Dating Libra Man

Libra Man are very interested with how they interact and relate to others. They do not like to be alone and will often be found conversing with others on just about anything. Libras love balance and hence are at their best when paired. They are also excellent team players and epitomize fair play. A Libra is also complete when coupled with the right partner.

However, for a lady in love with a Libra, things may be confusing at first. The lady may not know fully whether he is in to her or not. This is one characteristic of a Libra man. During the initial stages, he tends to be on and off in the relationship until he has no doubt in his mind that she is the one. He wants to be very sure she is the one and until he does, the relationship will feel like a wild swinging pendulum. A Libra man has his positive and negative traits and these include;

Positive Traits

  • Easygoing
  • Kind
  • Talented
  • Understanding

Negative traits

  • Flirtatious
  • Temperamental
  • Indecisive

Libra men appreciate beauty and will love forms of art and beautiful music to lift his moods. Moreover, a nice picnic as a surprise will be one way to get his attention. Small things such as a drive- in movie will also fascinate him as he and his lady have a good time out.

The Libra men tend to be charming and may attract a lady even without saying a single word to her. For a lady with a thing for a Libra, approaching him may not be a problem, but she should not rush into it. There are a number of characteristics she should know about these men before starting anything.

Libra’s appreciate beauty and thus the lady should try to be as presentable as possible. These men are very flirtatious and the lady should not make any assumptions at first. She can start by befriending him to give him an opportunity to get to know her well. They love interesting activities and thus the lady can suggest something interesting such as a picnic.

Libra Man Your First Date

The first date should be at an interesting place. This can be a beautiful park with a place for two. The lady should be beautifully dressed for the occasion with some lovely perfume. If possible, she can make a good meal for a candle lit dinner. She can be sure that he will definitely admire and appreciate her efforts. Moreover, given that they love to be seduced, she can try showering him with love and affection and they will reciprocate with their romantic nature.

Now that she has successfully had that first date with him, a lady who wants to maintain a serious long lasting relationship with this man will have to learn a number of traits about him to avoid misunderstandings later in the relationship. These will help her understand him well and be in a better position to know how to deal with him once a relationship has taken toll.

Easy going

These men are very understanding and always ready to make peace whenever necessary. Their easy going nature presents them as a down to earth kind of man but this should not be taken to mean that they can be controlled. They hate being controlled and ordered around. This tends to push them away to a place where they can find peace and balance.  Moreover, they also expect the women they are dating to be understanding and easy to converse with to reach a given conclusion.


This is another trait that Libra men are known for. They can be the most caring individuals given that they are always ready to listen and help in finding a solution. The lady can expect him to support her with affection and love. When making love, they will not rush in to it and will take their time to make sure that she is cared for both physically and emotionally. Libra men love to feel that the same love and affectionate in being reciprocated towards them. This keeps them interested and ready to share much more. The lady must be careful to show love and affection back to him. If she doesn’t this will discourage him and he will feel like he is not in the right relationship.


Libra men are known for being extremely talented. It doesn’t matter whether its drawing, writing, or some other form of creativity these men have it under control. They have many talents that they love to showcase and for the ones that they love they surely will let it be known. For the lady that has the eye of a Libra she can expect to get many creative gifts that he creates whether it is a poem, a drawing, or whatever it is that he has as a talent.


When it comes down to relationships, having a partner that understands can be very helpful. Libra men are known for being very understanding. Whenever you need to get your point across to a Libra all you have to do is attempt to explain yourself and chances are they will understand. This is a very rare trait that happens to be something that Libra men have naturally.


This is one of the highly outstanding traits of a Libra man. They love interacting with others since they don’t like to be alone. As a result of these traits, their partners may not take it too well. Flirting with other women may annoy and upset the lady they are already dating but this is nothing to worry about. Once they find the right partner, they rarely cheat given that they find her to be the perfect partner. The lady can distract him from this by giving him more attention and conversing with him about interesting things in his life such as the talents he has.


Although they love peace and tend to be understanding, a Libra man can be easily angered. This may happen when they are confronted or pushed to do something they don’t want to do. A Libra will admit when he is wrong to the lady, but she can be sure that he will lose his cool when pushed around. In the relationship, the lady should try and deal with him in a non-confrontational way that he can understand. She can also reason out with him, but never accuse him without having discussed the issues with him. Remember ladies, he loves conversing; he will also do so if issues arise.


The Libra men can also be termed as picky given that they are always on and off at the initial stages of the relationship. However, during the relationship, they are not quick to make decisions on a given concern and may not be able to make decisions concerning tough issues. This may be a negative trait within a relationship, but the lady can deal with this by giving him time to make up his mind. He wants everything to be balanced and being rushed to make decisions will not go down well with these men.


Libras, like the other signs, have their good and bad traits. For a woman who is choosing to be with a Libra she should keep these in mind. They are known to be kind, caring, and affectionate. But they can also be indecisive, flirtatious, and temperamental. For a lady who doesn’t deal well with a flirty man or one that is not confident this might not be the man for you. Keeping these key traits in mind before a lady makes her decision to be with a Libra will help her make a wise choice.



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