Cancer and Pisces

Pale rays of light tiptoed across the waters; and by and by there was to be heard a sound, at once the most musical and the most melancholy in the world—the mermaids calling to the moon.

The Fish and the Crab walk along together, working, playing or conversing to the rhythm of the harmonious 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern melody. Except for those whose Luminaries, Ascendents or natal planets are in serious conflict in their horoscopes, most Cancer-Pisces associations are relatively smooth and mellow. The sympathetic attraction is often instant and remarkable. They seem to understand each other better than they understand other mortals—certainly much better than other mortals understand them. Ruled by the Moon (Cancer) and Neptune (Pisces) the three of them—Pisces is a sign of duality, symbolized by two Fish—are equally secretive, sensitive, moody and changeable.

The moods of the Fish are controlled by the tides of the Pisces emotions, as they ebb and flow in a complex sort of synchronicity with the ocean’s tides. Trying to discover a Piscean’s exact disposition of the moment is like trying to name the color of mother-of-pearl. Is it pink? White? Pale yellow? Soft blue? Pearly grey? Just when you think you have it identified, the light reflection moves a flicker, and the color changes. Since the fancies of the Fish are mystically governed by the tides, one could say that they’re indirectly influenced by the Moon.

The Crabs are directly influenced by the Moon, therefore perhaps a shade more predictable. The Pisces man or woman can prognosticate the moods of the Crab with reasonable accuracy, simply by periodically checking the Lunar phases in an Almanac, but a Cancerian may have more difficulty in charting the mood fluctuations of a Pisces friend, business associate, relative, lover or mate at any particular time. It creates an exciting guessing game between them that relieves the monotony of earning their daily bread and quarreling about how to spend it—although it sometimes makes it tough to forgive each other their trespasses. Was the anger and resulting hurt a lasting thing, or just the fallout from an itinerant mood?

The 5-9 Pattern, favorable as it is, doesn’t have the power to bestow an absolute guarantee of constant compatibility upon those graced by its beneficent vibes. There will still be conflicts requiring some degree of compromise, initiating not only from possible negative Sun-Moon aspects between their birth charts, but also from certain qualities of their individual solar personalities.

The subject of money could conceivably churn some sizable waves in a relationship involving these two Water Signs. The Fish normally thinks of money as a necessary but bothersome interruption, an inevitable evil, to be dealt with as effortlessly as possible, then disposed of and hopefully forgotten until the next time it requires his (or her) reluctant attention. Neptune-ruled people are usually careless with cash, seldom frugal, and not intensely interested in amassing money on paper via bank accounts, to count and stash away, then re-count and stash away again, calculating annoying details like interest, profit and loss and such. It’s so uncreative, unimaginative and downright boring.

Conversely, Crabs look upon financial matters with a great deal more reverence and respect than Pisces. To a typical Cancerian, the jingle of coins is soothing music, the crackle of folding paper (or stock certificates) almost symphonic. The Crabs understand very well all the complications of compound interest, and may try to pound these theories into the dreamy Piscean mind, with little success. Caution and economy are Cancer’s watchwords. All Moon-ruled people possess a subconscious fear of poverty that creates some strange and funny habits in an occasional Crab.

A Pisces man I know was christened Grover Cleveland (plus the family surname) after his Cancerian father, who passed away many years ago. The Fish recalls vividly his boyhood shopping trips with his Cancer parent when the latter purchased his annual new outfit (every January, during the After Christmas Clearance Sales). His Cancerian Dad always informed the mystified salesperson that he wanted his suit coat and trousers two full sizes larger than he actually wore. The transaction was traditionally brief, since the Crab never failed to order the same style, color and 100% wool material, year after year. Dressed in his new threads, he walked out of the store with his son, happy as a cricket, draped in excess folds of cloth, his suspenders valiantly keeping his pants from falling down on the sidewalk, his suit coat more resembling a blanket thrown over his shoulders than an article of clothing, the bundle containing his treasured last year’s outfit tucked securely and lovingly under his arm.

One day little Grover gathered the courage to ask big Grover why he always bought his clothes two sizes larger than he needed, since he wasn’t a growing boy, but a man. Father had a most logical and sensible (to a Crab) reason. You see son, he explained, quite seriously, wool is very expensive, and that way I get much more material for the same amount of money. The young Fish was silent, pondering the mystery. (He’s still pondering it.)

If caution and economy are the watchwords for Cancer, casualness and generosity, sometimes extravagance, are the Neptune watchwords (except for those occasional Fish whose horoscopes contain important planetary positions in Cancer, Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn). The only kind of security that really catches the interest of the Fish is the security of personal privacy and the freedom to live without being disturbed—or disturbing others. The Piscean live and let live attitude is similar to that of Aquarius, maybe even more pronounced. Most Fish wouldn’t dream of telling another person how to live his (or her) life, but admittedly, some Pisceans are a bit curious about the personal lives of friends and relatives. They won’t probe or spy, but they do tend to be more than slightly interested in any errant leaves of gossip that might float by their ears.

Cancerian men and women are more possessive and demanding, more inclined to try to mold others into the shapes that please them. Also, Crabs delight in prying secrets out of other people, while keeping their own double-locked against the curious. Somehow or other, in subtle ways, they manage to learn what you’re thinking, but when you try to find out what they’re really thinking, they retreat into their Crab shells, refusing to confess or admit whatever it is you’re trying to pry out of them. However, the Fish is more fortunate than other Sun Signs (with the exception of Scorpio) in uncovering the secrets of the girl and the boy Crabs. That’s because Pisces is such a comfortingly sympathetic listener. In an association with Cancer, Neptune’s compassionate ear will get quite a workout. No one has as many nightmares, haunted memories of both beauty and sadness, fears, dreams and trembling hopes to pour out than a Cancerian. There will be dialogues about the Cancerian’s Mama (whether she treated the Moon Child cruelly or kindly, whether she was a sinner or a saint), complaints that nobody understands me … waterfalls of tears, ripples of giggles … Looney Bird laughter … jokes and sobs … questions and answers … all manner of daily dilemmas.

Oh, the joy of it! The sheer ecstasy of having someone listen who truly cares, who knows what it’s like to feel so unloved and insecure … to be so lonely and uncertain … someone to be unselfishly happy about successes and triumphs … to commiserate with your failures and disappointments. The Cancerian cup will runneth over with pure relief. The Piscean’s humility and kindness will likely run over too, until all the Neptune energy (frail at best) is drained. But it will return, always—and the thing is that Pisces usually won’t resent it, except for rare, extenuating circumstances. The Fish never just pretends interest in the Crab’s confidences. The interest is real, the concern felt is genuine, not expressed simply to be polite. Of course, all twelve Sun Signs revel in the cozy comfort of the Neptune couch sessions, but no one could appreciate the 24-hour, 7-days-a-week Piscean confessional more sincerely than the pathetically grateful Crab.

One of the major dangers of this otherwise smooth and extraordinarily sympathetic 5-9 association (in addition to periodic pouting over finances) is the danger of alcohol and drugs—or the lesser escape of daydreaming and procrastination. The drinking encouraged by an excessive social life can lure the Crab and Fish into waters over both their heads, and they must constantly be on guard against the seductive beckoning pleasures of the flesh. It’s also best that the two of them stay a healthy distance away from experimentation in black magic, hypnosis, seances and other fringe areas of the occult, because their combined Water Sign vibrations can easily allow them to drown in the matters which are deceptively exciting—and may prove tragic.

Because the true love of Cancer is home and hearth, the Fish is the one most likely to answer the haunting call of wanderlust and travel, seeking a change-of-scene. But Crabs can also become fascinated (though less often) by the glitter beyond the home cave—crawl (or waddle) away to investigate and get lost among the sand dunes, unable to find the way back to the hearth he (or she) left. When this occurs, even Cancer’s ruling Moon seems to frown, refusing to light the path back, eclipsing her lovely Lunar face, until the lonely, wandering Crab is properly contrite. No matter how much they may claim otherwise, the boy and girl Crabs are miserable leading the nomadic life, for they both were born to nestle cozily in their own homes, surrounded with the familiar fragrances of yesterday, old friends and neighborhoods they know. (Also near Mama and Papa—the children and the family.)

Sometimes, a Crab will trade the cradle of the known and trusted for the thrill of ambition. Money can throw the typical Cancerian into a trance-like, catatonic state of mind for months, years even. The possibility of earning and accumulating huge financial assets lures many Crabs away from the fireplace and the apple tree in the back yard. But their hearts refuse to follow their bodies, stubbornly remaining behind and calling softly to them, in their dreams … to come home.

Home doesn’t normally hold the same degree of sentimental attachment for the Fish that it does for most Cancerians. Pisces enjoys the snug security of a home base, but Neptune constantly crashes the cymbals of faraway music in the Piscean inner ear, however prosaic the life of the Fish may be. At the slightest provocation, Pisces is ready to swim upstream to another lake, even risk a float on the great ocean, rather than stifle his (or her) creative imagination with boring sameness and monotony.

For awhile, the Crab and the Fish will have a marvelous time traveling together, anywhere at all. Then the heart Cancer left behind will start tugging on the Lunar person at night (especially during the Full Moon) to return. The Fish will probably return too (to please the Crab) but reluctantly. To the Neptune-ruled, change is the stuff of which Life is made. Pisces men and women weave their dreams with threads of sparkling imagination, then frequently get caught up in the problems of others or mundane duties, and are forced to tuck their dreams away on a shelf, to gather dust and wait for some magical morning when there’s suddenly the freedom to make them come true. Strangely, at the crucial moment, Pisces tends to hesitate, unsure if the dreams are strong enough to provide protection on a journey into the unknown deep. If the hesitation is prolonged, the opportunity for freedom drifts past, waves goodbye! … and disappears before the Fish makes a move. Then he (or she) gets caught on the reefs of ordinary existence once again, and must wait for another glistening morning. Sometimes it comes … sometimes it doesn’t. But Pisces never stops waiting and wishing.

While the Fish is waiting, Life won’t be dull. There will always be the fascinating stories of the Crab to listen to, via letters and phone calls from out there where he (or she) is lost and homesick, lonely for the front porch swing. Or from a more nearby Cancerian chum, friend or mate … who just might lure the Fish to dive into the next golden opportunity before it passes away, and not worry about the possibility that it might be a mirage. Pisces will smile. Because it is, after all, the Fish who first taught the Crab to stop worrying about tomorrow.

Cancer Woman and Pisces Man

While she slept she had a dream. She dreamt that the Neverland had come too near, and that a strange boy had broken through from it. He did not alarm her, for she thought she had seen him before in the faces of many women who have no children. Perhaps he is to be seen in the faces of some mothers also …… The dream itself would have been a trifle, but while she was dreaming, the window ……. blew open, and a boy did drop to the floor. He was accompanied by a strange light….

The double Water Sign 5-9 influence over those who love, such as the Moon Maiden and the Neptune man, is in many ways, more magnetic and compelling than the Fire, Earth or Air 5-9 Sun Sign Patterns. The mystical water essence of their natures is sensitive and absorbing … reflecting images back and forth between them … so that frequently, their romance has a dreamlike quality about it, however many years they’re together. If they should quarrel and separate for a time, the missing is usually much deeper than with other lovers who are thus temporarily parted … the emptiness greater. The need to return to each other and be mutually forgiven is intense. A recently parted Crab and Fish are two sad and depressed people indeed.

They should cheer up, because their chances of reconciliation are excellent—when she stops pouting and he stops trying to escape himself, which is, of course, a solution doomed to failure. It’s impossible to escape one’s self, as impossible as it is to permanently avoid the other half of one’s self. If there should be more than one negative aspect between the Luminaries, Ascendents, Mars and Venus in their birth charts, they could remain divided. But there will always be the memories …..

Water is the most mysterious of all the elements. I have this little water meditation that flashes into my mind unbidden lately—which is symbolically important to all Cancer-Pisces lovers who are perceptive enough to read between the lines and see their own relationship reflected in allegory. It’s a kind of test of their sensitivity to the hidden lesson of the macrocosm and the microcosm, the former being my water meditation, the latter their own love affair or marriage, with the answer at the end of the chapter. Usually my meditative moment flashes while I’m drinking a glass of icy cold water, when I’m especially thirsty—when I’m washing the inky pen and typewriter ribbon marks from my hands with soap and water, then drying them with a towel—or standing in the shower, with warm water pouring over me, cleansing, revitalizing and refreshing my soul, as surely as my body. When this water meditation flashes into my mind, it’s like a brilliant white light, yet also green … and hauntingly fragrant. I think of the quiet woodland streams of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Then I ponder the miraculous effect of water to renew—our basic, urgent (seldom realized) need of it. What would I do without it? How could I bear to suddenly know there was no longer any pure water? None to drink to quench my thirst, none in which to wash my hands, none to stand under in the shower. Water! … sweetly singing and cool, washing away all negative, all ugliness and soil … leaving everything all new and clean and sparkling again. I think of the cool needles of fresh-scented, gentle rain, falling on my uplifted face from the sky. Then I think of our struggle with acid rain and snow caused by the pollution from industry’s smokestacks and auto exhaust, nuclear waste and sulphurous coal and how it is steadily increasing. Not enough is being done to halt it. Increasing numbers of congressmen and senators symbolically play Nero fiddles and because of their apathy and an apathetic public in general, we risk damaging our delicate ecosystem by changing the chemistry of our soil and our streams which limit the places where plants, animals and humans can survive. The reality of acid rain is frightening.

That’s how it is when you contemplate losing something precious … and this is the way the Cancerian woman and the Pisces man feel about losing each other, once they’ve deeply loved. What in the world would he do if he ever lost her? What if the soft rain of her happy tears became the acid rain of bitterness? How could she live without him? The female Crab and the Fish feel their emotions with an intensity that belies their outwardly reticent, quiet manner. As with my new and genuine love affair with water, when the enormity of such a loss strikes the Lunar lady and her Pisces man in that awful, shocking way of a reality when it suddenly hits hard that it is a reality, not just a hazy maybe, their minds and hearts and souls are all three unexpectedly overwhelmed with a surge of emotion difficult to express, because the thought of the possibility suffuses the intellect and the feelings so totally.

All the more reason for the Moon Maid and her Pisces man to make a special effort to refuse to allow the few differences between their personalities to grow until they drown their caring. Fortunately, as with all 5-9 graced couples, the differences are relatively minor, and can be smoothly compromised, once they’re confessed—and softened slightly. Since they both like happy endings, we’ll peek at their problems first, then last of all, remind them of the oceans of good things they share that make their romantic chemistry so powerful.

The first scarecrow we see in their garden when we peek is made of the strangest things. What could it be? Certainly not straw, the traditional material of scarecrows. It’s green, slightly soiled, crumpled and wrinkled, with bits of metal fastened here and there. Do you know what it is? It’s money. Sure enough. See the Presidents’ pictures? Actually, worth much less, in the long run, than straw or hay. The scarecrow of money can frighten some lady Crabs and the Fish they love with its ability to form itself into a high wall between them.

She likes to accumulate it, save it, keep it, sock lots of it in the bank, stuff it in her sachets and watch it grow sturdily through investment. She’s normally more than a little economical with cash, if she’s a typical Cancerian, and she may nag him about being so disinterested in gathering up scoops of it, so careless about scattering it around among his friends who need it, spending such large sums of it on his multiple dreams and schemes—and what she considers to be unnecessarily large tips to waiters, waitresses, bellmen, doormen, redcaps, porters and the like.

If his natal Moon or Ascendent is in Cancer, or her natal Moon or Ascendent is in Pisces, he’ll be less extravagant, she’ll be less cautious—and the money scarecrow will be less scary. Otherwise, he’ll have to try to understand that she’s not really stingy, just concerned about her security in what he must admit is an increasingly insecure world—and she’ll have to try to comprehend that an excessive concentration on cash strangles his creative freedom and his imagination equally. Then they should open separate checking accounts, each of which will be none of the other’s business whatsoever. (Even so, he’ll probably be less interested in her monthly balances than she’ll be in his.)

Another scarecrow looms in the moonlight. Things are always either more mysterious and eerie or more mysterious and lovely in the moonlight depending on which eye is used to view them—the two normal orbs or the Third Eye of Knowing. This scarecrow is called moodiness, a complaint each of these two will make against the other. He withdraws into Neptune’s silences to meditate, she becomes cross because he won’t tell her what he’s thinking. Or—she crawls into her crab shell to brood in an inexplicable melancholy during the waning Moon, and this causes him to be depressed, because the Pisces man, as I’ve noted before, is a psychic sponge, helplessly absorbing all the feelings around him. Influenced by the Lunar phases, the Cancerian woman is a reflector of feelings, imaging them back like a photographic plate. (It’s not a coincidence that most Crabs are either photographers or intensely interested in photography.) So she reflects his silences, and he absorbs her melancholy. He’s curious about what she’s thinking when she’s quiet, though his curiosity is more veiled than hers. These two both like to keep secrets, at the same time they like to know secrets, and each is equally adept at pulling secrets out of others, while locking their own against all questions. Once they recognize this trait they share, they can learn to laugh about it, and refuse to allow it to cause tension between them. The female Crab’s great sense of Looney Bird humor is a saving grace regarding many of their problems.

Unless there are unusually severe afflictions between the Luminaries and Ascendents in their horoscopes, there should be no sexual scarecrows to frighten them during their lovemaking. Normally, Cancer and Pisces are ideally mated in a physical sense. Through their sexual union, they experience the rare joy of—not just receiving, not just giving—but exchanging the gift of fulfillment. The difference is something many lovers never realize. Because they’re so closely, even telepathically attuned to each other’s needs and desires, passion brings them profound peace, stills their trembling … and afterwards, when they’ve become two separate individuals again, their Oneness lingers in their eyes, like a memory of magic too deep to communicate in words, best left to only quiet knowing.

He really listens to her seasonal fears and apprehensions—with such gentle patience. She covers his winters of self-doubt with such warm and tender blankets of caring. Remembering the water meditation can protect their relationship. Remembering how much they need each other, being aware of the unthinkable possibility of losing the security of their special kind of interdependency. This man and woman are extraordinarily sensitive to each other’s thoughts, literally able to read each other’s minds. With her reflecting nature and his absorbing nature, mental and emotional pollution is a constant danger. If they allow their frustrations to rise or sink above or below the pH safety level of tranquility, the clouds of tension can only pour back upon them an acid rain of resentment, frustration and selfish seeking that kills happiness—just as surely as the acid rain in Nature kills all fish and plant life. The refreshing newness of love, like the sweet grass-scented blessing of a silvery summer shower, is worth protecting.

Cancer Man and Pisces Woman

As they sat thus, something brushed against Peter, as light as a kiss, and stayed there, as if saying timidly, Can I be of any use?

She liked his tears so much that she put out her beautiful finger and let them run over it.

The telepathic connection between all lovers and mates who are guided by the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibration is never less than powerful—but the ESP cord that flashes between a man and woman influenced by the 5-9 vibes, who were also both born under Water Signs, is nothing short of miraculous. When they feel the mutual tug during their good times, it’s a wonderful, enchanted blessing. However, during their bad times, when they’ve separated temporarily (5-9 couples very seldom separate permanently, unless there are severe afflictions between their natal charts) …. during these bleak periods, the tug on the cord can seem more like a curse than a blessing.

It tortures them with memories, and worst of all, it allows each to know, with amazing accuracy, pretty much what the other is doing and thinking. And while what the other one is thinking is nearly always favorable—what the other one is doing may be considerably upsetting to the one receiving the telepathic message—because when these two quarrel, each tries to show the missing half that he (or she) couldn’t care less. Since Cancer and Pisces are quite good at make-believe, both of them equally talented thespians, the acts and plays they stage for one another’s benefit can be dreadfully disturbing. Especially when you add the fact that the female Fish and her gentle Crab both have exceptional imaginations. Her Neptunian and his Lunar imaginative tendency sometimes shades what originally were true messages between them with deceptive tones, causing unnecessary heartache.

Every Cancerian male enjoys (sometimes even demands) being babied. To be cherished as Mama cherished him (or as Mama should have, whichever). It’s really quite simple. If he was raised to pick up his socks, handle his own emergencies maturely, clean up his own dishes, and in general, be emotionally and otherwise independent, all the while being affectionately loved—then, when it comes to the woman who loves or marries him, he’ll expect her to be affectionate and loyal, in return for which he’ll bear his own share of household duties, as well as his share of the blame for the emotional upsets and tensions that always occur, from time to time, within any close relationship, whether it’s between parent and child, lovers, or married partners. And the two of them will live, on the whole, happily ever after, as Hans Christian Andersen promised.

However, if he was spoiled as a child by Mama, he’ll fully expect the woman he loves as an adult to spoil him also. Love him affectionately and loyally, yes—but also pick up his socks for him, not ask him to share in household chores, cook for him, slave for him, adore and worship him—tell him he’s right, even when he’s wrong, defend him against his enemies, support him emotionally—and never ask him to bear the burden of responsibility for any disagreements they may have.

Fortunately, the Pisces woman is super-equipped for that sort of special tender, loving care, and for the most part, she’ll succeed, although it might mean submerging her own personality and life style more than she should. Her dreams may take second place to his, and she’ll have to be the one to make most of the advances toward reconciliation after a quarrrel, the one to make the first attempt to smooth over all misunderstandings. He’ll weep on her shoulder far more often than she’ll be able to weep on his when she’s insecure and troubled. With her beautiful humility, sympathetic heart and genuine need to bring happiness to others, her basic unselfishness, it works out rather nicely … if she gradually teaches him, very gently, to be a little more emotionally mature and treat her as a person who has feelings and occasionally needs understanding too. Should she neglect to thus gradually teach and train him to comprehend her own personal, individual needs, she’s in the same kind of trouble his mother found herself in, once she awoke to the truth of the situation. It’s easy for a Neptune lady to cross over the very thin line between humility and masochism, between submission and martyrdom.

Then there’s the other kind of Crab, the Cancerian man who was honestly rejected in some way as a small crablet. Perhaps he was orphaned or adopted, or if not, then perhaps his parents were too busy to give him the attention every Cancerian youngster needs. Maybe his mother was the emotionally cold type, and he cried himself to sleep a lot, starved for affection of the tangible sort, like bedtime stories, bear hugs and goodnight kisses on his nose. Maybe he grew up in poverty, his dreams filled every night with the voices of adults worried about money, how to make ends meet, making him feel subconsciously guilty for being an extra expense to them, simply by being, by existing—by having been born at all.

If this is the childhood history of the Cancer man she loves, the Pisces woman has a fair-sized task on her hands. She’ll have to be his psychologist, his psychiatrist, his best friend, his mother and father (both), not to mention his mistress and his lovely image of womanhood on a pedestal. A pure angel who doesn’t hate him or turn away from him when he’s behaving like a pure devil. In brief, she’ll have to heal all the old wounds of yesterday, with continual patience and compassion, until the magic of love at last works its mysterious alchemy … and one day he awakens to the discovery that he has slowly but surely gained a permanent self-confidence and faith in himself. Only then can he love her as unselfishly as she loves him. It’s an inflexible law of human nature that you must first really like and respect yourself before you can truly love another.

Thanks to the mysterious 5-9 vibration, the female Fish won’t panic when she recognizes either of the last two of these three possible types of Cancerian male as the man she loves. Figuring out the complications of human relationships is something she was born to do with more ease than most people. Accepting problems, whether major or minor, and deciding how to patiently and calmly deal with them is another of her Neptune talents. Refusing to allow difficulties to upset her unduly, taking things in stride, is an attitude she adopts effortlessly, because of her inner tranquility and serenity—her willingness to allow a higher intelligence than her own to guide the final result of all her hopes and dreams. She’ll do what she can to overcome obstacles on her path. What more can anyone do? To continue to worry about something after you’ve already applied your best effort is, to her, wasted energy. Pisceans are not noted for spinning their wheels. Not that the female Fish is completely immune herself from spells of weeping and despair, from her own moods of fear and insecurity. Now and then she does give in to depression. But it’s seldom long before her shoulder-shrugging outlook of a kind of positive fatalism returns, and she’s her own serene, bright self again. Positive fatalism sounds like a non sequitur, but it isn’t really. It simply means that you accept the inevitable, and trust a wiser destiny to bring it out all right in the end.

Added to her Neptunian instinct is her insight. She’s perceptive enough to see the sparkle of a diamond before it’s cut and polished. This is where her imagination helps considerably. She can also see all the solid virtues in the Crab she loves, his many-faceted possibilities and potentials as a lifetime mate. She feels comfortable around him, because he’s not aggressive or over-critical (except on his bad Mondays and Fridays, when he’s pouting because of a change of the Moon). He has a softness about him that touches her, and at the same time, a hardness of purpose, along with an obvious sense of responsibility that makes her feel secure—of the future—of his devotion—and of her own womanhood. He’s a gentle man, a quiet man. And she is also a gentle, quiet woman. Somehow, his nearness brings her a feeling of peace and Tightness. He’s smart, he has a wonderful sense of humor. He makes her laugh, as well as cry … he tells fascinating stories … he’s witty, clever and changeable enough to intrigue her and keep her guessing. He’s just the right blend of the stable and the unpredictable to make Life interesting, to prevent love from growing stale through fixed habit. Besides all those attractions, he’s a gallant and charming lover. He can read her mind (as she reads his), always seeming to know when she most needs his arms around her … when she most longs to escape with him into their private world of passion and the secrets of intimacy they share.

Without a single word spoken, these two will know when the time has come for the sexual expression of their love to envelop them and still the troubled waters, as the natural union of man and woman can always do. The only time a problem can develop in their physical compatibility is if he should cause her to withdraw into herself and become temporarily frigid, by failing to make her know how much he needs her, by concentrating too much on his nameless fears and worries. But she’ll respond like a flower to the rain when he takes the time to be tender. Or he may at some time crawl into a shell of pretended disinterest when she’s been a little sarcastic or firm with him after an argument. A Pisces woman is verbally unkind and firm so seldom, it can shock the sensitive Crab the rare times it happens into feeling rejected. But these are small things, and after a while, the strong magnetism between Cancer and Pisces will overcome—and draw them back into each other in wholeness once more.

Both the Crab and the Fish are tenacious—in different ways. The tenacity of the Pisces woman comes from her refusal to believe failure is a permanent thing, being spiritually supported by a hunch that the end of any dismal period will be more surprisingly beneficial than ever appears possible in the midst of the purposeful confusions which, in an odd, contradictory way, will themselves be the roots of happiness, when the time comes for the fruits of the tree of experience to ripen.

The Crab’s tenacity comes from the unwillingness to let go of anything truly desired. The claw of the Crab will cling to an intensely wanted object, dream (or person) with incredible persistence, whether nearby or across a continent. The Crab’s clutch isn’t easy to avoid, even in its long-distance tenaciousness, let alone in close proximity. Wriggle as the female Fish may, a lasting escape is difficult.

But usually, she won’t waste her energies in attempting to be released from her Cancerian man’s tugs and pulls. It’s beautiful, she feels, to be so needed. It is. In fact, it’s one of the loveliest things that could happen to a typical Pisces woman. Still, there may be scattered moments in their closeness when she’ll find it necessary to kindly explain to her lovable Looney Bird that being needed is ever-so-nice, but being possessed can be smothering. The Lunar man will turn away and weep then, silently … feeling lonely and rejected, never suspecting it was his own crabbiness that caused her to speak up in defense of her personal privacy. His Pisces lady will say, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You’re really my very favorite person in the whole world. Come on, let’s go make a wish on the New Moon together! The Crab will brighten visibly, giggle, grab her with that tenacious grip once again, grin happily, and say, Okay, let’s go! I’ll bet I can guess what you’re going to wish.

Then Pisces will smile softly, and reply, Of course. You always know my secrets. I know what you’re going to wish for too. The Crab will shiver ecstatically, and whisper, Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. The Pisces woman promises, honor-bright, not to tell a soul … and off they go into a meadow somewhere, to gaze up into the sky and sing their New Moon wishing mantras.

But what Cancer won’t know is that his guess about her Piscean wish was wrong. There are many things Neptune never tells the Moon. Yes, the Fish are just a touch ykaens, always holding something back, or hiding it in code. Her Cancerian man likewise. He doesn’t share every single terces with her. He only make-believes he does.

Now I’ll tell the rest of you the most closely guarded, mutual secret of this man and woman. The reason they play so many guessing games together—Cancer and Pisces—is so that each can be sure of never losing the interest of the other.

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