Dating Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man is not only determined but has patience as well. Although he may not be the most outgoing individual, a Capricorn will pursue what he wants to all lengths to achieve success. They are a bit shy but deep down a Capricorn Man wants admiration as much as anyone else. At work, these individuals are some of the most reliable workers and can be trusted to see the completion of a given task.

A Capricorn man has a wide range of characters that include;

Positive Traits

  • Determined and Hardworking
  • Ambitious
  • Realistic and Responsible
  • Patient

Negative Traits

  • Stubborn
  • Headstrong
  • Selfish

A Capricorn man in a relationship is in it to stay. He is a family man and is always there to ensure that the family is stable and provided for. Although he wants to be complimented, he may not appear to take it to heart once one is given and will most likely pass it as a joke. He is the type of man that wants to be in control of his emotions and will display a tough man on the outside. He is a romantic type and he will take the right strategies to get the woman he wants.

He loves natural beauty given that he finds beauty in the simplest of things. They are attracted to the mind rather than the body of the woman and hence a lady will rarely win his heart by exposing herself or being flashy. For a lady who likes these men, they can be sure that he appreciates efforts. This said a Capricorn man does not mind a lady approaching him given that he is more of an introvert. A lady who is direct, feminine and friendly catches his heart head on and she can be sure that he will reciprocate with affection once he is comfortable enough.


Capricorn Man Your First Date

The first thing a lady should know about this man is that he is not just looking to play games. The first date can be at a nice place, but not too extreme to overwhelm him. If possible, the lady can prepare something nice for him, he will love this. She does not have to put on too much make up for the date; she can just be well dressed and presentable. He may not show too much emotion during this date and the lady should not take it to mean he does not like her. However, he also wants to feel special and will appreciate conversations revolving around a strong, stable future with a nice family.

For a lady with feelings for a Capricorn man, and would love to develop the relationship further, she should be aware of a number of his traits. Unlike the men in the other signs of the zodiac, this man does not have many negative traits and with the right woman, a good stable relationship will be developed and can last for a very long time. The following are some of the traits held by a Capricorn man to help ladies understand him better and how to live with him.

Determined and hardworking

These men are determined and will work hard for what they believe in until they make it happen. This applies to the relationship. A Capricorn man believes in the values of a family. He will always be working hard for the relationship to be successful and will be content to settle. The lady in his life should also demonstrate the same values so as not to let him down. Showing him the same amounts of effort will motivate him to give his all into the relationship.


At work, these guys are some of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals. He might stay late at work just to finish up. In this case, the lady needs not to worry about him putting in long hours at work. He is dedicated to his family and will always be loyal to his wife/ partner. She does not have to worry because he will rarely cheat. The lady should support him, but also try to catch his attention.

Realistic and responsible

One of the most common traits of these men is that they are realistic and will not take games lightly. They want to feel that the relationship they are in is for real and not just a short lived fling. They want a strong and stable relationship. A lady who is just looking to have a quick fling with this man should better be advised that he is not for games. Once he is sure that she wants the same out of the relationship as he does, he will not hold back from showering her with care and love. He is also responsible and will not hold back from supporting her and ensuring that she is well taken care of.



Patience is something that many people lack. It is a quality characteristic that many people seek to have but have yet to achieve. Capricorn men possess the ability to practice patience. They are able to bear and endure the test of time to achieve the goals they have their eye set on. A woman who wants a mate with the ability to not lose their temper while waiting will find herself happy with a Capricorn.


In a relationship, a Capricorn man can be quite stubborn. He may not want to settle down just yet until he has achieved a number of goals. This might prove to be a headache for his mate. However, she should not take this to mean he does hot love her or that he is not interested. He just needs time and support to attain the goals and then he will settle. Once he loves, a Capricorn man will not look back. She can be sure he belongs to her if he has already showed interest.


A Capricorn Man is hard to change. He will not be easily changed once he has set his mind on something. He will go for it head on and will not hold back. In such a situation, the lady can support him and or support him in his quest. He does not want to feel that he is being held back or that she does not trust him. Once they cooperate, they will have a smooth relationship. On the other hand, she can try explaining to him how she feels about it without appearing to hate the idea or showing negativity. This might make him act snobbish and he will not want to listen or talk about it.


A Capricorn Man can be known to exhibit selfishness at times.  They can easily get wrapped up into only caring about themselves. This can sometimes be due to their hardworking endeavors. When they get wrapped up in reaching their goals they can easily forget about the wants and needs of others. For some women this can prove to be a deal breaker.


In conclusion, this can be the best life partner a lady can ever get. However, she needs to be sure about having a long lasting relationship with him since he tends to be very controlling and dominating. He wants to be the king of his empire and to build his kingdom. The lady will therefore have to find her spot in a place where she can fit in and have some level of confidence and control but not to control him.


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