Cancer and Scorpio

Strangely, it was not in the water that they met..

The Crab and the Scorpion may meet while they’re sunning themselves on a rock somewhere, on a lazy lavender day. They could, of course, meet beneath the briny, but since they are often destined to be drawn together sooner or later, the choice of multiple meeting places is greatly enhanced. A bank is near the top of the list. Or perhaps a United States Treasury building. Maybe a restaurant—a nursery—or in history class. All these areas are sacred to Cancer. Give Scorpio the choice, and it could be any site from an archaeological dig to a church … with a strong possibility of Tibet, among the lamas … or a library, near the shelves labeled Sex and the Human Psyche. All sacred subjects to the Eagle.

This is the blessed-by-grace 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, meaning that these two will almost surely be magnetized together anytime they’re within a few miles of one another—not always, but usually. It’s not a guarantee—what is, regarding human behavior? But it’s an astrological probability that Cancer and Scorpio have a better chance than most people of successfully blending their auras. Anyway, guarantees are boring, don’t you think? No. The Crab and the Eagle do not think so. Other 5-9 Sun Sign Patterns, such as Aries-Leo, Gemini-Aquarius, and so forth, may look upon guarantees as boring, but not this particular 5-9 vibe. Scorpions (Eagles) are undeniably fond of sure things, and Crabs mentally visualize the word guarantee spelled out in diamond letters, sparkling like the water of an unpolluted stream (a good allegory, since an unpolluted stream is as difficult to find these days as a 100 percent guarantee has always been—and always shall be—to locate).

All right, we’ll start over. To the Crab and the Scorpion: You two nice creatures are very, very, very, very close to being certain of achieving harmony together, closer than most anyone you know. That’s a promise from the planets and stars, a promise you have the power to transmute into a genuine guarantee with less effort than lots of other people. Does that make you both feel a little more comfy-cozy secure about it all? (Shh! See? Notice. The Crab is now peeking out of the shell, curious … and the Scorpion has raised one cautious eyebrow slowly, in interest. Words like guarantee and secure always have that effect on these Sun Signs.)

An occasional Cancer-Scorpio combination may toss each other up on the beach in an unhappy ending, but the great majority of associations between the Moon-governed (Cancer) and the Pluto-ruled (Scorpio) need never fear such a shipwreck. Their relationship will quite likely still be strong and healthy long after other combinations have given up the struggle. The areas of publishing, religion, space travel, the law, travel, foreign countries, the stock market, young people, schools, and various forms of creativity, including films.. (all ninth-and fifth-house matters).. are likely ponds where you will find this combination splashing and diving and swimming and floating—or, if they’re unevolved types—crawling hesitantly, hiding under protective shells.

The Crab and the Scorpion (or Eagle) have an almost uncanny instinctive understanding of one another. They share, not all, but nearly all vices and virtues. The faults and foibles of one are either possessed by or compassionately comprehended by the other. The lovable traits and talents of one are either possessed by or intensely admired by the other. It’s called empathy, and Cancer and Scorpio can always count on this as a supportive influence in their relationship, whether adult and child, business associates, lovers, married mates, friends, siblings, or other relatives.

A child, or children, will typically, in some way, play an important role in their lives, as the relationship grows and endures (and probably it will), either a troublesome and sorrowful or a happy and magical role, almost from the time they first meet. Sometimes, sadly, this takes the form of children one or both deeply desire, but cannot possess, for one reason or another. More often, however, children and young people are a blessing to these two. If not literally children, then the childhood of the Crab or the Scorpion (or both) will be, in some strange way, the basis for initial attraction and sympathy. They will enjoy comforting one another concerning a sad past—or laughing and dreaming together over a happy past. Yesterday is always very near to Moon souls, and Scorpio also looks back, secretly, with nostalgia.

Both the Crabs and the Eagles tend to never forget a kindness. Likewise, they mutually share long memories for hurt or injury. Wound either Cancer or Scorpio, and the memory will linger, never fading, occasionally for a lifetime. But there the similarity ends, for the Crab will seldom try to even the score, preferring to cry and nurse injured feelings alone, cauterizing the wounds with liberal doses of self-pity, while the Scorpion will bloody well see to it, in one way or another, that there is returned an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth—a bruise for a bruise, a dented fender for a dented fender, an insult for an insult, and so on. This is a reaction (though not a very positive one) to the Scale-balancing act Scorpio has already learned from the sign behind—Libra. Making things come out even. But while Libra sorts it all out evenly through logical mental processes, Scorpio balances matters in, shall we say, a more tangible and instant way.

The Crab’s hurt seldom, if ever, causes an urge to attack. The reflex action of the wounded Cancerian is to retreat, often remaining mistrustful of that person or situation forever …. whereas the word retreat is nearly unknown to an Eagle. Scorps may appear to give up, to retreat or disappear. But they’ll return. Inwardly, these people would almost literally prefer to die than to lose a conflict or come out on the short end of someone else’s stick. This goes for love affairs, business deals—soccer and marbles (depending on the age and sex). Yet, the Scorpion does not always consciously obtain the satisfaction of revenge. That is, he or she need not necessarily (though some do it deliberately) take an overt action against the offender. The intensity of a Pluto-powered thought alone will do it.

Nevertheless, there is an unearthly sweetness in the Scorpio aura, superimposed upon the determination not to be smashed without teaching the smasher a lesson, and it is this sweetness, this gentleness and sensitivity, which allows the Crab to trust the Eagle.

Since both are of the Water Element, when Cancerians and Scorpions who have heavy afflictions to their individual Suns at birth get together, they can drown in drink, drugs, or other forms of escape, including sexual promiscuity—dragging one another down deeper into the depths, until they’ve reached the ocean floor. The swim back up is not easy. For these, the extraordinary magnetism of the 5-9 attraction is a trap. Some associations of this type have even become mutual victims of dark arts like hypnotic control, psychic attack, voodoo, and black magic. Scenes like séances with a trance medium are best avoided by either—and especially by both together.

Ah! but the evolved, the emotionally mature, mentally perceptive, and spiritually aware Crabs and Eagles will discover all the joys and pure pleasures of the 5-9 Pattern, feeling and behaving very much like children together—and what could be more wonderful than submission to innocence, excitement, and faith in faeries? This can really be a rainbow kind of relationship, where every small or large misunderstanding is certain to be resolved and forgiven later. Crabs and Scorps don’t forgive many people—but they will forgive one another. What is even lovelier, if the Sun-Moon aspect between their birth charts is also harmonious, matching the music of their trined, natal Suns, they’ll not only forgive—they’ll forget. And that’s a true miracle for the Crab and the Scorpion. They can, if they only half try, bring out the best, not the worst, in each other. The trust Cancer has never been able to fully give to anyone will be easily given to Scorpio—and the great gift of forgiveness that Scorpio has never quite been able to give to another person will be painlessly given to the compatible Crab. Cancer and Scorpio, both extremely sensitive, are willing to reveal their vulnerabilities to each other. This is no small matter, for they’ve both kept their terrible vulnerability hidden beneath their shells for so long, lest the world discover it as a weakness and use it against them.

They tell each other secrets they would ordinarily never tell a soul. No one can pry a secret out of a Crab, if he or she doesn’t want it known, but the Eagle just may—and the gentle Moon-ruled Cancerians can sometimes perform the magic trick of accurately reading Scorpio’s facial expression of cool detachment for what it really is—a mask. They’re both more than a little telepathic, particularly with one another.

When their purposes do clash, it will frequently be over money, because Scorpio is concerned with other people’s money, and Cancer is concerned with—well, with just plain money, never mind whose, just so it’s green. Scorpio tends to worry over how to obtain it, Cancer over the dreadful possibility of losing it.

Since all Crabs, of whatever age or sex, as explained in my first book, Sun Signs, are Jewish mothers—and all Eagles, of whatever age or sex, are fiercely, intensely protective—these two will wrap one another in a very comforting cocoon, which could become a little stuffy unless they allow themselves to come out for air now and then. But oh! that feeling of security. Beautiful. Scorpio can at times be too self-controlled for Cancer’s affectionate nature, and the Crab will sometimes snap at Scorpio, ruffling those smooth Eagle feathers, but these are minor tensions with which to cope when the rewards are so solid. After swimming for what has seemed to be eternities, in endless whirlpools of infinitude …… to be brought together with one who so gently understands your heart’s deepest longings …… is a blessed thing.

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

It was not, she knew, that night had come, but something as dark as night had come. No, worse than that. It had not come, but it had sent that shiver through the sea to say that it was coming. What was it?

Although somewhat of an enigma, the Cancer woman is decidedly interesting. Beneath her surface reserve and coolness, she has a delightful sense of joy and humor. She possesses very little ego or vanity, yet she’s constantly misunderstood and accused of being cold and self-centered. Mystery attracts her, but she’s reluctant to delve too deeply into unknown, uncharted waters …… unless those unknown, uncharted waters surround a Scorpio man. This particular mystery she cannot resist, and in order to know him better, she’ll even discard her innate fears. For the female Crab to control her fears is no small accomplishment. Give her A on her spiritual-evolvement report card for even the effort, let alone success in such a goal. Cancer fears always hover around the aura of the Moon-ruled, so complex, and so deeply submerged in the subconscious, that any attempt to overcome them should be appreciated and applauded.

Being appreciated is her most wistful wish, her dearest desire, though she will seldom admit it. So few people even try to understand her, let alone appreciate her. The Scorpio man will do both. Perhaps that’s why she gathers the courage to return his intense gaze. She senses this is one human being on the planet who really knows her. She’s right. He does.

If any other man attempted to penetrate her secret self with such a burning look, with such an intimate message in his glance, she would shower him with ice water and aloofness. Or snap his head off. A female Crab can become mighty cranky when someone she doesn’t trust tries to pry open her shell. She’s always more gentle with other Cancerians, Scorpio, and Pisces, a little less irritable with Virgo and Taurus, sometimes fascinated by the male Goat—but the Aries or Libra man may expect a decided snapping reaction.

Eagles love a challenge, and coaxing the shy but funny Cancerian woman to trust him will be one of his easier ones. Equally as surprising, the normally very suspicious Scorpio Eagle will probably trust her also, from the first moment their eyes meet. It’s an extremely rare occasion when the powerful empathy between these Sun Signs isn’t visible right away. It can happen, but most infrequently.

Others in the past have accused the two of them of being cold emotionally. There’s a good reason for that. They are. After all, they’re both of the Water Element; consequently they find it difficult to display their feelings openly. But romantic temperature is a matter of interpretation. What others may call cold, to the Moon Maid and the Eagle can read from warm to hot. Compensating for their undeniable Water Element inheritance of a cooler chemistry, these two are secretly very sentimental, even more so than Taurus and Leo. The Cancer-Scorpio attempt to hide this sentimentality isn’t always successful. Tears come to both their eyes easily when their emotions are touched (which is frequently).

With her, the tears often spill down over her cheeks, and the secret is out. With him, after the first unbidden misting or faint wetness, a manly gulp and a powerful surge of self-control will dry his tears so quickly most people are none the wiser. Except for her. The Moon Maid saw them. And they caused a sharp loving-pain in her heart. No one in this world can control his emotions as superbly as a Scorpio man. He exercises a continual watch over them, forcing his facial features to assume a neutral position in the midst of any emotion, from surprise or elation to hurt or grief. Nearly always, the Eagle succeeds. When he doesn’t, you can be sure the depth of the emotion felt is truly overwhelming, virtually uncontrollable. Others may not sense this, but the Cancer woman does, and it moves her deeply.

So, you see, they aren’t emotionally cold at all—it’s just that they both find it difficult to show on the outside what they’re feeling on the inside. It’s not easy for feelings, even strong ones, to break through their shells. For the Crab and the Scorpion each possess a hard shell of self-protection, an extra insurance policy from Nature against the intense degree of hurt always felt by such sensitive, sensitive creatures. This is the real basis for their empathy. Still, there will be times when she’ll have to remind herself that what seems to be a coldness and silence approaching cruelty in him can be a mixture of shyness and a reluctance to admit what he’s really thinking, until he’s sure. He’ll have to be aware that her apparent uncaring withdrawal is only her way of protecting herself from possible disappointment, until she’s assured of being loved. No one seeks and needs love more than the Moon Maiden and the Eagle. Not an ordinary love, but an all-encompassing love, woven with the strong threads of devotion, gentleness, and loyalty. That last word is ultra, super important to them both.

In direct contradiction to his surface detachment and poker face, this man is an extremist. You’d never guess it from his soft voice, his subtle strategies in his career and personal life. (You’d never guess it, but you’d better believe it!) He can sink into some abysmal wells of depression, and rise to some intoxicating heights of ecstasy. All the while, to look at him, you’d think his days were spent in monotonous fashion, with few, if any, ups and downs, the smooth lake of his personality unruffled by unexpected events. Don’t be fooled. (This advice is for other Sun Signs—the Cancer woman doesn’t need it. Remember, she knows him.) Of course, that cool poise took years of training. He unleashed some pretty sensational rages of fury as a teenager, before he mastered self-control. Ask his mother.

The Lunar lady of his dreams soon discovers that her Eagle lover’s chief faults are his suspicious nature, jealousy, and a desire to dominate his mate (and most everyone else), however well disguised—just as he realizes very early in the relationship that her weak points are secrecy, smothering possessiveness, and a quivering vulnerability to hurt, both real and imagined. Imagined hurt, whether emotional or physical, can be as painful as the real kind. Any doctor will tell you that the imaginary pain of an amputee, for example, is vividly felt.

All pain begins in the mind, even so-called physical pain—not in the body. And so, when dealing with his Moon Maiden’s wounded feelings, the Eagle must first realize how real the pain is to her, how dreadfully her heart aches, even though she only imagined the action which hurt her to be intentional. Then he can tenderly explain to her how medical hypnosis, and many other experiments, have proven that all pain sensations begin in the mind, before manifesting in the body, and therefore, can only be removed through the source—the mind or the imagination. The subconscious mind, depositor of all her nightmares and insecurities from childhood, is in absolute control of the body, and of all human emotional reaction. Tell a hypnotized subject the postage stamp placed on a hand or arm is a flame, and an actual blister will rise. Place a real flame against the skin, tell the hypnotized person it’s an ice cube, and no blister will appear. It’s as simple and as true as that—and it gives a clue to handling the Cancerian fear fluctuations, when the problem is actually emotional pain, rather than physical.

Sexually, the Scorpion’s love nature is more intense and yearning than that of most men. Hers is more romantic and sensitive than that of most women. What each needs most, then, from the other should be obvious: emotional security and reassurance. She needs visible tokens of his affection …… an unexpected rose or bunch of violets on her desk or on her pillow …… perhaps a small pet, like the one she had as a child, sitting there with a ribbon around its neck as a surprise some bright morning—things like that. These small things affect her sexual chemistry profoundly.

He needs to know that her lovemaking stems from a genuine desire to be one with him, that it’s not, on occasion, feigned to hide a secret boredom. You can’t hide anything from him anyway, so why try? If they remain aware of one another’s unspoken needs, their physical mating can be a truly transcendental experience. But they both may have occasion to learn that controlled passion is not passion at all. Only when two people trust one another totally in every other way can they fully express love through sexual intimacy. The special requirement these two share is the need they each have for continual demonstration of affection away from the bedroom—a demonstration for which they will rarely ask, a need they seldom verbally express, because it’s buried so deep. When this mutual need is filled, the happiness they discover in their physical lovemaking will be just about all Earthlings could wish for on this three-dimensional level of man and woman’s present awareness—as with all 5-9 Sun Sign couples, barring a negative Sun-Moon aspect between them.

I’ve said this earlier, but it bears repetition. The two dragons they must conquer together are their most negative traits: her unfounded fears and sometimes smothering possessiveness—his burning jealousy and revenge compulsion—and their mutual financial caution. (Some people call it stinginess.) When they’re angry, both tend to retreat into their individual caverns of silence, which is the worst of all possible solutions for these two Sun Signs (although other Fire Sign 5-9 Patterns could profit by a little more of the stuff). What Cancer and Scorpio need, however, is to talk it over, to verbalize their complaints. Burying a resentment in silence won’t make it disappear. It only allows what began as a minor irritation to grow into a not-so-jolly green giant which can destroy their relationship. It’s always unfortunate when any 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibration is destroyed, because they invariably miss each other so very much.

This is a woman who needs a Valentine every February, a hyacinth for Easter, the merry sound of antique sleigh bells at Christmas to match her merry laughter … a tiny diamond, or something shining and silvery for the New Year … a nostalgic box of sparklers on the Fourth of July … lots and lots of time to reminisce about the past on Thanksgiving … and no unexpected goblins to frighten her on Halloween.

This is a man who may pretend to ignore holidays, but watch his normally impassive, controlled features light up in sheer delight, should the woman he loves happen to leave a crazy stuffed animal perched on the dashboard of his car, on Groundhog’s Day. For a brief, enchanted moment, she’ll catch a glimpse of the way he grinned when he was a small boy, before he learned to master his poker face and that enigmatic, mysterious smile.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

Sometimes…. he had dreams, and they were more painful than the dreams of other boys. For hours he could not be separated from these dreams, though he wailed piteously in them. They had to do, I think, with the riddle of his existence. At such times it had been Wendy’s custom to take him out of bed and sit with him on her lap, soothing him in dear ways of her own invention, and when he grew calmer to put him back to bed before he quite woke up, so that he should not know of the indignity to which she had subjected him.

This relationship works best when the woman is the Crab, the man the Scorpion. Yet, since these lovers are influenced by the 5-9 vibrational Sun Sign Pattern, the sex of the lovers won’t seriously impair their chances for harmony. Her ruling planet, Pluto, is stronger, and more intense, than his ruler, the Moon—but then, his Cardinal Sign essence is more powerful in an inter-reactive way than her Fixed Sign essence. Cardinal means to lead—Fixed means to not follow—which will be one of the more basic problems between these otherwise nicely tuned-in people. Read the last two sentences over several times, and you’ll know how the aforementioned problem works out in the final analysis. It takes meditation.

They will share the qualities of gentleness, loyalty, intensity of emotion, and great imagination. Together, they can create all manner of marvelous things—a powerful love, a star-blessed child or children, or a great career. Create is the key word. Cancer and Scorpio, when they combine their auras, can become an awesome regenerative force. Sarah and Abraham were surely Cancer-Scorpio mates, never mind which was the Cancerian, which the Scorpion. For Sarah conceived a child, fathered by Abraham, created from the depths of their mutually intense desire, long after they were past what those who follow the illusionary chronological calendar would call the childbearing age for her and the virile age for him. To prove how illusionary such matters are, each was (literally) several hundred years old when their child was born—that alone being a miracle to those who are today brainwashed or soul-washed by the normal life span deceptions of insurance companies and the like.

Is anything impossible unto the Lord? Abraham was asked. No. Nor is anything impossible unto the children of the Lord—(or of our co-Creators)—we who were made in Their image.

Along with Capricorn and Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio share the tendency to longevity. In reality, all Sun Signs have the potential of a life span in the same flesh body of five hundred to a thousand years or so, sans the aging process, but these particular Sun Signs lead the way to enlightenment. Capricorns demonstrate the reversal of age, by appearing younger, as they grow Earth-Time older—Taurus shows us how being calm and patient adds less wear and tear to the body, the Bulls retaining their splendid strength long after most others have given up—Cancer exhibits the necessary tenacity—and Scorpio knows, on a still subconscious level (soon to be conscious) the alchemy secrets of cell regeneration which make longevity possible. Naturally, if everyone—or when everyone—learns the secret of Abraham and Sarah, such a miracle would appear to create a population problem, in consideration of those new souls being born, simultaneously, as babes.

Since the Crab and the female Scorpion have a better chance than most of remaining on the planet for a considerable number of Earth years, it’s a lucky thing they’re more compatible and harmonious than many other couples. They will surely never bore one another for the first few centuries.

Along with the vices and virtues they share, there are a few traits they don’t share, and these will be, from time to time, troublemakers. He does not possess her Pluto-propelled intensity of emotion, her near-compulsion to strike back when angered, and this can become a dangerous problem to their happiness, if too many stings from the Scorpion’s tail cause the male Crab to permanently retreat into his shell of hardness. Another difference between them, scattered among the smooth similarities of character, which could rock the relationship, will be her inability to comprehend his undue caution, his occasional timidity—and his reluctance to allow fate to guide his destiny. It’s difficult for the Scorpio woman to understand his Lunar lack of courage when a challenge demanding direct confrontation occurs—from outsiders, as well as in their personal association. She’ll have to remember that all Crabs take a step or two sideways or backward before lunging ahead, giving them time to carefully consider all possibilities, which is why he’s a more clever strategist in both material and emotional matters than she may realize. Despite her outward femininity and reserve, this woman fears nothing in Heaven or in Hell (or on Earth) herself—unless her Sun was severely afflicted by malefic planets at birth—therefore, his hesitations will both puzzle and trouble her. Likewise, her willingness to plunge into churning emotional waters and unknown situations which could be dangerous will frighten and trouble him.

Much of the time, their conflicts will be quickly dissolved by a wave of his Looney Bird humor. There’s nothing as startling—and as refreshing—as the Cancer man’s sudden switch into laughter, following one of his dismal, cautious, cranky, and crabby moods. She needs his laughter, for Scorpio is too often deeply engrossed with the mysteries of life to laugh casually. Humor heals. It’s a bridge which spans any kind of misunderstanding. The agonizing conflict between blacks and whites in America only began to truly dissolve when comedians of both races had the courage to make fun of prejudice before mixed audiences, whose reactions were at first uncertainty—then finally intense relief, allowing both races comprehension of—and compassion for—one another.

But humor has two sides. The swiftest way to destroy an enemy is not through verbal abuse or bitterness, but through subtle ridicule. The Crab must take care not to overdo his sense of the divine comedy of life to the point of teasing her and making her feel ridiculous. Her sense of self-importance and basically serious nature cause her to be reluctant to laugh at jokes aimed toward herself. She can be offended by excessive teasing or an ill-timed joke. And you know what offended Scorps do—get even. When this woman is really angry (which won’t be often, with the emotional control she has developed at great cost over the years) her Cancerian mate will be fortunate to have his crab shell to hide under until the storm blows over, or until the volcano stops spouting lava, whichever image fits the scene.

His own temper isn’t anything to scoff or sneeze at either. When his tender, sensitive feelings are hurt, he can pout, snap, or crackle with crankiness for days, weeks, or months—in extreme cases, for years. Not even the powerful force of her ruling Pluto can blast the Crab out of his protective shell when he wants to remain there, nursing his emotional cuts and bruises.

All right, here it comes. I’ve been waiting to bring up the subject slowly and carefully. Even though theirs is the usually harmonious 5-9 compatibility pattern, there is one HUGE boulder looming between them which must be either gently sailed around—or dynamited at the beginning. A word with seven letters. Interesting. Seven is the number of Neptune, and Neptune rules, among other more positive things, deception. But I’m getting carried away into metaphysical nuances (perhaps not without pertinence). The word is secrets. Both he and she take perverse joy in keeping secrets—and neither of them can stand having a secret kept from them. Do you see the picture? Think about it. Obviously, something or someone has to give—more than an inch. Maybe several yards. Make that miles, depending on their Moon Signs.

True, they’ll share more of their secrets with one another than with those outside their personal periphery, nevertheless, there will be times when the Crab will sit on a secret she’s burning to burrow out of him; other times when his woman holds back some mystery he’s fairly quivering to learn. A Cancerian literally cannot sleep if he believes someone, especially his mate, is keeping a secret from him, however minor it may be—and frankly, however much it may be none of his business. A Scorpio woman is consumed with curiosity under the same circumstances. The difference is that he’ll reveal his anxiety by chewing his nails, frowning, or snapping. She’ll hide her desire to know behind the cool poise and surface nonchalance that cover her inner turmoil, and will worm it out of him more often than he’ll worm mysteries out of her—because she knows how to employ the subtle, sneaky interrogation technique until the secret has popped out unintentionally from her victim. (Victim is the only word.) This will frustrate the Crab, who prides himself on his cleverness in keeping things under his hat, even if he doesn’t wear one.

What is my advice, as an astrologer? I’m sorry to say I have none. I could tell these two to level with each other as much as possible, but they won’t. So, they’ll just have to fight—then go to bed and make up.

I didn’t mean that to be facetious, for sexually, this man and woman are blessed with the grace to achieve a beautiful physical fulfillment together. Their auras are color-coded: harmonious, the auric light surrounding them during their mating nearly always shaded in the rainbow hues of love—unless some Sun-Moon static in their charts causes a few muddy tones. Children conceived through 5-9 Sun Sign vibrations, when the Sun-Moon exchange is also favorable, are aptly called love children. Although this can occur between couples of all Sun Signs, it occurs more often with the 5-9 vibrations. When a man and woman blend sexually, an auric light is sent forth which attracts souls in the astral, seeking a channel for birth. The auric light of love attracts the more gentle, evolved souls into its magnetic stream, whereas mating performed in lust alone attracts the lower evolved or still not yet sensitive souls into a birth channel. Since both kinds of souls must enter the birth wheel of Karma for gradual and eventually certain enlightenment, each at its own chosen speed, even a lust mating has its purpose in the Universal Plan—though a constant attempt to add the tenderness of real love to lust is eternally an obligation to such couples.

The Crab and the Scorpion usually have no need to be reminded of such cosmic responsibilities. Their basic harmony nearly always creates a sexual chemistry which is both aware and inspirational. Cancer and Scorpio instinctively blend the mental and emotional with the physical, which is the secret key to an ecstasy never experienced by those who separate sexual desire from the other parts of their natures, seeking only the sensual. The added dimensions of affection and mental affinity brought to sex by Cancer and Scorpio result in a kind of lovemaking realized by a relatively small percentage of man-woman matings in any particular incarnation. This explains the powerful initial attraction between two lovers of this 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern; their lingering pain when separated ……. their abundant opportunities for trying again after a quarrel.

The Scorpio woman takes her commitment to love very seriously, with an almost religious fervor. But should she find she is not loved in return, she will eventually follow her heart elsewhere, without regret. Let that be a warning to the man who treasures her. The Cancer man is moody, often fussy and exacting. He requires his frequent unconscious and conscious nightmares to be tenderly soothed away in order to be his gentle, funny self. Otherwise, he’ll grow crankier and more reclusive, until the soft side of his nature, and his beautiful, romantic imagination disappear entirely, and he crawls away dejectedly—sideways, of course, as is the wont of the Crab—back home to mother, who always understands him. Whether she’s still living, or has passed on, she’s still the only woman who ever totally understood him. Just ask him sometime. He’ll tell you all about her. If he’s one of those very unfortunate Crabs who was adopted, or whose mother died when he was an infant, he will dream of her, and sense that she would have understood him. The maternal yearning is powerful in Cancer.

Cancerian dreams, like Scorpion perceptions, are very vulnerable, and need gentle protection from harsh reality. These two should cherish one another, true love being as rare as it is these days …… for no one else will treat the female Eagle with quite so much reverence as her Cancerian man, and no one else will treat his dreams quite as tenderly as his Scorpio lady—except for his mother. She approves of their union. Believe me, she does ….. from wherever she may be on Earth—across the continent, or across the street—or from Heaven—she sends her son’s Scorpio mate her secret sympathy.

More than any other man, the gentle Crab will forgive the deceptively quiet Scorpio woman her occasional stormy rages and hurtful words or acts of revenge, because he learned a lesson as a child he’s never forgotten. He knows that the opposite of love is not hate—the opposite of love is indifference. Whatever he receives from his Pluto-ruled woman, it will never be this. True, she’s capable of totally ignoring those for whom she feels contempt, as though they didn’t exist—and for her, they don’t. Yet, when it comes to the man to whom she’s once given herself, once loved, however long ago it may have been—years, or yesterday—her Pluto power deserts her. And this is her well-guarded secret.

Never mind the icy mask she wears to disguise her pain or torment of decision. Her passions may leap from love to hate, and back again—but indifference toward the man who has totally possessed her is one emotion this lady will never master. And so, the Lunar man can take it from there.

Cancer Sagittarius
Water—Cardinal—Negative Fire—Mutable—Positive
Ruled by the Moon Ruled by Jupiter
Symbol: The Crab Symbols: Archer & Centaur
Night Forces—Feminine Day Forces—Masculine


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