Dating Cancer Man

A Cancer Man is all about home and those born under it derive a lot of pleasure within the comforts of home and their family. The cancer men are caring and loving. They are also nurturing to those they love and those close to them. Moreover, they love harmony at home and will be quick to retreat into their shells because that is where they feel safe. Given that they hold their hearts on their sleeves, they are the type that can get very emotional in regard to a variety of things.

For the right woman, a cancer man would be the best long- life partner. He is not ruled by his intellect but by emotions. His nature brings about a variety of personal traits that may be positive or negative.

Positive Traits

  • Intuitive
  • Emotional
  • Stability

Negative Traits

  • Unpredictable and Moody
  • Possessive
  • Lazy

These men may prove challenging for a woman who does not understand their characteristics well. However, he is also affectionate and thoughtful and will always show the greatest care and concern for those he cares much about. With a cancer partner, the lady will feel safe, loved, well cared for and supported. However, it would be of great importance to learn and understand their traits if the lady hopes to get into a long lasting relationship.

Cancer men tend to be a bit shy at first and may not show any emotions at the first instance. As a lady, it would therefore be important to be patient with him. He fears rejection and will not make the first move in most of the cases. She should first try and win his trust given that they do not trust that easily. She can do this by letting him know that she cares about the same things as he such as romance, beauty and family among others. Once he opens up and starts to share, he will show his warmer side and it would be easier to get him to approach you.

Dating Cancer Man – Your First Date

Now that she has managed to win his trust, she should keep in mind that he, being a cancer, loves creativity and highly appreciates beauty. The first date therefore should be to those places that attract him such as museums. Before he actually responds to the interest, he needs to know that the lady is sincerely interested in him and thus she should be a little aggressive but not come on too strong.

These men also love femininity and thus it would be wise to put on some nice floral perfume and a flirty dress for the date. Cooking for him would certainly do wonders since one of the ways to his heart is through his stomach. One thing she should not do during the date is to try and make him feel jealous. This makes him insecure and he will definitely retreat to a zone of comfort. It can be quite a task getting him to trust you again.

If this goes well, then a few more dates to seal up the deal may follow. If the lady becomes interested and aims to keep him for a long lasting relationship, then there are a number of things about him she should have in mind. Some of his traits may be hard to keep up with and understanding them might help her know how to best deal with him.


A Cancer man like his sign suggests he is hard on the outside but very soft and mushy on the inside. Once in a relationship, the lady should not use tactics such as flirting with other men to get his attention. He will get emotional and retreat. Once he gets emotional, it would be important to give him the attention he needs and ample time for him to open up. The other side of a Cancer man is that he is sensitive and this makes him empathetic. They are therefore understanding and protective over the women they love. However, they expect the same from their women and any less would cause them to lose interest.

Unpredictable and moody

These are some of the negative traits that these men possess. In cases when they become unpredictable, they might not want to share the reasons as to why they are behaving as they are and should therefore be given time to cool and open up. They also tend to become moody from time to time and may not share what’s bothering them as well. Sometimes this can even be after having a great outing so be ready to deal with some slight mood swings.


These men are thought to be almost psychic and can have a great sense of things before they actually happen. They can understand human behavior very well and will rarely forget about anything. In a relationship therefore, it would not be a very good idea to behave in a manner that is not normal. Being creative as they are, they can begin developing all kinds of ideas in their head about what is going on.


When a cancer falls in love, he is in it to stay. In this case, he tends to behave in a manner that is highly possessive. This is the same towards his family. The lady should therefore expect him to act out sometimes but this should not be taken negatively since it’s just one of the way in which he is demonstrating love and care for his own. However, if a lady feels uncomfortable with it, she should explain it to him in a way that is non-confrontational and non-implosive. He is understanding and would listen to a woman he loves.


They might tend to be a little lazy at times but this would certainly change when they receive a little push from the ladies. This tends to enhance their moods and devotion towards something. With a little push and a show of interest, they can be the most romantic lovers for a lady.


Cancer men want to see stability and enjoy comfort at home. They want a family that has harmony and is well organized. It would therefore be a good thing if the lady of his heart is not argumentative, confrontational and unsettled. This may drive him to retreat from her and spend more time where he feels safer. A Cancer will be open and demonstrate love in a variety of ways to make his lady feel like the only one on earth. However, he will only do this when he is sure the relationship is working out well and with mutual love and understanding.


They are a creative sign and they love beauty. They appreciate beauty and this is one of the reasons as to why they can be found in art galleries and museums. The lady would therefore want to decorate their place with some interesting pieces to bring art close to him. A nice piece of art would also be a good idea for a present to get him. This should be something he would like and would make him feel happy.


A Cancer man, if not with a lady who understands him, would be the most unpredictable individual she has ever met. He cannot be easily understood and for those with little patience this is not the man they would want to be in a relationship with. However, for the right woman who knows them well, these can be the best partners they can ever have. Their unpredictability would make them more interesting and attractive; hence it would be an excellent idea to learn as much as possible about their sign before actually beginning something serious with a Cancer.


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