Virgo and Libra

… … when the first baby laughed for the first time, its laughter broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies … …

Tedious talk, this … . .

Libra men and women are so exhilaratingly intelligent, and, at the same time, such pleasant optimists, that most people simply adore being around them. They can transform an entire ballroom from dingy to brilliant, just by smiling. They are mental pencil sharpeners, who stimulate your ideas and set your thoughts to briskly jogging in the fresh air of their logic. They can make raindrops seem like crystals and image ordinary soap bubbles in the bath or shower into a glorious montage of make-believe pink balloons. But … speaking of balloons, did you ever try to punch a balloon? You get absolutely nowhere. The balloon merely slips away from you, however many times you punch and pummel it—still puffy and bright and airy, still floating. It’s enormously frustrating. In order to make any impression whatsoever on a balloon—if your wish is to deflate the poor thing for some mean, nasty reason—the only thing that will work is to be armed with a sharp, pointed pin or needle.

As gentle and courteous as they are by nature, Virgos are assuredly well armed with whole packages of sharp, pointed pins and needles—and nothing can so deflate the ballooning happiness and benevolent bubbles of a Libran more swiftly and more surely than the tiny pins and needles of Virgo’s correctional criticism. Pop! Then all that’s left is a small pink shred of rubber, sans all the air that made it so round and light and happy. It’s good for very little in that state. Just as Librans are good for very little for quite a spell after they’ve been subjected to an especially sharp barrage of Virgo realism.

Because Libra is a Cardinal Sign and Virgo is a Mutable Sign, the Virgin will accept Libra’s logic, long discussions, and cheerful optimism for a long time before applying the pins and needles. The typical Virgo is a quiet, peaceful soul, who blooms and blossoms delightfully under the soft glow of Libra’s ruling planet, Venus. For a while, all will be smooth, serene, and mutually satisfying between these two. Nothing sensational perhaps, but on the other hand, nothing disturbing or upsetting. Just a nice balance of personalities, motives, and goals—and a neat, tidy harmony of purpose. Libra likes everything to be even and lovely—Virgo likes everything to be the same.

They’ll blissfully wander around the office, the home, the classroom, or the concert hall together, avoiding, for the most part, all the smokers and jokers, all the loud, uncouth people. They’ll straighten out each other’s sock drawers, dust off each other’s stalemates, polish each other’s hopes, smooth each other’s hair … exchange gifts of toothbrushes and Windex … and trade books back and forth. Their picture frames will hang symmetrically, they won’t raise their voices in shouting—and all will be melodious and marvelously mundane.

Gradually, Libra will begin to depend on Virgo to keep his or her Scales in the correct juxtaposition—and begin to lean more and more on the Virgin’s helpfulness. Since the average Virgo doesn’t really enjoy parties with lots of people and public functions where one is required to smile and make small talk when one doesn’t feel at all like smiling and making small talk—and since Libra usually does enjoy such festivities—it’s possible that the Libran will sort of float into the habit of having all the fun and expecting Virgo to assume the responsibility for the drab drudgery and dull duties of the association, whether it’s keeping the checkbook balanced … washing dishes … entertaining Aunt Mildred and Uncle Casper … baby-sitting … mowing the lawn … sorting out the birdseed, tacking the linoleum, fixing the washer (most Virgos have magic fingers, and are mechanical wizards), hosing off the front lawn … waxing the car … wiring the hen house … walking the horse … brushing the sheep dog—tuning the organ—and all those gay and glorious things which don’t much appeal to Libra’s fastidious taste.

Before long, there will be rumbles of the ominous type under the ground (Virgo is an Earth Sign). Not anything earthquaking, just a few tremors. Virgo will first explain patiently and politely to Libra that he (or she) was not cut out in the shape of a door mat, but in the shape of a perfectly normal human being. Virgo will then (still courteously) try to project to the smiling-pink-dimpled-bal-loon-with-rosy-ears that his (or her) cherished dream since childhood has not really been to become a valet, a maid, a chauffeur, a butler … or to achieve any career even remotely along these lines. Virgo has more varied ambitions than those of chimneysweep or caretaker. Libra will listen patiently and respectfully to the Virgo Bill of Rights, and after mulling over the pros and cons of it for a reasonable length of time, finally decide that Virgo’s complaints are justified, and that he (or she) has indeed not been treating the Virgin fairly. Then Libra will graciously offer to take over at least half the duties and responsibilities, leaving Virgo with a large gob of extra time in which to keep busy and bustling in whatever manner the Virgin chooses. It seems like the perfect solution, the ideal compromise. For a while.

Then Virgo will begin nit-picking and criticizing the Libran’s efforts, which are simply bound to fall somewhat short of the perfection Virgo had earlier brought to all these matters. Everyone knows you don’t brush a sheep dog forward, you brush his fur backward, to give it more vitality. You don’t water the grass too much or you’ll drown it … if you don’t water it enough, it will dry out … the wax job on the car left three distinct blurs on the hood, not to mention the scratch on the windshield from Libra’s blasted rings. (Most Librans are mad about jewelry.) Comes the night when Libra tacks the linoleum, leaves a few extra tacks on the kitchen floor, and Virgo steps on one while walking barefoot from the bedroom into the kitchen to take his (or her) milk of magnesia. Then out pop the pins and needles, and when it’s all over, the poor Libran is left prostrate on the carpet—or draped across the velvet chaise longue, with his or her Scales swinging like a pendulum, perhaps even softly sobbing over the terrible truculence of it all. Virgo will probably not be unduly sympathetic. A triple combination of constipation, crossness, and insomnia can transform the normally kind Virgins into creatures not much resembling angels of mercy. But they’ll probably make up later, and things will be nifty-neat between them again—until the next time Libra regales Virgo with an overlong dissertation on one subject or another, and the latter is once more compelled to jab tiny holes in Libra’s lovely logic and lyrical debate. (The second time round, it may be Libra who becomes cranky—and Virgo who withers into a corner sniffling and feeling hated.)

Most of the time, however, these Sun Sign friends, business associates, relatives, lovers, or mates will match up nicely. Influenced as they are by the 2-12 vibrational pattern, Virgo will more often respect Libra than find fault, sensing that Libra knows things that could make Life less chaotic. Libra does. Being ahead of Virgo on the karmic wheel, Libra can teach the Virgins by example the benefits of a more loose and open-minded attitude toward the discrepancies between the ideal and the attainable in both oneself and one’s fellow Earthlings, to develop a more casual charisma—and to realize that Life was meant to be enjoyed as well as to be card-indexed as to its failings. But Libra will shed this illumination in the direction of the Virgo friend or loved one with the strangely benevolent tolerance the sign ahead always feels, to some degree, for the sign behind—from having already passed through such spiritual experience (probably more than once).

Taken as a whole, these two have a great deal in common, much more than they have at odds with one another. Libra approves of Virgo’s strict work ethic (in principle, at least) and rather envies it. Virgo approves of Libra’s sense of justice and fairness—although the Virgins do have a traumatic time of it when they’re forced to be a captive audience to Libra’s see-saw, decision-making marathons of yes—no—and maybe so, because Virgo will find such undue deliberation a frustrating and unnecessary waste of perfectly good valuable time. There are certain to be occasions when Virgo will think Libra is lazy—which isn’t a bit fair of the Virgin, because Libra’s periods of lethargy never fail to be followed by bursts of truly impressive energy and enthusiasm. After all, a person has to rest sometime, when a person plays as hard and works as intensely as Libra always does, in rather equal parts, keeping it all balanced as much as humanly possible. But they will each highly admire and respect one another’s intelligence, for they were both blessed by a considerable number of brain cells in smooth and well-oiled working condition at birth.

The fact of the matter is that the Virgo and Libra characteristics which are similar make it difficult to tell such traits apart at times. Only one example is the beautiful balance of Libra—and the orderly tendency of Virgo. I have a Pisces friend whose horoscope I have perfectly rectified as having a Scorpio Ascendent, approximately one degree Scorpio rising. For years now, he has tried to persuade me that my rectification of his Ascendent is off by a degree or two, and that he actually has a Libra Ascendent. He’s convinced this is so because of a particular obsession he has of checking his billfold as he crosses a busy street—and if the bills are not properly arranged in the correct order (ones, then fives, then tens, then twenties, and so on), he’ll stop right in the middle of traffic to rearrange them. He’s certain this is a Libra hangup. It is not. Admittedly, it might seem to be a Libra affliction, but it’s actually a Virgo syndrome. A Libra Ascendent would create a different problem. Libra would stop in the middle of traffic because he (or she) suddenly couldn’t decide whether to continue crossing the street—or go back to the restaurant and have another piece of lemon-cream pie.

A home or an office where Virgo and Libra blend their auras is usually graced with a happy and harmonious atmosphere, containing and combining Libra’s delicately muted pastel patterns of peace; Virgo’s silvery laugh and cool, clear eyes; Libra’s dimples and heavenly voice, a mist of sweetness, clouds of gentleness, Libra’s cologne or talc; Virgo’s Ivory Soap scent; beautiful paintings, sparkling-clean windows, soft music in the background, the tinkling sound of Libra’s ice cubes in a glass synchronized to the soothing rhythm of Virgo’s calculator … and a couple of stray tacks on the floor.

Virgo Woman and Libra Man

Fancy Wendy snapping. But she had been much tried, and she little knew what was to happen before the night was out. If she had known, she would not have snapped.

Not the pain of this but its unfairness was what dazed Peter. It made him quite helpless. He could only stare, horrified.

Despite her Sun Sign compulsion to criticize, to detect flaws and correct them, a Virgo woman doesn’t go around spending every moment of her time splitting hairs and being picky-picky. During the large majority of her waking hours she’s an appealing feminine creature, with a gentle, pleasing personality, a sweet smile, and sparkling eyes (all Virgo eyes, like Gemini eyes, literally sparkle, as though tiny stars shone out from them—a tender touch of magic to both Sun Signs from twinkling, wing-footed Mercury). Just to be near her relaxes the Libra man—or any of the rest of us. She is a soothing presence. There’s something refreshing and cool and woodland green, something pure and white and soft about the aura of this woman that seems to penetrate the atmosphere around her, calming the spirit of the troubled and depressed.

One particular Libra man I know, who lost his wife through divorce, has still not yet recovered from his terrible sense of emptiness and loneliness … and it’s been five years since the tie was cut, the bond between them broken. So it’s really worthwhile for astrology to attempt to prevent the suffering of similar pain by all the other thousands upon thousands of Virgo-Libra lovers or mates in the world. As any practical, sensible Virgo will tell you (Virgins lean toward platitudes), An ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure. Even a fraction of an ounce. To Libra’s way of thinking, a mistake may always be later atoned for and rectified—resulting in a reconciliation. But the typical Virgin has a somewhat different attitude, one she really can’t help, because it’s such an intrinsic part of her nature. Virgo sees mistakes in a different light. She believes, first of all, in not making them in the beginning. You must admit this is quite clear-headed of her, because one does not have to atone for or rectify mistakes which aren’t made. Sheer, uncluttered logic. Therefore, this lady of the Virgin-Mary-Blue philosophy bends over backward, like a mental and emotional contortionist, to avoid making mistakes she’ll later regret—and also to help her Libra man avoid making them, in respect to their relationship. When her Herculean efforts fail, she figures she’s tried (too mild a word for her placid patience), and that’s all anyone can expect, even of the angels. Consequently, facing up to the conclusion that it’s time the tie should be cut with her Virgo scissors is somewhat easier for her.

For years, a Virgo woman will cheerfully and willingly accept the restrictions, the disappointments, and the hurts that rock all human relationships now and then … . . far, far beyond the call of love’s duty (as normally viewed). She’ll sacrifice her own yearnings … the morning song of her own free spirit, longing to be released … her own ego and pride, her need for personal identification … . . and devote her whole self to the comfort, contentment, success, and happiness of the Libra man she so purely loves (and respects too, of course, respect being an inseparable and integral part of Virgo love).

The Libra man tries hard too, because to Libra, Life is definitely a huge zero when it isn’t being shared with someone special. Therefore a Libra man will twist his torso (symbolically) nearly as far backward as Virgo does to hold together a love affair or a marriage. Without shared and reciprocated love, without involvement in a partnership, the romantic Libran is truly lost. To this man, his love relationship is a precious and priceless treasure, so he insures it against damage or loss as best he can—and in all fairness, his best isn’t half bad. Ruled by Venus, the typical Libran pours out upon his Virgo woman a cornucopia of gentleness, tenderness, consideration, and affection—except for those occasional Wednesdays and Fridays when he’s truculently transformed into the crankiest of crocodiles because someone (it doesn’t have to be her) knocked his Scales out of balance, and he feels crisscrossed, lopsided, miserable, and upside-down. But he quickly recovers and returns to being his normal, happy, pleasant, sweet self—and Life becomes lyrical and lovely again. Oh, he may still scatter his socks on the floor for her to pick up, leave his cups and glasses around for her to remove and wash … … flirt a little at parties … … perhaps study too long and hard or indulge in the bubbly a little too much on rare occasions. But even with all these mild flaws, he’s so full of winsome charm and dimples, dazzling smiles and delightful conversation—not to mention his usually brilliant mind—he’s still a pretty neat fellow, even for a Virgo (who uses a severe yardstick to measure any form of neatness).

The sexual pull between them is neither all-consuming nor mild, but somewhere in between. Barring a Luminary affliction between their birth charts, this man and woman usually discover a rare kind of quiet contentment and fulfillment within their sexual embracing. There will be those times when she feels he’s too romantically abstract for her—other times when he’ll feel she’s perhaps too prosaic in her approach to physical intimacy. But the Virgo woman who is treated tenderly will gradually awaken to a sensual comprehension of passion, because her basic nature is earthy and contains unexpected levels of response for the man whose lovemaking is delicate and subtle enough to encourage her latent desires. Libra is. He may even, after a time, gain enough of her trust to actually turn her into a sentimentalist like himself—and teach her that her instinctive pursuit of realism doesn’t belong within the scope of their sexual expression. Eventually, she’ll be able to give and receive love with as much spontaneous, unrestricted affection as her Venus-guided mate.

It’s easy for a Libra man to take for granted the uncomplaining devotion of a Virgo woman, persuaded by her overall manner of courtesy and compliance that she’ll always be there to balance the Scales and restore harmony, that she isn’t really aggressive or determined enough to demand a lot for herself. No Libra man who has read the Virgo Woman chapter in my first book, Sun Signs, would ever make that mistake! This lady is not a sweet, blushing concubine or a genuflecting geisha a man can pat on her pretty head now and then, and softly mold into a shadow of himself, a pale reflection of his own life-style and ambitions. She too is an individual, just as he is.

The Libra man who mistakenly (and blindly) believes his Virgo lady is happy with the crumbs from his heart, sitting by the hearth like a submissive Cinderella, safe and secure, immune from unconventional behavior, should review the situation with his Libra logic. He might also note that Sun Sign Virgo Margaret Trudeau, the lovely, mild-mannered wife of Sun Sign Libran Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, of Canada—she who was the very image of a complacent, completely fulfilled wife and mother—shattered that image with startling suddenness by softly, sadly (but firmly) informing her shocked husband and the world-at-large that she was leaving him and their children, because she couldn’t bear the pressure any longer. Then she soared into the beckoning sky of her long-imprisoned dreams, as a restless, uncertain bird will do when the door of its cage is left open accidentally some bright morning. Actually, this Virgo woman is a perfect picture of the Virginian female of today.

Margaret Trudeau is probably unaware of the deeper implications of her personal declaration of independence—on a conscious level. Still, her remarks in a magazine interview reveal a dawning knowledge of her new self, practicing lessons learned from her Libra mate’s Golden Scales by trying to balance her Virgo rational reasoning, earthy common sense, and realism—with an unaccustomed imaginative daring and impulsive pursuit of Life, liberty, and happiness.

In her own words … I miss my children dreadfully, and I love my husband. It’s the best relationship I ever had in my life. My leaving was just a statement of freedom. I really have no idea what will happen, because perhaps I can never leave him. Whatever relationship we can work out together will be good and right for us—whether it be a marriage or just the closest that two people can be in helping one another survive in a life that isn’t easy. If it were within my power to wave a magic wand, I’d be happily married, with lots of little children at my feet, baking bread, canning preserves, pickling, singing … happy.

Then she added a wistful message, whether she was aware of it or not … a message that echoes the silent, silvery hope of all Virgo women everywhere, when they think about the Libra men they loved and left. Maybe one day, mused Virgo Margaret Trudeau, a thunderbolt will strike me … and I’ll go back to my loved one, my truest one, Pierre.

The Libra man who loves a Virgin, and hasn’t lately unbarred the door of her gilded cage, might beneficially gather together his Venus fairness and justice—above all, his Libra wisdom—and ponder those intelligent and genuinely heartfelt words a long, long time.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman

I suppose it was all especially entrancing to Wendy …

The stories they told, before it was time for Wendy’s goodnight story! Usually, when she began to tell this story, he left the room or put his hands over his ears.

A Libra woman reminds you of many things. She reminds some people of a cross between a floating balloon and a pillow. A soft, fluffy pillow, stuffed with down, covered in satin or velvet, with silk tassels, nicely plump and inviting. I didn’t say fat. Just plump—which means rounded and curved. Sort of like the dimpled women Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and da Vinci—the Masters—liked to paint. Beautiful and zaftig. She reminds other people of a golden harp. Sometimes this image is conjured by her harping about various things when she’s mentally stimulated, but mostly it’s because of her melodious voice and musical manner. She’s so charming, so graceful, so determinedly cheerful … and she smells so heavenly. Nearly all Libra women are well supplied with scented soaps, perfumes, colognes, talcums—fragrant candles and exotic incense. Many of them have temple bells hanging over their beds. Libra rules the mysteriously wise Orient, you know, which may be why lots of Librans lean toward Zen and Zeno. If this seems to contradict her Venus-inspired sentiment and affectionate nature, you must remember that such contradictions constitute the whole purpose of Libra’s Scales.

In one tray you place some granulated crystals of Zen dhyana and Zeno stoicism—in the other a heaping measure of powdery pleasantness and soft sentiment, with a touch of trembling vulnerability. Then you balance them, so that they are exactly even. Lots of luck. Librans are not simple, uncomplicated people. They may often take on the form and shape of happy lollipops, painted with sunny smiles and glittering glamour—but there’s always that Eastern Double Z to consider. The temple bells, the candles, and the incense. Ancient wisdom.

The Libra woman will remind the Virgo man who loves her of all these images of loveliness, such as fluffy pillows, balloons, lollipops, clouds, and paintings by the Masters—when her Scales are tipping in that direction. But there could be occasions when she’ll remind him of other things. Like his old top sergeant in the army. Or his chief petty officer, if he was in the navy. That last image is unworthy of the clear and concise Virgo thinking. It doesn’t quite fit. There’s something a little off balance about it, not quite perfect, but I’m not sure why. It just struck me what’s wrong with it. It vibrates more to his charisma than to hers. That’s what’s wrong with it. Chief petty officer. Chief of Pettiness, perhaps? I’m only preparing him for the brilliant logic he’ll encounter with this one-woman debating team if he should ever slip up and call her by such a name. He’ll wish he’d just left well enough alone. He also may learn that top sergeant is far more appropriate.

The only reason he started thinking about such commanding images in the first place was because of the way this lady has of gently maneuvering, insistently and determinedly, to get her own way and to dominate the more submissive personalities around her. Granted, she seldom or never raises her voice or swears. Venus punishes Librans severely when they’re naughty enough to curse and shout. A guilty conscience always follows any such outburst. Still, for all her winsome ways and sweetness, she’ll somehow manage to pretty much bring him around to her way of thinking on nearly all major or minor matters. This can be a problem, since to be brought around to her way of thinking can deeply disturb this man. Her way of thinking is usually a balancing of two thoughts at the same time, waiting for a while until they settle in her Scales, are weighed—and one of them comes out the winner.

The typical Virgo man just can’t stand to have his mind cluttered up with two polarized opinions at once. He’d rather concentrate on making the decision between them quickly. He’ll analyze carefully every minute detail of the flaws and plusses of both sides, choose one, and discard the other swiftly and efficiently. It’s beyond his imagination how anyone can walk around so long carrying the heavy burden of unmade decisions. Virgo hates unmade decisions as much as he hates unmade beds. Even the extremely rare sloppy Virgo suffers from gloomy periods of self-accusation, even self-hatred, because things have been permitted to fall into such disarray. The longer the organizing process is delayed, put aside, the worse it gets, until it becomes a vicious circle. Nevertheless, despite his tendency to worry and fuss and fret over trifles, his insistence on neat and tidy mental attitudes and so forth—this man can, much like her, contradict his crankiness with long stretches of tranquility. He can soothe her Venus spirit then … with his own special lullaby of longing. There’s something so cool and serene and refreshing in his glance. On such occasions he moves and speaks calmly, quietly. His presence can be so unobtrusive, and at the same time so comforting, relaxing, and uplifting that he’s one of the few people who can keep her disposition in balance and return to her the natural Venus buoyancy and optimism, after an especially severe spell of lethargic futility and self-doubt. His tender concern turns her tears to smiles, makes everything seem bright and rainbow-tinted again, like a clean, white sheet of paper … a new beginning.

Depression always causes more pain in Libra than in other people, because it’s such an unaccustomed state for this woman. When her Scales are swinging downward, she feels the heavy hand of despair and can be very, very lonely, without quite knowing why, unable to pin down the reason. Everything looks dreary-grey. Her vivid imagination casts a heavy smog of dread possibilities, glazing her eyes with blankness and depleting her physical energy, so that about all she can do is just lie down and meditate on a velvet vacuum. Even the ringing of her temple bells will annoy her. Their delicate tinkling music will sound like the screaming siren of a police car … her incense smells like burning rubber. At such times, her Virgo man can be enormously comforting, like a cool, healing hand on your brow when you’re feverish and restless. Many Virgos make fine doctors and nurses. They’re sort of like human herbs, because the Virgo essence is closely aligned with green and growing things, Nature’s deep, dark, piney forests … and quiet lakes. Her Libra essence is made of Autumn’s burnished-gold nostalgia and Sunset’s glorious beauty, tinged with wistfulness—blending rather well, therefore, with his own invisible, but distinctly felt, Indian Summer auric tones and colors.

Their sexual expression will echo this blending of their auras. There’s always something peaceful and still about the lovemaking between the airy Libran woman and her earthy Virgo man. Their intimacies are somehow restful and relaxing. If the birth chart of either or both indicates the Moon or Ascendent in a Fire Sign, their passion will be intensified, and their physical consummation will contain a more dramatic urgency. But the typical Virgo-Libra sexual union will make up in gentle comfort and quiet fulfillment what it may lack in passionate desire. There are many levels of the physical demonstration of love between two people, and each level brings its own special dimension of joy and wonder.

But he must be careful not to upset her Scales with criticism, even if not spoken aloud, only indicated by his disapproving glances … especially near the time of their Oneness. A Libra woman both yearns and genuinely needs to be loved as a goddess is loved, with a great deal of eloquence and a total commitment. She adores being adored, and criticism can throw buckets of cold water on adoration, freezing it into icicles of resistance and frigidity. Since the Virgo man is never, at best, consumed by the fires of overwhelming passion, his answering response will be to grow even colder and more detached, creating an unnecessary barrier between them to be dissolved before they can once again communicate their feelings and emotions with their whole selves.

Whether the Virgo man she loves bears the stamp of an illusionary chronological age of sixteen or ninety-two—or any of the false labels in between — the Libra woman could see him in a true light if she meditated upon his archetype, Virgo Howard Jarvis. He’s the one who was stirred to crusade for the common people—his tireless efforts and patience finally bringing about, in 1978, the passage of the now-famous, both blessed and cursed Proposition 13.

How very much like a Virgo man to devote all his energies to helping others win their long-overdue freedom from the iron fist of outrageous taxation—to single-handedly, through his Virgo persistence, bring about the most sweeping and desperately needed tax reforms of this or any other century. How sweet for a Virgo to so clearly criticize the red-tape bungling and lavish, Caesar-like spending of local and state government at the expense of those who can ill afford to carry the burden of such wastefulness on their backs!

Granted, there were frequent occasions during Howard Jarvis’s crusade when he forgot his Virgo courtesy and gentleness, becoming typically Virgo crusty, cranky, and cantankerous—because he was overtired, secretly worried, and tense about his role as a lone David, confronting the Goliaths of government with naught but the slingshot of clear thinking, honest appraisal—and integrity of intent. Granted also, there were and still are many justified complaints concerning certain undesirable results of Proposition 13. But even Virgo can’t create absolute perfection within the imperfection of the traditionally less-than-ideal structure of the law itself—and the octopus-armed creature whimsically known as politics. The bottom line, nonetheless, was that Howard’s Prop 13 was responsible for the loudly ringing liberty bells of reform heard tolling all the way to Washington, causing congressmen to tremble, as they saw the vivid handwriting on the wall from an angry public, inspired by Virgo Jarvis to see the flaws of indolent, extravagant government spending, made possible by the bleeding of each individual citizen’s incentive to work and retain a fair compensation for his or her labors.

In 1978, after his great victory, Howard Jarvis was being interviewed about Prop 13 on a television show. Unexpectedly, during the questioning by a woman interviewer, this Virgo man’s voice trembled as he was somehow compelled to say, It’s such a wonderful thing for a man of my age, seventy-five, to be able to do more for the people of California than anyone else has ever done. Then, undoubtedly shocking himself even more than he shocked the watching audience, Virgo Howard Jarvis broke down and openly wept, as his interviewer spontaneously threw her arms around him, moved to tears herself.

This is the clearest image of the Virgo male a Libran woman who loves one will ever be privileged to contemplate. As much as he may love her in return, with all his heart and mind and soul, he must be true to his own Sun Sign, and place service to others above all else—above even his own needs—yes, and if duty, responsibility, and dedication require, also above hers. His shining quest is to somehow improve the world he lives in—to try as best he can to bring order out of chaos and confusion—to clarify the mistakes of Earthlings, whether they be his personal loved ones or complete strangers. He’s driven to turn the smog and pollution of human thinking into the fresh air of her own Libra harmony and balance.

This is his destiny—to fulfill his mission as a Virgo. And so … . . if this man doesn’t give the Libra lady quite all the attention, sentiment, and affection she seeks at every moment, she should try a little harder to be fair in judging his gentle heart and pure motives, to show compassion for his often-troubled thoughts, and understand that his compulsion to criticize contains the seeds of a new kind of freedom for himself … the world … and their own relationship.

She can help him, too, in a most important way. With his tendency to worry, despite his bright intellect, the typical Virgo man is always in danger (more so than most other Sun Signs) of falling victim to the programming and brainwashing of those who dictate a false and illusionary chronological age—after which one is more or less commanded to die, not to mention fully expected to age several decades before this arbitrary time. Howard Jarvis is wrong. He is still a young man, who has not completed his mission—unless he continues to imagine so vividly otherwise, and refuses to free himself from the chains of preconditioned thinking.

The Libra woman is beautifully qualified to gently, tenderly convince the Virgo man she loves that he may choose to live long past the age of the century mark, as intended by our co-Creators (see Virgo-Virgo chapter), without sacrificing either his youthful appearance or his youthful energies. If she manages to arouse his curiosity, he’ll pursue the ways and means to accomplish such a miracle as determinedly as Howard Jarvis pursued Prop 13.

Virgo Scorpio
Earth—Mutable—Negative Water—Fixed—Negative
Ruled by Mercury Ruled by Pluto
Symbol: The Virgin Symbols: Scorpion & Eagle
Night Forces—Feminine Night Forces—Feminine


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