Dating Aries Woman

Men who are dating Aries Woman (see her personality traits) would be wise to learn what the most typical personality traits an Aries has so they can use that knowledge to improve communications and keep the relationship strong.

Aries is the first zodiac sign, the sign of self, and this means that an Aries has a tendency to project her personality onto others. Knowing that, you can be prepared when that happens to indulge her by relaxing and letting her strength of personality control some issues important to her, while also preserving your control of issues for which you do not wish to relinquish control. Here is a list of traits shared by many Aries

Aries Woman Positive Traits





Aries Woman Negative Traits





The more you understand the temperament of an Aries, the better prepared you can be to effectively interact with her and communicate in a way that will be beneficial to both of you.

Aries Woman Asking Her Out

When you decide to ask for a date, ask her questions about herself first in a casual way. Her strong character will let her show you if she is interested in a date through what she says or in her body language. Look for her leaning toward you and making lengthy eye contact as signs she will say yes.

Aries Woman Your First Date

The first tip is to make sure you really listen to her, as an Aries by nature is self-centered. This does not mean you should not talk at all, but make sure you show with your words you have heard what she has said and that you carry out a two-way conversation. Another suggestion is to try not to threaten her independent nature by making all decisions related to the date. Suggest more than one alternative activity or restaurant, giving her the opportunity to make a decision.

Aries Woman After the First Date

Once you have been on a date with an Aries, here are some tips about her personality traits to help you continue to develop a relationship; along with gift suggestions for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions for giving that may arise.

Aries Woman Enthusiastic

Most Aries are vibrant and exciting to be around because they are talkative and full of ideas that they are enthusiastic about. They want to succeed and are excited about tackling challenges and willing to gamble on a dream, so they are especially good for businesses that are just starting up. The same is true for them in a relationship – they like the excitement of the chase even more than the catch at the end.

With this in mind, you should be very supportive of their goals, even ones that seem unrealistic. Do not try to argue about why her ideas won’t work, instead dream along with her and catch on to the enthusiasm for working towards goals is a hand-made journal for jotting down all her plans.

Aries Woman Generous

A generous soul wants to share, sometimes to a fault, so you should accept all gifts offered so she will not be offended or think you do not appreciate her offers. An Aries wants to help in an altruistic way with no expectation of getting anything back, so you should not feel obligated to give back after each gift you receive.

Show you appreciate her gift by mentioning what you have used it for, or better yet, show your appreciation by using or wearing it. When you do give gifts to your Aries love interest, it can be an expression of generosity yourself, like ticket to a fund-raising concert or dinner.

Aries Woman Optimistic

A typical Aries always sees a glass half full rather than half empty, and this makes her very pleasant to be around, especially when you are feeling somewhat pessimistic. A mistake you want to avoid is being too negative – she will not relate well to that type of behavior. Luckily, the very optimistic and bubbly personality of an Aries makes it hard to remain pessimistic in her presence.

Aries make good friends because they tend to overlook the bad and only notice the good traits of people around them. Do not repeat pessimistic thoughts over and over to an Aries because you may negatively influence this very positive behavior on her part. Gifts that are very appropriate for the optimistic side of an Aries are bright, colorful decorative items and plants or pets that she can nurture.

Aries Woman Independent

Resist the desire to try to control an Aries or tell her what to do, because her very strong independent nature will cause her to fight back. An Aries will choose to not do something they want to do rather than give in to commands from others. A very useful technique for dealing with this desire to retain control is to offer choices of what to do or where to do rather than either completely making the decisions yourself or even letting her make them alone. As an independent soul, she will not value a weak-willed partner who never has an opinion and always wants her to decide where to eat or what movie to see.

Suggest a few alternatives, leaving it up to her to make the final choice. Very nice gift choices that appeal to her independent nature are gift cards, which let her make the final choice but narrow the choices down to one store, restaurant, or special event.

Aries Woman Self-involved

Aries is the astrological sign of the self, so it is no surprise that people born under that sign focus on their own wants and needs a lot and also value attention from others. While generally verygenerous, this self-involvement in the Aries can at times be mistaken for selfishness. You can address this negative trait by making sure to pay attention to her, noticing when something seems wrong and staying attuned to her mood. A good tool to use is active listening – make sure to listen well and paraphrase what she says to you back to her to be sure you understand what she means.

Gift choices should be related to something she treasures or something from her past unique to her – if you heard her mention a favorite childhood pet that was a Bichon Frise, for example, a Bichon Frise figurine or charm will touch her heart and make her realize you appreciate her inner self.

Aries Woman Impatient

While people who are Aries have many positive traits, including enthusiasm and optimism that can make them take gambles to follow their dreams, they tend not to deal well with the disappointment they sometimes encounter when things do not work out right away. They often have a low tolerance for boredom and can give up if success does not come quickly. It is best to help the Aries you are dating by assisting with the tough parts of the endeavor if it is possible, enlisting help from friends or professionals if necessary to pick up the pieces not being addressed in the midst of the frustration.

The impatience combined with independence keeps the Aries from accepting too much help, however, so you do not want to appear to be taking control. Watching her abandon her dream may be the most peaceful way to bear this out, and that is a good solution if it is not something that has too much at stake in terms of money or other investments. A good gift to give during a period of dreams seeming failed is a diversion that can help her to regroup, like a weekend getaway or a day-long hike or bicycle ride.

Aries Woman Short-tempered

Being short temper is a hallmark attribute of an Aries, and they can often be identified by their temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. Their outward confidence sometimes hides vulnerability and insecurity underneath, so keep in mind that this is often where the temper tantrums are rooted. The best way to deal with this is to learn to recognize when a tantrum may be boiling up, as an Aries cannot hide feelings well and this will most likely show in her face before all the outward signs are there.

As her temper rises, suggest two or more compromises to the issue you two are dealing with, letting her choose which alternative to begin negotiating with. Nice gifts that can help keep the atmosphere calm are potpourri, a rich dessert, or warm fuzzy slippers.

Aries Woman Impulsive

The impulsive streak is what makes an Aries take big gambles when she pursues a goal, not always fully thinking before acting or speaking. This can lead to later regret, when a risky action results in loss or what was said hurts the feelings of another. This impulsiveness can also be a very positive thing when gambles do pay off, so it is not wise to try and talk an Aries you are dating out of an impulsive action if it is not unreasonable when considering safety or a very large monetary risk.

Instead, be supportive and wait for her to have time to rethink what she has done or said, because after more thought, she is likely to change direction if what she was doing is very risky. Some gift choices that may appeal to someone’s impulsive side include tickets to an exciting outdoor activity, like a white water rafting or sailing trip.

Aries Woman Conclusion

A man who dates an Aries woman needs to be confident enough to give her independence. Being too possessive and demanding to know what she is up to every minute isn’t a good idea. He should also be able to really listen to her thoughts and feelings, getting to know her well enough that he can focus on her as an individual with a strong sense of herself. A man connecting with an Aries date should not have a negative disposition, as this is sure to clash with her optimism and enthusiasm.

He should support her efforts to realize her dreams, but be able to stand back and let her change directions without trying to take control if things do not work out. She is ruled by Mars, the God of War, so you want to show her that you are just as confident as she is and you do not want to appear to be desperate for her affection. Show her you are interested by getting to know her and then watch for signs that she returns the interest. A slow courtship will be worth your time because the Aries woman is loyal, and once you have really connected, the relationship will have a firm footing.


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