Taurus and Pisces

Thus sharply did the terrified three learn the difference between an island of make-believe and the same island come true.

Yes, there are three of them, for Pisces is a sign of duality symbolized by the two Fish, swimming in opposite directions. In one sense, this symbol represents the powerful polarity of Piscean spiritual and human qualities, struggling for control. In another sense, it suggests the temptation of Pisceans to swim effortlessly downstream, with the current, rather than making the more difficult journey upstream, toward the mountains of enlightenment.

Pisceans aspire beyond the limits of earthly knowledge, because they were born under a Water Sign, and Neptune (their ruling planet) flashes into their souls the light of the spiritual vibrations of the Universe. The Piscean drug addict, alcoholic, genius and saint are all striving for the same thing. What separates them is the degree of experience each is able to wring out of life.

Taurus can be a great help to Pisces in obtaining experience in a practical way, through the reality of the tangible. Until they know each other better, however, the Bull may think the Fish is a foolish creature, swimming around in watery illusions, his head wrapped in cotton, pursuing futile daydreams.

The Fish may think the Bull is a dangerous animal, stomping around through the corn, his head full of obstinate opinions, pursuing filthy lucre. Filthy, because money is (at least subliminally) a dirty word to most Pisceans. They resent having to concentrate on how to earn it, keep it, spend it, distribute it, budget it and save it. They’d be much happier if someone else handled the cash flow, and just kept them supplied with food, drink, dreams, tickets to shows and concerts, a couple of sarongs, and holidays sailing on the bright blue water—allowing them lots of free time to work on inventions, artistic creations or scientific research. Anything left over can go to the orphans’ home, the animal shelter, the actors’ relief fund, Greenpeace, taxes or whatever.

The typical Fish doesn’t see the point of letting excess cash gather dust under a mattress, or in a bank. Pisces normally worries about money only when he or she doesn’t have it. Then it becomes a frightful necessity for the continuation of their changeable, dreamy, multi-faceted existence. Otherwise, it annoys the Fish. Subconsciously, they sense that a wealthy man’s fortune is all on paper. The whole concept of currency exchange puzzles the average Piscean, and when a Fish discusses money with a Bull (who comprehends the monetary concept perfectly) the conversation can sound like Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s Neptune-guided Little Prince talking with the Bull-like businessman, who is busy counting his assets, the stars, which he figures belong to him, since no one else ever had the common sense to claim them.

Five hundred and one million, six hundred twenty-two thousand, seven hundred thirty-one … … I am concerned with matters of consequence … …

… … you own the stars?

Yes … …

And what do you do with them?

I administer them. I count and recount them. It is difficult, but I am a man who is naturally interested in matters of consequence … …

But you cannot pluck the stars from heaven.

No, but I can put them in the bank.

Whatever does that mean?

That means I write the number of my stars on a little paper. And then I put this paper in a drawer, and lock it with a key.

And that is all?

It is enough.

The Little Prince sighs, then. It is entertaining … … but it is not a matter of any great consequence.

On matters of consequence, the typical Piscean has ideas very different from the average Taurean. For, like the Little Prince, the Fish, too, is from a far-off planet, where there exists the most beautiful rose in all creation, which he has seen, and loved with his whole being, remembers with tenderness, misses painfully … … and to which he longs to return. (Or to whom he longs to return. The male or female Fish who wistfully longs for such a reunion isn’t certain of the pronoun. Is it a person? Or merely a concept … a dream?)

I know a Pisces banker, with a Capricorn Ascendent and a Taurus Moon Sign, who carefully counts copper and silver and paper all day long, but he frowns as he counts, and wonders why he’s cursed with aching feet and asthma. As a Fish he’s allergic to currency, you see, but the earthy influences in his horoscope won’t let him chuck it overboard and swim away.

I also know a Taurus musician, whose Pisces Moon Sign and Ascendent cause him to leave huge tips on the bar, and squander his money at the race track. But he has a few extra gin and tonics each time he loses, to quiet his guilty Taurean Sun Sign conscience.

It’s important to be true to your Sun Sign, whatever conflicting planetary influences pull on your inner psyche, because each of the twelve signs has its purpose in human evolvement. An idle, extravagant Bull is always an extremely unhappy person, just as a sober, mercenary Fish is always a pathetically sad, neurotic human being. If these two join forces, they could then each do what comes more naturally.

Pisces could show Taureans more imaginative ways to make money, and teach them the joys of sharing it with others, along with the truth of the infallible Universal Law that the more you give, the faster it multiplies.

Conversely, Taurus could teach Pisces the proper respect for minimal security, that it’s wiser to save at least a few dollars, even if you give away a hundred or so, in case there are a few lean days before that Universal Law goes into effect. It’s such a drag to have to sit on the corner in the rain, holding out a tin cup. The very idea gives the Bull nervous palpitation, and makes his hair stand on end.

There are, of course, Pisceans who are forced by circumstances, and memories of childhood poverty, to worry and fret about having to take a turn with the tin cup, so they pinch their few pennies, but privately hate themselves for being so miserly. Yet, when they stop pinching, the money to replace what was spent appears like magic from unexpected sources. If these Pisceans would listen to their own hearts, they’d get over their tin-cup traumas, and end their poverty at the same time.

An odd and interesting difference between Taurus and Pisces is a fact as simple as their names. Very few Bulls have nicknames, and if they do, they usually don’t like them. As for changing his or her name legally, a typical Bull will balk, even if the name is Percival Perriwinkle or Clarestine Clapper. They may suffer as children, but by the time they’re adults they will have convinced themselves their names have a good, solid sound, and anyone who doesn’t think so can go sit on a tack. Remember the true story about Ms. Hogg, who named her three children Ima Hogg, Ura Hogg and Hesa Hogg? Since I’ve never heard or read that any of the three ever changed their names, I suspect they all had Taurus Sun Signs, Moon Signs, or Ascendents.

As for Pisces, almost every Fish you meet will either already have a nickname, or secretly longs for one. After a while, if their friends don’t oblige them, many Fish will adopt an alias on their own. A Pisces girl or woman named Catherine will flirt with the idea of spelling it Kathryn—a Pisces boy, or man, named John, will doodle it as Joshua, or toy with the idea of legally changing it to a more romantic Jonathan. Anything to make life more exotic, and to keep your identity hidden from snoopers who pry into your personal life.

Pisces can’t stand direct questions, or being pinned down to a positive stand. It’s the nature of the Fish to glide in and out and around a situation, looking at all sides, and absorbing its various implications—or glide away quietly from a controversy that chops up the waters around him, and threatens his equilibrium.

None of that sneaking away for Taurus. What is there to be faced, he faces, with open courage, and he will remain standing there stubbornly, until he proves his point. If he can’t prove it, after much effort, he turns his strong back and leaves, but he doesn’t glide away. He stalks off heavily back to where he started from, with his original opinion clutched tightly in his arms, across his beefy chest.

That’s more or less what happens when these two get into an argument. There’s seldom a satisfactory or final settlement. But the day can be saved by laughter. The Bull has a rich, delicious, absolutely marvelous sense of humor. It’s not the bright, brittle, sophisticated comedy of caustic wits, but a warm humor that stems from the colorful reality of everyday living, the kind that spilled over in the musical Fiddler on the Roof. Since the very bright, sometimes super-intelligent Fish has a fine appreciation for humor—somehow, between the grins, they’ll either forget their differences, or resolve them through the compromise of their Earth and Water elements, which are essentially, in astrology, as in Nature, compatible. As mentioned elsewhere in this book, Water enriches Earth, and Earth provides a home for Water, but the wrong blending of these two can create mud or quicksand.

Because this is a 3-11 vibratory pattern, the meeting of the Bull and the Fish is seldom accidental, or a first incarnational encounter. Like all 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern people, the two of them are guided by Fate to insure the return, the even exchange of devotion or hurt given, one unto the other, in past incarnations—sometimes the former, sometimes the latter—but more often a combination of both. Like those people whose day of birth (not including month or year) adds to the number 4 or 8, will be bound firmly to the lives of other 4 or 8 persons, like it or not, pleasant or unpleasant—those under the influence of this Sun Sign Pattern will find they have no choice in deciding to meet, or when to part. Taurus and Pisces will have, like all other 3-11 influenced people (and also like all those born on a day which adds to the number 4 or 8), abundant opportunities for happiness and harmony in this present existence together, if they’re willing to accept the duties and responsibilities of past karmic obligations to one another—i.e., bear the frequently tense aspects of their association, from time to time, as well as each other’s weary burdens. The rewards for uncomplainingly assuming the duties, however, are great indeed. An example of a Taurus-Pisces, 3-11 fated Sun Sign Pattern, including both the light and shadows of necessary mutual sacrifice … and mutual ecstasy … is the destined relationship of poet and poetess Robert Browning (Taurus) and Elizabeth Barrett (Pisces). Other Taurus-Pisces couples include Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Love Hewitt and Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. And millions of others—including, of course, the Bull and the Fish reading this chapter.

Basically, Taurus and Pisces are tolerant of one another’s weaknesses. But Taurus is deeply concerned with the need for facing reality and are here to teach the necessity of the reality trip for human evolvement, however spiritually advanced they may be themselves.

Pisces is here on a totally different teaching trip. The Fish are all very old souls, whether they’re swimming upstream or downstream. Pisceans have journeyed past horizons of such unearthly beauty they tear at the Neptune heart when he (or she) revisits them in dreams. And so, the Fish cannot bear to face reality, as it appears to be on Earth. They know the real original sin is in seeing, in recognizing sadness and ugliness, when our co-Creators conceived and manifested only harmony and beauty. In his or her subconscious, Pisces hears the ancient cry of the Tibetan monks whose chants echo across the vaulted ceiling of their monasteries: … . . This is the world of illusion … . . this is the world of illusion.

To Taurus, the Bull, the recognition of a different kind of sin is necessary for the soul’s enlightenment and final salvation. Therefore, the Bull feels compelled to force the Fish to confess his (or her) guilt of self-deception and fantasy—to see things as they are—and the clear, sparkling streams of Pisces visions are forced back to the rich, stable Earth by the practicality of the watchful Taureans.

Jonathan (Kathryn) that is not your real name. You are make-believing and fantasizing again, scolds Taurus, never suspecting that the tears of the chastised Piscean then are not for Neptune’s transgressions against Taurean reality … but for all the lost and lonely souls in this world of illusion.

Jonathan (Kathryn) are you not terribly sorry? persists the Bull.

Oh, yes … oh, yes, replies the Fish.

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man

To Michael the loneliness was dreadful. If only something would make a sound! he cried.

As if in answer to his request, the air was rent by the most tremendous crash he had ever heard the roar of it echoed through the mountains… .

Both the silence and the roar of the Bull are an experience known, sooner or later, to every Michael who has the Sun, Moon or Ascendent in Pisces, in an association with Taurus. But especially to the Sun Sign male Fish.

When the Taurean female plays romantic marbles, she shoots to win, and to keep all the aggies. But when she forgets her common sense, she’ll find herself playing Blind Man’s Bluff, and that’s a game she could lose, unless she cheats a little, and peeks out from under the hanky tied over her eyes. She might as well, if she’s playing with a Fish. He’ll certainly cheat a little, by peeking out beneath his blindfold, to see where the relationship might be leading him.

If it looks like it’s leading him into the hook of a permanent attachment, he could be a poor loser, and scoot away before he gets caught. But that’s only his protective Neptune reflex action, and he’ll be back. His instinct to return may be guiding him well, because there’s lots of hope for lasting happiness inherent in a love affair between this man and woman.

The Bull and the Fish both like peace and quiet. They both believe in letting sleeping dogs lie. Why ask for trouble? There’s enough of that falling in your lap every day, unsolicited, without chasing it, is her feeling. The Pisces man agrees wholeheartedly. Whistle for trouble and it will zoom right in on you, is the way he sees it. So, don’t whistle where Lady Bad Luck can hear you, or she’ll be sure to pop open the lid of Pandora’s Box, and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. Well, that’s not quite right. Piscean misfortunes are rarely their own fault. The Fish just naturally gets tangled in other people’s torments, because he’s a such a good listener.

Another thing these two Sun Signs often have in common is that, after all the care they take to avoid sticky seaweed (in the case of Pisces) or barbed wire and brambles (in the case of the Bull) they both stand a good chance of falling into the grip of the gloomies anyway, thanks to their mutual inclination to brood, and their tendency toward pessimism. But the Taurus female is often more patient, and more certain of the final outcome, than the inwardly restless Pisces man. She doesn’t mind setting a bear trap for something or someone she wants, then waiting without a murmur of discontent, as long as necessary, for the jaws to snap shut. In fact, she may even enjoy waiting for people when they’re late, because it gives her a chance to practice her calm in emergencies.

It’s not a bad habit for her to possess, if she plans on becoming seriously involved with a Fish, because most Pisces men have never been on time in their lives. Unless they have a Virgo or other more stable Moon Sign or Ascendent. There are some Pisces men who are late for work, for the movies, for dental appointments, for New Year’s Eve (mostly because they start celebrating it in November) and for their own weddings (sometimes even missing them altogether).

The Pisces man may wonder what his true image is to the Taurus woman. He won’t really care, but he may wonder. A Fish usually doesn’t work up a lot of anxiety symptoms when he’s in love, at least, not on the surface. He may fret mildly about the rent money, what life really means, what the future holds and such, but to Pisces, romance is a natural state of being. This bright, gentle, poetic man, if he’s a typical Fish, is very much at home in romantic waters, where he probably learned to swim and dive at a shockingly early age. The Taurus woman was still swooning over Deanna Dur bin films, or cracking up over Howdy Doody (depending on her age group) while he was planning his first seduction (or being seduced himself, which is more likely). Love, or the fulfillment of it, comes late to the average Taurean female, which is perhaps why she appreciates it and values it more than women born under other Sun Signs. It’s the waiting that makes things seem special and exciting, whether it’s Christmas, Groundhog’s Day or your first kiss.

Whatever his image may be to her, I hope she tries to halfway understand him. I say halfway, because she’ll be lucky if he doesn’t baffle her completely in the beginning. He’s so absolutely different from every other man she’s ever known that she can’t help being secretly excited by his mysterious elusive quality, even though she normally doesn’t trust a complicated or changeable personality. It’s because of the magnetic 3-11 vibration between them, a Sun Sign Pattern implying a karmic tie, which is responsible for the strong feeling of compulsion in the relationship. A Taurus woman may feel a strong attraction toward certain Scorpio men too, but it will be mostly physical. With a Pisces man, it often goes deeper than that, and it’s not so easily explained. Besides, he so obviously needs someone to cook for him, believe in him, comfort him and love him, all talents in which she excels.

She may occasionally give in to moods of self-pity and dark forebodings. But when her perspective returns, she’ll submit to the gentle influence of Venus again, and slip back into her old, comfortable ways. When she’s herself, a Taurus woman is firmly convinced that anything can be cured with a tub full of warm water, a cup of hot soup, some cool reason and a few jokes. And that includes everything from trivial upsets to major tragedy. The Pisces man’s complicated depressions may need somewhat more extensive and intricate, less prosaic therapy, but he’ll enjoy her treatments. She has an undeniably calm and relaxing influence upon his spirit when he’s troubled.

Sexually, these two relate well to each other. His Neptunian approach to sex can be described in two words: sensuous and romantic. So can hers. Both of them are determined to feel every possible shade and tone of sensual experience it’s possible to know while confined in the flesh, so there will probably be an excellent rapport between them physically. The Pisces man lives almost entirely in and through his psychic nervous system. In his sexual behavior, as in all his activities, he yearns to escape into an ever-higher heaven … … anywhere, anywhere out of the world!

The Taurus woman instinctively feels through her senses. She has a serene charisma, a soothing aura, an exquisitely tender touch, and an instinctive desire to blanket the man she loves with warm affection—to tickle him with soft feathers of humor. Combine that with her throaty midnight whispers, and her soft Venus curves, and you can see why they usually vibrate to the same emotional rhythm. Her feminine tendency to gently submit to, and not attempt to dominate her man, is enormously satisfying to the Piscean male, who may have been through some romantic nightmares with more aggressive females. Taurus and Pisces know how to clearly communicate their mutual desires to each other, as well as how to fulfill them, so their physical union can be a beautiful experience of both earthy passion and unearthly ecstasy.

However, their total happiness together depends on which kind of Fish he is, the kind who sinks (by choice) or the kind who swims rapidly upstream. If he’s the sunken kind, lurking among the conch shells at the bottom of the ocean, hoping to find the lost continent of Atlantis down there—or maybe just meditating an abstract scientific theory in the cool, green quiet—he may be immune to all the mermaids, however alluring. That is, unless he finds one with two strong feet planted on firm ground, who’s willing to support him both emotionally and financially until he reaches his dream. A Taurus female may be willing to fill that double order for a while. But after a time, the Bull’s slow anger will be aroused. If he leans on her patience too long with what she regards as a lack of good sense and a disregard for security, she’ll explode into one of her rare, but violent rages, and when the thunder dies away, the Fish will have quietly disappeared. But she won’t notice, because once she makes up her mind, this woman doesn’t look back. She read about someone who did that, who was turned into a pillar of salt for her weakness.

Even if he’s an active, swimming Fish, with stronger fins and tougher scales, she may still not comprehend how it is with him, what he goes through in coping with everyone’s tears and troubles, and touches for cash. A Fish can be wonderfully clever and creative, in clear water. But if she constantly muddies it with her earthy stubbornness, and others keep polluting it with impositions on his time and sympathy, he may turn to the solace of a few rainbows on the rocks at the corner bar. Then she’ll start to frown or pout. And that’s the beginning of the end.

The three-part formula for breaking a Taurus woman’s heart is: false promises, deception and idle drifting. The triple formula for healing it is: honesty, fidelity and dependability. If he remembers that, it could be the beginning of the end of his loneliness.

If she accepts his need for periods of isolated contemplation to relax his jangled nerves, he’ll always return to her serenity, for a few jokes, a warm bath, a cup of hot soup—and those throaty midnight whispers. And that could be the beginning of a love as special, and as worth waiting for, as Groundhog’s Day or Christmas morning. Beneath the passion they feel is the warm foundation of the 3-11 vibration of true friendship … . . which never fails to deepen love, when it has passed the test of Time.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

He was often thus when communing with himself on board ship in the quietude of the night … . .

She was not a little girl heartbroken about him; she was a grown woman smiling at it all, but they were wet smiles.

Remember when, as a child, you used to watch a magician, and marvel at the way he made white rabbits, silk roses and colored ribbons disappear in front of your eyes? A Taurus man who falls in love with a Pisces woman, and who doesn’t study the magic of astrology, may get an opportunity to relive that experience. It may take her months or years to master the disappearing act. And she won’t announce it in advance when she does, because a Pisces hates to get involved in sticky controversy, or get tangled up in hollering and endless recriminations. It could happen on a day—or an evening—like hundreds of others, when she says gently:

Darling, I’ve been invited to attend a poetry reading tonight. Could you drop me off, then catch a film, and pick me up later?

No. I don’t want to go to the movies alone.

Then would you like to come along with me, because… .

No, I wouldn’t. You know I don’t mess around with that mystical stuff.

All right. I won’t go to the poetry reading. I’ll go to the movies with you. Do you like my new dress?

It’s too short. You look like a stripper, ready to pull her last zipper. Put on something else, and let the hem down before you wear it again.

Yes, dear. I will. But everyone is wearing… .

Sure, and everyone is also going nuts with sex and drugs and riots and revolutions and female liberation. Does that mean the woman I love has to copy them?

No, of course not. You’re right, darling. I just thought … . .

You shouldn’t think, since it obviously mixes up your brains, and gives you fuzzy opinions. Just stick to your female functions. Come on, we’ll be late for the … … . . hey! Where are you? Where did you go?

She has disappeared, as suddenly and subtly as the white rabbits, silk roses and colored ribbons. She’s finally had enough of his blindness to her sensitive feelings, his stubborn refusal to meet her halfway, and his obstinate opinions that leave no room for compromise. Maybe she just slipped away to reflect alone for a period, and she’ll return refreshed, ready to submit again, if she really loves him. There’s just a slight touch of masochism in all Neptune-ruled women. But there’s also a chance that someday she’ll disappear forever, especially if she has an aggressive Moon Sign or Ascendent—so the Bull should anticipate the possibility, since he’s so big on the practicality of being prepared for trouble in advance.

Naturally, not all Taurus-Pisces couples are so widely polarized by his obstinate masculine superiority and her timid feminine acquiescence. That’s just a warning to the Bull and the Fish who have a conflicting Sun-Moon aspect between their horoscopes. If their Luminaries are harmonious, they can have a rare and satisfying love relationship, because they are compatible in many ways, a deep comfort to one another when life gets too noisy and frantic for him—or too harsh and ugly for her. Every man appreciates a sympathetic ear to listen to his troubles, especially when it’s attached to an attentive, geisha-type female with a soft voice and gentle manners. But human nature being what it is, every man will also try to get away with as much as he can, when a woman is so tolerant and understanding. A Taurus man is certainly no exception to that rule. And so a Pisces female who falls in love with a strong Bull must toughen up her ego, if she wants to learn the magic trick of turning him into a lovable Taurean Teddy Bear.

She has one thing going for her, however, that’s kind of cool. Behind her sweetly compliant exterior hides a very quick, bright and highly perceptive mind. She’ll catch him up when he least expects it, if what he thinks he’s getting away with is a flirtation with another woman, although she may forgive him almost too quickly, at least the first time. It’s when he’s trying to get away with submerging her dreams, and bending her fluid nature to his own rigid one, that she needs practice in toughness.

Not that all the problems between them will arise from his overemphasis on male dominance. Some of them may be caused by her procrastination (oh, let’s worry about that later …)—her exasperating elusiveness—(I don’t know exactly where I’m going, or just how long I’ll be. Do you have to pin me down?)—her secrecy—(I can’t answer that. Please don’t pry into my personal feelings)—her exaggerated dependence (I can’t decide what to do by myself)—or her lack of self-confidence, accompanied by waterfalls of tears—(I’m not pretty enough, or smart enough for you). He can tell her a thousand times that she’s perfect for him, but if she’s a female Fish with an afflicted natal Sun, or an also Mutable Ascendent and Moon Sign, she’ll still privately worry and wonder, and suspect him of humoring her.

A Taurus man will find it easier to understand a Pisces woman, if he remembers that she not only reflects back all the emotional vibrations in her immediate vicinity (including his own), she also absorbs them inwardly, like a sponge, through her Neptunian sympathy of spirit. How would he like to be forced by a ruling planet to go around mopping up everyone’s tears, sopping up their fears, reflecting and absorbing everything from hilarity to hysteria? It would make anyone a little unsure and shaky at times.

Lest you conceive of every Bull as a rough and tough, insensitive male type, it should be remembered that American film actor George Clooney is a Taurean—the very epitome of polished, drawing-room manners and sophistication. (But he’s stubborn.) And lest you conceive of every female Fish as a weeping willow tree, frightened and timid, lacking aggression, it should be remembered that powerhouse actress Glenn Close is a Piscean—the very epitome of a lady who will not be pushed around, by Bulls or anyone else, and who most definitely knows her own mind!

One of the things which may disturb the Taurus man is the Neptunian approach to truth of his Pisces woman. She sees truth as what she feels at the moment, and what she feels at the moment is always vulnerable to suggestion and susceptible to change, as the people, the situation and the viewpoint either dilute it or strengthen it. Pisces does not see truth as a static, but as a constantly altering thing, depending upon many interpretations.

The Bull sees truth as a fact, eternal and unchanging. Now, that’s what you call a polarity of opinion. Which one is right? Actually, they’re both right, at different times, depending on what kind of truth they mean. Some truths are universal, eternally unchanging. Others are many-sided and individual. Still others are in a continual state of flux, since they relate to people’s feelings and emotions of the moment—or public opinion of the moment. And some truths, based on indisputable fact—such as: Were you in the shower an hour ago?—clearly have but one answer, yes or no. Since everything in the cosmos is relative, why should truth be an exception? The shower question involves the immediate past. Questions of fact involving the more distant past, such as: Was Lincoln assassinated? Did Napoleon lose his final battle? and so forth … fall into a deeper esoteric and metaphysical-spiritual category, relating to the heavy Einsteinian Time question. If Past, Present and Future are simultaneous, and not separate, as abstract Al suspected—then, considering that one may change the Future by actions of the Present, should not one also be able to change the Past, through actions in the Present? This sort of truth belongs to the study of meta-physics, not physics—and the answer lies buried in the riddle of how far back in time?—and the use of the singular, as in: can one change the past by… .? and so forth. But it’s much too heavy to discuss further here and now, far too deep a subject for merely one compatibility chapter, and will have to wait for a future book. Still, the entire issue is an interesting one for Taurus-Pisces lovers or mates to exchange thoughts about with each other.

Truth, in its various states and forms, won’t matter so much to this man and woman in their sexual expression of love. This is an area where the only truth is the peace of fulfillment they bring to one another. Barring severe Luminary afflictions between their birth charts, or other mutual planetary-aspect difficulties to overcome, the sexual harmony between the Taurus man and his Pisces woman should be a thing of undeniable truth and beauty—the strong attraction of Earth for Water, and vice versa. These two, especially if the Sun-Moon relationship between them is strong and positive, can exist almost in a world of their own, held together by a communion of the senses surpassing anything an Air or Fire sign could imagine. Few human experiences of sharing are more comforting than the physical demonstration of love between a Bull and a Fish, who have surrendered themselves to one another, without questioning their mutual need, only desiring to answer it. It’s not the explosive passion of other Sun Sign couples, but the rare tenderness and affection which is so warmly given, and so quietly received, that makes their union so complete and peace-restoring an intimacy. There’s always a hint of mystery hovering over and around the sexual relationship between Taurus and Pisces, and they’re usually both content to leave it be, perhaps sensing that to expose the silent unknown would somehow dim the excitement.

If he tries to force her love into a definite shape, she may wander away, or worse, wander around, inciting the Bull’s anger, and arousing his Taurean possessive instincts. He may cause her to feel lonely at times, when he’s too busy or preoccupied to share with her the things she feels, and hears, and sees. But Water enriches the Earth, and Earth welcomes Water into the soil of security, so they can grow through their differences, while finding solace in their sameness—if she gives him enough solid, tangible signs of affection—and he loans her his steadiness to lean on when her dreams elude her, and her longings sadden her. Some night, they may be outside together, walking home from somewhere, and she’ll look up into the sky, and whisper to him: Listen … … Then he’ll ask, Listen to what?

To the stars! Listen to the stars coming out … … don’t they sound beautiful?

Instead of frowning with puzzled annoyance at her confusing sight and sound, he should just hold her closer, and listen with her. For they do make beautiful music … … the stars coming out, snowflakes falling, someone’s arms around you when you’re unsure… . a special smile … and Pisces can teach Taurus to hear it.

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