Dating Gemini Woman

A Gemini is under the sign of the twins, so this can double your pleasure if you play your cards right. Gemini Women like to explore everything and have very intense mental energy and continually seek knowledge. A relationship with a Gemini is likely to get serious very quickly, so you should beware of moving forward until you are ready. The Gemini can be playful, and as she is likely very smart, she may be able to play tricks on you, so you must watch out.Here are the major traits shared by many Gemini individuals:

Positive Traits

  • Social
  • Curious
  • Logical
  • Adventurous

Negative Traits

  • Gossipy
  • Superficial
  • Careless
  • Scattered

The better you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a Gemini, the stronger your connections to her will be and the better you will be able to build a strong relationship.

Dating Gemini Woman – Asking Her Out

Gemini are usually very social, so it should not be hard to make contact to ask her out.The difficulty might come in getting her alone to talk, because she is often surrounded with people. When you do get her to yourself, say something personal to bring her into the moment with you, such as a sincere compliment about something she has accomplished or how easy she is to talk to. Then let her get to know you with a little of your background and hobbies. A Gemini will be curious, so she is sure to ask you lots of questions. She might also be a little gossipy, so do not reveal secrets that you don’t wish to share with the world. If she seems to jump from one topic to another, that is just part of her nature, so go with the flow and don’t try to go back to something you were talking about when she changed the subject. Be sure to ask her to an event where there will be lots of people, as her social nature will come out and there will be plenty of time for quiet moments together later.

Dating Gemini Woman – Your First Date

Let loose and have fun on your first date with a Gemini.She is bound to be outgoing and social and want to interact with others even though her main focus will be on you. A Gemini is adventurous, so a unique first date would be a great choice – a brewery tour, cooking class, or visit to a unique regional museum would be good choices.

Dating Gemini Woman – After the First Date

After your first date with a Gemini, you can start to spend more time alone with her, though be sure to alternate quiet dates with more social events. Use these tips about her personality to plan ways to become more familiar with her and wisely choose gifts for her.

Dating Gemini Woman – Social

A Gemini woman is a social butterfly, never afraid to talk to new people or try new experiences. Resist the temptation to try and keep her for yourself – that is not her nature. Jump in with her in socializing yourself, as that will end up being lots of fun as well as possibly provide networking opportunities for you. Gifts that will appeal to the social side of her are tickets to charity benefits or an interactive theater experience like a murder mystery.

Dating Gemini Woman – Curious

Once you have started to date a Gemini,her curious nature is sure to get her to probe into your past. Be ready to answer lots of questions and be ready to give many details, remembering that she is not just being nosy – she really wants to know all about you and what your motivations are. Her curiosity will extend to things besides you even while you are out on a date, so help her by showing an interest in whatever she does at the moment. Her attention may jump to many different topics, too, so keep moving along with her. Ask her lots of questions about her, too. She is curious about her own personality and will enjoy exploring it with you. Surprise her with gifts involving information or puzzles, like a book about a hobby she has or a personal jigsaw puzzle you have made from a photo.

Dating Gemini Woman – Logical

Logic is also part of the essence of a Gemini. She is not only curious, but also seeks to understand why things happen as they do. Her questions may sometimes seem too personal as she probes to better understand the logic behind your actions, so do not take them the wrong way. She will often seem to be too careful when making plans because she is systematically working things out in advance.You should always be prepared to have reasons to give for why you are doing something. Gifts that will appear to her logical nature include objectives that are functional like a jewelry box or a desk organizer.

Dating Gemini Woman – Adventurous

A Gemini loves new experiences and will thrive on long dates that take her into new worlds. The mundane and routine is not her style, so try new restaurants frequently. What types of adventures she will enjoy can only be discovered by trial and error, so be willing to search to find unique experiences you can share.Your adventures may take you in many different directions, so be flexible in leaving enough time for your outings and do not be on too strict of a schedule. Surprise her with reservations for exotic types of lesson, like scuba diving and zip line tours.

Dating Gemini Woman – Gossipy

A Gemini likes to talk, which can be good and bad. It is very good in that you will find her easy to talk to and not have to do all the talking, but bad when you have to be careful about sharing too much. Do not reveal secrets to her if you want them to remain secrets. She will always enjoy hearing tidbits of gossip, so keep your eyes and ears open for harmless anecdotes you can share with her about people both of you know. Gifts that will appeal to this side of her gossipy nature are tickets to social events where you will see lots of friends or throwing a party for her where there will be lots of opportunity for her to mingle with others.

Dating Gemini Woman – Superficial

Women born under the Gemini sign want to make a good impression on others, so they sometimes pay more attention to how they appear then who they really are inside. Your Gemini love interest will sometimes spend too much time getting ready, so be willing to wait patiently. Sometimes her focus will seem very skewed toward what someone or something else looks like rather than what substance is really there. You should take care with your appearance and image if you wish to appeal to this side of her. Remember that this is important to her very nature and she is not choosing to be overly fussy about appearances. Take her on quality adventures, not cut-rate bargains, especially in your early days of dating. When choosing gifts for your Gemini, make sure they are quality items, whether silver jewelry or real silk scarves.

Dating Gemini Woman – Careless

Not always paying attention is one of the defining marks of a Gemini. She will most likely miss appointments, misplace keys and tickets, and break things on a regular basis. You can help by reminding her to take important items along when you go out and handle things that are delicate rather than letting her carry them.Sometimes this carelessness includes saying things she regrets, so be willing to grant forgiveness if she says something a little harsh to you. Gifts like a tooled leather appointment book or an antique clock can help he keep on track and will be appreciated.

Dating Gemini Woman – Scattered

A Gemini can seem scatter-brained as well as careless at times. Her discussions may jump from topic to topic frequently, and she may forget things you have told her. If you are less scattered, you can help her stay on track when it is important, but mostly try to enjoy this personality quirk by remembering that someone who is too rigid in her ways can be even more difficult to deal with.Nice gifts for someone who does not enjoy staying on one track very well include otherworld figurines and charms like angels and unicorns.

Dating Gemini Woman – Conclusion

When you date a Gemini, you might be in for a great adventure filled with meeting lots of new people and experiencing things you have never tried before. If you stay with her, you should never have a dull moment, but you may also start to wonder when you will have time for rest. Give her lots of room to explore and take in these new experiences and resist any jealousy that develops because she talks to so many other people, men and women included. While she provides you with lots of adventure, you can help her keep track of the little things that her scattered nature keeps her from focusing on.<b></b>


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