Taurus and Virgo

.… . but on the whole the Neverlands have a family resemblance, and if they stood still in a row you could say of them that they have each other’s nose, and so forth.

Virgos admire the Taurus strength of purpose, although they have little tolerance for the Bull’s stubbornness in the face of an obvious mistake. Taurus is somewhat in awe of the quick Virgo mind, though the Bulls have little sympathy for health nuts, cleanliness bugs or the finer nuances of Virgo hair-splitting.

But what are a few minor differences between friends? These two will normally find plenty of things to be friendly about, not the least of which is common sense. The phrase may at times, however, annoy the critical Virgo, since the Virgin knows the kind of sense referred to is far from common. It’s extremely rare. Someday, you can be certain, some Virgo will finally succeed in correcting this particular inaccuracy in the language.

Taurus and Virgo will hang on firmly to their mutual principles while the rest of society is flipping out in an insane dance of tragedy—and frivolous foolishness. Neither the Bull nor the Virgin makes much of a distinction between tragedy and frivolous foolishness. In their sensible opinions, the latter is a direct path to the former. Virgos remember every flaw they have ever seen, from a torn shower curtain to a character defect in a friend. The memories are painful, and they keep the Virgins eternally disillusioned, not to mention pessimistic about human nature. Still, in a way, Virgos give the impression they almost enjoy their memories of the cracks and dusty corners of Life. It gives them something to do with their bright and busy minds. Taurus remembers everything he (or she) has ever seen too, though the Taurean really doesn’t want to remember. There’s a nagging voice inside the Bulls which tells them that wasting time is somehow sinful—and wasting it on things in the past you can’t change is wasting it as surely as any other way. Yet, they helplessly cling to their old memories, and the lessons they’ve learned, as if they were graven on their foreheads in letters of stone. Taken as a whole, Virgos have more complicated fears (including their own health, and the danger of accident) than Taurus. Whatever the Bulls are afraid of, it’s not physical.

This is not a lively pair you would want to hire to sell the Brooklyn Bridge in a hurry, collaborate on a book of faerie tales, promote a get-rich-quick stock in a bucket shop—or operate a fast-moving blackjack game in Las Vegas. These two were both born under feminine negative Earth Signs. Which means that they’re passive and receptive (feminine)—suspicious, somewhat fearful and cautious (negative)—although loaded with integrity and dependability (Earth). It’s a wonder they ever get around to meeting each other. However, once they gather the courage and aggressiveness to say Hi! to each other, and make a date to meet again (which will be kept punctually), the friendship, or business partnership, or whatever (usually a combination of both) will probably flower slowly, surely and serenely into a beautiful relationship. Within a family group, these are usually the two who get along smoothly together, and feel isolated from the rest of the radicals around the breakfast table.

I once knew a Taurus musician and a Virgo singer. They used to meet almost every morning in front of the Brill Building in New York (the headquarters of Broadway songwriters). The Bull was—and still is—an extremely talented composer. With or without formal musical training, he’ll eventually make it to the top of his field. But he harbors the typical Taurean resentment against fate, because family responsibilities prevented him from attending Juilliard, and therefore he carries a fair-sized chip of wood on his shoulder (which can make your posture sag a little, along with your spirits, when you’re also lugging around an electric guitar all day long).

This Bull is suspicious of singers who want to use his songs without paying him first, or signing a contract, and he also stubbornly refuses to let anyone sing his tunes if he thinks they’re not right for him (or her). However, the Virgo male vocalist could usually talk the Bull into or out of anything. The Virgin singer (and of course I use the term Virgin symbolically) was picky and choosy about the material he recorded, and invariably wanted to change a note here or a word there in the lyrics, before he thought the song was perfect enough to match his perfect voice, and his perfect judgment of public taste. Still, he had fewer objections to the Taurean’s songs than to anyone else’s, because an association between Taurus and Virgo is influenced by the harmonious 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern. Somehow, they rang clear and true to his critical and acutely sensitive ear.

These two once considered a business partnership in a publishing company, but Virgo is ruled by the restless planet Mercury and so the Virgin singer eventually became annoyed and impatient with the Bull’s lack of aggressive drive, left New York, and married a bright Sagittarian woman named Sharon, who cheered him up for a while (Sag and Virgo being a tense, 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, it was a very short while, but they could still reconcile, when their stars cross again). It was good for him, however brief, because all Virgos desperately need cheering, and after being touched by Sag Sharon’s Jupiter vibes of joy and luck, the Virgin vocalist finally drifted into other areas of show business he felt needed to be perfected by his kindly, courteous and meticulous attention.

Taurus just shrugged his strong shoulders, adjusted the wooden chip on his shoulder, and his guitar strap, kept plugging and plodding, and quietly waited for his big chance. (With Taurus, it has to be big—huge—or forget it.) Now I hear he’s writing the musical score for a Hollywood film, featuring two top stars. Patience pays.

That’s how Taurus often wins out over Virgo—in the area of patience. Taurus always has it. Virgo usually lacks it. Virgins can appear to be tranquil, calm and patient on the surface, but their minds are constantly ticking away, and tocking them with all sorts of inner frustrations when things don’t happen as quickly or exactly in the manner they’d like. The flesh is willing, and able to remain on Earth (for a while) but the mental attitude is changeable and restive. Mercury is the true ruler of the Air Sign Gemini, and is not at all at home in its temporary association with the Earth Sign of Virgo. Consequently (possibly through sheer boredom) the tricky Mercury sometimes agitates Virgins into behavior against their real natures, and contrary to their deepest desires.

It will always be more natural for Taurus to succeed in a larger way than Virgo (which the Virgins don’t really mind terribly) because Taurus is a Fixed Sign, Fixed meaning, astrologically, steady, organized and supremely capable of building a lasting foundation beneath a career, a house (making it an enduring home) or a marriage. Virgo is a Mutable Sign, Mutable meaning to change, to move around, to communicate between others, to carry information and truth back and forth, with both vertical and horizontal opinions. The Virgins don’t feel a burning need to build a great empire or ride around in a flashy car to the sound of cheers, with ticker tape confetti falling all over them and messing up their neatly brushed hair. (Not to mention the rolls of squeezy-soft toilet tissue some people toss out the window at heroes in a parade—how vulgar can one be?)

Virgo’s driving urge is to serve the world and all the individuals in it, or on it, by pointing out their faults—to bring order out of chaos and anarchy—and accumulate a reasonable amount of personal security for the future at the same time. If a Virgin should happen to wander beneath the glare of a spotlight of fame through an accident of Fate, he (or she) will blush, perhaps shyly enjoy it for a brief period, then often alienate the Press with critical remarks, express irritation with the clamoring, great, unwashed public—and finally exercise the Virgo birthright option to make a firm, clear-cut decision to retreat to the very private life most Virgos seek above all else.

Taurus wants to retire into seclusion too. And the Bulls usually have very definite ideas of where it will be. The country. Sooner or later, somewhere between the ages of six and sixty, every Bull, whether male or female, will gravitate heavily and fixedly toward the countryside—anywhere the Taureans can indulge their passion for the Good Earth, trees, grass and quiet streams, free from the interference of noisy, foolish, chattering people. But when the Bulls do finally settle down with the chickens and ducks and cows and haystacks, they don’t want to depend on fickle Mother Nature’s harvest for their security. This is why they’ll endure the confusion and frivolity of the cities, no matter how many years it takes, so that when they leave, it will be with a large bundle under the arm—which will not be full of what the farmers use to make the grass grow green. Taurus people mistrust that substance, in all its forms. It will be filled with what is already green—beautiful, crisp pieces of currency, engraved with the glorious eagle of the United States of America. (Bulls are nearly always fanatically patriotic. Their motto is: My country, right or wrong—my family, right or wrong—my friends, right or wrong—and last, but not least—my opinions, right or wrong.)

When Taurus and Virgo show a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between their birth charts, in addition to the natural harmony of their 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern influence, they can happily retire together to the country. The Bulls will sit on their assets contentedly, while the Virgins dash back and forth to town for supplies … and to straighten things out now and then. Virgo may nag a little when Taurus is sloppy, and they may indulge in some affectionate bickering, like the characters in Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple (who are, indisputably, a Bull and a Virgin, a Taurus-Virgo team), but on the whole, they’ll be compatible.

It must be astrologically confessed that Virgos can be as opinionated as Taureans. The only difference is that the Bulls are opinionated in a Fixed, rather general sort of way, and the Virgins are opinionated in a hair-splitting, detailed sort of way. Once upon a time, there was a small Virgo boy, named Charles Edison Cameron. One day in grade school, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Charlie’s teacher goofed. A rather normal, unimportant trifling mistake, but the young Virgo simply couldn’t bear it. The teacher placed two dots on the blackboard, across from each other, like so:

• •

She then informed the class that these dots represented two points. Now, she instructed them, the lesson today is to prove that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. Do I have a volunteer? Up shot the hand of anxious Virgo Charlie, a worried frown on his face.

Teacher, he said, very respectfully and politely, you are wrong. A straight line is not necessarily the shortest distance between two points. The teacher flushed, visibly annoyed. Really? she asked the eleven-year-old, Mercury-ruled youngster. Would you like to step up to the blackboard and explain how you can dispute such a basic theory of mathematics? Virgo Charlie trotted immediately to the blackboard, picked up the chalk and demonstrated the proof of his statement, as the entire class rocked with laughter and the teacher’s face turned bright red. His demonstration looked somewhat like this:

• •

You see, Teacher, Virgo Charlie said courteously, after the laughter had died down, that line appears to me like it could run all the way to China if it wanted, and golly knows how much further than that if it was goin’ straight up, instead of down. So, how could a straight line be the shortest distance between two points?

The teacher had, of course, neglected to take the horizontal-vertical aspect of her example into consideration. And she had also goofed on her terminology, using the word between, instead of saying the shortest distance connecting two points. It’s a common mistake of educators, even erudite math instructors.

But Virgo Charles Edison Cameron could not allow such an error of thinking and speaking to stand uncorrected. In the not too distant future, you’ll be hearing more about Virgo Charles Edison Cameron, through a brilliant and blessed breakthrough invention of his which will be of even more importance to the world than the discovery of his namesake—so remember his name.

If Taurus and Virgo should ever decide to write a book together, the Bull will see to it that the plot is substantial. Virgo will supply the dialogue, correct the spelling and grammatical errors, punctuation and other mistakes. Taurus will then add some rich humor, market it wisely, and make sure it earns money. Sometimes people think Virgins are too timid and self-effacing, too courteous to be so super-critical. To these people, I submit a letter I received in 1970, shortly after the publication of my first book, Sun Signs. It reads as follows, verbatim:

Dear Ms. Goodman … I find, on page seventy-eight, line one, in the paperback edition of your book, Sun Signs, a mistake. I quote from the book the phrase: the sandal clad people of Chaldea… . The phrase should read, the sandal shod people. Otherwise, you give the reader the impression that the Chaldean people wore sandals, and nothing else. Sincerely, Janine Hartman. P.S. I am a Virgo.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Janine. As for my other readers, please permit me to correct here and now the impression I may have given to modest Virgins, conventional Taureans and the like, that the people of Chaldea all ran around naked, except for their footwear. And isn’t it fortunate that Janine added her P.S.? I would never have been able to guess her Sun Sign if she hadn’t.

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man

… here’s the rock.

It’s almost impossible for a Taurus woman to seduce a Virgo man. But she shouldn’t allow herself to feel inferior over this. It’s almost impossible for any woman to seduce a Virgo man. Remember that Narcissus is supposed to have been a Virgo (though if he was, he had an Aries Ascendent and the Moon in Leo). The reason astrological legend has labeled Narcissus as a Virgo is that most Virgos are somewhat self-centered, not in the egotistical sense of Leo, or in the spoiled sense of Aries, but in the symbolic sense that all technical, literal Virgins (both male and female) are absorbed in themselves, because they’re unaware of what being totally awakened in all ways really means.

This man can’t bear the thought of any sort of self-surrender. It implies a lack of self-discipline. He’s not terribly interested in conquest either. So it’s not surprising that he can’t arouse much enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day. However, the Taurus female is a few strides ahead of her astrological sisters, should she decide to educate the Virgin in awareness of what makes the world spin for those who enjoy the ride. He may not chase her down Lovers’ Lane with bated breath, but neither is he likely to run away from her. Since their natal Suns are trine to each other, there’s a lot going for the relationship from the start. Their natures, goals and desires are similar. Influenced by a double Earth vibration, the almost always harmonious 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, they’re both steady, sensible types, who would rather be caught doing almost anything than messing around with fantasy, flightiness or fickleness. She’s soothing, and has a nice, quiet voice. He’s gentle and has clear enunciation. So, naturally, they don’t grate on each other’s nerves.

If the Taurus woman plays her cards right (which is a somewhat inappropriate metaphor, since few Earth Signs like to gamble) she can have him eating out of her hand before he knows what hit him—and even coming back for a late-night snack in her kitchen. What hit him will have been comfort. A female who speaks and moves so sensuously and slowly seldom makes mistakes. Unless you’re a Virgo man yourself, you just can’t imagine how comfortable it is to be around someone who’s not always making mistakes and goofs you feel compelled to catch and correct. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that compulsive criticizing isn’t much fun? It can be exhausting.

Neither of them becomes angry very often or very easily. They have fairly tranquil, peaceful dispositions in common (though he may bite his nails and blink his eyes a bit more than she does). Still, when the Bull does lose her temper, it’s quite a blast, never mind how rare, and it may leave deep scars. When Virgo finally works himself up into a snit, it’s usually a relatively shallow, surface emotion, that doesn’t last very long, and certainly doesn’t drive itself deep into his soul. Worry is something else again. A Virgo man’s worries do drive themselves deep inside of him, but not necessarily into his soul. They settle in the general region of the stomach and the intestines, which is why he’s always poking about in her pantry when he stops for that late-night snack—to see if she has any Pepto-Bismol or Turns handy. Now, if she had a quick temper like other females, she might take offense at this apparent slur on her cooking. But the typical Taurus female will accept all the little idiosyncrasies of her Virgo lover with equanimity, unless, of course, her Moon or Ascendent is in a more sensitive sign.

Virgos don’t itemize their apprehensions every few minutes. They don’t even holler about them every few hours. They can’t see any point in airing them as often as once a year, and some Virgos keep their trembles locked up inside for decades. Do you have any idea what that can do to your digestive system, not to mention your subconscious or psyche? It’s also the major cause of arthritis and rheumatism.

I’ve always felt that Hamlet may have had a Virgo Moon Sign, revealed when he said, I could be bounded in a nut shell, and count myself king of infinite space, were it not that I have dreams. Virgos are normally quite satisfied with small, nutshell-like spaces in which to stretch their egos and ambitions. They’re normally content to be hard working, polite and helpful—to spin their own little cobwebs of hope, without tramping all over everyone else. It’s those darned dreams. Everyone knows (and certainly Virgo does) that bad dreams and nightmares from suppressed emotions can cause anything from an attack of gastritis and mild constipation to ulcers. That’s where the Taurean woman comes into the picture. Not to nurse him, but to soothe him, with her practical philosophy about nightmares.

Taurus: If you have a healthy mind and body, and fulfilled emotions, nightmares don’t exist. Period.
Virgo: But how can you keep your mind, body and emotions healthy, when everything around you is falling apart, the world is being run by raving madmen, and your car has a broken transmission, you’ve lost your umbrella, and missed your insurance payment, and your socks all have holes in them, and. .…
Taurus: (firmly) People who are properly loved have healthy, happy, fulfilled minds, bodies and emotions. A nice, warm bath and a cup of good, nourishing soup can solve any problem. Give me your socks. I’ll darn them.

She makes it sound so simple (and it is, really) that he’ll stop worrying, because obviously, he is properly loved by a woman who is both sensible and sensuous. At least, he’ll stop worrying temporarily, while he’s chewing her crunchy carob brownies, and nibbling her fragrant ear lobe. A Virgo man is repelled by most artificial odors. He likes everything to be natural, as Mother Nature intended. But he rather enjoys the fresh, feminine smell of scented soap, especially on the ear of a sympathetic woman who listens calmly to his worries, without becoming all flustered about them herself. She’s an excellent listener, and he can be a pretty fascinating talker. A Virgo man’s conversation is usually highly intelligent, clever, bright and interesting, even if it’s not always terribly punchy.

Sexually, both of them fall under the category of the silent type. She’s silent because she prefers to partake in lovemaking undistracted by verbal romantic coquetry, just drowning in the intimacies of union with the man she loves so deeply. He’s silent because he can’t think of many wild or spontaneous things to say about sex anyway, and even if he could, he’d probably be too embarrassed to say them in mixed company (the two of them alone together are mixed company—to Virgo). He’s not frigid, and he has nothing against sex. In fact, a Virgo male can create great beauty in the physical expression of love by blending desire with emotional tenderness, stimulated by mental excitement. But he’s not moved to a single tremble or tremor by the kind of sex that lacks the qualifying aspect of its higher purpose. She won’t object to that attitude—no real woman would. She’ll probably believe she’s lucky to share with him an experience of such gentle affection and passion, and she’s right. She is. Virgo love burns with an intense white heat that fulfills with a more mystical depth than the brief, red flame of more casual lovers.

Not that he doesn’t know how to employ the light touch of romance, if and when he chooses. This man isn’t the kind to fall asleep in the middle of making love, no matter what you’ve heard. (He’s too wide awake from worrying about whether or not his partner is pleased with his sexual behavior.) Some Virgo men indulge in dozens of light-as-a-feather affairs, because they’re experts in the art of playing at love. And so an occasional Virgo male will attract promiscuous women, with loose morals. They feel safe with him. Because he takes it all so casually, they sense there won’t be any unnecessary emotional scenes of jealousy. Just good, clean Virgo fun. However, since this man never seeks a party girl for a mate, he soon tires of the shallowness of the game, and then he’s ready for a permanent relationship. If he should happen to be strolling through a Taurus woman’s garden about that time, he’ll be enormously susceptible to a serious romance, followed by marriage. To state it plainly, he’s a sitting duck.

She’ll have to remember, however, that marriage is not a natural condition for a Virgin, although if anyone can make matrimony seem to be more cozy than confining, it’s a Taurean female. As long as she doesn’t make him feel possessed, he’ll be putty in her hands. She needn’t worry about giving him too much freedom. No matter how much rope she gives him, he’ll probably only use it to find his way home to her in the dark. He’s rather a creature of habit, when all’s said and done. He’s grown accustomed to her face, to her fragrant ear, his own private shower, the fresh orange juice she squeezes for him every morning, and his shirts all nicely stacked in the drawer, with no ring-around-the-collar. So how is he going to be able to get used to hanging his socks on a strange towel rack? Especially when the neatly darned toes and heels would be sure to remind him of her, and cause him to have an attack of the guilties on the spot.

He may fail to see why she needs to surround herself with so many luxuries, and she may complain that his ideas of personal comfort are somewhat Spartan, but neither of them are inclined to throw away money with careless abandon— so finances will seldom be a subject of contention. With or without a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between them, this man and woman can rely on the smooth empathy of the 5-9 vibration to mist each misunderstanding with sympathy, and soften each argument with forgiveness. It’s not easy to please a Virgin, but the Taurean woman can come mighty close to doing it, and she’s capable of touching her Virgo man’s skeptical heart with her own special kind of warm, unselfish devotion. If she sticks to it (and that’s where much of her talent lies—in sticking to things) she may, after a while, learn the knack of Virgo criticism herself. Then she can send him a Valentine, in verse, that says. .… (in part)

… . . to be absolutely honest
as you’ve carefully taught me to be
you’re still a little off center
investigating truth
without consequences
and doing your thing …
playing with platitudes
reading books about Buddha
to learn how to die, before you’ve started to live
straining emotions through a sterile sieve
and scrubbing your squeaky-clean ivory tower
with Brillo pads
each morning
… but you’re improving<a href=#filepos869181″>*

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman

It is so naughty of him not to wipe, Wendy said, sighing.
She was a tidy child.

Virgo women turn up their pretty noses at messes. Most of them are as neat as pins. There may be a Virgin here or there whose surroundings are a little cluttered. But her mind is always well dusted, and sliced into precise thoughts—and there’s probably no loose tobacco in the bottom of her handbag.

In August of 1974, I was having lunch with a Virgo newspaper reporter. We were discussing her Sun Sign, and she remarked, I’m not at all hooked on that Virgo neatness compulsion. I let my trash can overflow for days before I get around to emptying it.

Sure, I told her, that’s because you don’t like to get your hands dirty. Then I stared pointedly at her fingers, and her poise shattered like fragile glass.

Why are you staring? Oh, this smudge? That isn’t dirt. It’s my ring. I have a lot of acid in my system, and gold turns my skin green when I get nervous. I thought I got it all off when I washed my hands an hour ago, but—well. I know it looks like dirt, but it isn’t, and—uh, waitress! Where is your Ladies room please?

One of the barriers between a Virgin and a Bull is that a Taurus man is inclined to be a teeny bit untidy. Some of them are downright sloppy. And a few Bulls are just plain slobs. They love beauty and luxury around them, but they’re too busy making the bread that buys it to be bothered picking lint off their trousers, combing their forelocks into neat curls, sweeping up their crumbs and ashes, draping their sweat shirts on satin hangers, or polishing their shoes to a high gloss. The practical Bull may worship currency, but not to the extent where he feels compelled to launder all his bills and press them with a hot iron. To Taurus, wrinkled money is still money, as good as gold. Just like a man with a wrinkled shirt is still a man (perhaps more so than those chaps with their ruffled cuffs and velvet lapels)—and also as good as gold. An occasional Taurean will place an emphasis on grooming, but he won’t make a fetish of it. As long as he’s scrubbed and clean, he’s not going to worry if his shoelaces aren’t tied in neat bows or one sock dips down a quarter of an inch lower than the other.

There’s a misconception about Virgo women which may shock the Bull who discovers it. Naturally, all Virgos aren’t Virgins, but it goes deeper than that. Her love of order and her sharp foresight, based on a highly developed critical sense, make her seem conventional to the point of being puritanical. But she is not necessarily Beth, of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. The Virgo puritanical morality is an astrological myth. After all, you can be courteous, gracious and discriminating without being a prude. She investigates the facts, observes the action, works it all through her mathematical thought processes, and forms a clear opinion (usually unspoken) of what’s best for everybody. However, what her acute observations have led her to believe is best for everybody can be anything from building more convents to encouraging more nude group therapy. It depends. Her moral attitude is intellectual, and her emotions are seldom involved (unless she has the Moon in a more sensitive Air or Fire Sign). Virgos are as curious as they are critical. How can you correct a flaw if you haven’t examined the vase? So, this woman is often accused of (or given credit for?) a stuffy sort of morality she doesn’t possess.

The Bull doesn’t talk much about his ethics or morals. He feels what is right or wrong, then acts with blind determination, and very little reflection on the intricacies of the issues. When their different methods of arriving at the truth lead them to the same conclusion, things are pink and rosy. But when they take a mental detour, these earthy lovers can bury each other in frozen silence and unbending stubbornness.

I was once a helpless bystander during a quarrel between two friends, a Virgo woman and her Taurus lover. We had begun a conversation about the benefits brought about by the sexual revolution, its implications and various by-products, from the vulgarity on the newsstands to capitalizing on sexual lust and violence in films, etc. Before I had a chance to air my personal views, these two began to challenge each other.

Taurus: Sex, sex, sex, I’m so tired of hearing about it, and reading about it. You’d think it was only discovered yesterday, the way it’s headlined as news continually.
Virgo: (musing thoughtfully) Maybe if prostitution were legalized everywhere, it would help.
Taurus: Help what—the prostitutes?
Virgo: Well, sex isn’t going to disappear, and it’s possible that these women serve a useful purpose for their customers.
Taurus: (his neck turning bright red, and bristling in anger) Yeah? Well, their customers are buying a lie.
Virgo: True. Nevertheless, a lie may be just the fantasy needed by the emotionally crippled, and these women could be providing a sort of physical therapy for such men.
Taurus: (beginning to paw the ground) I’m sure glad I found out your attitude toward morality before I married you.
Virgo: (still cool and unruffled) To accuse human beings of wrongdoing, and then condemn or punish them, will never change anything. If you must be so judgmental, try to learn to hate prostitution, not the prostitute. Direct your anger toward the crime, not the criminal. The problem with your attitudes is that they’re always so dogmatic, and you never attempt to exercise discrimination (Virgo’s favorite word).
Taurus: (now aroused to the full fury of the Bull) The problem with your attitudes is that you don’t know how to be firm (the Bull’s favorite word) about anything, including your opinions. You can’t place a financial value on emotion. It’s less than human. I never thought you would defend such a thing. I thought you were a nice, decent woman. What’s wrong is wrong. And it’s wrong to sell love. So that’s that.
Virgo: It’s only natural that men would prefer to have women give their human emotions away, free of charge, rather than sell them.
Taurus: Don’t give me that feminist double-talk.
Virgo: I think it’s curious that most people who are so critical of prostitution are quite permissive regarding sexual promiscuity. The very ones who despise prostitutes (excluding you, of course, dear) are the same ones who believe that casual sex, without commitment, is very glamorous and in, and anyone who doesn’t go along is hopelessly straight and square. That’s disgustingly hypocritical. I still say that prostitution exists because it treats an illness of society itself, the same society that condemns the prostitutes.
Taurus: It treats a symptom.
Virgo: Then, like I said, why not treat the cause?

I’m sorry I can’t tell you the final outcome of their argument, because my taxi came, and I had to leave before it was resolved. However, that brief (and actual) portion of their conversation should clear up any muddy, preconceived astrological notions that every female Virgo Virgin is a nun-like Miss Innocent—and every male Bull is a coarse, erotic creature of lust, snorting in passion at all the cows in the pasture.

If Carrie Nation reincarnated today, and began waving her hatchet at prostitutes on street corners, there might well be more sensual Bulls and sexy Scorpions following behind her and yelling Right on! than supposedly puritanical Virgos—which would surprise everybody but astrologers. The Virgins would probably be eloquently urging Carrie to use her hatchet on the porno theatres and newsstands where the concentration on sexual excess is first encouraged—to attack the root of the matter, not its branches—with the typical Virgo-like ability to analyze and discriminate, while remaining cool to misleading emotional attitudes.

It takes Virgo to figure out that the massive rise in sexual abuse of children, venereal disease, abortion, and the great increase in rape the feminists are so outraged about, is not the fault of the prostitutes. Prostitution has always been around—as an outlet for the emotionally deprived and disturbed. Virgo calmly comprehends that the true guilt for deliberately arousing the emotionally healthy to join and increase the ranks of the disturbed lies elsewhere—in places other than the brothels.

After a while, the Taurus man will grow to appreciate his Virgo woman’s own special brand of honesty, and realize that her tendency to avoid labels, and to analyze things before hastily judging them, is a definite virtue, not a vice. It takes time. She might even someday cause her affectionate Bull to admit that a woman who was once a prostitute was the only one who really believed the man who promised her he would conquer death—the only one of all his fervently devout apostles and followers to go to his tomb on Easter morning to seek him—while all the hypocrites were either weeping in lack of faith, or running around trying to figure out how to escape the wrath of the Roman soldiers, some even going so far as to deny they ever knew him.

A Virgo female who’s in love with a dogmatic-type Bull may have to convince him that her views on public morality don’t necessarily reflect her private code of behavior. Like Caesar, a Taurus man expects his woman to be above reproach. She probably is, although she may not be above reproaching him, if he turns sex into a subject for humor. To her, sex is a beautiful, pure emotion that deserves respect—and a good deal of concentration and practice to make it perfect. Her cool, analytic approach may initially chill the Bull’s more direct and sensual lovemaking attitudes, but they’ll probably find a way around such a temporary impasse between them. As with the other 5-9 Sun Sign Patterns, romantic love and sentimental affection will play equally as important a part as passion in their sexual union. Most of the time, this man and this woman will be wonderfully able to fulfill each other’s silent needs, through the rare intimacy of understanding common to all 5-9 vibrations, especially to those of the Earth Element.

Practicality may not sound like a romantic word. Yet, with these two, it can form a deep and comforting bond between them, a strong cord to encircle their love. Neither Virgo nor Taurus is the kind to indulge in passionate emotions for no reason, or to become enraged over things that can’t be helped by anger. He may brood a little—and she may have some mild attacks of indigestion—but on the whole, they’ll both agree with the alcoholic’s creed: Give me the grace to change the things I can, to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference. (It’s doubtful, though, that they heard the words at an AA meeting. It takes tremendous pressure and unbearable anguish to drive a typical Earth Sign to either drink or drugs.) When the rest of the world seems to be crazily dipping back and forth, she feels safe only with him—and should he happen to bump into the uncontrolled, abrasive emotions of a stranger, he’ll run back to the security of her arms, the refreshing, quiet stream of her controlled feelings. He’ll say something richly humorous that strikes her funny, she’ll laugh her little Virgo silver bell laugh. .… and then practicality can become a very romantic word. She may be finicky, yes—but unreasonable? Never.

There’s a chain of sympathy, bright and golden, connecting the Virgo woman’s obsession for little things with the Taurus man’s enjoyment of the senses. He likes the way new pencils smell like cedar. She adores sharpening them to a fine point. He likes the crisp, clean, cold feel of falling snow on his cheeks… . she’s fascinated by the tiny, glittering stars it makes on the sidewalk. He likes to chew pine needles, to taste their fresh, green, spicy Christmas smell. She loves to pick them up and place them in neat stacks, one by one.

The Virgin and the Bull can spend their lives together drenched in the ecstasy of contemplating all the small and ordinary wonders around them. It’s such a fiercely gorgeous (and natural) high—if only they don’t smother it by expecting too much. The eternal perfection she seeks is a mirage. The eternal security he seeks—likewise. They’re both looking for a sure thing. But the nearest they may ever come to a sure thing is each other.

Taurus Libra
Earth—Fixed—Negative Air—Cardinal—Positive
Ruled by Venus Ruled by Venus
Symbol: The Bull Symbol: The Scales
Night Forces—Feminine Day Forces—Masculine


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