Libra and Sagittarius

To describe them all would require a book as large as an English-Latin, Latin-English Dictionary …

Librans and Sagittarians are sometimes difficult to untangle, especially in bunches. Their astrological passport descriptions can now and then vary as much as those of Gemini and Pisces, since all four Sun Signs are what astrology calls double signs or signs of duality. Consequently, there are many Libra and Sagittarian qualities and quirks that defy definition; yet there are also enough familiar stampings of their Sun Signs to make them recognizable in a crowded elevator after a few hours of forced intimacy from being stuck between two floors.

There are the party-loving, playboy and playgirl Librans—the bookish, studious, legal or Judge types of Librans—the scientific, highly intellectual ones—and the artistic, sensitive, floating-on-pink-clouds Librans. Up and down the Scales they go, and where they balance is hard to know. But you can be sure they are all incurable optimists who try to be fair. Every last one of them.

As for the Archers, one of the facts we know for certain about them is that they are (and almost always innocently) candid, frank and tactless. They’re blissfully unaware that they have just demolished you with a few words, and if that doesn’t do it, they’ll finish off the demolition with a whole string of them that painfully hit the mark. ZINGO! We also know that they’re very funny, very intelligent, very idealistic, somewhat clumsy—and even more optimistic than Libra. They are inevitably naive in some way. However, in between these reliable signposts of Sagittarian character are miles of short cuts and detours.

There are the owlish, deceptively quiet, perceptive Archers, who scowl at you sternly, then suddenly twinkle at you, bounce up and down, knock over the umbrella stand and say something brilliantly funny—or just simply brilliantly brilliant. There are also the Sagittarians who are outwardly conservative and seemingly serious. They go along in this manner for long periods; then, without warning, they pull out Jupiter’s bow of truth, aim it skyward and shoot forth shimmering showers of dreams … . . so gigantic in scope that only a child would dare to dream them.

Moving right along, there are Archers who do nothing at all but read and think. There are others who spend most of their time singing or dancing and playing practical jokes on their friends. Then there are the Archers who are inspired researchers, authors and scientists—and those who drive their friends, relatives and neighbors crazy with questions, questions, questions. They are all, to some degree, embarrassingly curious. Embarrassing to you, that is, not to them. It is not easy to embarrass Sagittarius. They are not the blushers of the zodiac. There are also Archers who are probably space people. Nothing else could explain their Star-Trekish natures and behavior.

In beginning an attempt to untangle them all, we’ll concentrate first on what Libra and Sag have in common, such as—they both like to talk. Yes, talking, very definitely.

In Libra and Sagittarius, mental agility and verbal dexterity are blended in equal parts. The mental agility is always there, even in the more rare, quiet and untalkative Librans and Archers. Instead of expressing their thoughts aloud, they just scribble their philosophies on memo pads, in books, plays or diaries, and keep right on thinking, thinking, thinking. As for the more numerous talkative folk of both Sun Signs, they approach their verbal discourses somewhat differently.

It’s like this. Both Libra and Sagittarius are capable of being absolutely charming conversationalists, holding groups of people spellbound for hours. Utterly delightful, they are. But they can both also cause your temper to boil, or send you into frantic frustration when they flip over to their reverse communicative patterns. In this area, Libra prefers to drive you into a nervous breakdown by arguing over every word you speak, back and forth, taking both sides of an issue, and leaving you hanging somewhere in the middle. Worse, they invariably win, one way or another—either through their cool, airy logic, or with the wind-up smile they save till the end, which is so dazzling, you totally forget what it was they said to make you angry—and you smile back. They are deadly debaters for this reason.

The way Sag drives you bananas is slightly different. The Archers, when they’re exhibiting their negative conversational traits, do their number on you with tactless, yet honest, observations. In the middle of a discussion of earthquakes in California, or the fluctuating price of gold in Colorado, they’ll ask you, point-blank, why you wear a rug, or at what age did your hair begin to fall out. This sort of thing can suddenly short-circuit the chitchat. The reason they ask the second one is because Archers themselves tend to lose their own hair early—not all of them, of course, but an uncommonly large percentage of them—and they are consumed with curiosity about the subject.

When a typical Libra and Sag get together, there’s seldom a still or a silent moment. They’ll talk away the hours with zest and vigor, exchanging pure enjoyment of all the mental activity. Libra requires mental stimulation, being a mental Air Sign. Sag requires any sort of stimulation at all, being a Fire Sign. Libra’s Air fans the Archer’s Fire, and the flames dance merrily. However, if the Archer presses candor too far, the Libra Scales will topple out of balance, and the Air of the Libra person can whip itself into a regular tornado of anger. Since Libra is a Cardinal Sign, Sag a Mutable Sign, Libra will almost always take the lead in the association. Sagittarians seldom resent this, because they much prefer to communicate and wander around, bearing messages of hope (however blunt) and tidings of good cheer, rather than to be stuck with the boring and restrictive responsibilities of leadership, whether it’s being in charge of a business, a home or a relationship. When you’re bogged down in all that dull and dreary duty, you never get a chance to throw snowballs, ride horseback, rescue dogs and cats from the pound, inspire people with high ideals or travel around the world searching for truth, scooping up excitement along the way. As philosophical as they are, Sagittarians must have fun and changes of scenery. Even Sagittarian nuns and priests are not stuffy sorts. They prefer their missions to be varied and challenging.

That’s another of the predictable things about Archers, of all the assorted types mentioned in the beginning of this chapter. They have a thing about religion, as they have a thing about philosophy (nearly synonymous). At one time or another, nearly every Sag will either briefly or permanently contemplate nun-hood, priesthood or monkhood. A goodly share of them make the spiritual life a vocation. The ones who don’t will spend considerable time arguing with Librans over religion, in debates that range all the way from atheism to Zen—with every shade of Hare Krishna, Mormon, Protestant and Catholic dogma in between.

With few exceptions, despite their good-humored and interesting debates, arguments and discussions, Libra and Sag get along beautifully. Just imagine how the world might have benefited from a teaming up of the combined humanitarianism, friendly candor and energies of Libran Eleanor Roosevelt and Sag Betty Ford—or of Libran actor Charlton Heston (as Moses, Ben-Hur, or just as himself) and wise, jolly, compassionate, outspoken and beloved Sagittarian Pope John XXIII. The Great Justice of a spiritually evolved Libran and the Great Idealism and Honesty of an aware Sagittarian is a combination that can create crescendos of miracles.

Even when they have no Great Cause to pursue, Libra and Sag walk the same path, spreading light in the darkness as best they can, guided by their ruling planets, Venus and Jupiter. Expansive Jupiter, ruler of Sag, takes all the beauty, balance, gentleness and harmony of Venus, the ruler of Libra, and increases it a thousandfold. Sagittarius helps Libra keep those Scales of Justice hanging level—and Libra helps the Archer aim his or her Bow of Truth with a steady hand. These two very naturally need each other, and we all need them.

Neither Libra nor Sag will ever bore each other. The Archer is highly intelligent, as inquisitive as a bird dog, alert, bright and anxious to seek all the answers Libra has to offer—which are never less than carefully thought out, and nearly always wise. One of the rare times these two will not get on so well is when one of them has the Moon or Ascendent in an Earth Sign, and throws wet blankets or mounds of earthy stuffiness on the other’s need to socialize, because they both love parties, and are, by nature, people-mixers. The Libra half of the team, who has a tendency to lean a little heavily on sweets, must be careful not to gain any extra pounds around his or her Archer friend, who may hand Libra a copy of Nancy Appleton’s Suicide by Sugar and remark, with cheerful casualness, You’re getting a potbelly, you know. The reason you’re so fat is because white sugar is a drug, and you’re an addict, and you don’t even realize it, because you’ve become a victim of the sugar pushers. This could be a mite harmful to their harmony. Likewise, Libra can create no small amount of tension in the association by promising Sag to go somewhere or do something, then hedging for hours—or days—weighing the pros and cons of the thing. Finally, Libra says Yes, followed by—But on the other hand, it might be better not to, because … Or, finally Libra says No, followed by—But on the other hand, it might be better to go ahead, because …, by which time the Archer has already tuned out and made his or her plans with someone else. It was attending a performance of Man of La Mancha that they were discussing, the musical about Don Quixote’s impossible dreams and his eternal tilting at windmills. Libra should have gone. He—or she—would have left the theatre with a more comprehensive understanding of the Sagittarian motives and goals.

But don’t worry. It will pass. They’ll make up, these two, because theirs is a sextile vibration, and in astrology, sextile means opportunity. Libra and Sag will never run short of opportunities for happiness together. If only Sag will learn to count to ten before speaking, and if only Libra will stop deliberating every decision, they can be both cozily and creatively compatible.

Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man

My liking for parties, George.
My fatal gift of humour, dearest.

The average Sagittarius man is not as marriage-oriented in his youth as he might be, or as the Libra woman would like him to be. She thinks in terms of togetherness in the total sense; so, naturally, if she’s in love with him, she images rings and vows. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, a marriage between them would likely be successful and stimulating. But if this man doesn’t work the wanderlust and curiosity out of his system before he weds, he may satisfy those powerful Jupiter urges after he weds. Which is preferable?

Now I’ve done it. I’ve given the Libra female a choice. It will take her a time to sort it all out and make a decision, and we can’t just wait around while she’s carefully considering all sides of the question, so best to continue with our examination of her relationship with a Sagittarius male. She’ll catch up with us later.

Not all, but many male Archers are reluctant to leap into legal liaisons the first moment they’re sure it’s love. It isn’t that this man is against marriage, but he just managed to break loose from his family’s smothering hold on his mental, emotional and physical activity, and he needs some time to bask in his freedom, before losing it again. After he’s satisfied himself that the world is definitely round, tried on two or three jobs or careers for size, read up a little on Tibetan mysticism, traded in a dozen or so cars, mastered the art of hang-gliding in the Rockies, tried out some cross-country skiing, adopted a score or so of homeless animals, made an attempt to run for political office—and checked out every third woman he sees (at a distance, Libra—stay optimistic!) to confirm his opinion that his own Libra lady is as supremely smooth and superior as he first thought she was—he’ll be ready to settle down to a discussion of a long-term commitment.

It seems wiser and safer to allow the Archer to shoot a batch of his arrows into the air first, then have the assurance when he returns that most of his curiosity and some of his longings have been fulfilled, and that he’s now anxious to start out on his quest all over again, this time with his woman by his side.

On the other hand, if she lets him go free, and he roams too far, he may forget to return, get lost somewhere out there in his beckoning dreams—whereas, if she’d been firmer from the start, he might still be holding her in his arms, while they listen to the silvery sound of rain on the roof—or holding her hand, as they stroll toward the stables to take a moonlight ride on their horses, smelling the sweet hay … . . feeling the cool night air on their cheeks. I just don’t know. What do you think, Libra? (She’s back with us now, and should have decided. No, she hasn’t. I can tell by the frown wrinkling her lovely Libra forehead. Well, we won’t rush her.)

Naturally, there are exceptions, but whether or not to marry is one of the major problems facing this particular 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern man and woman who are in love. Libra unconsciously feels frustrated unless she’s sharing life’s ups and downs, joys and sorrows, hopes and hassles—with another person. A Libra woman alone is like a pair of Scales with one tray missing, so you can see how it makes her feel useless. You can’t weigh anything into perfect harmony and balance when half your equipment is missing—and the man she loves is the other half of this woman’s equilibrium equipment as a total human being.

A Sagittarius male doesn’t actually fight togetherness, because he isn’t fond of being alone either. He’s much happier with a friend beside him as he clowns and bounces and seeks his way along today’s trail, leading into tomorrow’s highways. If the friend is also beautiful, dimpled, sweet and huggable, that’s even better. If she should also be bright enough to match wits with him and exchange philosophies (which this woman surely is, and then some), he has no objection if she grabs her camera, field glasses, pup tent, sleeping bag, canteen and flashlight, and tags along with him. It’s only when she starts leading the conversation into dead-end streets like buying property or taking a steady job that he strains at the leash. When he’s older, he’ll mow his lawn and pay his taxes like any other man, but meanwhile, there are sirens out there, singing to his heart a song more seductive than her Chanel, her charm, her delectable dimples, and sadly . . yes, even more alluring than her soft embrace. Jupiter rules retirement in astrology, and this often causes Jupiter-ruled men to decide to retire first, and work later. They get it backwards.

The Libra woman has stopped frowning. She’s smiling now, with that expression of sweet bliss you always see on the composed features of a Libran who’s reached a firm and final decision. She’s rejected both choices, and settled for one in the middle, to make it come out more nearly even. She won’t try to hold him, nor will she allow him to go tramping around the town, the state or the world, mailing her cards and letters. She will go with him. Good girl! See? I told you she’d catch up with us.

It’s an excellent idea for the Libra woman who loves an Archer to go along with him, rather than to try to force him into her mold. However soft, gentle and velvety her manner, he’ll sense the danger of being smothered and become restless. She should realize from the beginning that she’ll never completely control this Centaur-Clown creature with the sparkling eyes brimming over with dreams. He was born into the vibration of a masculine Sun Sign, also ruled by the masculine planet, Jupiter, and although Libra is a masculine sign, Libra’s ruler, Venus, is all feminine. In some ways, this may seem to give her an advantage, because she can think like a man, yet appeal to him in irresistible female ways. It’s a powerful combination, but it will never force a double masculine macho vibe such as the Archer’s to submit to petticoat persuasion—or if it should, he’ll be genuinely miserable within, try as he may to hide it. And the purpose of love is happiness, not misery.

He’ll be attracted by her fine mind, and touched by her optimism, so like his own. She looks for the same silver linings as he, behind every cloud. Since she tends to live in a world of her imagination, troubles are never quite real to her. Even those that do manage to penetrate her dreamy consciousness with the sharp stab of reality are normally not allowed by Libra to remain there for long. Her clever mind and talent for logical deduction will usually find a way to solve any problem—or to deliberately discard it, before it grows into a major crisis. She’s amazingly capable of turning her back on ugliness, once she’s decided there’s no way it can be beautified. Sometimes, a Libra woman will solicit admiration, even when she’s aware that it’s flattery, and to some degree, insincere. She can talk herself into believing anything, true or false, if it makes her feel cherished—one reason why Libra females marry early and mistakenly. Still, there are those lovely times when her very optimism turns a negative into a real positive, through the sheer steadiness of her faith. It doesn’t happen every time, but enough times to convince her it’s worth trying, because there’s always the chance that maybe tomorrow … … .

She is, however, sensitive to hurt, and to sharp words. With all her ability to paint rainbows over grey clouds, and despite her natural Libra longing for peace and harmony at any cost, if he pierces her soft heart with too many stinging arrows, she’ll weigh him in the cold light of Libra logic, and find his love too lopsided for her. She admires his cleverness and quick wit, but she won’t be his pincushion or his dart board.

A Libra woman respects honesty and idealism, because these are qualities she possesses herself. She enjoys parties and people, social gatherings, art and music, as much as she enjoys reading, learning, debate and all forms of mental challenge. The Sagittarius man is molded in just the right shape to fit her needs and desires. The perfect woman for him must be generous, outgoing and gregarious, be his mental equal and his heart’s twin. She must believe, as he does, that tomorrow will be a better day, and think it’s exciting to do things on the spur-of-the-moment. He needs a woman who never nags him, who believes in his dreams, understands the word freedom, and who will be kind to his animal friends. A Libra woman is molded in just the right shape for the Archer. She’s probably molded in the right shape otherwise too. Being such close relatives of Venus di Milo, most Libra women inherit her appealing curves, feminine mystique and classic beauty, which is even more effective sculpted in the flesh than it is in marble.

He’s quick to sense every unspoken mental, emotional or sensual desire in her, almost before she knows it herself. He’s also quick to resent the appeal of his Libra lady to every male within the radius of her completely irresistible Venus smile. They admire her mind, along with her other attributes, and since she so enjoys admiration, she won’t discourage them the way he’ll expect her to—and will finally demand that she does. She’s not as fiery as he, and will probably be more tolerant of the way other women are excited by his contagious enthusiasm. But with both of them so attractive, and exuding such a love of life and people, romantic jealousy can’t be ruled out as a danger in their relationship.

Since Air and Fire mix well in sexual compatibility, she can arouse waves of passion in him with the extremes of simply a gentle glance—or a stimulating intellectual debate. The first inspires him to the kind of tender (but also burning) need Romeo felt when he climbed Juliet’s balcony. The second causes the same burning need, without the tenderness, because the awareness of a male that a woman is his intellectual equal never fails to stimulate him with the uncontrollable need to answer it as the deep and feral mating challenge it really is on a subconscious level. There’s something serene and soothing about her that calms his restless spirit, just as there is something in his physical nearness that excites her imagination—and this causes the sexual union between them to be a happy kind of sharing. There may be times when she seems indefinably elusive to him, as though her body lies within his embrace, but a part of her is elsewhere, and this will trouble him. It shouldn’t because it’s the nature of air to be elusive, and this is what enchanted him about her in the beginning. The occasional fierceness or demanding aspect of his lovemaking may disturb her more tranquil aura at times, but it shouldn’t. It’s just another reflection of his enthusiastic, honest and direct emotions that caused her to tremble with the longing for submission when she first knew she loved him. It’s the strangest thing, how a man or woman will fall in love with each other for a particular reason, then later fail to recognize some prismed facet of that special quality in the person.

People in love can fall out of love as quickly as they fell into love, when they have only their sexual chemistry to interest each other. There’s not much chance of that with Libra and Sagittarius. They’ll always have plenty to talk about. She sees the small boy behind his bravado, and would like to spend her whole life educating him. Every Libra woman has a schoolteacher hidden somewhere inside her. He’s so curious about everything, understanding how a woman feels and what causes her emotions intrigues him. He has a thousand questions, to which she has at least two thousand answers. He’ll teach her a lot too, with his quick grasp of what’s really important.

What will I do? she worries. I don’t know whether we belong together or not. My heart is optimistic about our future, but my mind is pessimistic.

You can’t decide our future by what your intellect tells you alone. (His eyes are saying more intimate things.) The intellect alone is an unsuitable instrument for accurately measuring an extraordinary emotion like love. The mind is clever, but the heart is wiser. Trust your feelings. He takes her in his arms, holds her very close, then kisses her nose lightly. Listen to the rain on the roof, like that first night we … … were together. What do your feelings tell you right this minute, darling? (He’s quick.)

WEBSTER: quick: sensitive; perceptive

in a high degree.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman

See, he said, the arrow struck against this. It is the kiss I gave her. It has saved her life.

The Sagittarius woman who has been disillusioned by a Gemini or Virgo man, or has perhaps been deeply wounded by a careless arrow from another Sag, could find the affectionate protectiveness and gentle love of a Libra man a very healing experience. His devotion can remove a lot of remembered pain from her heart, caused by more-callous, less-caring lovers in the past.

But Paradise may be postponed a bit, for the very first problem that often pounds insistently for a solution in a love affair between them is: How far should it go? Should it be only a magical moment, destined to fade into memory as a miracle never quite grasped? Is it simply one of those inexplicable excursions into madness, incited by a powerful chemistry? Then comes the terrible double-decision: Should they live together, and wait for Time to determine their feelings, to either deepen them or destroy them, and if so—should they live together secretly—or openly—which?

Or should they just get married right away, and be done with all the deliberation? The situation can even be more complicated. Perhaps he—or she—is already married, and separated, legally or emotionally, from another mate. Is this mutual need that they feel only a fleeting passion, or is it real enough for them to allow it to break the commitment to the former relationship, which has been in limbo?

It can be worse. Maybe one or both of them have been divorced for several or even many years, and there’s no worry that their love will cause a final break with someone else; there is instead the problem of whether or not one should risk a second marital scene when the first was such a serious and sad mistake, causing misery and unhappiness. When half of a love affair is a Libra, unless these two meet in their teens, chances are that a previous marriage, or more than one, will color the decision of to love or not to love. Librans almost always marry young, and it works out half of the times—the other half of the times it does not. (Those Libra Scales must balance, even in the area of general statistics.)

She may not have already been married when they meet. There are exceptions, of course, always—but normally female Archers don’t rush into legal ties as early as Libra males are wont to do. They’re too fond of their freedom. However, if not husbands, it’s almost certain she will have had other loves before she meets the soft-spoken Libra man who wraps her up in the feather quilt of his smile (again, unless they’re still in high school, and maybe even then, because Sagittarius is as curious and experimental about romance as about every other phase and facet of life). In truth, the Libra man who loves this woman stands a better chance of holding her if they meet after she has emotionally matured. To be her very first love can be a lovely and moving experience, the kind a man may remember for the rest of his life—but it doesn’t always accomplish the desired result of permanency. Her heart needs to be seasoned to be able to understand and treasure a lasting love.

Not that she takes love lightly, no matter how many love affairs she might have wandered through with those naïve, trusting eyes, so wide open, yet so blind to the realities of human nature. Because of both the duality and the truth-seeking aspect of the Sun Sign, some Sagittarius females take emotional detours along their searching path, ranging all the way from promiscuity to spinsterhood or the vows of religious sisterhood. But we’re discussing, in this chapter, the average, middle-of-the-road Sag, who has her dainty (but slightly clumsy) foot on the Libra man’s Scales. (Librans are awfully fond of anything that is middle-of-the-road.) This kind of Sagittarius woman is seldom light or casual concerning love. Each time she loves, she believes with all her heart that this must be the first time two people ever felt such wonder. She sincerely wants love to be real and forever-after, as in the faerie tales she used to read, each time she stumbles over a romantic adventure. In this respect, she differs slightly from the average Sagittarian male, to whom permanency is not a prime priority. (The male Archer has to be seduced into wanting forever things.)

The Libra man in love with this lovely and touching clown of a girl should remember that her Jupiter rulership means she has, symbolically, greasepaint in her blood. Many Archers are professional actors or actresses (just as many Librans are lawyers, judges, policemen, authors or bookstore owners). Even if she’s not literally a thespian, she is of the theatre and although she doesn’t always consciously realize it, she’s capable of putting on some Academy Award-winning performances, for which Life never gives her an Oscar. She loves, she trusts, she believes, she tries with all her fiery idealism and determination, then falls into heartbreak with no net to catch her, because Sag would rather gamble on happiness than be burdened with excessive insurance or assurance. It hurts, to fall without a net to break your fall. This woman’s heart bears more cuts, bruises and scars than her sunny, optimistic personality ever leads others to suspect, for whether she’s a secretary, a scientist or a singer, she make-believes sadness away with her considerable acting talents, aided by her cheerful grin.

When her cheerful Jupiter grin locks into the devastatingly brilliant smile of a Libra man, the room they’re in won’t need any artificial light. These two will light it up with such candlepower, midnight will seem like noon. This isn’t an exaggerated attempt at astrological humor, but quite true. Mixing up the sexes a bit, image the incorrigible sunny grins of Sagittarians like film icon, Woody Allen, actor Brad Pitt, Sammy Davis, Jr., and entertainer Bette Midler. Then imagine the blinding smiles of Luciano Pavarotti, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Martina Navratilova, and you’ll see that I am not jesting.

If a Libran and an Archer ever held up a bank (not that they’re likely to, because Libra would be unable to decide where to park the getaway car, and Sag would trip over the satchel of money and drop the gun)—but if they did hold up a bank, they’d flash the combination of the Jupiter grin and Venus smile, and the teller would probably hand them the cash, smile back and wave a cheery goodbye to them. They’re a contagious, irresistible team. Maybe not that irresistible, but almost—and especially so to each other.

Once they’ve solved all those should-we-or-shouldn’t-we, and when-should-we-and-how-should-we problems, this man and woman can draw enough happiness interest from their love so that they won’t need to rob a bank—or revert to their search for someone to share their lives. They’ll have to work at it, of course, like anyone else, but with much less effort. All the ingredients are there to build romance into a lasting love. They can count on the natural harmonics of human nature to smooth the way for them. Another blessed thing about their relationship, as with all 3-11 vibrations, is that they’ll be good friends, as well as lovers. This is what first drew them together—similar goals and sympathies, common ideals and the need for change and excitement. All true lovers are friends, but not all lovers who are friends would still be friends if they stopped loving in a romantic sense. Libra and Sagittarius probably would be.

Friendship always adds a rich dimension to the emotional tie between a man and woman, and it never fails to deepen their sexual experience together. For all the Sagittarius woman’s impulsive, sometimes careless attitude toward intense emotion, she’ll be unusually thoughtful, soft and feminine with her gentle Libra lover or husband. Their strong friendship creates a great deal of real affection between them that makes physical union a happy kind of sharing. It’s a nice thing when sex between two people is happy and open and free. Like the clear, cool air of autumn, warmed in the Sun, when the sky is so blue you feel that someone has dropped liquid turquoise in your eyes. The intimacy of physical union with someone you really love, who is also a friend, makes you feel clean and washed and rested—and good. Love between Jupiter and Venus is always special in some way. More than most couples, they’re aware of how the miracle of love makes them both feel extra kind and sweet and generous, able to see their dreams more clearly—the way poets feel when they capture emotion in words. Love does that. It makes a man and woman want to embrace the world, not just each other, to include everyone in their happiness; it makes everything negative just a little more positive, makes fear of tomorrow seem foolish—and almost any wild thing seem possible. Libra and Sagittarius are better able than most to express these kinds of feelings verbally to each other. And expressing them makes them last longer.

These two know how to talk together. They may quarrel as much as any other couple, perhaps even more often and more violently, but it’s the talking that’s important. When they openly discuss their hurts, jealousies, sexual adjustments, financial worries and mutual complaints, they’ve taken a big step toward solving them . . and sometimes, just the talking them over causes them to disappear. The disagreements of Libra and Sag frequently end in lovemaking and laughter. Self-awareness is less painfully gained when someone who loves you is honest enough to hold up the mirror of truth to your faults.

There will be occasions when the blunt way she points out his faults, like working overtime and leaving her alone will sting and anger him enough to make him work even later for a few nights, to teach her who’s boss. There will be times when his vacillation will annoy her, because she’s more impulsive, quicker to know what she wants. Then she’ll tell him to make up his mind, to get his act together, or she’ll leave him. He’ll tell her she isn’t being fair, maybe go to a few parties without her—perhaps drink or eat his troubles away until his Scales are level again. He needs a smoothly run, quiet, peaceful and restful home as he needs the very air to breathe. She despises the drudgery of housework and feels he should do his share. He may complain that the TV or stereo is too loud, the kitchen is a mess, and the draperies don’t match the bedspread, so why did she buy them? She’ll retort that, for a neatness nut, he’s pretty sloppy himself, and she’s not going to spend her life being his maid. But then they’ll talk it over, and harmony will hum once more between them.

His physical presence has a wonderfully calming effect on her restlessness, and he’ll enjoy teaching her to be more patient when things go wrong. Her physical presence excites him in a way that causes him to forget things, such as his indecisive fretting over trifles, and that’s a healthy kind of amnesia. With Libra ruling balanced judgment, and Sagittarius ruling philosophy, a few of their discourses can result in some very sound, Socratic observations on human relationships—as when they’re discussing the people they thought they loved before they found each other.

Libra: The last man you loved … how did he make you feel?
SAG: Somehow, ashamed of my identity. I guess he made me feel confused.
Libra: What makes you feel less confused about your own identity?
SAG: You. When I’m with you, I don’t mind being myself. He made me feel less me, and you make me feel more me.
Libra: That’s how you make me feel too. Not less me, like she did—but more me. It’s good when someone makes you happy to be yourself, instead of ashamed to be yourself.
SAG: Do you suppose that’s what love is?
Libra: I’m not sure. But I know that’s what our love is. I’ve known that from the beginning.
SAG: Oh, no you haven’t! It took you forever to make up your mind about us. I almost went back to Marvin. At least he knows his own mind.
Libra: That’s not fair of you. I know my own mind perfectly well.
SAG: You’re a fine one to talk about being fair. Was it fair of you to keep me dangling while you went off to Tulsa to decide if you wanted to marry me or not?
Libra: It wasn’t Tulsa. I would never go to Tulsa. It was Coshocton, Ohio.
SAG: I don’t care where it was, I wish you’d go back there, and leave me alone!

It’s time to leave them. They’re involved in a typical Fire-Air pattern. In an hour or so, they’ll be involved in the kind of passionate reconciliation that will make him forget all about the drapes not matching the bedspread. Afterward, he’ll help her with the dishes while the stereo plays their favorite song, You Light Up My Life, … … a Jupiter-Venus song if there ever was one!

Libra Capricorn
Air—Cardinal—Positive Earth—Cardinal—Negative
Ruled by Venus Ruled by Saturn
Symbol: The Scales Symbol: The Goat
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine


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