Dating Pisces Man

One of the most notable characteristics about  a Pisces Man is his creativity. When it comes to creativity, they undoubtedly stand out among the other signs given that they are very gifted. Many of them can be found in industries such as music, acting, filmmaking etc. The fact they are highly sensitive and emotional, is what has been associated with the creativity they possess.

Moreover, they are caring, giving and very charitable, and thus will never hold back from lending a hand to those who are in need. They are always there to listen and will be more than happy to give advice. These individuals are also highly modest which may make them appear to be shy since they are always trying not to draw to much attention towards themselves.  A lady who has a thing for a Pisces Man may have just found herself a wonderful man. The traits of a Pisces Man include;

Positive Traits

  • Creative
  • Loving
  • Romantic
  • Sympathetic

Negative Traits

  • Independent
  • Secretive
  • Vague

A lady who likes a Pisces Man will be sure to enjoy his charisma and interesting conversation. However, the conversations held by a Pisces Man concerning his future passion and plans may just be the most interesting or frustrating conversation ever. A lady may note that it is not easy to pin this man down since he loves his freedom. However, they want a deep and fulfilling relationship and will always be there for their partners to support them. They can match well with either Aries or Taurus women since they want a woman who needs him, but who is also stable.

A lady can attract a Pisces Man by engaging him in conversations concerning art or the future. He also likes a lady who closely resembles him and thus mirroring his behavior a bit may work as well as slightly aggressive women who are somewhat dominating. He is also not solely attracted to the physical appearance so exposing your body would not do much to attract him.

Dating Pisces Man – Your First Date

A Pisces Man is passive and if a woman is courageous and aggressive enough to ask him out she should. He loves romantic places and it can be a candle lit date for two. He also likes all types of food, but it has to be a well prepared meal. The date can involve conversations about topics dealing with the future. The lady should dress neatly and modest since he is not truly attracted by her physical appearance. She can ask him what he thinks about the future but avoid heavy topics such as marriage.

After a successful first date the lady has a lot to learn about this man. He can be one of the most annoying human beings around and thus a lady has to learn and be aware of his traits if a successful long lasting relationship is to be achieved.


This is one of the most common traits about the Pisces. They tend to be highly creative to an extent that they appear to be living in a world of their own creation. They are idealists and they’re always living in an imaginary world they have created in their own mind.

With this being said a Pisces Man wants things to be perfect which might be one of the reasons as to why he fears settling so as to avoid the imperfections. However, a lady in a relationship with this type of man can try as much as she can to live up to his standards. She can keep things going by working with him on his dream(s) so as to support him in making their lives better.


A Pisces loves and cares for others. He certainly loves his family and will strive to be the perfect father. A partner to a Pisces can be sure that he will be supportive to the family and will always be ready to take charge of the children when need be. A Pisces believes in giving love and affection to those that he holds dear to his heart.


Their creativity may come in handy when they feel like being romantic to their partners. A Pisces Man can shower his partner with so much love, affection and attention that she will be left smiling ear to ear. For most women this is a quality that they would kill for. So, with a Pisces Man you can be sure to be romanced off your feet.



For most women having a man that can show sympathy is a plus. Pisces men are known to be sympathetic. It isn’t a trait that most people possess these days and having the ability to show compassion for your fellow man is to be applauded. A woman who is in a relationship with a Pisces Man can be sure to be able to go to him in her time of need not only for advice but also for compassion.


A Pisces Man is not very decisive and is always trying to avoid the reality of engagements and commitments. His freedom is very important to him and thus fears being tied down. A lady in a relationship with these types of men must try and stay clear off the topic concerning marriage and long lasting commitments. He is full of contradictions and will always leave his woman full of questions. One way of dealing with this is giving him much attention and affection. He loves this and it will be easier to deal with him if he is kept happy.


He cares for his partner but when he has done something that he is sure would hurt her he will not talk about it. If, for instance, a Pisces Man flirts and gets intimate with another woman, he will never reveal it to his lady and will always keep it to himself. However, this may lead to his continuing with the relationship with the other woman, which would be hurtful to his partner or worse his wife. He therefore needs a woman who can keep him wanting more. She should be interesting for him to remain focused on her so he has no reason to roam.


Being in a relationship with a Pisces Man can be difficult at times because of them being vague. A lady can easily get confused or get mixed signals because the Pisces doesn’t give her clear and concrete information. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a woman was unsure if she is even in a relationship with a Pisces Man because they never came out and flatly said “yes” or “no” we’re in a relationship. So, this can prove to be a difficult trait to deal with for a woman who is looking for something serious.


Before getting in to a relationship with a Pisces, the lady should be very sure she understands his traits very well. He is one of the people who can be very frustrating and on other days he can be the best man a lady would ever want to be with. Once she is ready and sure he is the one and that she can handle his unpredictable nature, then it’s all right to go forward to have a successful relationship.


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