Dating Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius Man will rarely be found alone. Mostly they will always be found in the company of other people given that they are a bundle of joy to be around. These guys are usually upbeat and will try to make sure that those around them are the same way. Despite the fact that a Sagittarius Man can bring joy and excitement in a boring situation, they are also adventurers and love exploring. They are also some of the most open and honest individuals around.  The blunt truth from a Sagittarius Man may not be something everyone is ready to hear however.

Despite the fact that the truth they tend to give out may hurt at times, a Sagittarius Man is very sincere when he compliments and says he loves a given lady. These men are also highly optimistic and always have high hopes about their dreams coming true. However, they tend to be very trusting and this may lead them to getting taken advantage of and hurt in the process. A Sagittarius Man holds a number of traits that are both positive and negative. These include;

Positive Traits

  • Outgoing
  • Honest
  • Open Minded
  • Generous

Negative Traits

  • Impatient
  • Flirtatious
  • Moody

These men are not easy to be in a relationship with due to their flirting behaviors and outgoing nature. Although they may love, they may also tend to be very promiscuous. Before getting into any relationship with this man, a lady may have to think very carefully about it. Due to the fact that they have a tendency to be promiscuous, he may not be easy to live with.

Dating aSagittarius Man  Your First Date

This should be at a place that is interesting to him and even going to the zoo would do, followed with having a picnic later. Sagittarius’ are serial daters and thus the lady should not mention anything to do with a long term relationship at first. He does not want to feel like he is being tied down. She should be well dressed for the occasion and ready to listen and share interesting things with him. This will attract his attention and leave him wanting more.

A lady with the intentions of developing a long term relationship with these men should be aware that they love their independence. To develop a long term with him will require her to develop a thick skin and patience. He is not sensitive and will state plainly if he feels the relationship is going nowhere. There are a number of traits ladies must know about this bad boy with a heart of gold before deciding to make a long life commitment with him.


Sagittarius men love to get out and mingle. These are some of the most outgoing men you can come across. For a woman that likes to get out and see the world these men are the ideal partner for you. However, a woman that is an introvert would probably be miserable with this type of man. For a woman that is interested in having a lasting relationship with a Sagittarius Man, she should be willing to adventure out with him and take interest in going out often.


These men are brutally honest. Although telling the truth may hurt a lady he is dating, he will not hold back from saying it. This might be annoying at times and may be a major source of conflict in the relationship. A lady in love with a Sagittarius Man should understand this aspect of these men so she is prepared for his brutal honesty. The lady should also understand that he means no harm with the frank opinions and is simply trying to be open.

Open minded

These men are very positive and open minded concerning anything they put their mind to. They expect their partners to be the same in the relationship they are in. A Sagittarius Man probably wouldn’t be able to deal with a partner who isn’t open minded and positive. Being negative about something they have passion about will not be taken well and may push him away. They are enthusiastic about their projects even if it is the relationship and the slightest sign of negativity will not go down well with him.


Sagittarius men are known for being generous. They enjoy showering the ones they love and care about with lavish treats. He is also generous in the bedroom. A Sagittarius Man will typically sacrifice his own pleasure to please the apple of his eye. This is just one of the positive traits these men possess.



Once they want something, they will go to great lengths to have it. However, these men are very impatient and can’t wait. In a relationship, a Sagittarius Man may tend to be pushy and this may end up annoying their partners. Given that they love conversing, the partner can calm him down by explaining to him that whatever he wants he will have. He will surely listen and cool off. Not having what he wants when he wants it might also cause him to exaggerate and even become moody. This is just a way through which he expresses himself. If it is something that can be given, the partner should not keep him waiting. However, he can be calmed down by a non-confrontational conversation to explain the matter.


Sagittarius men love flirting and they are very good at it. Flirting from these men may result in the ladies he is flirting with to fall for him hard. They may be completely drawn to him to the extent that they propose marriage. The lady of his choice should always try to keep him looking her way through interesting things such as looking pretty and outings. His friendly nature may also be taken as flirting and his partner should be ready to see him befriend quite a good number of ladies. She should never get tired of attracting him and keeping his attention and not become boring.


One of the worst traits that these men possess is that they can be very moody. At times they can seem as if you don’t know them at all. They can go from hot too cold in the blink of an eye and to make matters worse it can be for no apparent reason. Being able to deal with mood swings isn’t easy for most women so to be with a Sagittarius you’re going to have to be willing to put up with this trait.


A Sagittarius Man can be found at a variety of interesting places. This may range from the company of others to a zoo looking at the animal. He becomes bored easily so it might be well advised to have interesting things to share. The best way to catch his attention is to be a friend at first and this will certainly do the trick.  This may involve joining in the social activities he enjoys and actively participating. The lady should never let him see her as boring and uninteresting or he might start to look elsewhere. Overall these men are good to be with, however the woman that chooses to do so need to be fully aware of the negative traits he brings to the table as well.


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