Gemini and Virgo

Off we skip like the most heartless things in the world, which is what children are, but so attractive… . we have an entirely selfish time; and then when we have need of special attention we nobly return for it, confident that we shall be embraced instead of smacked.

The playful Gemini Twins may, indeed, seem like heartless children to the more sensible and serious Virgos. Always out chasing cobwebs and mirages, jumping about like grasshoppers, getting caught in summer brainstorms and trying to be in two places at once. To the typical earthy Virgo, Gemini’s quick changes of both heart and mind are clearly flaws which need immediate correction.

Perfection is not a quality Geminis enjoy cultivating. They do appreciate, perhaps even admire—and certainly need—the more stable attitude of Virgo, and are often relieved to find the Virgo relative, friend, business associate, lover, or mate still there, in the same place where they were left, when Gemini flew away for a few hours (or weeks or months or years) to see what was happening on the other side of the mountain. But if they are going to be scolded when they return, they’ll just skip off again. Children never like scolding. And all Geminis are essentially children at heart. Not Virgos.

Virgos are possessed of a heavy sense of life’s duties, and a mature sense of reliability. They either live up to this essence of their Sun Sign or they feel guilty about not doing it and develop hives, ulcers, or hiccups. Conversely, Gemini seldom feels guilty about anything. At least, not where it shows.

With Virgo, most everything shows. Especially secret, nagging worries. Since Virgo rules the bowels, intestines, and solar plexus, these nagging worries, expressed first in a slight frown, then tight lips, can cause actual infection or disability in these areas. The more secret the worries, the more apt they are to manifest into nausea, indigestion or constipation. These people should get it out in the open more often, talk about it, express themselves, say what is on their minds (but not too often, or they would be untrue to their Sun Signs).

Gemini is an expert at getting it out in the open—except for those unfortunate Geminis with a Virgo Ascendent or Moon, who would love to cheerfully chatter, and scatter ideas, but who settle down into an uneasy silence instead, staring at their fingers and counting the lines in the palms of their restlessly folded hands. It can be a real conflict. Most Geminis, however, could profitably teach Virgos how to excel in gregarious gab, gleeful glibness and scintillating syntax. Virgo indisputably knows how to spell all those words, but putting them into action is another matter.

The Virgo intellect is as sharp as Gemini’s (thanks to Mercury, who likes to pretend rulership of both signs, with his silver cap and winged heels) but not as vacillating and changeable. Geminis quickly juggle thoughts and create ideas, often it seems right out of the air, which is their natural element, but Virgo seldom juggles or creates. The Virgins are too busy discriminating and distinguishing and sorting facts from fancies, frequently with what may appear to be quite unnecessary preciseness. Explorer-experimenter Gemini seeks the spirit of the law. Purist-statistician Virgo follows the letter of the law.

Most Virgos find it difficult to grasp the concept of a dollar, because it contains such a fascinating number of pennies. They get sidetracked counting all the coins, believing that if you keep track of the bright coppers, the folding green paper will pile up all by itself, with no help. Gemini thinks in larger sweeps, grander terms, and normally tosses any spare pennies into wishing wells, without counting them. Throw a perfectly good penny into murky water for some silly superstition? There goes that faint Virgo frown again—see it? Just beginning to crease in the forehead over those clear, beautiful eyes.

Now that you understand some of the obvious difference between these two Sun Signs, you can imagine the turmoil which must churn in the breast of a Virgo with a Gemini Ascendent or Moon—or a Gemini, with vice versa and likewise. To face such a methodology variance with a strange companion is abrasive enough, without having to face it in the mirror every morning, lurking within your own character and personality. Send them lots of sympathy cards. Some, as mentioned elsewhere, become human alarm clocks—others sit on a seesaw of indecision, ill at ease when they are talking and twice as uncomfortable when they are silent.

The Gemini-Virgo association is influenced by the 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, so the relationship between them will never be based on pure frivolity and escapism. Seriousness and respect (or lack of it) will weave in and out of the connecting links between these two, each finding it difficult to fully comprehend the true goals and basic outlook of the other. This must not be taken to mean that they can’t create harmonious warmth together. It’s just that happy firesides and hearths need lots of stoking with the coals of mutual understanding and tolerance. Peace and compatibility can eventually be accomplished with a little effort, however, because there’s often a subtle exchange of loyalty and affection hidden beneath the surface disagreements of these two.

It must be admitted that the average Virgo man or woman does not practice provoking trouble, and does not usually respond to it quickly either, unlike the Geminis, with their constant stirring up of a tempest from a single breath of choppy air, and frequently reacting in hurricane fashion to what seems to them to be constant, critical carping and harping from Virgo. Of course, to Gemini, a quarrel is not really a quarrel, merely an intellectual encounter. With Earth Sign Virgo, arguments go deeper, and the hurt lasts longer. The friendship and other relationships between them can be enduring, in rare cases even intimate, but a community of interests on the business or intellectual level—or in the family or duty-obligation sphere, as with all 4-10 influenced people—is normally what pulls them together in the first place.

Most Virgos seem to be humble and self-effacing, seldom displaying any excessive dignity or pride, yet it would behoove the Gemini to hold his or her sharp tongue at crucial moments, since Virgos are usually quite sensitive about what little dignity and pride they do possess. The more aggressive signs can’t understand the Virgin at all, but the Gemini who finds Aries too exhausting, Leo too arrogant, and Scorpio too aloof may very well find the usually sweet and courteous Virgo relaxing to be around, and feel a sense of relief at the lack of need to compete that might be necessary with another Sun Sign.

There’s a touching and attractive humility about Virgos, a personal modesty that excites little envy or resentment. But Mercury Birds can still get their feathers a bit ruffled when they learn that, although Virgo may never be able to run as swiftly as Gemini and may seldom beat the Twins to any Grand Prizes, Virgo sometimes manages to grab the plum job without even hinting for it, let alone racing for it. Often those with Virgo Sun Signs, Ascendents, or Moon Signs are chosen as the compromise candidate by party leaders in smoke-filled political back rooms on a city, state, or national level, considerably upsetting the more extroverted Sun Signs, who have been blissfully charming the voters out front, confident of victory, until Virgo comes up from the rear—the dark horse chosen suddenly and unexpectedly over the brighter ponies on the track. As an example, Lyndon Johnson was a Virgo, chosen by a clever and canny Gemini, John Kennedy, for calculated reasons.

In any dispute between Gemini and Virgo, Gemini will nearly always win the main point, being faster on the draw and quicker with the cinching retort. But winning a quarrel can’t settle everything. It may not settle anything for Virgos, who know that what appears to be an absolutely factual statement can still be full of errors and misleading insinuations. The greatest talent of all Gemini Twins is the fascinating ability to twist truth and falsehood in such a way as to weave them together and make each appear to be the other. It fools almost everyone but a Virgo. A Gemini Volkswagen salesman who ticks off too many facts too fast can really bug a potential Virgo customer right off the lot. You won’t find many Virgos playing speed ball at carnivals or riding the Ferris wheels and carousels on which Geminis love to spin in their circular direction. They don’t go much for Mercurial cotton candy either. All sugar and air—no nutritional value whatsoever.

There is an appealing magical quality in Gemini that attracts and excites the more timid Virgins, and this could create enough mystery to make the relationship permanently intriguing. The trouble is, Virgos are never satisfied until they discover exactly how the magic trick is performed, and the whole point of Gemini’s existence is to prove something by nothing—to make reality out of pure illusion.

To the practical-minded Virgo, reality can never be illusion, nor can illusion ever be called reality. That’s just more Gemini double-talk. Mercury Birds have usually flown and flitted through a dozen occupations by the time they’re thirty, while Virgos are often disturbed when they’re expected to make a slight change in office routine. As for changing jobs, that’s something Virgos normally do with as much serious deliberation as is required for the selection of the President of the United States, in fact, with much more serious deliberation than has been the case with the latter in recent years.

Despite their differences and the tensions engendered by the soul-testing tugs of their squared natal Suns through the difficult 4-10 vibration, Gemini and Virgo share a lovely curiosity, an uncommon intelligence, and a certain charming and graceful manner, which allows them to skip happily, side-by-side, through the cornfields of the changeable land of Oz for a few thousand miles. But if they expect to still be together when they reach the presence of the Great Wizard (who is, of course, a Gemini), they may have to adjust and compromise now and then.

Gemini magicians, who are fascinated by all forms of marvels, should remember that the Tin Woodsman who strolled along the path with Dorothy and her friends was a Virgo—a kind and gentle, yet lonely soul, wistfully searching for a human heart. And it was the clever Gemini Wizard who perceived that the Virgo had possessed a heart all the time, without realizing it, hidden inside a suit of cold metal, yet larger than any of the others. That’s magic!

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man

… . . his way was with a pencil and a piece of paper, and if she confused him with suggestions he had to begin at the beginning again.

Now don’t interrupt, he would beg of her.

The first problem this man and woman face is the contrast between her gregariousness and his tendency to reclusivity. If he’s a typical Virgo male, barring a more convivial Moon Sign or Ascendent, he would really prefer, within his deepest subconscious, to live alone, without the necessity of having a constant companion tagging along beside him—even if she’s bright, pretty, soft and squeezable. A man can’t spend all his time squeezing a wife. Some hours must be spent in squeezing plans for future security into the proper molds.

Consequently, when the Gemini woman seeks periodic flings of freedom, her Virgo lover or husband may grumble a bit outwardly, but inwardly he probably sighs with relief. Now he can have a little peace and quiet, to figure out how many atoms make up a molecule, what caused the stock market to zip up or slip down last week, adjust his alarm clock, sort his laundry, count his cat’s whiskers and ponder the puzzles of the Universe in general, without all that constant chattering and flurry of activity. He may genuinely love his Gemini woman, but his heart contains hidden shelves, where she is not allowed to dust—or even peek. When she’s constantly dazzling him with her perfume, her squeezability, quick wit and mental agility, he gets confused and loses track of which opinion he has glued to what shelf, even the particular day and year he stashed it away there. And so, he may not question her whereabouts, so pleased is he to have a period of restful contemplation.

Not that there aren’t some Virgo men who display occasional, half-hearted spurts of jealousy. There are a few. But it’s a great mistake to become angry with the diversity of a Gemini female, when you analyze it, and Virgos are past masters at analyzing. Her need to communicate with a variety of people (and men do, after all, make up roughly half the human race) should not be interpreted as unfaithfulness or promiscuity—unless it’s certain that this is the case. Sometimes it is. Yet, surprisingly often, it is not. Admittedly, it can become so, if his Virgo criticism, hair-splitting and nagging cause her to feel her wings are being clipped. If there’s anything a Gemini female can’t stand, it’s having her wings clipped, cropped or folded. Birds must fly. Birds in cages constitute unbearable cruelty against Nature’s intent.

Still, for a man whose essential attitude and Sun Sign essence points him toward bachelorhood, the Virgo male is capable, when he chooses, of settling down into the groove of matrimony—or a shared life with a woman he loves—with an unexpected grace. Although he’s basically a loner and dislikes sharing his every thought with a mate, Virgo is of the Earth Element, and Earth stays where it was placed by Nature, unless an earthquake or a tornado dislodges portions of it. But is that the Earth’s fault? There it was, minding its own business …

I have thus far referred to their relationship as though it were marbled in matrimony, because most Virgos become uneasy living with a woman without benefit of clergy. Not all. Most. Geminis, however, normally do not find it difficult to sanction and champion free love or free marriage. Gemini is all for anything that has the word free in it. Therefore, whether to wed—or not to wed—may be a question of initial contention, once they’ve both been chemically magnetized into desiring union.

In the necessary confines of love or marriage, as with a business partner, the Virgo man will not ordinarily seek to dominate. He tends to be quite impeccably businesslike about his love affair or marriage, and unless he has an extremely afflicted horoscope emotionally, he will make an excellent partner, insofar as small comforts and conveniences are concerned, attending dutifully and diligently to birthdays and anniversaries, emptying the kitty litter and making sure they don’t run out of vitamins. Most Gemini women would, of course, prefer to have their birthdays and anniversaries observed through the customary process of passionate or sentimental memory, rather than through periodic checking of a date and appointment book with a red pencil. But who is she to complain? Dates are certainly not her own strong point, and she may get mixed up, from time to time, sending him a get-well card on her mother’s birthday or buying him a wedding-anniversary gift on the date they bought the house—and while we’re on the subject of homes, if they buy one, he will suggest it first, nine times out of ten. The tenth time, if she happens to be the one who initiates a consultation with a real-estate agent, check her Moon Sign or Ascendent. One or both is probably in the Earth Element. The typical Gemini female likes houses well enough, but prefers apartments, because she can change them once in awhile, say every few months or so. Needless to remark, Virgo men normally do not find this sort of musical tepee game feasible or practical. It will pay to remember that practicality—too little or too much of it—will be the true underlying cause for many of their arguments. He has too much to please her and she has too little to suit him, if he is a typical Virgo and she is a typical Gemini.

As for their sexual compatibility, a Virgo can be, with all his innate sweetness, courtesy, consideration and punctuality, an impossible lover or husband for a temperamental woman. Of course, not all Geminis are temperamental. Or rather, one of her Twin selves may be emotionally temperamental—and the other may be detached. Virgo males, you see, are not overly emotional. Nor is the average Virgo unduly affectionate. Legend claims that Narcissus was a Virgo, helplessly in love with his own image. I personally believe Narcissus was a Leo, but aside from all that, it is true that Virgo men are often accused of being cold and self-centered. (Leo can be self-centered, but never cold.)

If the deepest spiritual secret of sex is the mutual abandonment of the self for the mate, resulting in a fusion of minds, souls, and bodies into perfect Oneness (which, as a matter of fact, it is), the typical Virgo has yet to master this esoteric mystery. Unless he’s carefully and tenderly taught, or unless he had an early Scorpio sweetheart, it may elude him for a number of years, perhaps for a lifetime. He unconsciously shrinks from the concept of total surrender as he shrinks from the idea of using someone else’s Vicks salve. I know a Gemini woman (this is not a fable) who once told me her Virgo husband insisted on labeling the two Vicks salve jars in the medicine chest HIS and HERS. Nearly every Virgo was frightened in the womb by a mean germ (and a scattering of Aquarians were also).

Not only does this man mistrust surrender, sexual or otherwise, he’s not too hung up on the initial step of conquest either … so he may fail to arouse enthusiasm in himself, or in others. This might not go over well with an Aries, Leo or Scorpio female, but it could be the reason the Twins fell in love with him in the first place. Not all, but the majority of Gemini women feel more secure, in or out of wedlock, whether they realize it or not, when they can play love as a pretend game. Gemini lovemaking is airy and light, delicate, ethereal. Since a Virgo man is beautifully adept at the art of light lovemaking, he can succeed with her where other men have failed because they refused to play the make-believe game with her.

Instinctively, she could feel emotionally safe with this man, and they may offer one another a sense of security that forms a foundation for the later development of a deep passion between them—which might never have flowered in her with a more sexually serious male—or with a more passionately demanding female, speaking for his side of the matter. She might find some of his habits, like showering both before and immediately after their physical togetherness, a little disconcerting—but then, he could also find her habit of interrupting their goodnight kiss, or preliminary to an intimate union embrace, with an account of a weird dream she had last weekend to be somewhat dampening and discouraging too. Neither of them will be totally emotionally destroyed if this should happen to postpone their kiss or embrace until the following morning.

Yes, they will have their small differences. Most Gemini females enjoy sleeping late and are subject to periodic attacks of insomnia. Virgo men suffer from insomnia too, when they’re worried about something, which is frequently—but this man would rather be caught wearing red-and purple-flowered Levi’s as be caught sleeping till noon, both of these choices of behavior being, more or less, mortal sins to the Virgin. If he’s the kind of Virgo who insists on a neat house and punctual meals, he’ll soon learn that this woman won’t see the need for absolute perfection in such areas. She’s certainly capable of being an exquisite hostess and when she chooses, she can create a delightful home atmosphere.

Surprisingly, the usual, petty, day-to-day irritations may not cause any major quarrels between them. A Virgo man doesn’t really demand a whole lot from either love or marriage, except maybe his own Vicks salve jar—and neither does she. He would appreciate, of course, some punctuality concerning meals, at least a semblance of faithfulness. But, in general, a Gemini woman is adaptable enough to cope with things that could cause despair in other females, and he’s practical enough not to expect love and marriage to be made either in heaven or in hell, but somewhere in-between. Barring severe planetary afflictions between their birth charts, these two will probably not be overly demanding of one another, compared to other Sun Sign combinations.

Her swift personality changes and many moods could puzzle and annoy him. His quiet spells of introversion, during which he refuses to communicate, could flash her into many an instant, but normally quickly dispersed, thunderstorm. There are times when he’ll bore her to tears, and she’ll agitate him into indigestion—and it’s also possible that their lives together may be one long guessing game of verbal chess and emotional jai alai. Yet, it’s equally possible that she’ll supply the excitement and the zest for living that this man desires so wistfully and needs so very much—whereas he’ll supply the stability of purpose she’s seeking, even though she’s not aware she’s seeking it.

Gemini is Air, Virgo is Earth, and these two elements have little in common. But this is a 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, and mutual respect may, therefore, be the magnet that brings them together, while duty or responsibility of some kind, related to family ties or career, may hold them together.

A Virgo man is more truthful than a Sagittarian man, more basically honest than even the Archers. To him, telling the truth saves a great deal of trouble. His grandmother used to singsong, Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive, and he decided way back then that deception was an unnecessary burden. In no way does he wish to become tangled up in any sort of web. Certainly not one of his own making. And so, the typical Virgo will place the straight facts of any situation right on the table, with no hedging. It’s not a habit designed to endear him to anyone, but one of his most admirable qualities is that he doesn’t much care if he endears himself to everyone—just to a few close friends. If they like him, and if he can serve them as best he knows how, that’s enough for him. He doesn’t need to win popularity contests to be contented with things the way they are, and make the best of Life. In fact, he often makes much better than the best of Life—and of love—if he’s handled gently, softly—and not engulfed in waves of emotion that cause his quiet charm and beautiful manner to retreat into a self-made cave to avoid conflict. When the conflict is something other than emotional, however, he’ll press ahead and will rarely turn back from what he believes is the right course.

The path of the Virgo male is seldom strewn with flowers, nor does he stop on the way to pluck posies of praise for his services. Still, his heart will be lighter, and his spirit brighter, if he allows a Gemini woman to dance along beside him and fill those lonely moments with her lovely laugh, her way of catching a breeze in her hands, and phrasing the sound of a cool woodland stream in her voice, even when she’s only saying Good morning, darling. The word impossible doesn’t exist for her. If something can’t be accomplished one way, then she’ll think of a new way, a better way. It’s a talent he should find beautifully helpful. She’s incorrigible, irrepressible—but also irresistible. With a harmonious Luminary exchange between their horoscopes, they can, perhaps, find a familiar country in each other’s smiles that will be a wonderful adventure to explore together.

But the Gemini female is Twins, sometimes even triplets. And a Virgo man has enough trouble coping with just one woman. He wasn’t born to be able to handle a harem—or a mate with a multiple personality. To achieve happiness with him, the Gemini woman must first decide who she is, then forever after remain indivisibly his.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

… . . and so Wendy, who always liked to do the correct thing, asked Peter how old he was. It was not really a happy question to ask him; it was like an examination paper that asks grammar, when what you want to be asked is Kings of England.

This is not a love affair that will automatically be draped in clouds of rainbows and blankets of flowers, for these two face the severe test of the 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern influence, with both its trials and its benefits, each of which can be considerable. They have a rather rough romantic row to hoe. That doesn’t mean they can’t raise cabbages together, but it does mean that their garden of love will need frequent weeding.

It could begin with quarrels about whether the crop they plant should be roses or veggies. Obviously, veggies make more sense. She is a Virgo, concerned over possible world famine, termites in the attic, inflation—and the missing button from his shirt. Veggies are clearly the answer. Not to the shirt or the termites perhaps, but to inflation and the specter of starvation. What can you do with a rose, when the wolf is pounding on the door?

Smell it. You can smell it. The Gemini man can inhale the fragrance of a rose while poverty closes in, in much the same way that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Of course, all this gardening talk, as well as Nero’s fiddle tune amid the flames, is merely symbolic. But then, everything is symbolic, academic or rhetorical, to Gemini. He was born wrapped in riddles, mewing with metaphors and anagrams, and swaddled in analogies. She was born, he may think at times, of an unlikely union between a computer and a scrub brush. A self-programming computer.

That’s not meant to imply that this man and woman don’t find each other fascinating, only that they also find each other frustrating. Most Gemini men have forgotten their birth dates, either innocently or deliberately, by the time they reach the age of twenty-one or so on the illusionary chronological calendar. Counterwise, many Virgo women have memorized the exact hour, minute and second of birth— and besides that, they believe eternal youth is not only impossible, but would be a bore. He finds it both possible and enchanting. You can see that clocks, stopwatches and Einstein’s theory of relativity can create one of the chasms between them. There are others.

It’s a rare Virgo female who becomes enthralled over the idea of tossing a feather into the air and striking out in the direction it points to as it lands. If she’s a typical Virgin, she’s not fond of geographical hopscotch. When she travels, she prefers to utilize a travel folder, a travel agent, and the holiday-weekend-family-cut-rate plan. The airlines invented just for Virgos what they refer to as their chicken-feed flight (approximately between about 2 A.M. and 6 A.M.), when the world’s asleep, but Virgos are alert to economy. As for the Twins, Virgo’s Gemini man would secretly like to follow the feather, and as for mode of travel, he’s the one those have breakfast in London and lunch in Italy posters are designed to attract.

When they first fall in love, often through mutual curiosity, she’ll be thrilled with the possibilities of casual, careless living he so charmingly endorses, while he’ll be flattered with her rapt attention, her alert mind, and her very feminine manner. But after a time, she may begin to question the wisdom of synchronizing her life to a man who seems to be eternally wandering—either physically, mentally or emotionally—his thoughts and actions no more predictable than the weather. He may later feel her attention is a mite too rapt, her mind perhaps too alert to allow him his needed privacy now and then, in which to do his abstract thinking. Then they may become tangled up in the roses-veggies hassle, symbolically. All quarrels between lovers are based on matters which in themselves are not important but have been chosen because they symbolize the deep-seated and real problems which are the true cause of the tension between them—some underlying truth that neither wants to face, for whatever reason.

Despite her analytical, razor-slicing mind, the Virgo woman is ultrasensitive and in need of appreciation. A Gemini male may be somewhat unsuccessful in this area, because he’s an Air Sign. Although Air Signs are not unsympathetic, there is a certain detachment and aloof coolness about them, which can leave an Earth Sign like Virgo feeling empty, somehow unfulfilled. There are times when he will be truly incapable of understanding both her depth and her strength. Then he’ll try discussion and compromise, often failing altogether to touch the source of the trouble. Even so, his combined intellectual ability and charm will enable him to pacify her temporarily, until she’s had time to analyze the errors and flaws in his facile arguments.

If she doesn’t take him too seriously, their relationship can be mentally exciting, emotionally intriguing, and lots of fun. But Virgo takes everything seriously, and she’s certainly not going to make an exception of a lover or husband. Perhaps he should take her more seriously. Virgos often give the impression they have committed themselves until death do us part, then shock the partner with a divorce action as neat and quick (and as unkind) as snapping off the head of a flower. Most everything Virgo does is neat and quick. In that, these two are very much alike. Both can be impatient with routine, and neither of them are sloppy thinkers or dressers.

Sexually, she requires more physical demonstrations of affection than he—and he requires more variety and poetry in lovemaking than she. Not that he expects her to sleep with a copy of Rossetti under her pillow, nor does she require him to conquer her like Valentino, but there are indisputably subtle differences in their approaches to the physical chemistry of love. A Virgo woman does not necessarily want to be treated as a Virgin by the man she loves. True, her sexuality, as a whole, is not dramatically intense or excessively passionate, but she wants to know he is there. Not just his mind, heart and soul—all of him. Although Virgo women, like Virgo men, can take sexual love lightly, they are somewhat more earthy about it than the airy Gemini. Also, this woman feels more confident and relaxed, and therefore can be a more satisfactory love partner, if she feels some degree of security and familiarity in their intimate relationship. This is not always possible with a Gemini, who is, lest we forget, two-people-in-one (sometimes three or four) and changeable enough to project desire one night and cool disinterest the next.

Such behavior can throw a Virgo female into a trauma of quiet desperation, causing her to blame some defect in herself as the reason for the change in his ardor. Virgos can be critical of others, but their sharpest criticism is always reserved for themselves. Something will always be held back, in reserve, between these two. Total abandonment and forgetfulness of the self is rarely achieved in their sexual union, and so their physical compatibility, while deeply fulfilling perhaps in some ways, may be somewhat emotionally guarded and controlled.

Mentally, however, very little will be held back between them. Neither can be said to be a slouch in the language department. There are some Gemini-Virgo couples who use words as weapons, with deadly aim. Words hurt. But words can also heal, and these two Sun Signs can use them for better or for worse. No one can tenderly coax a timid Virgin out of her rigid reservations into the blooming rose garden of self-confidence more expertly and smoothly than a Gemini man—and no one can soothe the frequently jangled nerves of this Mercurial male more gently and wisely than a Virgo female, when they’re both motivated by love.

There’s no doubt that they’ll probably respect one another’s mental abilities, yet they may too often stifle open expressions of affection in each other. Neither he nor she may comprehend the need for depth in an emotional relationship. She’ll attend to all her necessary duties regarding him, neglecting no details. She’ll sew on his missing buttons, give him excellent advice concerning his career, if and when he should ask her, seldom or never pressing her opinions upon him uninvited. She’ll be a stimulating companion at the theatre or watching television … and be able to converse with him most intelligently about the books, magazines and newspapers they read. Still, there may be a hint of duty in her devotion, as steady and admirable as it is.

He’ll find time to talk with her about all her worries, will probably encourage discussions between them about anything that’s on her mind, and allow her lots of room for the free development of her own ideas, ideals and goals. He won’t smother her with undue jealousy or possessiveness, but he may cause her to feel boxed-in with his sometimes excessive prying and probing, on a verbal level.

After the first glow of romance has worn off, the Virgo woman could begin to complain to her Gemini man that he’s spreading his mental energy too thin. She, too, has a thirst for knowledge, but she’s not inclined to scatter it, and it may seem to her that his is a mere craving for continual excitement and novelty. Also, she may not share his enthusiasm for trips and traveling.

Most Virgos possess a strange empathy for children, strange because they are so adult in every way themselves. But a child always brings out a Virgo woman’s latent potential for loveliness and beauty, an unsuspected talent for imagination, and a great tenderness—an ability to listen with genuine interest to all the despairs and delights of a young mind, as well as the wisdom to gently guide it into refreshing streams of thought. Since every Gemini man is a child, a little boy, at heart, these qualities within her can’t but appeal to him enormously. However, with him, she must deal, not just with one child but with Twins. Repeatedly, she may attempt to teach him the value of discrimination, and find that he has no real desire to discriminate. He may, in turn, try to teach her to be more open, more expansive, to value personal freedom—and to acquire the grace to impulsively follow a dream. But Virgos open up very slowly, like a creaky door, and he’s always in such a dreadful hurry. Besides, to her, freedom will never be as valued as security. Conversely, to Gemini, security is often synonymous with a mental San Quentin, restricting all possibility of a change of plans, which is what he feels makes life worth living.

A Virgo woman is the kind to surprise a lover or husband by bringing him breakfast in bed, but, unfortunately, few Gemini men like to sleep late. He’s more likely to leap out of bed, shower, bike or jog around the block a few laps or catch the morning headlines before things like toast and cereal occur to him. His sometimes curt or detached reaction to her gentle courtesies may hurt her more than he suspects. Since his Mercury-ruled mind is so analytical, a Gemini man who has been paid the tribute of being loved by an also Mercury-ruled Virgin should analyze her true nature more carefully if he wants to keep her.

Some Virgo women remain chaste and romantically aloof for years, then risk everything on a single, unexpected and impossible passion that soon dies. And so, she may not be, inwardly and actually, as emotionally cool and controlled as she appears to be at times to him. The Gemini man is equally as likely to find true love eluding him, until he’s no longer Peter Pan, and Wendy has grown up to marry someone else, who cared more about her than about his adventures.

Such painful disappointments can cause both Virgo and Gemini to brood alone, tormenting themselves with longing and regret. Or it can cause them to seek a calm, safe and undemanding relationship with each other, which could be what they’ve both been searching for—if they only looked a little longer into one another’s eyes. But instead, they may avoid sustained gazing, fearing the eyes may reveal too much, while she sweeps the floors … . and he wanders around the house, whistling his little-boy-blue song … each reaching out their hearts, but unable to express what they’re really feeling openly.

Because their natal Suns were squared at birth, a certain amount of tension and lack of comprehension is unavoidable between these two. In the electronics of love, tension can short-circuit the emotions into silent darkness. But with a harmonious Sun-Moon interchange between their horoscopes, this man and woman could achieve a lasting affection and contentment through their union. It may never be the turbulent, soaring ecstasy of Scarlett and Rhett, but love need not always be explosive.

Sometimes, happiness can be a calm and quiet thing, a moment of rest upon the wind, that makes sunset less sad and haunting … and brightens the sunrise with a gentle promise.

Gemini Libra
Air—Mutable—Positive Air—Cardinal—Positive
Ruled by Mercury Ruled by Venus
Symbol: The Twins Symbol: The Scales
Day Forces—Masculine Day Forces—Masculine


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