Libra and Libra

They live in nests on the tops of trees; and the mauve ones are boys and the white ones are girls, and the blue ones are just little sillies who are not sure what they are.

The older Librans grow, the wiser they become. After playing both judge and jury, and weighing decisions of yes or no, wrong or right, stop or go, thousands of times, a person gradually begins to have confidence in what he (or she) is doing. It takes practice.

Libra men and women (and children) never pretend to know things they don’t know, as some of the other Sun Signs tend to do. They ask. They deliberate. They discuss. If they’re in doubt, they’ll frankly admit I’m in doubt. They’re obsessed by a moral compulsion to do the fair thing, rather than the unfair thing. To do something they consider morally wrong gravely disturbs their consciences. That’s why, when a Libran finally does say something, people believe it’s trustworthy—and nine times out of ten, it is.

This is true of the white ones, the mauve ones, and the blue ones. Incredible as it may seem, a so-called Libran hit man, one who murders for pay (and a few of them admittedly have been born in October), has what he believes to be just cause for such deplorable professional activities. It would be interesting to know what his justification might be, but you can be certain there’s been a justification, if he’s a Libran—and twisted or not, it’s been weighed in the Scales of fairness and morality.

For example, all soldiers and officers in the armed forces who were born under the Sun Sign of Libra sincerely believe they’re justified in taking human life, not viewing war as murder, but seeing themselves as patriotic heroes, defending some great cause. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong, but they always believe they’re right, arriving at their assessments only after due deliberation.

A Libra porno film actress or Playboy model will have gone through the same weighing process as her less exhibitionistic-type Libran sisters, and arrived at what she believes are logical and even moral reasons for her decision to accept money to use her body to deliberately titillate and sexually arouse strangers. She will have considered all sides, and decided that the cash benefits she believes she needs for a private dream somehow balance the abasement of her femininity and her future motherhood. Some of her justifications will contain a modicum of sense, some will be pure self-deception—but you can be sure they’ll all have been seriously weighed on Libra’s Scales before a decision is made.

This is what makes Libra people so lovable. No matter how major or minor their mistakes in judgment, one always knows they’ve genuinely tried to do what’s right and fair and just—and trying is never less than a virtue when it’s sincere, as it invariably is with Libra.

Unfortunately, other people may not see it that way. Librans are always being unfairly labeled by other Sun Signs as unreliable, accused of not following through on Tuesday what they said on Monday last. That’s why they often feel more comfortable when they’re dealing with one another. At least, two Librans will usually give each other credit for decency of motive, regardless of personal disagreements, and they’ll have more than their fair share of those. Despite one Libra person’s vacillation, the other Libran is sympathetically aware that when his (her) mind is finally made up, there will be a grim determination to follow through that nothing short of a cannon ball could stop. Each Libra knows the other Libra’s mind is firm, once it’s been firmed. I mean, really, what could be more logical than that? Before firming, it’s like clay, easily changed from one form to another—until the final molding. Then the decision is popped into the potter’s oven to be glazed, never failing to come out hard and tough, resistant and enduring.

Two Librans of the same or opposite sexes, adults or children, will spend a great deal of their time together talking. All the subjects will be enthralling because of the logical, intellectual aspect Libra brings to the analysis. Some will concern vital issues of the day involving politics, ecology, and so forth; some will be petty, inconsequential matters, like what are the best kinds of strings for a guitar or tennis racquet, or whether the window should be closed or open at night when one is sleeping. I’ll settle that last argument for them myself. Open. Definitely open. Most especially with Libra, because all Air Signs tend to have poor circulation, and must breathe fresh air while they’re sleeping or they’ll never achieve stable health and longevity.

But the subject matter isn’t what’s important in a discussion between these two Venus-ruled people, nor is the question of who wins and who loses important. What’s important to Librans is the excitement of a mutually stimulating intellectual debate, which they find mentally energizing, like a tonic. Unlike their debates with other Sun Signs, verbal exchanges between these two usually end in a draw anyway. Each of them starts out choosing a side, and as things progress, they begin taking a different side, then trading sides in the middle, until an onlooker is totally confused. All the while, the two Libra opponents are happily enjoying themselves. As long as these two people are given a reasonable length of time in which to discuss matters with one another and make up their minds, there’s no trauma involved. It’s when other Sun Signs rush them into decisions that their Scales dip out of balance, causing more mental, emotional, and physical damage than anyone would ever guess—except another Libran. Any Venus-ruled person beset with multiple problems simultaneously, each demanding priority attention, can be pressed beyond endurance.

An excellent example of Libra’s ability to stick to a decision, once made, is India’s Mahatma Gandhi’s amazing will power in holding fast to his firm faith in passive nonresistance as the only path to freedom from tyranny and a lasting peace. The caste system of his country was an affront to his Libra sense of justice, dramatically demonstrated by his adoption of the daughter of an untouchable.

Libra and Libra have more in common than just their mutual dimples and ear-to-ear smiles, their indecisiveness, and their concern for fairness. An office, classroom, store, or home where you see two of them floating on their pink clouds, or hanging around in their helicopters, will probably be tastefully decorated, most likely in pastel shades, or at the very least, in a subdued, matching color scheme, or they won’t be there very long. Nor will they be comfortable in the midst of loud noises or jarring sounds. Very few Librans are construction workers, not just because of the ear-splitting offense of riveting and such, but also because the Venus influence causes them to recoil from soiled clothes. All forms of dirt are displeasing to them aesthetically. Ugliness of any kind quickly disturbs the Libra equilibrium. A Libra ambulance driver is certain to be a most unhappy human, considering the shrill scream of the sirens and the nature of the work. Add police and firemen sirens and duties to the list of no-no’s for Libra. Any Libran involved in such occupations should already be weighing a change as soon as possible. Whatever the sex, age, or social status, Libra needs to sink back periodically into a pile of plump pillows and listen to music now and then, to restore harmony to the soul.

One of the perplexing problems which will plague two Librans in any kind of an association is the metabolism syndrome. It’s like this: When a Libra person is evenly balanced, the life style will consist of equal periods of what some unfair meanies call laziness, but which is really exhaustion requiring rest—following exhausting spurts of stamina and energy. Libra will work like a plough horse, feverishly, efficiently, and uncomplainingly for a long while—then suddenly reverse gears into a long spell of trancelike lethargy, during which (believe it or not!) even talking is an effort. It’s all Librans can do to keep from taking to their beds at such times. There should be no guilt feelings associated with the Libra lethargic periods, because it simply means the physiological Scales are demanding balance. The batteries must be recharged by complete rest in a tranquil, quiet atmosphere. If a Libra person is unable to do this, but is forced to go to work, mingle with people, and so forth, he (or she) will be so unpleasant, miserable, and just plain nasty, everyone starts to wonder how astrology can possibly be correct in calling these folk peaceful, gentle souls with a smooth temperament and mild manners. Don’t blame me, I’ve always warned you that Librans are regular cross patches when their bodies and minds don’t receive the proper rest at the time they need and demand it. I’m the one (as far as I know) who coined the phrase cranky crocodiles for Libra, so I haven’t led you astray by telling you only about the sweet side of their natures. But the important thing about all this is that, when a couple of Librans get together, they should chart their individual push-retreat periods and pray that these occur at different times. Like, when one Libran is weary, dreary, and lethargic, the other one should be in the manic stage—peppy enough to wait on, soothe, and pamper the former one. And, naturally, vice versa. If their up-down periods match, maybe one Libra can try to turn around, so to speak, to counterbalance the other Libran’s mood swings—because these two can’t expect compatibility unless their metabolisms are thus counterbalanced.

Just imagine the scene when two Librans are both in an upswing, furiously writing poems, cleaning out closets, scrubbing floors, walking the dog, waxing the car, bathing the baby every five minutes, their four bare feet happily stomping in washtubs full of grapes, to make wine, singing continuously … . . smiling those dazzling smiles until there’s so much light in the house it fades all the colors in the drapes and furniture (which were already pastel before they faded) … … getting months ahead on any work they do, dancing and prancing, and, in general, carrying on in a veritable frenzy of perfumed, powerful, and vital activity—bicycling, tricycling, jogging, jumping, sun bathing, swimming, winning—sparkling all through the night and leaping all through the day. Just thinking about it is enough to fatigue the faint-hearted.

Next, picture these same two Librans hitting a down-swing together, in unison. There they are, sadly synchronized—walking around like zombies, numb and weak, their four eyes glazed, as irritable as can be, making mistakes in their checkbooks, talking back to the boss at work, dangerously crossing the street without looking, listless, unsmiling, pale and frail and wan—both of them draped across the air-conditioner, or flopped on the floor, in a kind of stupor, unable to move or speak, like helpless puppets whose strings have been abruptly cut. Isn’t that a depressing scene to imagine? I paint these pictures with broad strokes of the planetary brush hopefully to startle the two Libra people reading this chapter into realizing how important it is for them to try to polarize their metabolisms if they’re going to spend a lot of time hanging around together. That way, they can give each other a helping hand—a kind of buddy-boost to the spirits.

Libra is known to astrology as The Peacemaker, and one of the most beautiful things about two Librans is that they possess the wonderful ability to bring peace into one another’s minds and hearts. Both hope and optimism spring eternal in the Venus breast. Sentimental Librans think in terms of poetry, art, and music … and so their thoughts have wings, with the power to fly them into ever higher heavens from the darkest hells. Although these people judge themselves harshly, with no allowance for plea bargaining, they won’t impose their sense of morality on others.

Libra sternly pronounces the judgment of Truth and Justice, then is counseled gently by Venus to suspend the sentence—to grant to the contrite accused and to the sorrowful guilty their freedom … and another chance … bringing the faint-remembered echo of someone’s compassionate words: Judge not, that ye be not also judged. That’s how Libra’s Scales measure human frailty and mortal yearnings—when they’re balanced.

Libra Man and Libra Woman

Tink was not all bad: or, rather, she was all bad just now, but, on the other hand, sometimes she was all good … … … … .

It was a sanguinary affair, and especially interesting as showing one of Peter’s peculiarities, which was that in the middle of a fight he would suddenly change sides.

Ordinarily, in the 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern chapters of this book, when it comes to the male-female section, I place the woman of the Sun Sign first in the title, then the man. After all, that’s only fair. Since women have been locked up, put down, kept in virtual slavery, unfairly paid and, in general, unjustly treated by men for so many years, we surely deserve some of what I believe is called overcompensation. However, I’ve deliberately listed them in the above order, naming the Libra man ahead of the Libra woman, for a good reason.

Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, ruled by a feminine planet—Venus. This means, quite candidly, that it’s the nature of Libra individuals of both sexes to be neither decidedly male nor female, but to partake almost equally of the masculine and feminine qualities, sometimes even in the molding of the physical bodies, often in the voice quality—these being also a bit of each. No offense. Such equal measure merely results in Libra women being unusually handsome creatures of great sentiment—and Libra men being unusually beautiful creatures of great strength—although Libra men are also uncommonly (and appealingly) sentimental, while Libra women are also uncommonly (and admirably) strong. You can see how confusing it becomes. There must be a line drawn somewhere, if one is to make any sense of it at all. The fact that they both possess those powerhouse Venus smiles, which can radiate light for a minimum of one hundred yards, doesn’t make matters any easier.

To get directly to the issue of why I listed the Libra man first in the heading, something has to give in this situation, and to be fair, it should be the Libra woman. If she truly loves her Libra man, she’ll give him, at the very least, equal billing in their relationship, allowing his masculinity to be unchallenged and unquestioned, so he can appreciate her feminine qualities, and love her as a man loves a woman. To reverse the order of Mother Nature’s blueprint is never wise. It’s sometimes necessary for the Libra woman, even though she often looks like the seductive personification of every female from Eve to Cleopatra, to remind herself which of the two of them is really the man. The task won’t be too difficult for her, once she realizes its importance to their relationship, because this lady is gifted with more natural charm, instinctive tact, and talents of sweet persuasion than she could ever use in just one lifetime. Astrology isn’t advising her to demurely acquiesce to his demands, or encourage his male chauvinistic tendencies—only to temper her inner strength with some outward gentleness, and refrain from too frequently demonstrating to him that she’s his intellectual equal, if not his superior, in some respects. She should realize that he’s also her superior in some respects. Everything comes out even.

Since they’re both mental Air Signs, and therefore need constant verbal expression of ideas and opinions, these two will be unable to avoid periodic long discussions—which could grow into serious arguments. Not all, but most of their arguments could be avoided, if they made a pact to discuss only subjects on which there couldn’t possibly be any disagreement from any logical thinking person. Then their discussions would be exercises in mutual enlightenment, rather than merely windy verbal excursions that threaten to stir up trouble between them.

With a minimum of effort this man and woman should be able to achieve a mentally stimulating, yet an also peaceful and emotionally secure relationship. Both the Libra man and the Libra woman are usually willing to compromise to obtain harmony. They’re cooperative by nature, except when something they feel constitutes a moral or ethical issue is involved. Then they’ll each be equally difficult to sway from an opinion. If either feels the other is treating him (or her) unfairly—or if some situation seems to be unjust, the usual Libra compromise and cooperation may be replaced by tornadoes of temper and hurricanes of anger. Librans are always verbal when they’re agitated. Neither he nor she is likely to pout sullenly in the corner or retreat in silence. They’ll probably talk about their complaints until they’re resolved, one way or the other, even if it takes all night on occasion—which isn’t a good idea, because they both need more rest and sleep than most other people, and when they’re deprived of it, their normally fine, alert Libra minds become dull and fuzzy. Yes, even illogical.

This kind of Libran debate will have the happy result of deepening the bond between them, not straining it—and maybe helping the rest of us too, since they might decide to do something aggressively positive about the issues they ponder. The next night these two Libran lovers logically discuss the possibilities for raising more R& D funding for renewable energy sources and which type of energy they would fund first: hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal energy.

They might even turn to a long, compassionate, Venus-inspired discussion of the need to more fully appreciate the senior citizens in our society, instead of leaving them to waste away in poorly run nursing homes. Our two Librans might even design a new kind living community that combines housing for the elderly with playgrounds for young and vibrant children.

There are a multitude of subjects two Libra lovers can use to bring them closer together—matters about which any two sane people on Earth would have to be in agreement—without choosing topics certain to lead them into selfish disputes, causing their love to shrink into hurt feelings, then gradually fade into disinterest … . . and the emptiness of apathy.

An interesting facet of astrology is that Libra lovers and mates frequently bear a pair of alliterative names. Like Henry and Helen. Mack and Mary. Jim and Janet. These are all actual double-Libra couples I know as good friends. I’m so accustomed to finding Libra teams like Henry and Helen, Mack and Mary, Jim and Janet—I would seriously suspect the validity of the October birthdays of any Libra lovers named, for example, Gregg and Melinda. Back to those couples who are friends of mine (or any other Libra man-woman combinations). It’s best to remember that they are equally as often—only fairly called: Helen and Henry, Mary and Mack … and Janet and Jim. Don’t forget that Libra is a masculine sign, with a feminine ruler, Venus. No fair allowing one sex to take priority of mention over the other. Everything must be nicely balanced. The sense of poetry and beauty and harmony in Librans extends also to the equality of their relationship. It’s clearly not harmonious to always name the man first—or place the male’s wishes ahead of the female’s. Just is just. Male chauvinism is so … uncoordinated … so unpoetic. Don’t you think?

Helen and Mary and Janet think so. Henry and Mack and Jim had better think so—if they don’t want to start one of those long Libra discussions she almost always wins. Who can fight an iron fist in a velvet glove and come out victorious? Not even a clever Libra male. After all, whose side would you expect Venus to be on? You are right. She is.

As in all 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern relationships, the Libra man and woman must realize that the combining of their similar characters, personalities, and traits imposes an obligation to be alert to the danger of a doubling up of their mutual negative tendencies. Both people influenced by the 1-1 vibration must be more careful with each other than they need be with others—of emphasizing the qualities in themselves they aren’t proud to possess. They’ll have to beware encouraging in one another the Libra love of parties, which could lead to various forms of overindulgence and dissipation—the Venus love of sweets, which could lead to a double overweight problem (she loves to bake cakes, he loves to eat them, and vice versa) and, as I’ve already mentioned, the Libra argumentative aspect, which could, if not controlled, its energy rechanneled into positive directions, lead to continual conflict—which will eventually, in turn, lead to anything from an actual physical allergy to each other, to matching nervous breakdowns in His-and-Her beds at the hospital, because continual conflict can be seriously harmful to Libra mental stability and emotional health. Last, but not least, the Venus compulsion for romance can cause the winds of unfaithfulness and jealousy to blow the roof right off the cozy nest of these two lovebirds. If they must be romantic, they should send all their valentines to each other, and confine their flirting to each other too, which will have the exciting result of keeping their love alive and thrilling long after other Sun Sign couples have become emotionally lazy, and therefore, romantically bored.

Of course, there’s also the bright side of the penny in a 1-1 relationship—the emphasizing of the good and beneficent Libra qualities. These two will probably never be starved for compliments, they’ll usually be graciously considerate of one another’s feelings and enjoy many of the same interests, often centering around music and painting, or other art forms, long walks, and lots of reading. A double Libra marriage almost always produces a sizable library and record collection. They’ll have a marvelous time going to the movies, and sharing their opinions afterward, of the dialogue, acting, direction, lighting, camera work, and plot. Librans are born critics, especially those who have a Virgo or Gemini Moon Sign or Ascendent. But they should stay away from the refreshment stand in the theatre. Libra is the sign of beauty, and although this means that all Librans are, in some way, strikingly beautiful or handsome, possessing at least one perfect feature—it also means that Libra appreciates beauty in others, and when either or both of them are no longer physically pleasing to gaze upon, they may look elsewhere for beauty. Yet, the Libra man or woman who temporarily strays usually feels uncomfortable. Even mental infidelity subconsciously troubles the Libran sense of morality and fairness—and compels them to return to each other’s familiar, intimate smiles and dimples, accompanied by waterfalls of tears. Librans always weep at weddings, and cry over happy endings.

The sexual chemistry of their relationship, if one could analyze it in a laboratory, would reveal itself to be made up of 70 percent mental affinity, 20 percent affection and sentiment—and 10 percent physical passion. Don’t be misled. That 10 percent can contain a more powerful potency, by anyone’s quantitative analysis, than the same percentage of passion between other men and women. The combined ingredients of mental affinity, affection, and sentiment act as the perfect catalyst in a formula for sexual fulfillment. Libra love always has the magic of imagination through it, and this keeps their physical union open to all kinds of possibilities of change and variety. Their lovemaking will never be dull, never grow stale. It’s more likely to suffer from periods of elusiveness and detachment when either of them get smothered in their work or other obligations. But the Libra man and woman’s desire for each other, however long it’s been allowed to lie dormant, is eternally vulnerable to being rekindled by the smallest gesture or incident.

It could be something as fragile as the fragrance of the cologne she used to wear that he’s never forgotten, and that she casually sprayed on her hair, because it was a Christmas gift from a neighbor who didn’t suspect what an aphrodisiac it would be … . a poem one of them comes across in a book, bringing the memory of the night he whispered to her, long ago, when he was selling cars in Pittsburgh to help pay for his tuition at night school to get his law degree … . an old love letter, found unexpectedly in a drawer … … the smell of frost and apples in the air on a golden-blue October day, in football weather … . and always, the rush of feeling that never fails to fill their hearts (and bodies) to overflowing, when they hear the music of their song.

There’s not a Libra man and woman anywhere in this solar system who don’t adopt a special song, within days of their meeting, which becomes, from that moment forward, a sacred symbol of the thrill they knew when they first loved, increasing its nostalgic power over their emotions with every passing year. Whatever recording artist sang it the night they heard it together will be their heroine or hero, whether it was Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Nora Jones, or John Mayer. If it was Alison Krauss who first blessed their theme song, they’ll follow her concerts and personal appearances to the Moon and back, to relive yesterday. If it was the late Nat King Cole, they’ll become enthusiastic fans of his daughter, Natalie. Librans are as sentimental as a lavender sachet, tucked away in a trunk in the attic.

The typical Libra man is usually successful in a material sense, either independently following a specialized profession, or securely locked into a position of authority, at the head of some major endeavor. He’ll seldom last long, or be completely happy, as an employee, taking orders, for Libra is a Cardinal Sign of leadership, and needs to be in charge. During forced, nonoptional periods of playing the role of employee, he may be super bossy at home, because he must boss someone. (But he’ll do it sweetly most of the time.)

The typical Libra female is a Wonder Woman as a hostess. She also has refined decorating tastes and could have a career as a home decorator. Her talents will transform their home into an oasis of peace and charm, a harmonious haven filled with gracious and beautiful vibrations, soothing to the troubled spirit. She’s remarkably cool and calm in a crisis (although afterward, she may collapse in his arms, when the danger’s over), fiercely loyal, and cheerfully adaptable to change.

His dreams are her dreams, and her dreams are his. Both sexes will be supportive of each other if either decides to return to school or learn a new skill requiring some training. The Libra male might also spontaneously give his woman a diamond because he suddenly realized, one brilliant autumn afternoon, that her love deserved such a jewel. He will arrive home to find she has written him a poem expressing just how much she loves him. Typical of this 1-1 Sun Sign relationship, if two Librans double their mutual positive tendencies, they can create one of the most balanced and equitable unions through mutual giving and loving sacrifice.

Libra Scorpio
Air—Cardinal—Positive Water—Fixed—Negative
Ruled by Venus Ruled by Pluto
Symbol: The Scales Symbols: Scorpion & Eagle
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine


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