Libra Man and Leo Woman Compatibility Chart

The high levels of compatibility and their mutual attraction make this a power couple an excellent match, with instant connection full of positive energy and constructive ideas.


Sun Signs


  • Fire Sign —Fixed Sign —Positive
  • Ruled by the Sun
  • Symbols: Lion & Shy Pussycat
  • Day Forces—Masculine



  • Air Sign—Cardinal Sign—Positive
  • Ruled by Planet Venus
  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Day Forces—Masculine


Leo and Libra Love Match

It’s true. This couple with strong personalities, will find their love relationship has a better chance to achieve a long term stable relationship if they stay home together—not every night, mind you—but at least more often than they go out . They are both social butterflies, and as harmonious as their natures may be, too many parties can create the framework for anything from friction to fury, at least, given their personality traits make them have a hard time.

They are both highly intelligent signs looking for committed relationships, they can have a instant  connection, that if can also develop a strong sense of family life, can become a strong long-term relationship

Most Libran males (cardinal sign) adore to attend any kind of festivity and , from a sleigh ride to a clambake. This man is also drawn by intellectual soirees and enjoy the good things in life, like fund-raising meetings for the new school library, or campaign dinners for his favorite political candidate—particularly if he happens to be the political candidate looking tor the center stage.

The leo women, Lioness (fixed sign) will seldom turn down social gatherings either. She loves nothing more than being the center of attention and excitement, in equal doses, so any large or even medium gathering of people delight her. It’s a matter of numbers. Simple numbers. The more guests, the more possible compliments. Every Libra male has a touch of the playboy in his nature, every Leo woman a touch of the playgirl. I said a “touch.” Not that they don’t have their serious moments too; each is capable of dedicated, hard work. But let’s face it, neither was born to live forever in the wilderness, with only a wise owl for company.

Social Life

I’m not saying they have to stay home and read Hobbit books every night. It’s just that too many parties raise the risk of hearing the disharmonious chords of their Sun Sign symphony. What are the problems? Her jealousy—his appeal to women. Maybe I got that backwards. First, his appeal to women. Then her jealousy. After all, a Leo woman doesn’t become jealous for no reason. There has to be a reason. This man will supply her with a number of them.

Something about this libra partner seems to make every woman feel like Cleopatra. It can’t really be defined, except as a “charismatic … something.” (Most likely his ruling planet, Venus (a planet of love), is the culprit.) His mellow charm has this strange romantic effect on the feminine gender, even when all he’s saying is “Would you pass the pickles, please?” If he should flash one dimpled smile per pickle, the pickle passer is soon palpitating with interest, and this is not the sort of scene designed to make his Lioness purr. It is the sort of scene which could cause her dainty little polished cat claws to appear—and scratch! Then too, there’s the problem of the entourage of admiring men who gather around her when they go out together, a scene reminiscent of Scarlett O’Hara at the Wilkes barbecue. There’s no denying she encourages them with her tawny looks and gracious manner, the beaming sunlight in her glances. Once more, jealousy is a danger. Not her Libra man’s jealousy of her popularity—it’s his lack of jealousy that bothers her.

You see, most Libra men as the sign of justice believe it’s unfair to be jealous. They look at both sides.  and consider this to be a rational relationship. What right does he have (he ponders) to criticize her for innocent flirting at parties, when all those pickle passers begin to preen their feathers as soon as he enters a room? This sort of well-meaning tolerance will not please his Leo lover, since she tends to be flattered by a little healthy jealousy. Any Fire Sign female can understand that. It proves he cares. When the only response she gets is—”You go right on and dance with that interesting ski champion, darling. I’m discussing Greek art with this lovely lady sculptor. I mean, she sculpts the human body in marble. Isn’t that thrilling?”—the eyes of the Lioness will glitter a feral warning, her regal smile will turn feline icy … and if he has any sensitivity (and wants to keep her), he won’t waste any time cutting in on the next dance, and telling the skier to go buckle his boots. Of course, there are moments when the Libra man’s Scales tip a little, and his normal, cheerful disposition is out of kilter. Then he even may be resentful enough of her attentions from other men to take a punch at one—but these occasions are the exception, not the rule.


Romantic Relationship

Fortunately, this man has the cure for any minor troubles caused by their socializing. His talent as a peacemaker is unsurpassed, even when the fight he’s mediating is his own, with his mate. Somehow, someway, he’ll think of something touching or sentimental to say, something passionate or delightfully mad and marvelous to do. He’ll do it so gracefully, murmur it so melodiously, the injured Lioness will forget her wounds and melt.. right into his arms again. And love wins another victory. Actually, we might have predicted it, right along. This is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, with a scattering of chances for quarreling, but many more opportunities for making up.

Public figures often demonstrate Sun Sign compatibility lessons quite clearly, when we pay close attention. We can look to the famous Presidential couple, President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, as examples. He was born a Sun Sign Libran, she was born a Leo. On the one hand, Jimmy Carter believes adultery is wrong, a definite no-no for a good husband (or a wife, we trust). His genuine love for his Lioness is unmistakable. He is devoted to her, still romantically in love with her. On the other hand, he feels he has no right to judge those who do commit adultery, since he confessed in an interview for Playboy magazine (struggling desperately to be fair) that he has himself lusted “in his heart” for other women.

The sercet for this compatible signs to achieve their common goals is to have mutual respect and consideration for how their partner feels. Their true love makes them a perfect match with a love life based on mutual trust, and even though they might sometimes see things in different ways, this couple shares a special love connection and together enjoy the finer things that make each other a more than a only a good mathc, but great life partner.

When President, Carter sympathized sincerely with ERA’s goals, stating in July of 1976: “I will continue to oppose any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decisions on abortion.” On the other hand, he stated publicly, a few months later ”I never said I would actively oppose every possible constitutional amendment that was proposed on the subject of abortion.” Just trying to be fair, and see both sides! Gloria Steinem gritted her teeth, and Rosalynn Carter may have chastised him royally in the privacy of the White House jungle pride.

Just as her husband gained the reputation of being a typical Scale, with a perfect balance, Ms. Carter, being a typical independent Leo woman, would smile into the cameras like any proud Lioness who wants to be recognized as something more than her husband’s shadow. During the widespread gossip over her Libra mate’s “lusting in his heart” remarks, while he was struggling to be fair and nonjudgmental, she maintained a majestic, aloof silence. No press person dared ask this proud Queen what she thought of her Libra husband’s views on the subject of “lusting” (though they wouldn’t have hesitated to ask forthright, “good sport” Sag Betty Ford the same kind of question). Neither Lioness Rosalynn Carter nor Lioness Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis were ever found airing their personal feelings or private lives before the masses. Royalty simply doesn’t do that. Let the peasants whisper. Monarchy doesn’t involve itself in that sort of sordid thing.

Even if he is a natural leader, a Libra man doesn’t have to be President of the United States to get into hot water with the Leo lady he loves. Her views are somewhat less catholic, also less indecisive, than his. The leo female knows what she believes, has no problem clearly defining her opinions, and can become annoyed when her Libra lover tries to make her see that all things are, after all, in the end—equal.

The Libra man is likely to bring his Leo woman occasional gifts (even falling into shopping sprees), which make her feel snugly cherished, contentedly adored. This is truly important to a Lioness, whether she’s an opera star at the Met or a mule trainer high up in the Peruvian Andes. She likes presents new things and beautiful things. Making his woman feel treasured is a talent the Libra male possesses in great, affectionate bundles (unless he has a Virgo or Capricorn Ascendent or Moon Sign). That’s why the physical attraction between them can range from considerably more than satisfactory to intoxicating exhilaration. When she feels wholly desired and cherished, she’s capable of some very jungle-musty-lusty passion, and a Libra male is delighted by a woman who loves making love.

Sex Life

This Venus-ruled man knows that the way to release her rich emotions is to at least promise to give her the Moon and the stars. (The Sun she doesn’t need, it’s already her own, by birthright.) She’ll drop her aloof manner more easily with him than with most men; therefore their physical attraction sexual interreactions will ultimately bring them a warm and wonderful closeness.

Even their arguments add glamour to their lovemaking. He can apologize for offending her like a charmingly contrite Lord Essex—and she can forgive him with the benevolent grace of a Queen Elizabeth, whose lover has transgressed against her royal dignity. But he musn’t allow his thoughts to absentmindedly wander on the wind while he’s loving her, or be guilty of that far-away look in his eye Air Signs often get in the midst of passion—at some trembling moment when she needs to know his mind is intently centered on her—and only her. He may be frozen by her unexpected, angry command to sleep with his far-away thoughts permanently, while she sleeps alone. She won’t play second fiddle—or even second flute—to his daydreams. Especially not to his night dreams. Nor to his career. She is Number One. It would behoove him to remember this. She’s sure to interrupt every dreamy, absentminded look she notices fleeting across the features of this airy-natured man with a command. “Tell me what you’re thinking about. Right now.” (You’ve heard about curiosity and the cat? Don’t forget, your leo partner is the Big Cat.)

“You know perfectly well what I was thinking about, sweetheart.” “No. I don’t know. Tell me.”

“I was thinking about a fine spring day I thought was going to be like any other day. Then I saw you for the first time, and the Sun was brighter than I had ever seen it before.”

She frowns. “It was January. It wasn’t spring when we first met. There was a blizzard.” (He’s in real trouble now.)

“Well, spring was just around the corner. I could smell it in the air. You made it seem like spring, so that’s how I remember it. Sometimes I think you could make hyacinths bloom in the snow. You make them grow in my heart when it’s winter there.” (He turns on the dimples.)

She smiles, sighs … and stretches, sensuously … purring like a kitten. His Libra charm has triumphed again. But he’ll have to mind his p’s and q’s with her. Those letters could stand for Pouting and Quarrels—if he doesn’t remember that they also stand for Proud Queen.


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