love in the relationship once you have her. When asking out a Scorpio Woman ask her in your own romantic way. Give her a present like flowers and chocolate when you decide to ask her out on a date.

Your First Date

If you’re looking to wow her or score some extra points give her a romantic and private place for your first date. Like in a private garden decorated with flowers and candle lights with sweet music playing in the background. Dance together in the most passionate way and you can’t go wrong.This will surely make her happy and leave her open to let her guard down. Keep in mind she is the type of woman who wants to be dominated by her man.

After The First Date

If your date with her is successful then you can go through to the next step. Now your goal is to get closer to her. Scorpio Woman are very secretive people, as mentioned previously. There will be times that you really don’t know what she is thinking whether you’re in the “dog house” or not. Discover the things that she likes and the events she wants to attend. You can easily learn them while casually conversing with her.


Physical intimacy is an important part in a relationship for a Scorpio Woman . Her physical desires are active if you give her a strong motivation cause she finds natural expression in it. But you should earn her trust first before you can give it to her. Scorpio Woman should not be taken lightly. You can send her some books or DVD’s with a romantic theme since they are sensual and she will surely enjoy them.

Very determined

Determination and will power are her basic personality traits. She uses them anytime to come out of anything that is negative. You will never be lonely again if you win the heart of a Scorpio Woman . She will be truly loyal and devoted to you. Giving her all and expect nothing from her partner is a very common trait. That’s how a Scorpio Woman loves, she is true and sincere. If you want to make a positive impression on her send her a thoughtful card that supports her being a determined person.


A Scorpio Woman doesn’t really need someone who will look after her and have her back. Her strong personality explains it all. She may seem like a tiny one but trust me she has the courage of a lioness. It is because her strength and courage is enough to look at her. But at times she may think what she thinks is right and not listening to others. Don’t try to get in her way of being independent; she can handle herself just fine so step back and see how she grasps the situation. In this case, you will learn how to treat things or situations that arise in the future.

Ideal life-partner

She believes in true love and lives by it. Once in a relationship, she gives everything she has without asking anything in return. She is a devoted and loyal lover. She won’t even mind sacrificing her own happiness for the guy she really loves. Such a true and pure love a Scorpio Woman can give.This makes a man dating a Scorpio Woman very lucky. An ideal man for her should behave like a real man to suit her loving output.


Scorpio Woman women want a very serious love life. While some women are busy with their social life with their boyfriends, a Scorpio Woman tends to get busy looking for her soul-mate that can give her a boundless love. Once found, it’s very unlikely she will give it away. She will have a tendency to hold on to you strongly which will make her possessive at times. If you are a guy who wants physical and emotional space, she is not for you. A guy for her should be willing to give her everything for the sake of love. Your physical and emotional side should be open at all times.


A Scorpio Woman is very jealous especially with the person she loves. At times they have even been known to put up fights in a jealous fit. It would be advised that if you don’t have genuine feelings for her, don’t even try to get close to her. She can easily sense your true intentions with her. If you are true, then don’t flirt. It insults her and insulting her is not good. Once she gets hurt, her fury knows no bound. You should be sincere and loyal to her to keep her jealousy on a leash.


It’s a good feeling sometimes when you know that someone needs you, but not too much. There are times you will feel uncomfortable unlike before because of the obsessive side of a Scorpio Woman. You will be drowning in her passion and love and can sometimes feel like it’s too much. She is deeply involved emotionally in you that you cannot hold out. This unlikely manner of a Scorpio Woman arises when she has found a person to love. This can become irritating and can feel unmanageable at times. Do not try to reject her publicly or even in private, that will merely insult her. Keep in mind that she is a fierce and revengeful type of person, so if really want her forget about rejecting her.


One more thing scary about a Scorpio Woman is being revengeful. She never forgives nor forgets. She’ll seek revenge instead of forgiveness. Her fierce nature becomes active when she really gets hurt or insulted. Betrayal and lost of trust is the worst mistake you can make in a relationship with a Scorpio Woman .So if you are a guy who flirts and dates with other woman while in a relationship with her, watch out cause you’ll be stung soon. Her symbol as a Scorpio Womann can explain it all.

Scorpio Woman Conclusion

In searching for a one and true love, a Scorpio Woman can do everything. However, she was made up of defense mechanism to protect her from dangers and hurt. She is mysterious, complicated and intense overall but wants to have a life full of love and happiness. She likes being in control of her destiny and in her relationship. She can be so hard to get but once caught, a tamed beautiful and loyal Scorpio Woman will always be by your side. A suitable partner to her must behave like a real man who can dominate her but is willing to accept her unlikeable manners.


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