Dating Gemini Man

The Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. One of the most common traits among the Gemini men is that they love talking and discussing. They can be described as flirtatious, intelligent and youthful individuals, who are ever probing to find more information. Once they get the information they need, these intellectually inclined men will feel a great need to share the information with those they are close to. They tend to fall for women that they find lively, loving and fun.

Gemini men are generally liked by women. Due to their intellectual inclination, they can use words well and attract the ladies. They also love being surrounded by women and making jokes. It is also in his nature to love people and getting together with them for talks and having fun. Like the sign, a Gemini man can be unpredictable in that, today he might be extra wonderful and the next day he is a completely different person.

For the majority of women, being attracted to a Gemini man is easy. However, lasting with the man and understanding him might be a different subject altogether. As much as he might be there for the lady of his choice, he might not necessarily be there with her. He is not well capable of staying in one place for a long time and feels the need of occupying himself with a little exploration. This is because he tends to be restless and fidgety. However, this does not mean he is not faithful.

Positive Traits

  • Intelligent
  • Captivating
  • Passionate
  • Rational

Negative Traits

  • Inconsistent
  • Flirtatious
  • Cunning

A lady intending to pursue a relationship with a Gemini may get more than she bargained for once she gets deep into the relationship. This is why it would be important for a lady to understand all the traits of a Gemini and how to deal with this type of men later on in their relationship.

Before even considering going out with him, know him well. A Gemini is what we can refer to as a social butterfly and thus getting his attention would not be difficult. He loves talking and meeting new people and this makes it very easy to get a date.

Dating a Gemini Man – Your First Date

During the first date, given that they tend to be tense at times, he might actually not show up, and may call to say they will be running late. This should not be taken personally. During the date, they may not pay all the attention a lady would wish him to and may even slightly ignore her. It is important that the lady sets up a challenge for him so that he can pursue/ chase her and it might be ok to date others. During the first date, subjects such a marriage, having children and leaning too much on him should be avoided. He loves chasing and sharing too much might not be a good idea.


A Gemini is an intelligent man. It is for this reason that the lady should often, if not all the time, be willing to frequent intelligent gatherings since he also loves to talk and share. He loves to be surrounded by people with whom he can interact and learn more as he shares. Instead of being jealous of how he goes along and interacts with other female companions, it is better to go with the flow and meet other people with him. This might also provide a challenge for him given that the lady may also meet people there and socialize more than she hoped to.


Gemini men tend to be smart and very fast at understanding new things/learning. This makes them captivating when they interact with a larger audience given that they can communicate new information effectively. One of the traits they possess above other men is the fact that they love women who have a mind of their own and not particularly about the physical appearance. Women who love these men therefore have to be bold and independent types, who are not afraid of giving a little challenge to them. This keeps the Gemini men attentive and chasing.


Gemini men are passionate about what they are pursuing, be it in a relationship or at work. This might be positive or negative since at times he might not concentrate on his relationship. This however is not to say he does not care about her. Being passionate can also be expressed in how he will at times surprise her with a lot of affection and love by getting her presents and taking her out. However, on getting passionate about work he immediately changes his attention from the lady and she may feel neglected. She should support him and not get confrontational. This will get his attention to her and some of his attention might shift back to her from time to time.


They are rational and caring. They listen to problems and support their partners and thus it would be better talking to them in case of concerns or need of advice. Given that they love to solve problems, they will be quick to listen and support. The women therefore should not shy away from telling them what is bothering them.


A Gemini has a dual personality and it is this fact that makes him change his mind from time to time before he can conclude on something. It would do well for the lady and the relationship in general not to confront him about this characteristic concerning different situations at home. He should be given ample time to make up his mind and come to the right decision. When she feels the need to intervene, she should do so in a non-conflicting manner and be short and to the point.


A Gemini man due to his interactive and talkative nature will tend to flirt around often even when he is in a relationship. This is one of the negative traits of his and may negatively impact the relationship. Many of the Gemini men may have more than one relationship even if one of them is not sexual in nature due to his flirtatious ways. It is up to the lady to then keep herself sexy and always attractive so as to keep his attention towards her. Blaming him for flirting also might not be a good idea and instead, she should understand his nature but share her concerns given that he supports her and has a loving and caring nature.


Gemini men can be very cunning. With their ability to smooth talk they can easily pull the wool over a person’s eyes. For a woman who is gullible they can easily fall victim to a Gemini. Some women find this quality to be attractive of a Gemini until they get into a serious relationship with one. From the outside looking in it can appear to be mesmerizing. Make sure if you’re interested in a Gemini that you’re fully aware of this trait as it is sure to surface at one point or another. The best way for a woman to combat this is to appease to his caring side and telling him how it makes her feel when he acts in this manner. That might be the only way to keep that trait in some sort of check.


The Gemini man may not be the easiest to get along with. A number of their negative traits such as flirting and shifting of attention is one of the surest ways of ending a relationship. Women who do not understand them may feel confused and neglected at times. However, they should be well prepared when engaging with the Gemini since it is a fact that these men are not easy to keep up with. The fact that they flirt a lot is a particularly disturbing factor to many women, and it is for this very reason that any woman planning to be with a Gemini should always find new ways of attracting their man before he loses interest and goes searching once more.


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