Dating Aries Men

Aries Men born under the sign perceive themselves as first in just about every area of their lives. They consider themselves as leaders and initiators. They are also what one would refer to as the “bundle of energy” and dynamism; fearless and will walk into anything to demonstrate leadership.

Women interested in these Aries Men therefore should be keen enough to understand a few points about the character traits of these individuals so that they can get and keep the Aries man that they adore.

Having sufficient information and knowledge about their characteristics, likes and dislikes will help the Women prepare and know how to communicate and engage with these Aries Men. This will enable her learn how to get to them and use his traits to her advantage.

An Aries man has a number of characteristics that are both positive and negative depending on how the woman looks at it and these include;

Positive Traits

  • Dynamic
  • Born Leader
  • Persistent
  • Optimistic

Negative Traits

  • Impatient
  • Independent
  • Short tempered

An Aries man largely prefers dating humorous, autonomous ladies since they can find something about him they can praise in a clever way without using an excessive tone.

An Aries man loves gifts, but not the tangible types. It would therefore be a good idea to give him a good experience such as tickets for a game of his choice where he can get all the fun in cheering his favorite team. In terms of surprises, some romantic dinner or teasing would do wonders. They love to be dared intimately and this would be one of the best ways in which she can get his attention.

Your First Date

It is important for the lady to remember that on the first date, an Aries has his mind set on what he wants and believes he will get it. If the agenda is mutual, then it is sure to be a good date. However, it might not be so if the lady is the type that likes to take it slow.

They are adventurers and thus it would be wise for the lady to let him take the lead given that he is a natural leader. It is important that she shows him how outgoing she is and she’s not afraid of a little adventure. However, she should not give excess compliments and should keep up with him even though she lets him take the lead.

It would also be wise for the lady to know that an Aries restlessness is also responsible for his romantic moods that tend to be adventurers and explorative. However, although he is most likely to fall in love very quickly, he can get bored just as fast. Following the first date, there are several tips concerning his characteristics that would be of help to see the relationship develop.


Aries Men are very adventurers and tend to do things in breakneck speed. They are also independent thinkers and this is one of the traits that bring them out as natural leaders. They will often roam in paths that have not been ventured into before and expect to be supported when they do. The woman should therefore be ready to offer support. Given that they love to venture, the woman should also be dynamic in the relationship and establish some level of challenge for which he would be exited chasing.

Born leader

Given that he is testosterone- charged and masculine, what can be termed as the alpha male, he is overprotective and tends to have the need of a highly active sex life. He is spontaneous and loves to take the lead. It is therefore important that the woman be gentle to his ego and gives him a good level of compliment for his protective and leadership nature.

The woman should also try and avoid too much confrontation with him since he likes to feel that he is the leader in the house just as he is feels he is in business and other activities. Trying to put him down might not be a very wise way to go.


Aries love challenges and teasing him when he begins being bossy wouldn’t work out great. She should try and keep what he wants strongly to the point at which he starts pursuing. During an argument, she can get to him by subtly convincing him that her ideas are not that different from his.

When getting intimate, he should be kept guessing (given that he loves the thrill involved) what’s going to happen next in bed. She should also keep in mind that he has a roaming eye, and thus any woman interested in an Aries should keep herself in great shape and remain sexy.

Highly optimistic

In everything they do, Aries are some of the most optimistic Aries Men ever. They always see the glass half full no matter how hopeless the situation. This is a characteristic that makes him pleasant and wonderful to be around when all hope has disappeared since they can inspire and give hope. This is also demonstrated in a relationship.

Being negative about everything would be one of the things the lady should try and avoid in this situation. Given that they are optimistic about a given situation, she should show support even though to her there might be no hope.


Aries Men tend to be very impulsive and denying them what they have been eying and expecting for a while might drive things in the wrong direction. As much as they should be intrigued by playing hard to get, showing signs to him that he will not get what he wants will cause him to be cold or display his feelings in other ways such as looking elsewhere for love.

The lady should also avoid flirting with other Aries Men when she is in a relationship with him since he tends to get jealous spontaneously and would not be able to hide such feelings. Showing behavior like that would definitely get him looking for a better relationship.


An Aries man should be given his freedom. They tend to be loyal in most of the cases and will rarely cheat or stray too far away from their homes. He can therefore be trusted to be alone or to spend time with his friends. This maintains harmony and peace at home.

If you try to take away his independence this can cause him to pull away from you. As a very masculine individual he will seek a more independent woman to be by his side if he feels you’re trying to deny him his independence.

Short- tempered

These Aries Men will get all worked up over the smallest of issues if they feel they are targets. In cases where they do not get there way, they also tend to be very short-tempered throwing tantrums like a child.

They do not hide their feelings and thus the woman should give him time to cool off before getting in to it with him. In the majority of cases, they tend to admit fault once the situation cools down.


The Aries Men have their good and bad sides and any woman dating them should have these in mind. They can be very caring, loving, over protective as well as very good friends. They can demonstrate love strongly. However, they can behave like babies and easily engage in fights and arguments.

A lady who loves to dominate in a relationship would have a hard time coping with such Aries Men and this is one of the reasons as to why she should think through before getting serious with him. They can fall in love again and again following a break up and can marry very early.

Moreover, their volatile and loss of interest once they fall out of love should be some of the reasons a girl must be careful when dating them. However, the woman that manages to catch the heart of an Aries and maintains it will find herself in pure ecstasy as he will move heaven and earth to make sure she’s happy and taken care of.


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