Dating Virgo Man

A Virgo Man can be summed up using one word, and that is the word `practical.’ This is a man who sees things exactly as they are without sugar coating them. Some of the best characteristics about these men are that they are down to earth and hard working. Virgo men are not emotional as the Cancer men are and in most cases they tend to keep to themselves. In addition, they will prefer the company of other reserved individuals.

However, this does not mean that they cannot form a good attachment with the woman they like. This however is calculated and it may take more time than the lady would have imagined. He is careful about relationships and will not jump into any unless he is sure that it can work. Once he is struck by love, he is in it to stay.

These men are also intelligent and can be found in the company of likeminded individuals. If a lady likes a Virgo, then she should know his positive and negative traits. These include;

Positive Traits

  • Practical
  • Reliable
  • Intelligent
  • Dedicated

Negative traits

  • Inexpressive
  • Critical
  • Territorial

These are some of the traits that can be found in these men. A lady who has fallen for such a guy must understand him and be in a position to be able to deal with these traits.

A lady who is interested in a Virgo man may have noticed that he is picky and tends to be somewhat difficult. These men can be shy and the lady should therefore be ready to take the initiative. In most of the cases, they do not make the first move. He is flexible and the lady can suggest places to go. This decreases his anxiety. These might be places such as movies, restaurant and other activities just to mention a few. The lady should try and be practical given that a flighty date will not go down well with these men.

Dating Virgo Man – Your First Date

While on the first date, it would be to her advantage if she keeps things as real as possible. This might not be very interesting but it is important. As much as he loves a lady who is fashionable, he will also expect her to be decent. The lady should share about her work and plans in future and particularly about family and relationship. A Virgo loves family. He loves intelligent women and thus she should not shy away from pointing out how well educated she is and what she is doing with the education. Showing him too much attention at first might scare him, but she should show him she is interested.

If the first date works out perfectly, then he is sure to have liked the lady. However, to continue with the relationship, here are a few tips that would help her get to know him better with regard to his personality so as to develop a strong relationship.


This is one of the most common traits of a Virgo. He is always real and will not be found day dreaming about “what ifs.” He is hardworking and committed to all that he gets himself into. This can also be seen in the relationship. He is not into fake relationships that are not heading anywhere. With this being said, he also expects the lady he is dating to be practical and real about what they have together as well as in her own life. Simply put, a Virgo man hates pretenders and fake people.


Once in a relationship, the lady can be sure that she is with a reliable man. He is caring about the woman he loves and would be willing and ready to support her. A Virgo is the type of man that most people fall back on when it comes to advice in time of turmoil. In the relationship, he would also like a lady who is reliable but also independent.


These men are very intelligent and can always be found around intelligent people. The lady has to show some level of intelligence on her part. This attracts a Virgo man given that he is more interested in the intelligence as compared to the physical beauty she may possess. The lady should therefore not be one to be easily bored with such a trait otherwise she would end up being disappointed.


Virgo men are some of the most dedicated when it comes to relationships. A Virgo can be very caring and faithful when it comes down to the one he truly loves. For the right woman he is sure to be supportive and truly committed to the relationship. This is one of the outstanding qualities a Virgo man possesses but it will take some time before he reaches that level.


For the type of ladies who are in a hurry to hear him say certain things and express himself, this is not that type of man. Virgo men are not very good when it comes to expressing themselves emotionally. He can show how much he loves and cares about the lady through his actions such as being supportive and buying gifts.


These men also tend to be very critical given that they are very observant.  To the woman they find to be somewhat not up to the task, they might be very critical of her so as to try and achieve perfection in the process. This should not bother the lady much, but rather she should encourage him to be patient given that he can be very patient. She should also strive to improve on her short comings so as to show him she is trying.


Virgos are well known for being territorial by nature; at the slightest inclination that someone is coming into their space or coming after what is theirs. If a woman is involved with a Virgo and seeks comfort elsewhere she might be in for a rude awakening. A Virgo cannot handle the emotional disconnect when it comes to ownership and thus when you’re in a relationship with a Virgo you are considered property. For the type of woman that doesn’t want to be controlled or is very independent this can cause a problem. Knowing about this trait upfront is a key if you plan on having a long lasting and successful relationship with a Virgo.


In conclusion, a Virgo is generally a great person that a lady can be with. He is caring, loving, patient and supportive. Although he has his negative traits, they can be overlooked given that most of his positive traits are of a greater value. He can therefore make an excellent partner in a relationship despite his short comings.


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