Leo and Pisces

Say ‘Ay, ay, sir.’
Ay, ay, sir!
… it need not be said who was the captain.

Before we go any further, it may as well be understood in the beginning that there’s no hope of the male or female Fish ever truly conquering the Lion or Lioness. It simply cannot be done. It’s against all precepts of astrology and nature. So why do we see so many Pisceans hanging around with Leos? Because being conquered isn’t really all that unpleasant to a Piscean when the Big Cat is the winner, that’s why.

Leos are normally generous to the defeated, benevolent monarchs who lack cruel or malicious intent (although often making up for it in arrogance), and Fish secretly prefer to be dominated, as long as it’s done with affection, which it nearly always is with Leo. Being dominated, you see, makes life easier. Someone else tells you what to do, leaving lots of time for Neptune daydreams, less for obligatory decisions of responsibility. The typical Piscean is all for an association that leaves plenty of room for swimming around freely, while the next trip upstream or downstream is charted by someone who enjoys such matters. Pisces does not. The activities of dominating and conquering are tiresome occupations at best, requiring much energy and more ego than the average Fish possesses.

There may be an occasional Piscean who dreams, at odd moments, of conquering the Lion or Lioness, and it might be that a Fish who had the planetary position at birth of Mars-in-Aries prefers to lead, rather than to follow. It’s perfectly true that Mars exerts a formidable influence through its own natural sign of Aries, making such a Piscean less humble and accommodating. But Mars, for all its strength, courage, and daring, will never truly defeat or dominate radiant Apollo, the Sun God. Study your Greek mythology. No planet, not even awesome Pluto or stern Saturn, has the sheer life-giving force of the Sun, and if this brilliant Luminary exercised its power through the Pisces zone of the zodiac at birth, he or she is a Pisces, and that’s that—never mind any periodic spurts of Martian bravado. Essentially and basically, when all the chips and scales are counted, a Fish is a Fish.

The location of the Sun at the moment of the first breath is the key to the true essence of the person, for the simple reason that the Sun is the most powerful influence in the heavens, therefore in the horoscope. In addition, the Sun also happens to be the ruler of Leo. So we’re back—full circle—to the dominance issue between these two. No matter how you size up the scene, the Lion will rule the Fish. The Piscean with other more positive vibrations in the nativity (such as Mars-in-Aries, or Moon-in-Aries) may give the Lions and Lionesses a bit more of a challenge, but what chance does such a planetary boost at birth have against the royal Leo Kings and Queens when even the Aries Sun Sign native (like myself) must eventually submit to Leonine superiority to keep the peace?

Appreciation and admiration never fail to enhance the Sunny nature of Leo, and no one appreciates or admires more charmingly than Pisces. Conversely, Leo’s warm Solar rays never fail to bring into flower the delicate blossoms of the Neptune personality of Pisces which need to be tenderly cared for, and no one can be more warmly protective and affectionate than Leo. Therefore, unless there are serious conflicts between their mutual Moon Signs, Ascendents or Sun-Moon aspects, together they can encourage the best in each other, complement one another’s essence, and find considerable joy and comfort in an alliance.

This is not an infrequent combination, since Pisces can bring much tenderness and insight into Leo’s life—while Leo can bring a great measure of emotional and other security into the Piscean’s life. Still a Lion may swallow a Fish when the Big Cat grows tired of playing. These two are not compatible by nature, and must work at harmony. Leo feels at home in a hot, dry, jungle habitat—Pisces, in cool, shaded waters. There are considerable basic differences, and one of them must give up familiarity of environment, symbolically, to remain together. If the Leo has a Water Sign Ascendent or the Moon in a Water Sign, it will be easier to renounce the jungle life for a dive into deep Neptune waters. If the Fish has a Fire Sign Ascendent or the Moon in a Fire Sign, it will be easier to breathe free on dry land, roaming the pride beside the noble Lion or Lioness, without longing for escape back into the ocean of emotional oblivion.

The 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern of Leo-Pisces has the potential of becoming a satisfactory relationship, with all the appeal outward strength has for inward strength … and vice versa. Since the Fish has an inner spiritual noblesse oblige comparable to the dignified outer nobility of Leo’s personality, they can, if they try, manage very well on any stage of life, whether it be business, friendship, family, or marital.

Leo is the zodiacal sixth house of service to Pisces, which explains the unusual urge in Leo to willingly serve Pisces in some way, not a normal behavioral pattern with Big Cats toward other Sun Signs. Of course, that doesn’t negate the superiority syndrome, just dilutes it somewhat. After all, monarchs do serve their subjects graciously and continually, but they’re still monarchs.

Most Pisceans have a tough time deciding what exactly it is they want to do or be. They listen willingly to almost everyone’s advice, follow it only for a short while—or do nothing. Right there is where trouble may start. Leo must be obeyed or be miserable. Since Pisces can’t bear to see anyone miserable, and Leo cannot bear to see anyone wandering around without a goal, the impasse could end up with a sulking Lion and a weeping Fish.

Often Pisces is tempted by two possibilities at once, which equally lure and intrigue. The Lion should permit the Fish a fling at both simultaneously if necessary, because Pisces needs time and lack of pressure to try things out through multiple experience—as a way of finding himself (or herself). It’s a wise Lion (or Lioness) who grants to Pisces this privilege, and Leo is, after all, possessed of innate dignity and wisdom. (I thought I’d make a few points here for the Fish since they’re not big on making points for themselves.)

A Fish, in any sort of daily contact with a Lion, should always keep in mind that sincere appreciation (flattery) will soothe the savage beast more quickly than pouting, tears, or silence. The Lion should not forget that gentleness is the most reliable bait with which to lure the sensitive Piscean, and regal roaring only causes the Fish to frantically flap its fins and struggle to breathe. It isn’t difficult for these two to adjust to one another and find happiness if they both show their positive instead of negative sides.

Leo will demand (or at least expect) control over money, being a natural organizer. But Leo is also extravagant. Pisces is often surprisingly good at handling the intricacies of finance, but the Fish doesn’t really have any basic respect for money. So it might be better if they took turns handling the income and the outgo. The Neptunian attitude toward most everything is intuitive rather than rational. This will invariably frustrate the Sun-ruled Leo, to whom rationality is the only sensible foundation for all opinion and action. It’s a rough spot. And there are others. The accomplishment of smooth routine comes naturally to Leo, the sign of the Fixed Organizer. To Pisces, however, the order and discipline necessary for successful organization does not come naturally.

A Fish can infuriate a Lion by finding correct answers in a situation which appears to be a total mess to Leo. The same rule may be applied to messy checkbook stubs, messy desks, and messy houses. Perhaps we should use the word confused instead of messy. Leo likes a place for everything, and everything in its place. Pisces believes that a lifetime spent neatly organizing every item and every hour into a rigid system is a lifetime wasted. The Fish always feels more relaxed when the surroundings are comfortably chaotic and somewhat disordered, not too neat, thank you.

It’s seldom that a Piscean will fight confrontation with real aggression. Neptune men and women drown in hidden insecurity. Those types mentioned earlier with some positive vibration in the horoscope, like Mars or the Moon in Aries, may ride the waves of outrageous fortune or unjust treatment for a while. But even these will eventually swim away to calmer bays and inlets. Escape will inevitably be the end solution, the final action. Fish are hard to pin down. Neptune, among other things, rules gas, impossible to confine when it seeks release.

Astrology whispers of Piscean Fish who become devouring Whales. This is true. There are some unaccountable Neptune mutations. But even the rare Whale-type Fish who devours an occasional Crab or Virgin will find it impossible to pull the Jonah act with Leo. Either the Lion emerges triumphant—or the Fish swims away. Although the general impression of Pisces is elusive, the Big Cats are adept at stalking creatures who think they’re safely out of reach … until an unexpected Leonine paw suddenly pins them to the ground. The end of any serious clash between Leo and Pisces is predictable.

Lions who wish to live harmoniously and peacefully with Fish must help them find a way to blend the Neptune duality, tenderly console them, apply soothing balm to their emotional insecurities, and lead them gently out of the foggy mists where they daydream into the sunlight of truth and reality. You see how wise the stars are? As I said in the beginning, the Lion will be the leader in the relationship, and that’s the way it works out best for both sides. Pisces needs a strong paw to grip, a hand to hold, while walking through the deep woods of life, lest some unseen danger lurking in the underbrush should leap out to lunge without warning. And who is stronger in the face of danger than the Lion? Leo protects. Pisces admires … with touching gratitude. And isn’t it a lovely day? If it doesn’t rain. If it does rain, the spiritually mature Fish can teach Leo how to avoid getting drenched in life’s unexpected cloudbursts. After all, one good turn deserves another.

Leo Woman and Pisces Man

Slightly was the first to speak. This is no bird, he said in a scared voice. I think it must be a lady.

You’d think the icy, aloof, and regal attitudes of the typical Lioness toward strangers who seek her hand or heart would frighten a male Pisces Fish away before this woman had a chance to hook him. You would think so. But if you did, you’d be forgetting that there’s another side to this lady. A Leo woman can, when it pleases her to do so, exude a bright and playful disposition, as warm and benevolent as her ruler, the Sun. Besides, not all Pisceans have fits of the trembles when they’re in the presence of astrological royalty. There are, if you recall from other chapters of this book, also the Whale-type Pisceans, who gobble people—symbolically, of course. A Whale will never succeed in gobbling a Lioness. But neither will he necessarily quake and shake when she freezes his initial advance.

Still, the majority of male Fish are not Whales, and they do need some help when they’ve been hooked by this female, so we’ll look at the situation from their point of view. The Whale types can, assumedly, take care of themselves. Let’s consider the problem of the typical or average Pisces man when he’s involved with a Leo woman. Scary. It’s downright scary. There’s an air of command and vitality about a healthy, beautiful Lioness that almost breathes a challenge of courage to all who would woo and win her. See that you’re worthy enough to deserve me is the silent message from the tawny one.

The Fish shouldn’t allow that to stop him. It’s just her queenly way of putting down and putting off any peasants who have an eye on the throne. The way to cope with it is to prove to her he’s not a peasant. How does one go about proving such a thing to this lady?

Well, to begin with, he can royally wine and dine her, at the very best restaurants, and present her with gifts—if not expensive, then at least reflecting good taste. A bottle of cheap wine, a rhinestone bracelet from Woolworth’s that turns her arm green, or one of those plastic dolls you win at a carnival are not gifts she considers to be in good taste. Try Tiffany’s, on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. You don’t need a fortune to pick up a token for a Lioness at Tiffany’s. Don’t let the name frighten you. They have some interesting items, beginning at ten or twenty dollars, and the Fish can probably manage to scour up that much cash to impress the woman he’s afraid he’s beginning to love. Besides, all that matters is the box. If it says Tiffany’s, she’ll smile her brightest smile, and graciously thank him, with a sunlit, summer promise in her eyes.

There are other gifts in equally good taste he can give her. A homeless kitten. A framed photo of himself, at age six. A bunch of daisies, with one golden rose in the center, representing her. Taste is not necessarily associated with money, but with an educated heart and a sensitive soul. Whatever he gives her, it shouldn’t be given on an ordinary holiday or occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, and so forth, are out. That’s what all the peasants do.

He should accompany his gift with a card that says, simply … . Because it’s Thursday morning, and I love you … . or tell her it’s to celebrate the hour and minute they met, a year ago (or five years, or however many) … perhaps to observe Guy Fawkes Day (but he’d better stop in the library and look that one up, because she’ll frown if he can’t tell who Guy Fawkes is, and no—he didn’t fight Joe Louis in Chicago) … . best of all, to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. She’ll like that. It’s associated with royalty, and she’ll think it’s fun. A Lioness has a warm and wonderful sense of humor. (But in good taste, don’t forget. No Puns. And no off-color stories, please.) She’s sentimental, and all these little things matter to her. He shouldn’t ignore her need for the intellectual, the romantic, and the unusual. This lady is a lady, quite literally, and she’s bored to tears by the mundane, the ordinary, the commonplace, and the unmarvelous.

There are many ways he can prove to her he’s not a peasant, that he is of the nobility, or ruling class, therefore deserves her attention and respect. He can display his natural Neptunian talent (or at least taste for) music or poetry, which she’ll find utterly delightful. He can remember that true royalty never winces, always retains dignity in the most upsetting situations. But most of all, he must never wound her regal nature by speaking or behaving in a rude, coarse, disrespectful manner, not even when she deserves a good verbal and physical spanking—which will be frequently.

At such times he should go ahead and give her what she deserves, not rudely or coarsely—but like a gentleman. It’s really rather easy, once you get the hang of it—the difference, I mean, between the lower class and the ruling class. Only a nobleman who has already been knighted by the Queen would dare put her in her place by spanking her bottom when she misbehaves, you see? You don’t? Well, let me say it this way: A Leo woman will never submit to a man who is not her peer, who cannot control her when she needs it. Neither will she fall in love for keeps with a man for whom she has to apologize to her friends, who humiliates and wounds her, either publicly or privately. Indisputably, the handling and training of nobility is an art.

Actually, a Pisces man has a fair chance of getting the hang of it more quickly than the male of most other Sun Signs, not because he has delusions of grandeur himself, but because the Fish has never been born who doesn’t possess an uncanny ability to charm the wildest beast with a combination of gentle compassion and passive resistance. Besides all that, he’s a jolly good listener, and with this woman, his sensitive and sympathetic ears will be worked overtime. The Leo female does enjoy an audience, and a Neptune male is at his lovable best playing that role, with a genuine fascination for the plays of human nature acted out on the stages of Life and Love.

If he does occasionally pull a faux pas with Her Highness, he needn’t tremble and await execution. Truly, one of the loveliest shades in the brilliant rainbow aura of a Leo woman is her ability to graciously forgive those who sincerely beg her pardon. She has such a sunny nature and exudes such warmth that, except for a periodic touch of megalomania (the psychiatric term for a swollen ego), it makes people happy just to be around her. If she gets the respect she demands—and quite often deserves—her disposition blooms into a bright generosity that’s impossible to resist, like a full-blown, fragrant rose. But she has a way of freezing in silent pride if a lover or husband (or anyone else for that matter) tries to dictate to her. Not that the Fish will try that too frequently anyway. This man is more likely to court his Leonine Queen with charm, quick wit, intelligence, and an amazingly intuitive grasp of her moods.

A Leo woman sometimes makes really impossible demands of love in her desire to mate only with a man who is subservient to her every whim, yet also possessed of sufficient intellect and self-assurance to be her equal at all times. That’s quite a duality trick, but the Neptune-ruled man has a pretty good chance of performing it successfully. Most Fish don’t mind the surface appearance of serving, so his Piscean self-effacement helps him rather than hinders him—and as for being her equal, his telepathic talents and myriad facets of intelligence (gathered karmically from the other eleven Sun Signs) are easily sparkling enough to attract the attention and admiration of the Lioness, causing her to believe she’s found that perfect blend she’s looking for in a man—for a while at least.

Once the first flush and blush of romance has paled a bit, they’ll both begin to notice the difference between their individual elements of Fire and Water, which, as you know from basic physics, do not blend without danger of extinction to one or the other, or both. His watery nature requires much time for reflection in solitude, so he finds the extroversion of Leo sometimes abrasive to his delicate tuning. Her fiery nature is more gregarious, and requires lots of dramatic fights so they can kiss and make up, therefore his refusal to be sufficiently eloquent when she’s fired up can be abrasive to her own harmonics. His retreat into sulkiness when his spirit has been smashed is matched only by her proud pouting when she’s been thwarted or ignored.

One of the greatest causes of conflict will be his natural reluctance to share every private thought with her. Leo wants to know everything, and who can keep secrets from the Queen? He can. And frequently does. Then she’ll rage or freeze, one or the other, until he gives up and gives in. The Fish should beware of giving the Lioness too much rope, or she’ll hang him with it for sure.

The way to her heart regarding sexual harmony is—back to the music and poetry again. Cleopatra, who was indisputably a Lioness, was thus wooed and won by both Caesar and Marc Antony. Lionesses like to be softly serenaded, even if only symbolically. Like the Temptress of the Nile, the Leo woman loves perfumed oils and all the trappings of romance—the more exotic, the better. Let this be a hint to the Pisces man: She’ll never find true fulfillment in a casual encounter. The typical Leo female is seldom promiscuous once she’s selected a worthy prince consort. As monogamy-minded as the Nature lioness, she’ll devour an unfaithful husband or lover with a roar of jealousy. She herself adores and needs to be worshiped and admired by every male in sight, but she’ll claim that’s not the same thing. She has regal privileges, you see. A Leo woman is capable of seducing a man away from another woman as her royal right, and then is wounded if he becomes as untrue to her as she caused him to be to his former mate. The shoe pinches when it’s on the other foot. Let the man she loves indulge in so much as a harmless wink at her best friend and he will live to regret it. (Of course, being an Aries Fire Sign myself, I don’t see how even a wink can be harmless, but …) This woman (Leo, that is) will not tolerate flirting of even the lightest intent. He owes her ALL his attention. It’s sad, but very true, that the mildest sort of hurt of this kind will often cause the typical Lioness to be unable to respond to her partner in the physical expression of love.

Jealousy can turn her into a cold goddess instantly, with no warmth left to give, either sexually or emotionally. On the other hand, too many arrogant lectures from Her Majesty can create the same sort of physical unresponsiveness in the male Fish, making their intimate sexual life together shift from warm to frigid, and back again. He should be grateful for the rare loyalty his Leo woman will bestow upon him if he deserves it, and try not to court her displeasure, her deep unhappiness, by being anything but honest and loyal in return. There may be something missing in their sexual vibration. He could be too ethereal, mystical, and intangible, or too elusive in his lovemaking to completely satisfy the jungle female in her. She could be so demanding and insistent in her need for overwhelming passion and continual romantic servitude that he becomes even more detached, ethereal, mystical, intangible, and elusive during their lovemaking—and so it goes—a circular problem—with no beginning, and no end. Who really starts it? Who knows?

With these two, there is at least a hint. This is a 6-8 Sun Sign vibration, and with the Leo woman and the Pisces man, that means he represents to her the eighth astrological house of sexual magnetism, mystery, and deep spiritual matters (barring any possible mutual planetary afflictions in their birth charts, which might dilute the powerful sexual tug—never remove it, just dilute it). She represents to him the sixth astrological house of service (among other things). It could quite possibly be that the Fish is expecting too much devoted service from this proud woman, and a Lioness will not remain unduly subservient for long, without roaring her discontent. They both should meditate on this.

With a Sun-Moon and other planetary harmony in their mutual horoscopes, or a mutual Moon conjunction, all their tensions could dissolve into a lilting, lyrical, and lovely man-woman blending of the Sun and Neptune, causing their sexual union to be enriched by the delicacy, romance, and tenderness he brings to her, and by the warm affection and passion she brings to him.

Without such planetary help in their birth charts, she must be extremely careful not to allow the powerful Solar rays of her intense sexuality (and potential for frigidity) to either scorch or freeze all desire in this man—and he must be extremely careful not to allow the Neptunian dreaminess of his sexuality, and his lack of a total involvement in their lovemaking, to cool her sunny nature … and leave her feeling empty, as though she hadn’t been touched by love’s true depth … but only by a gentle breeze, that leaves barely a memory behind it.

The strongest, most fertile root of the women’s liberation movement was the one ignored in all the speeches—the emotional equality of men and women. This has been the reward to both sexes—that it’s a good thing for a man to possess some feminine qualities of sentiment, perception, and sensitivity—as it is for a woman to possess some masculine qualities of courage, directness, and independence. A very good thing. A divine and a holy thing.

However, in a love relationship such as this one, where the female was born under a masculine Sun Sign, also ruled by the masculine Sun itself, giving her a double masculine influence—and the male was born under a feminine Sun Sign, ruled also by a feminine planet, Neptune, giving him a double feminine influence—conscious and continuous care must be given to retaining the emotional balance between the lovers.

Feminine is neither sissy nor effeminate. Yet, it’s possible for a double feminine-influenced Piscean male to project too much passivity. Likewise, masculine is neither aggressive nor pushy. Yet, it’s possible for a double masculine-influenced woman to project too much drive and force—and overbalance on the part of each.

The underlying, esoteric truth of faerie tales is seldom recognized, and if it were, astrology and faerie tales alone would negate the need for psychiatry. (Neptune men will find that logical.) For example (a vital example) Goldilocks and the Three Bears has a much deeper meaning than people suspect. The Lioness and the Fish (and all Sun Sign couples) should meditate on the lesson in that ancient fable. Papa Bear’s chair and bed were too hard (an overbalance of masculine forceful drive). Mama Bear’s chair and bed were too soft (an overbalance of feminine passivity). Papa Bear’s soup was too hot—Mama Bear’s soup too cold. But Baby Bear’s porridge, chair, and bed were … just right.

The most effective love wisdom the stars can offer to this man and woman is for both of them to remember Baby Bear’s perfect balance of aggressiveness and passivity. To repeat once again the most important planetary counsel of all to these two: conscious and continuous care must be given to retaining a balanced emotional exchange.

It’s no good if the Lioness leans too heavy on the Papa Bear essence (although a little of it beautifully becomes her—and all women). It’s no good when the male Fish leans too heavy on the Mama Bear essence (although a little of it handsomely becomes him—and all men). It may seem to be an insoluble problem between these two, yet it’s not at all, in any respect. It’s really so very simple. All both of them need to remember—is not to forget Goldilocks.

Variations of the same troubled love theme are heard in the symphonies of all seventy-eight Sun Sign combination lovers. The Goldilocks syndrome creates tension in love between a man and woman who are both double masculine-influenced, just as it does between a man and woman who are both double feminine-influenced. The same problem exists between a double masculine man—and a double feminine woman (which may sound ideal, but actually creates the danger of sadism and masochism, respectively, in various degrees). There is no sexual solution but one, and only one—the lesson of Baby Bear Balance.

The challenge of loving a Leo woman, and being loved in return, will require all the knowledge of the human heart with which the Pisces man is blessed. One minute he’s fighting a tigress of emotional excess, who spits and hisses like an angry cat. Then, when she’s exhausted by her display of fireworks, she mysteriously transforms into a soft and gentle kitten, appealingly purring for his affection and a pat on the head for approval. The Lioness is a disconcerting and dazzling mixture of icy, regal dignity, and warm, happy-go-lucky fun and generosity. She can be annoyingly arrogant, yet intensely loyal. She tosses her splendid Lioness mane with a healthy laugh, then dissolves into tears of injured pride … all with a slinky, feline grace.

The Fish who’s been hooked by her glamorous, cool superiority won’t be surprised to learn that the Cat was an object of worship to ancient cultures. There may be times when he’ll think he’s back among the pyramids, kneeling at the shrine of the Cat-headed goddess, created by Egyptians because they identified the lines of a cat with those of a woman—and they were wise to do so. The Lioness is not only all women—she’s also all woman. (Think about it.) And she will rule the pride if he so much as allows her an inch of control.

The challenge of loving a Pisces man, and being loved in return, will likewise require all the warmth and sunlit wisdom with which the Leo woman is blessed. He’ll show his own brand of Neptune temper and icy detachment if she insists on prying into his secrets or his solitude. He’s gentle, and he serves willingly, with beautiful humility of spirit, if he’s not consumed by her raging jealousies, and continual, scolding lectures. This will cause him to swim away, in search of a peasant, after deciding that royalty is too rich for his blood.

Although a space in togetherness is helpful and advisable for many couples, not so with the Leo woman and the Pisces man. It somehow only stretches into disinterest. No separate vacations for these two.

Because the Lioness possesses so much false pride, and her Neptune man so little, he can gently soothe her frequently injured feelings. Because the Fish possesses so little confidence, and his Leo woman much, she can tenderly calm his secret, inner fears. That’s the very best way to love—exchanging strengths with one another—as long as both share a compassion for each other’s weaknesses as well.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

She was far too pretty to cringe in this way, but Peter thought it his due, and he would answer condescendingly, It is good. Peter Pan has spoken.

Naturally, not every Pisces woman actually cringes under the commands of a Leo husband or lover, but most of them do have at least a healthy respect for the Lion and are not overly anxious to court his roar, including those female Fish with the Moon or Mars in Aries. Yes, including even the female Whale-type Pisceans. Regarding the latter, it’s not so much fear which motivates them to tread carefully, but the strong determination to avoid at all costs an exhausting scene—all that dramatic yelling and frigid pouting, by turns, which is the normal result when the Lion feels the sharp thorn of disrespect in his paw.

The typical (non-Whale type) Pisces woman who is involved with a Leo male intuitively knows she must submit to His Highness. She knows it, never mind what she says—and never mind the advice she gets from well-meaning friends to stand up to him once and for all. Pisces is too wise in the ways of the human heart to use methods that could only alienate affection.

Consider Anna, the English schoolteacher who so successfully challenged the King of Siam. Perhaps she was a Fish with Mars-in-Aries, since she fought so hard to hold her own with the arrogant, yet warmly generous Leonine monarch. But little good that did her, on the surface of it, at least, in her repeated confrontations with His Leonine Majesty. Secretly, the King admired her spunkiness. Nonetheless, he remained in control of their relationship until the very end. One needs more than spunk to handle royalty. One needs to sense, as probable-Pisces Anna clearly did, the touching vulnerability peeking out from behind Leo’s sometimes pathetic need to command. I always weep buckets at the end of the film (or book) when the dying Leo Monarch commands that Anna bow down to him in abject worship and respect, like one of his own subjects, even while his heart reaches out to her through his eyes. And she did bow. Yes, Anna was surely a Pisces, with Mars-in-Aries. She kept her dignity, but she understood how it was with the proud man she loved. She submitted.

The Lion is a great sentimentalist, an incurable romanticist. Only a Taurus Bull can be more sentimental, more romantic than Leo. And so the smitten Cat may initially be seduced into worshipful submission himself by the impact of the Pisces female’s sheer femininity. But it’s only a temporary capitulation. He’ll never give up the throne permanently, nor willingly relinquish the golden scepter. That goes for the Shy Pussycat Leo types as well as the roaring Lions. They can be pushed—or led—just so far. Then they pounce.

It pays to keep in mind that Leo is a Fire Sign, Pisces a Water Sign, and as I point out in the chapter The Elements, in the back section of this book, Fire secretly fears that Water can put it out. No matter how much Leo may attempt to lord it over the Pisces woman he loves, the inner trepidation that she may dampen his fiery enthusiasm remains, and it’s just as true in reverse. The Water Sign Pisces senses it can be dehydrated by too much Fire. If the love between these two lasts, it will eventually settle into a feeling of respect which will be mutual, as with all Fire-Water combinations, since each knows the other can destroy his or her own essence. However, on an emotional level, place your bets on the Big Cat to remain the one in charge, on the surface anyway.

Seldom will this woman attempt to lead or push a man. She’s more likely to persuade softly, insistently, with subtle flattery. If that doesn’t work, she may resort to aloof silence suggestive of hidden hurt, which can drive the more open-hearted Leo male into furies of frustration. She’d best stick with the subtle flattery, or there will be some fiery rages and watery tears.

A Lion tends to idealize his love partner beyond anything short of a goddess, then expects her to live up to his image. It’s difficult for him to recognize his mate as a distinct and individual personality. Instead, he considers her a reflection of himself, glamourized as his ideal, sometimes causing her to despair of ever being able to remain on the pedestal where he placed her. What if he should notice her clay feet? Only a Scorpio or an Aries male can expect as much from a woman as a Leo.

Like all Fire Signs, Leo is dramatic and usually possesses the fortunate ability to express his feelings verbally with great flair and gusto. Pisces doesn’t find it nearly so easy to express herself, and after trying repeatedly she may give up and take the path of least resistance—escape. Under continuous disapproval or severe emotional pressure, Pisces tends to simply disappear. Many a Lion has glanced around after an arrogant lecture to see if his trembling victim has been properly humbled and chastised—only to face an empty space where the female Fish had been sitting and cowering with a patient smile. Where did she go?

She went away. Far, far away.

I know a Leo in Ohio, whose bright, gentle Pisces wife finally could not bear one more Leonine lecture, so she regretfully and tearfully decided to leave (although she still loved him dearly) in the interest of self-survival. She was in New York and had started divorce proceedings hardly before he realized she was gone.

What distressed the Lion nearly as much as the loss of his pretty, admiring, feminine subject (whom he sincerely loved) was the humiliating realization that she hadn’t sought his wise counsel nor asked his advice before taking such a serious step. It was impossible not to be touched by his very real agony. No one can be more pathetic than a wounded Lion whose adoring mate has deserted him, as he nurses his hurt pride, sad … lonely and truly broken-hearted … trying so desperately not to show it. He missed her more than he thought she guessed. He was wrong, of course. Being a Pisces, she knew the pain he’d suffer, and it caused her pain too … . . the knowing. Typically, the Lion wasn’t alone for long. His female Fish was, after a respectable interval of time, replaced by a long line of female worshipers who sought his warm, protective shoulder and heart to lean against.

Somehow, though, his close friends could see it wasn’t quite the same. His dainty, dark-haired Piscean wife contained the lovely Neptune blend of intelligence, wit, gentleness, and compassion, woven through with the golden threads of her honest admiration and respect for her Lion—an admiration and respect that kept overlooking his foibles until, finally, she could take no more.

Never mind all the fleeting romances afterward. I found myself still hoping his lost Fish would swim back into his arms again. You see how Leos are? They manage to get your sympathy, even when they don’t deserve it. My earnest wish for the miracle of happiness for the lost and lonely Lion in this case, however, was granted in an unexpected way, not through reconciliation with his Neptune lady. Abracadabra—magic! He found another tiny, dainty, dark-haired woman—with, strangely, an almost identical blend of wit, intelligence, gentleness, and compassion—also woven through with the golden threads of honest admiration and respect for his talents, character, and potential. No mere shadow of his former love, but a vibrant and beautiful sunbeam herself, individually … she quietly, softly stole into his life … and finally into his heart … to heal all the old scars.

Let’s hope he learned his lesson, for he’s a warm and lovable Big Cat, with a smile that lights up your heart and simply bushels of both courage and creativity. He’s earned, through deep sorrow, love’s grace of a lasting peace and contentment—and always a little spice of challenge too, without which Leos would really pine away! His new lady is clearly capable of providing all of that—and then some. As for his lively, yet tender, female Fish of long, long ago … she also has floated into bright new waters, and is happily splashing around in rainbow-streaked streams of a new promise for tomorrow.

Happy endings are so beautiful. We should all say a prayer that every sad Lion who has lost his Piscean mate through unthinking arrogance and pride is given by the wise stars an equally fortunate chance at acquiring humility … the lesson Pisces teaches so well—and Leo needs so much to learn. Or, let’s hope that this chapter warns the Leo-Pisces lovers or mates reading it to open up their hearts in time … if it’s still not too late for his Sun and her Neptune to begin singing their song in harmony.

One area where there may not be so much conflict between these two is sleeping. Those who study such matters claim the Nature lion sleeps seventeen hours out of each twenty-four. Nearly the same claim might be made for human Lions. As for Pisces, she isn’t exactly the type to rise at dawn either. They both like their shut-eye. So the alarm clock will rarely be a cause of contention between them, especially when saying good morning is usually a tender prelude to lovemaking, as it frequently is with these two. Not just a prelude—but quite likely also an echoing chord of the same romantic music of the night before.

Pisces represents the eighth house of sex (among other things) to Leo, so the Lion tends to find the female Fish unusually appealing at first sight. The vibration can also cause surrender almost at first sight; then later he may begin to wonder. The phrase cold fish did not creep into the language without reason. A fish in Nature is, after all, not a warm- or hot-blooded creature. This is not to say the Pisces woman is frigid—only that she may not quite match the passionate fervor of the Lion as consistently as the Lion would like—or demand. But Leo must mix sensuality with romance in sexual blending, and the female Fish will supply plenty of romance. She can bring to their intimate moments a mystical, transcendental quality.

Sexual jealousy is common between mates and lovers of this combination. The typical Pisces lady is a bit of a flirt, and a Lion, of course, roars mightily at the slightest hint that a rival may have an eye on the mate in his lair. She, however, will be expected to overlook any minor indiscretions of his, instigated by his vanity and his need for admiration.

Pisces females range from the outright promiscuous type—to the naive, trusting, and devoted wife, totally and forever faithful to one man. Neither is there any doubt that Leo males range from Casanova types who boast of several new sexual conquests per week—to the noble Leonine husband who places his wife on a pedestal and remains as true and loyal as King Arthur himself. Which reminds me … while King Arthur was being faithful, Guinevere was making eyes at Lancelot, wasn’t she? I mean to say that the Lion and the Fish should both be very sure of the measure of their devotion before making any long-term commitments. Unfaithfulness will outrage the Lion and deeply hurt the Fish. Yet, unlike Aries and Scorpio, anything less than literal adultery may be tolerated by these two. A Pisces woman and a Leo man will usually be able to cope with mild flirtations, whereas, for example, a Ram or an Eagle of either sex considers an intimate smile across the room as painful an act of disloyalty as actual physical infidelity.

Both Pisces and Leo are capable of treating love as a high spiritual exaltation—or as an emotion to be degraded by casual affairs—because love itself is so important to each of them. How they react to its importance is often unpredictable. Piscean women can be nuns or prostitutes, swingers or sweet wives, almost too good to be true. Leo men run about the same gamut of possibilities. In summary, the subject of faithfulness is one the Lion and the Fish should clear up through honest discussion before they become deeply involved.

The Pisces female longs for and needs complete emotional fusion and a sense of mystical unity in the sexual consummation of love, together with a hint of mystery. The Leo man seeks more tangible fulfillment—warmth, affection, and passion. He needs sentimental verbal expression, both before and after lovemaking. Excessive spoken communication is not, however, always synonomous with a Neptune woman’s idea of love’s mystery … so the degree of harmony and happiness this man and woman reach together will depend a lot on the sign position of the Moon in each chart. If her Moon is in a Fire Sign, his in a Water Sign—or if both their Moons are in the same sign of any element, they’ll probably understand and be able to fulfill one another’s desires ideally. Otherwise, they’ll need some patience and tolerance.

Both the Lion and the Fish need emotional (not necessarily geographical) freedom—great, fresh scoops of it. The more of this treasured gift they give generously to each other, the closer they’ll come together. But freedom must always be accompanied by both trust and faithfulness—or it becomes merely escape on one side and terrible torture on the other. A search ‘round the globe never fails to end where it began, for the world itself is round. Love travels in a circle too, if it’s true love … which is, after all, the only kind you really miss when it goes away … and promises to return.

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