Cancer and Capricorn

They were the most ordinary questions—What was the colour of Mother’s eyes? Which was taller, Father or Mother? … (A) Write an essay of not less than 40 words on How I spent My Last Holidays, or The Characters of Father and Mother compared.. (1) Describe Mother’s laugh; (2) Describe Father’s laugh; (3) Describe Mother’s party dress ……

By the way, the questions were all written in the past tense.

As with all 7-7 Sun Sign Pattern Earthlings, the Crab and the Goat are 180 degrees apart on the karmic wheel of Life. In astrology—for that matter, also in astronomy and math—180 degrees is half a circle or an opposition. Now, in human contact, a Sun Sign opposition need not be negative. It very often is, but it need not be. Will all Crabs and Goats please read that last sentence over several times?

An opposition indicates that two opposing forces are at war. In this case, those forces are the Moon and Saturn, rulers of Cancer and Capricorn, respectively. It’s hard to imagine anything farther apart than the Moon and Saturn. Among other things, the Moon (Cancer) represents dreams, change, movement or travel, memories, reflections, softness, and dependency. Among other things, Saturn (Capricorn) represents realities, stability, caution, waiting, determination, hardness, and self-sufficiency. Like all other blends of the 7-7 vibration, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) a choice must be made by Cancer and Capricorn as to which of these opposing forces, consisting of the Lunar and the Saturnine, will become the dominant force of their association—or the association itself will become a battlefield over which symbolic cannon balls are shot back and forth indefinitely.

And so, the Crab and the Goat must decide whether the Moon or Saturn is to rule their relationship, even though they may still choose to be individually ruled by the Moon and Saturn both—and equally.

I realize this all sounds terribly complicated. No one ever claimed a 7-7 vibration is easy to work out harmoniously. But my greatgrandma used to say that nothing gained easily is really worthwhile. Will all Crabs and Goats please read that sentence over several times also?

There is a desirable side to any kind of opposition, which is that opposites do complement one another. Each has what the other yearns for—needs, wants, desires—and is therefore secretly anxious to acquire. Just form a mental image of that, if you will. Two people, each possessing what the other wants. If neither is selfish, if both are generous—if they give to one another and share equally—what could be happier? It’s rather nice to be someone’s magic genie and have that someone be your genie too, at the same time, supplying all your needs, while you supply his (or hers). It’s the same with the polarities of anything on Earth. Take a thermometer. You have Hot, and you have Cold. When they meet in the middle, you have Warm—the temperature of eternal Spring. Lovely thought! And that’s just what can happen when Winter (Saturn) and Midsummer (the Moon) meet each other halfway.

Yes, Cancer symbolizes Midsummer, just as Gemini symbolizes late Spring and early Summer, Leo symbolizes Summer in full bloom—and Virgo symbolizes Indian Summer. This seasonal Sun Sign conceptual is fully explained in The Twelve Mysteries of Love in the front section of this book. But it may be important to remind the Crab and Goat of it again here.. that Cappy means Winter and the Crab means Midsummer.

Despite the opposition of their Sun Signs and Lunar-Saturnine rulers, and in addition to the complementary nuances of opposites being a plus to their association—Cancer and Capricorn are alike in certain ways, as much alike in these ways as they are different in many others. Both the differences and the similarities are strikingly pronounced in this particular 7-7 vibration.

They were both born under the Negative-Feminine Night Forces, meaning that each has a soft inner core, and is rather good at hiding the softness—meaning, too, that the feelings and emotions of both run very deep. They are also both Cardinal, therefore both Cancer and Capricorn like to lead. The Goat prefers to lead unobtrusively; likewise, the Crab tends to lead in subtle ways, and so their mutually shared leadership motivation may be hidden when they first meet. It will not remain long hidden.

It’s difficult for an association to contain two leaders of equal stature. Consequently, something will have to give a little. It will more likely be the Crab. For a while, however, it’s an amusing scene for the astrologically alert to watch from a distance. Picture, if you can, two leaders each attempting—in great secrecy—to lead the other, without letting the other suspect that he or she is being led. Gradually, each of them becomes aware of the leadership motive of the other, never mind how cleverly hidden—and then the quiet, yet intense and determined battle for supremacy between them begins. Truly, it is as fascinating to observe as a movie—more fascinating than most films Hollywood has been making recently. (For meditation purposes, Gerald Ford is a Crab; Richard Nixon, a Goat.)

Throughout all these carefully mapped strategies, it would behoove the Crab to remember the Goat’s sure-footed reputation—and it would behoove the Goat to remember that the Crab always takes a step or two sideways and backward before advancing straight ahead. It will be a thrilling battle of wills. There won’t be as much fanfare as with the Fire and Air Element oppositions in the other 7-7 Sun Sign Patterns (Cancer is Water, Capricorn is Earth) but quiet and steady contests can contain more suspense.

Some of the traits of the Crab and the Goat are neither similar nor dissimilar, but simply supportive of each other. For example, Cancer likes comfort and security in great abundance. Capricorn is intensely ambitious, and since ambition has a way of being one of the quicker routes to all degrees of comfort and security, this is one thing which may hold these two together, as well as attract them initially.

They are both attached to yesterday, the Moon-ruled because of a liking for history in general, plus a sort of personal nostalgia—the Goat because of the lessons to be learned from experiences of the past and a touch of hero worship. (Actually, Cappy admires the achievers of past and present equally, but yesterday’s heroes and heroines have more glamour.) They also share a strong attachment to the family hearth and relatives. Cancer leans toward sentiment for the maternal, Cappy leans toward sentiment for both the maternal and the paternal, the whole family tree—especially if a coat of arms hangs from one of the branches. Some Goats are decidedly snobbish about fame and prestige—the whole status trip. It’s hard to detect behind the typical Capricorn’s shy smile and gentle manners, but it’s there.

It’s not uncommon to find the combination of the Crab and the Goat involved in renovation of historical landmarks, laying cornerstones, heading a drive to establish a museum, writing history books, building business empires, collecting antiques, or actively engaged in local or national politics. This is a couple often found in bookstores (as the owners, of course) and especially in banks (on the board of directors). As individuals, the Crab may be drawn toward marine activities, near the water, while the Goat tends to climb the highest mountain of achievement in his or her vicinity. Capricorns abound in the jewelry business and junkyards. Goats, you see, have an odd way of finding something practical, something of value, in anything from diamonds to rusty parts of an old car. Strangely, they are also tuned in to art, one of the few aesthetic experiences which attracts them. But the typical Capricorn has no time for pop art like Andy Warhol’s tomato cans and tubes of toothpaste. To a Capricorn, art should be solid and substantial. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rembrandt—these are artists. Picasso and Dali are joking, aren’t they? Art, like everything else in life, is a serious matter to the Saturn-ruled. Imaginative Cancerians, although differently motivated, also appreciate the beauty of fine paintings and works of art, including music, and so lots of the people you see strolling through metropolitan galleries and attending concerts will be Crabs and Goats.

If the Cancerian and the Capricorn are children, the same rules apply. They’ll both excel in history class, and both Cappy and the young Crab will start early mowing lawns or delivering newspapers to earn money to stash away in their sock drawers.

Many Capricorns are by nature somewhat cold and suspicious, thanks to Saturn’s stern influence, and sympathetic, sensitive Cancer can provide a healing balm of love and understanding for the Goat. Cancer’s devotion to home and family will please Capricorn, who is equally loyal to family ties.

Unless one or both were born with the Moon or Ascendent in the Air or Fire Element, these two will never burn dollar bills for fun. Very few, if any, Cancerians and Capricorns are found resorting to public welfare or food stamps. Not only are they clever in financial matters, they also share a rather severe Puritan work ethic. They feel alike concerning the subject of money. Both enjoy stacking up lots and lots of it, and both prefer saving it to spending it. If any two people need to meditate on poet Kahlil Gibran’s words on the subject of working for material gain, they are Cancer and Cappy. They would benefit immensely from an attempt to comprehend that man must work with love or it is better that he sits outside the gates of the temple and takes alms from those who do …… for bread baked without love is a bitter bread, that feeds but half man’s hunger.

At first glance, those words will startle both the Crab and the Goat. Work for love? People work for money, not love. If a person also happens to enjoy his or her work, so much the better, but the first consideration is the financial compensation, isn’t it? No, it is not. To work with love is the first consideration, the cash return is secondary. And therein lies the problem. It isn’t that the Moon-ruled and Saturn-ruled don’t understand craftsmanship and laboring with the heart, as well as with the hands: It’s a matter of priorities. And these two are charged with the duty to make a strong effort to change them.

One of the most delightful things about the pairing of these undeniably divergent creatures, the Crab and the Goat, is that the outwardly controlled and stern, but inwardly gentle and lonely, Capricorn can find an escape from his or her seriousness in the rich and refreshing humor of the Moon people. Cancerian laughter is contagious, irresistible. There’s something about the Crab’s sense of the ridiculous that brings a merry twinkle to the eye of the Goat. Cancer clowns—Cappy grins. And the steadfast Capricorn heart, so sadly locked much of the time by the disciplined emotions, begins to warm, then to beat a little faster.

Few people ever guess the true extent of the Goat’s wistful longing to escape Saturn’s invisible restrictions, for such longing is also—even especially—kept under strict control. The compassionate smile of a Moon Child, who so well understands what it means to be lonely, can be an open door to a new and brighter world for Capricorn.

As for the Cancerian (unless his or her Luminaries are in negative aspect) from the first moment the Crab feels that powerful magnetic tug from his (or her) opposed Suns—in the classroom or office, in the family circle, the circle of friendship, or within the eternal circle of love, the searching Moon Child will search for a safe home, protected by the tough billy goat.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man

Ah, old lady, Peter said aside to Wendy, warming himself by the fire and looking down at her as she sat turning a heel, there is nothing more pleasant of an evening for you and me when the day’s toil is over than to rest by the fire with the little ones near by.

It is sweet, Peter, isn’t it? Wendy said, frightfully gratified. Peter, I think Curly has your nose.

Michael takes after you.

When a Cancerian woman is attracted to a Capricorn man (or to any man), she has the three M’s on her mind. Three dreams she has, as she tosses pennies into every available wishing well. Three goals in her hard little crab-shell head. These may vary in their order of importance with each female Crab, but all Cancerian women will be consumed with one of the six variations of the three NTs, which are as follows:


These, in their sextuplet priority variations, are the female Crab’s goals.

Her needs are slightly different from her goals. Her needs are the three S’s, and these do not vary in the order of their importance to the Moon Maiden. They’re each of equal value to her peace of mind.


One of the most endearing things about a Moon Maiden is that, although she very much needs and seeks the three S’s in every relationship, and although her goals are always the three M’s, she is willing to give her man a soft cradle of emotional comfort in return. She can be the most sympathetic, affectionate, loyal, and protective of women. When she’s on her best behavior, the female Crab is devoted—and better still, she’s also both adaptable and patient, surely a fine companion for the Capricorn man. A Taurus woman is patient, but not very adaptable. A Gemini woman is adaptable, but not very patient. The Cancerian woman possesses both admirable traits. As for devotion, many women are devoted to the men they love, but none so devoted as this one. The Goat, loving the home fires as he does, will be especially happy about her own deep feelings about family. Since Capricorn rules the Jewish people, and all Cancer women are Jewish mothers (whether they are mothers or not) you can see there are powerful magnetic forces pulling these two together from the start.

There’s always something slightly helpless and appealing in the Cancerian female, and the Capricorn man senses it sooner than most. What this woman needs is a strong man to lean on, someone who can smooth away all her worries and calm all her fears—who provides her with a shoulder to cry on now and then. But she’s not quite as helpless as she seems. Cancer, I keep telling you, is a Cardinal Sign of leadership. The Moon Maid would prefer to lead by guiding her man’s destiny gently, unobtrusively, in the background ….. if she’s in love. When she is not in love, a Cancer gal can be mighty ambitious in her career, and will do just about anything to get to the top of the heap.

Every Cancerian woman is secretly looking for a good provider, and this the Capricorn man certainly is. He is always ambitious (as much so as she is) and usually successful. In fact, he’s often the epitome of everything she would like to be, but cannot—for she is too vulnerable. Conversely, she represents to the Goat all the Lunar qualities he privately would love to call his own, but cannot—for he is not vulnerable enough. Therefore, almost from the moment these two meet, there is an unmistakable appreciation of one another, which is one of the strongest foundations for love.

A Capricorn man can be both conservative and domineering to a high degree. The Cancer woman doesn’t mind the first quality, since she’s rather unduly conservative herself. As for being dominated, she won’t stand for that in any association—except love. When this woman falls in love, she’ll at first submit to the Goat’s dominance out of a desire to keep peace, but gradually she’s likely to forget she’s playing a role, and slip into the submissive position for good—which is not really bad! Next to Pisces, no other woman so secretly enjoys being controlled and conquered by the male she adores. And if any man can be domineering, tender, and affectionate all at once, it’s this one. So it all works out in a favorable manner for both of them, usually. Barring, that is, a more fiery or aggressive Moon Sign or Ascendent in the horoscope of the female Crab.

It’s a funny thing about Capricorn males. However far out they may swing in an attempt to avoid the granite discipline of Saturn over their natures, they’ll swing right back again in important matters. In other words, whatever his temporary actions or behavior, a Goat is a Goat. Or—once a Cappy, always a Cappy. Like that. Normally, this man will strongly disapprove of the open marriage theory. He’s conservative where marriage is concerned, however much he tries to be with it in his speech at times. He essentially believes a woman’s place is in the home. Even should he permit his wife to work or to follow her own career, when the children appear, he’ll frown on a woman who expects someone else to fill the maternal role while she pursues her own activities. If he’s a typical Capricorn, he’ll believe that a mother’s place is with her children, at least while they’re very young. He won’t be happy about any frivolous or excessive spending of money either, whether it’s his—hers—or theirs. Even if his Moon Maiden earns her own cash, he’ll probably take it upon himself to caution and counsel her on the subject of extravagance.

Not that he’ll have many opportunities to chide her about spending money. She’s as careful with a dollar as he is (unless her Moon Sign or Ascendent is in Aries or Leo or Gemini, and then she’ll have periodic, minor nervous breakdowns over guilt each time she’s wasteful). With this woman, most of his financial lectures will be in the area of how much of their separate or combined income to save, and what would be the smartest investment for any surplus they accumulate. Being an Earth Sign, the chances are he’ll believe that real estate property—or land—is the safest thing to own for future security. If she argues with him, he may quote Will Rogers on the subject of whether or not buying land is wise—They’re not making any more of it. That sort of earthy, practical statement wins arguments by closing a subject abruptly, and it’s the sort of un-debatable observation Cappies are very good at making when they’re pressed for an answer.

He’ll approve of her habit of saving things. Capricorn believes firmly that a practical purpose can be found for anything at all, and nothing should be discarded until every possible use has been squeezed from it. If she’s a typical Cancerian, she’ll go along with that philosophy enthusiastically. In fact, unless one of them has a looser planetary influence in the birth chart, they might even save old toothpaste tubes in case they ever have a son who grows up to be a basketball player in high school. (He can use them to practice hook shots in the wastebasket.) I (truthfully) know a Cancerian woman, with a Capricorn Moon Sign and Ascendent, who actually washes and rinses out those little plastic Baggies that come on a roll (to cover vegetables, etc.) and reuses them over and over—until they split. She has them hanging out to dry all over the kitchen. One roll of Baggies lasts her, roughly, a couple of years. (Being an Aries, I go through a roll every week or so.) Someone I know recently suggested that the reason Richard Nixon saved those damaging tapes relating to Watergate was because, as a Capricorn, he simply could not discard them, and kept hoping he could in some way make them useful, or serve some practical purpose. No one has been able to come up with a better answer, even Mr. Nixon himself. Only a knowledge of the Capricorn essence provides any semblance of sense to the mystery of why didn’t he burn those (expletive deleted) tapes? The answer is simplicity itself (to Cappy). That would have been wasteful.

A Cancerian woman will adapt more easily than many another woman to the Capricorn man’s introversion, his inclination to take care of business and do the sensible thing. But she will not adapt so well perhaps to his lack of excitement over change. Ruled by the inconstant Moon, she needs occasional change in her life, and intervals of travel. Convincing him that their life would be richer by not remaining in one place too long or holding the same ideas always, could be somewhat difficult. Because this man will never completely escape Saturn’s restrictions over his inner nature, struggle as he may. Somewhere behind the façade of even an apparently extroverted Goat is serious old man Saturn. Always and inevitably. The shade of conservatism may be dyed a lighter pastel in some Cappies, but it can never be painted over entirely. He can be lovable, yes. Affectionate. Tender. Gentle. Whimsical and funny. All that. Nonetheless, he is ruled by Saturn, and there’s no avoiding it. Beneath the sequins and rhinestones of a Capricorn rock and roll star, for example, is hiding a portrait of grandpa, complete with pocket watch and chain … waistcoat … and scowl of disapproval for the foolish.

The sex life of a Capricorn man can range from frankly erotic and sensual—to tender and affectionate. If his Sun and Venus are both severely afflicted from the fifth or eighth horoscopic houses, he will indulge himself in multiple experimentation. But the typical Goat’s affairs are few, the intent nearly always permanency. Almost the identical thing can be said of the Cancer woman’s love life. It depends. However, her inner desire is for a lasting relationship, even if she goes through more frequent trial and error periods than she would like.. to find it. One thing is quite certain. This woman will greatly enrich the Capricorn man’s physical enjoyment of love. Although he’s capable of a deep and steady sexual expression and physical intimacy (his sex drive is strong, never halfhearted), he may lack the kind of sensitive imagination that makes mating between two people a trembling, ecstatic kind of sharing of themselves. This is a sexual dimension the Moon Maiden will add to their relationship, and the Goat will be touchingly grateful for the enlightenment. His strength and loyalty, the stability of his kind of Saturn love, will permit her to relax in his arms, without the fear of being hurt she might have with a less reliable lover or husband. He can supply the emotional insurance she needs, while she supplies the delicacy and romance he so needs, and lacks …….. and after a while, with enough sharing back and forth of this nature, their physical love will become a strong and lasting cord to bind them together.

I know a Cancer woman who is presently separated from her Capricorn husband. Their problems are numerous, but essentially minor … none that can’t be softened and healed with a little more understanding, a little less selfishness on both parts. Capricorn men can be hurtfully selfish. There’s always a tendency, to some degree, to use people, with little regard for the other person’s feelings. One of their heartaches was his inability to express love to her physically, after they’d had even the mildest sort of quarrel. He was like a stone, she told me, totally unresponsive to any tender overtures she shyly attempted. And so she would turn away, weeping silently, never letting him know. Recently she said to me, wistfully, All those times I was so sorry for myself.. crying myself to sleep, retreating further into my shell of hurt. But I’ve had lots of time to think since we’ve been apart. I know more now, and I’m sorriest for him.

She’s found the magic key to unlock his heart, at last. Now, if she’ll only use it. If she goes to him with her new understanding they’ll be closer than ever. When a Moon Maiden learns to stop feeling so sorry for herself and to direct her sympathy instead toward the Capricorn man she loves, she’ll realize the depth of his inability to release the emotional power and glory he feels within. It’s worth the effort of helping him release it. For no love has more grandeur, more endurance, than Capricorn love, which waits at the very top of the mountain to bless those with the patience and courage to climb high enough to experience it. It’s a rough trip, with plenty of rocky ledges.. and always the danger of falling …. but the view at the top is inexpressible, indescribable. Like a glimpse of eternity. Saturn gives stern tests, but immense rewards.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

Won’t you play me to sleep, he asked, on the nursery piano? and as she was crossing to the day-nursery he added thoughtlessly, And shut that window. I feel a draught.

A Cancerian male, whatever he may tell you, however much he may deny it, solicits and enjoys being babied and fussed over, and could at times take advantage of the Capricorn woman’s strong sense of responsibility. Cappy will try hard to please the man she loves, without complaints or self-pity, but if he requires her to lean too far over backward to cope with his changing moods she’ll balk, no matter how much she loves him.

In all fairness, both of them can be more than a little selfish. At first glance, no two people appear less selfish on the surface than the Crab and the Goat. He is normally gentle, considerate, and courteous, almost old-fashioned in his attitude toward women, especially toward his own woman. She is, in a way, his possession, and Crabs value their possessions highly. Nonetheless, he may demand a great deal more than he gives on occasion, expecting every sniffle and every cranky spell to be lullabyed and rocked away, and if she won’t do this, she just doesn’t love him, that’s all—at least, not as much as Mother loved him.

If she’s a typical Capricorn, she’s probably rather quiet and demure, even self-effacing.. always willing to help out in a time of trouble. (Goats are truly superlative in a crisis. Emergencies are their specialties, and bring out the very best in their characters.) Still, she won’t allow herself to be used beyond a reasonable limit, not even for the sake of love. She’s sharply aware of all her human rights, and refuses to be anyone’s doorstop. For all her attractive and soft feminine ways, she has a strong mind of her own. This is not a lady to flutter her lashes and hint about anything. What she really wants, she will either ask for directly—or go after, tooth and nail. What she likes, she will simply take, what she dislikes, she will remove from her life, in short order. There’s nothing pliable or submissive about her. She doesn’t noisily struggle against things which upset her. She just tunes it out, then takes care to avoid the person or situation, sometimes permanently. In this attitude, she is much like the Scorpio woman, except that the whole thing takes much less emotional toll of her in the process than it does of the Scorpion, who is always deeply affected, never mind what doesn’t show.

The Capricorn woman is not unduly sensitive, and so she may have to be careful with the Crab, because he is unduly sensitive, and quite easily hurt. He’s not nearly so thick-skinned as she is. If she should criticize or seriously contradict him, he usually won’t let the matter rest until she takes it back, tells him she loves him, and confesses that he has no real faults as far as she’s concerned. He’ll first try cajoling or being humorous, making little half-hearted jokes about it, then he’ll turn to stronger hints, and as a last resort—pouting. He’ll have all sorts of reasons to offer to defend his position, for this man will not rest in peace and calm until there is some sort of agreement after a quarrel. If she allows it to go too far, he’ll retreat into his shell, and no compromise is possible. Crabs hang on tenaciously to arguments and to their own opinions, as they do to most everything else.

But he’s a gentle man, and will blossom under the slightest praise and encouragement. The Capricorn woman who loves him will have to keep reassuring him, until he has no more need to force her to admit what a grand person he is, and how she adores him. Mother did this, you see. She was always telling him what a good boy he was, and how his enemies didn’t really understand him. In extreme cases, he’ll translate this to mean that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is his enemy, even the woman he loves. He wants the same understanding treatment as an adult he received as a child. It’s not terribly unreasonable of him. Wouldn’t we all like to be understood? The difference is that most of us give up on it early in life. The Crab expects it as his due, and never gives up seeking it. Respect. Understanding. Love. Affection. Appreciation.

The typical Capricorn woman is not an expert at this sort of thing. She’s practical and sensible; she feels he should know she loves him, and that if they disagree once in a while, it doesn’t mean she hates him. Excessive sensitivity and extremes of emotions make Cappy uneasy and nervous. It isn’t that she has no heart, she just doesn’t quite know how to react, exactly what to do or say—and she’s afraid of doing the wrong thing, so she would rather do nothing at all than to hurt him unintentionally.

She’s too modest. She has an efficient mind to aid her in finding answers where others fail, along with a reliable ability to concentrate and meditate on a problem until it’s solved, and usually her judgment is sound. So she should try a little harder to apply these talents to her emotional situations. It would make life in general a lot easier for both of them.

His need for her approval and appreciation isn’t an impossible obstacle between them. It just requires less sensitive pouting from him, a little more tenderness and compassion from her. Of course, if the truth be told, she needs to be appreciated too, but never in a trillion years will she admit it—and certainly never request it. The Crab is no more an expert at giving pats on the head than Cappy, because he never had to appreciate Mama or pat her on the head—he just accepted the goodies, which, I suppose, is why children will always take advantage of doting parents. The very best gift these two can give one another is an extra hug or kiss, a few extra kind words—more frequent smiles. They both need attention equally, the only difference being his lack of bashfulness about asking for it, and her reluctance to either confess to or openly display any undue emotional needs of her own.

The Capricorn woman is inclined to be rather plain as a girl, growing visibly more beautiful as the years pass, one of her ruler Saturn’s rare, but solid rewards. Along with her beauty, however, comes a very hard head (also a gift from Saturn). She is no mere fluff of feminine fancy. This gal is fortified with fortitude—and lots of it.

The Crab is inclined to be shy as a young man, growing more confident and sure of himself, and developing a marvelous sense of humor as the years pass. He’s loaded with charm, he has a soft way of speaking, and a softly soothing manner—yet his mind is quick and clever, and he, too, possesses a very hard head. It’s been said that Cancer has a soft heart and a hard head (which is surely better than a hard heart and a soft head!) but that the Capricorn woman’s head and heart are both rocklike. That’s not fair. Whoever said that probably tried to put something over on this lady, and she wasn’t buying his blarney. Her heart is a woman’s heart, but she’s learned not to wear it on her sleeve, where it’s susceptible to every blow. Could that be because it’s so very vulnerable to hurt? Yes, it not only could be, but it is.

There’s no denying that wisdom, caution, and self-protection are the Capricorn female’s inheritances from her ruling planet, Saturn, but she is, for all that, a woman … with all the feelings, all the dreams and longings of a woman. Femininity needn’t be synonymous with culpability. She possesses a timid (therefore, ultra-appealing) sort of sentiment, the kind which is all the more touching because it’s not indulged in casually. It’s not phony, but very real, and comes from her also very real ….. heart.

Cancer and Capricorn take their physical closeness as seriously as they do everything else, yet it’s hard for them to let on to each other what their intimacy really means to them. They don’t quite know how to say that their lovemaking causes them to take more notice of all kinds of beauty. She’ll say simply, Look at the way that sunbeam touches the top of the pine tree. I can almost smell the needles from here. Shall we take a walk?—when what she really means Is…. after we’ve been close, I feel so special, and the world looks so much brighter.

He’ll reply only, Yes, let’s take a walk. You’re right. It is a beautiful morning—when what he’s really saying is, you’re beautiful … I love you. Their physical relationship, especially if their Sun-Moon aspects are harmonious, can be rich and meaningful, the sort of deep experience that results from the powerful pull of those bar magnets of their astrological polarity—the opposition of their Sun Signs. It can be, in fact, so sacred to them, that sometimes they’re even uncertain if such passion really happened, or they only dreamed it.

He may wonder aloud about this some morning, lying beside her—and she’ll comment in her practical, common-sense, Capricorn way: Well, when you can’t believe a thing, I guess that means it was something special and good, because when it’s something bad, you don’t have to wonder—you’re only too sure it actually happened. Then she’ll snuggle closer to him, and murmur: I’m not certain about last night. Do you suppose it really did happen?—with one of her quiet little smiles. It’s like a secret code between them. He’ll answer her then, in a way that removes all doubt.

Both of them are, to some degree, wistful about yesterday, although his nostalgia may tug a little more frequently on his heart than hers does…. even making him wish, at times, he could go back there to live. If only there could be, somewhere, he sighs, a real estate agency that sells houses on a long-ago street, complete with all his memories of the past, come to life again. The Goat Girl is sensible enough to realize that yesterday always appears more beautiful in dreams than it was in actuality ….. so she’s more interested in creating a real present, which is the way yesterday only seems to have been, a solid improvement over the past. After all, the past didn’t include their discovery of each other. But the present does, and so, now, will the future. When she turns his vivid Lunar imagination around from yesterday toward tomorrow, they’ll be traveling in the spiral direction of the Circle, wherein is contained the alpha and omega answer to the riddle of love.

Cancer Aquarius
Water—Cardinal—Negative Air—Fixed—Positive
Ruled by the Moon Ruled by Uranus
Symbol: The Crab Symbol: The Water Bearer
Night Forces—Feminine Day Forces—Masculine


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