Dating Taurus Man

The Taurus Man is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated with rewards. A Taurus Man enjoys the physical pleasures, material goods as well as delicacies in abundance. Moreover, they tend to be extremely tactile and will enjoy a sensual, tender touch. Taurus Man also enjoy comfort and will be found doing things that tend to be soothing and pleasing. However, they can be very hard to deal with at times.

They have their good and difficult characters that include;

Positive Traits

  • Stable
  • Loving and Caring
  • Understanding
  • Practical

Negative Traits

  • Introverts
  • Stubborn
  • Jealous

It is often said that when a Taurus Man loves, he loves with a true heart and this is a fact for the Taurus Man. Love for a Taurus Man is for a life time and thus it would be wise of women who fall for this type of men to try and not break his heart since they may turn out to be unusually dramatic lovers. For the lucky ladies, they can be sure of getting showered with gifts by Taurus Man, which are signs of their love for the woman that has his heart.

For the women who may find themselves attracted to a Taurus Man, there are a number of tips they need to have in mind. This will help them learn the ways in which they can get a Taurus Man and develop a relationship after the first date. They might not be daring or as spectacular as the Aries but they have characteristics of their own that the ladies should know about in order to keep up with them.

Dating a Taurus Man

Your First Date

A Taurus Man enjoys and loves to be pursued. They may be a little insecure and this might cause them to take their time before making any moves right away. A lady interested in a Taurus Man should be bold enough to approach a Taurus Man and the object of her affection is most likely to be reassured and flattered if she makes her interest obvious to him. They love pleasant gifts and physical pleasures and thus affection can be shown through a token of fine wine. This gesture definitely gets a hold of their attention.

Taurus Man despise instability and thus it would be unwise of a lady to change her plans or cancel the date at the last minute. This might turn him off since they like someone reliable. In addition, a little playfulness and flirting would help given that Taurus Man love romance and affection and would not easily go out with someone once they feel it is a waste of their time. A Taurus Man is not often interested in causal dating and when they show interest it is because they are really interested. A lady who has no intentions of settling down any time soon may want to rethink going out with these types of men.

For a woman who has gone out with a Taurus Man and would like to develop a healthy long term relationship with him, she should know some of his characteristics and how to deal with them to keep him on a leash.


A Taurus Man is stable and this is one of his traits. They like a certain routine of doing things and maintain the stability. In this case, they like women who are sure of themselves. The woman has to be bold and confident, and particularly career oriented and demonstrate stability in her own life. Some of the gifts that can be given to them during the first dates include chocolate given that they usually love chocolate. They are men who can be relied upon and when there is a problem, the lady should approach him first and let him know she can trust and depend on him.

Loving and caring

Taurus Man are very loving if they are attracted to a certain lady. This is one of their strong traits. The lady of his heart should try as much as possible not to let him down given that they can be very dramatic lovers. They can be very envious and thus it might not be wise of their partners to flirt around with other men in their presence. The fact that a Taurus Man can be highly possessive is reason enough to result in a dramatic turn of events when they become extremely envious. In terms of making love, sensual touching and a romantic dinner/ meal would do wonders.


A Taurus Man is an understanding Taurus Man and will listen when the subject of discussion is logical. However, they do not entertain arguments and trying to shout for them to listen might not go down well with them. The lady should therefore explain things out in a calm manner to him and he will surely understand.


They tend to be practical in everything they do and this might be one of the reasons as to why they might find it hard to cope when things or plans change in the final minutes. They can overreact when plans change and thus it would be good of the lady to try and keep up. They can be trusted in a relationship given that it is in their nature to be loyal and loving to those they really love. They therefore expect to be shown the same level of love and stability in a relationship without which they might lose interest.


Taurus Man tend to be introverts and to get along with them well, the lady should find it necessary to allow him a certain level of space that he needs. The space creates a zone of comfort for Taurus Man which is good for the relationship. He should not be pushed into talking about the things they do not feel like talking about and should be given time and space to respond when he needs it.


Taurus Man may turn out to be some of the most stubborn men a lady has ever encountered. The lady should therefore try as much as possible not to put down his opinions and judgments. His decisions are his and he should not be subjected to a lot of pressure to change them. Instead of contradicting him often, the lady should patiently try and make him understand her concerns. He is caring and loving and will surely listen.


Taurus Man are known to be jealous. If he believes someone is after what is his he will be ready to defend it. This can be very bad if you’re the flirty type of woman. If you’re with a Taurus Man and he believes there is someone else in your relationship he can easily lose his cool. Since they are lovers they give their all and expect the same in return. So, to keep things going smooth don’t give off the vibe that you’re not taken when you’re in a social setting with a Taurus Man or you might find yourself in the middle if a real life drama.


The traits of these types of men usually revolve around their love lives and personality. For the women they love, they are always ready to protect and fight for with real love. They can almost be described as being true warriors in a relationship. However, for women who are not very interested in a long term serious relationship, these may not be the type of men they may want to date since they may turn out to be some of the strangest beings. They may behave in ways that may be somewhat dangerous to themselves or women they become possessive of. It is therefore important to learn and know these traits so as to be able to decide early whether or not to date them and how to deal with them if one decides to date them and develop a long lasting relationship.


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