Gemini and Libra

Sometimes it was dark and sometimes light, and now they were very cold and again too warm.

Two Air Signs are fun to watch, like trapeze artists at the circus. Their mental gymnastics can be both dazzling and dizzying. Air is intangible, invisible, always moving everywhere. .… and nowhere.

Since Librans can never make up their minds, and Geminis are continually changing theirs, it’s hard to know what to predict will happen in an association between them, whether they are relatives, husband-wife, friends, business partners, lovers, mates, or what-have-you. Whatever I write may change before it is read or comprehended by either. But I’ll risk it, and state that Gemini and Libra constitute a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, which usually balances out favorably, no matter in which direction the Libra Scales are dipping, and no matter which one of the Twin personalities of the dual-natured Gemini wants to argue about it.

Lest the sharper, birdlike, alert and calculating Geminis should believe that Librans are nothing but puffy white clouds, It’s a mistake to deduce that there’s nothing behind Libra’s bright smile but soft marshmallow fluff. Of course, that won’t intimidate any typical Geminis. So I’ll try to warn the Twins in another way. Libra is a Cardinal Air Sign. Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign. Cardinal means leadership. Mutable means communication. A Gemini can communicate beautifully over the airwaves with Libra as long as he or she does not try to lead the discussion or win the argument.

Remember, Libra is Cardinal. Libra must win. Libra must lead. Libra is logical. Libra must always be right. And don’t let that lollipop grin, those adorable dimples in their chins, and elsewhere, cause you to think otherwise. These are merely weapons to help Librans get their own way. When they can’t do it with their superior intellect, deductive reasoning process, or that oily-smooth voice that sounds like violins blending with harps, accompanied by whispering angels, they will bat those wide, innocent eyes, flash the Venus smile, dimple a few times—and the opposition simply melts away.

Who can resist such a combination of beauty, grace, charm, logic, intelligence, brilliance, and flattery? Gemini can—and frequently does. Gemini is not easily taken in by Libra’s coaxing con-artistry. After all, persuading, conning, coaxing and tricking the timid, with a blend of charm and wit, was invented by Geminis. The Twins come first on the zodiac wheel, Libra follows later—so Gemini invented the game, Libra only imitates.

I’m sure all Geminis will agree with me. As for the Librans, I have no intention of arguing the point back and forth, and up and down, with them. Instead, I shall sweetly urge the Pollyanna-perfect Librans to bear with me while I continue to tangle and snarl myself up verbally, trying to sort out the differences between them and the Twins.

Air has no particular shape. It just floats around through space, like an interpenetrating ghost. Therefore, when these two Sun Signs team up at home, in the office, on the campus, or anywhere else, it may be difficult at first to see them. It will not be difficult to hear them.

Gemini and Libra will have lengthy discourses on every subject imaginable, and they both have immense imaginations. Sometimes the discussions are friendly, sometimes not. But they will usually remain on speaking terms, since silence for anything but the briefest periods of time is well nigh an impossibility for both of them. These people do like to talk. Neither of them likes to listen.

The reason Libra is symbolized by the Scales is because some Librans have minds so delicately adjusted that no sooner does an idea enter than a contradictory idea is automatically suggested. Can you conceive what it would be like to be cursed with such a mind? Someone says HOT, the computer card flashes COLD. Someone feeds in LONG, you pop out with SHORT. If you hear FAST, you instantly think SLOW. If you hear SLOW, you think FAST. You feel UP, you look DOWN. You feel DOWN, you look UP. Are you still there? Sit down and close your eyes for a moment. The dizziness will pass. Now do you understand why so many Libra people walk around with a dazed look on their beautiful, evenly matched features and a faraway expression in their lovely eyes—half the time? The other half of the time they are doing the exact opposite—staring at you alertly and intently, agitating their air essence into a tornado or making eloquent, impassioned speeches. That’s the way it goes (comes!) with these teetering-tottering souls; whatever occurs, they must immediately accentuate the opposite.

In Colorado there is a Libra man named George. One day I was explaining to him certain events in my life which caused me to suspect I was the object of disapproval from a hopefully now extinguished branch of the government, and had been thus persecuted, in subtle ways, for nearly three years. He listened to my brief summary, then dimpled, saying, I have no doubt that the events which have occurred in your life for the past several years have a sinister basis in provable facts. However, on the other hand, you are a writer, and possess a vivid imagination, so it is entirely possible that the whole thing is actually innocent.

Libran George was not even aware of his own thought process. Now that you have been astrologically initiated and instructed in how the Libra mind works, you can appreciate that no sooner did the word sinister pop into his head than his Libra Scales popped up a computer card reading innocent—the exact opposite of sinister. This is the common Libra dilemma. What is truth? Which word should be the final answer? Sinister? Or innocent? The trauma of indecision.

Being an Aries Sun Sign made this particular matter quite simple for me. Sinister. The incidents were based on a situation that was SINISTER. However, you see, as a Ram, knowing that they are now behind me, I have dumped the events into yesterday’s trash and am no longer concerned. Geminis do the same thing. Toss away yesterday, enjoy the present, and don’t recognize tomorrow until it is here. Libra cannot. What if the summary was wrong? Although, of course, it could have been right. But if it was wrong, and thrown away, how recover it to make it right? Sinister or innocent? Bad or good? Real or imaginary? Positive or negative? Polarities, polarities, polarities! Libra is enmeshed in them from morning till night—and dares not discard them, for fear of discarding the only fair conclusion.

Unlike Libras, Geminis juggle polarities and contradictions, not in sequence, but simultaneously, constantly synchronizing their dual thoughts within their Twin selves. Why not? There are always two of him (or her) to handle anything. You can see why these two Sun Signs are not the most reliable people on Earth. If you catch Libra when the Scales are perfectly balanced—fine! If you catch Gemini when he or she has put one Twin to sleep and is displaying only the other for the moment—fine! But most of the time, these two, or three, or four, make quite a crowd. Despite the similarities in the natures of these two Air Signs, there are also a number of ways in which they veer off into different directions. Like making decisions.

Gemini decides quick as a flash, and that’s it. No regret, no anxiety, no waiting or wondering—action NOW. Libra balances, weighs, judges, ponders, puzzles, assimilates, and postpones action till tomorrow—and sometimes tomorrow never comes. To Gemini, not making a decision can cause the race to be lost. To Libra, making a decision can cause a terrible mistake, and Libra cannot, will not make a mistake. It must be noted, however, that once the swift Mercury-ruled Gemini has decided, it may mean absolutely nothing. There could be a change of mind and plans minutes later. But once Libra has finally decided, after the delicate balancing act, he (or she) will normally stick by the decision firmly, knowing there are no improvements to be made that haven’t already been carefully weighed. Libra is more cautious than Gemini. While the Twins tend to cut ties hastily, Libra never believes in cutting what may be more prudently unraveled, thread by thread. Why make a rash move, when you might subsequently be forced to retrace your steps through the discovery of a failure to take into account some fact or other which was not then known?

Geminis love a mental challenge, and Libra gives it to them. But when the Twins try that Mercurial double-talk on Libra, it doesn’t always put them ahead. It can put them somewhere in the middle, occasionally even shortly behind center.

The childish charisma of Gemini can cause the Twins to do very fey and magical things, like speaking the name of a druid twenty-seven times when a star is falling … hitching imaginary rides on the backs of friendly squirrels and grasshoppers … and looking for diamonds among roses blooming in the snow. Libra doesn’t normally care to waste time with such nonsense. In direct contradiction to their optimistic sweetness and their cheerful, sunny-yellow-beaming faces, they are coldly logical.

But there you are again! When you image one face of Libra, it will be fed back to you, through the polarity mentality of the Scales, as its opposite face. What Librans seek is the Golden Mean. Gemini doesn’t care at all for the Golden Mean of arriving at a perfect balance. It is the traveling itself, not the destination, that the Twins enjoy. Both Gemini and Libra would be happier with themselves, and with each other, if they would try feeling much more and thinking much less.

Gemini Woman and Libra Man

They are, however, allowed to change, only it must be a complete change.

The fact that the Gemini woman and the Libra man are so much alike is what makes them so compatible and happy together. Also, the fact that the Gemini woman and the Libra man are so much alike is what starts most of the trouble between them.

They know each other only too well, sympathize with one another’s dreams and idiosyncrasies, can calmly cope with their mutual chameleon qualities, comprehend each other’s various moods, and will usually stick together against outsiders who don’t understand the airy mentality. If either he or she has a more sensitive and emotional Water Element or a more stable Earth Element as a Moon Sign or Ascendent, their happiness and bliss is pretty much astrologically insured. Otherwise, these two are still guaranteed a far better than average chance for success, except for small flurries on especially windy days. They can both be a trifle windy, full of both cool breezes and hot air. As a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, they are more harmoniously matched than most couples who are trying to fit the jig-saw pieces of the puzzle of love into a perfect picture.

Both of them are aesthetically inclined, moved by beauty, acutely disturbed by untidiness, ugliness, and disorder. Yet, despite this mutual essence, Gemini and Libra, while needing, even demanding loveliness and order, may frequently need a brisk Sagittarian, an energetic Aries, or an efficient Virgo maid to clean up after them. Of course, some Geminis and Librans are tidy. But even they would prefer to have someone else straighten out their messes—emotionally as well as actually. Since Gemini is quicker, she will often be the one to follow her Libra man around, picking up his discarded socks and banana peels. In return, he will probably not deny her the money (if he has it) to make their surroundings ever more comfortable and beautiful. More often than not, the nest of these two love birds is charming, tasteful, pleasant to the eye, and probably full of books. Even if they live in a tent, it will be well pegged and insulated, with maybe burned etchings on the canvas for decor—and the soft sound of tomtoms beating in the background. Soft, I said. Not too disturbing, because Libra can’t stand loud noises, lopsided stools or crooked tent pegs.

When this man and woman quarrel, it will almost always be she who starts it—and he who finishes it. At least it will seem that way to observers. A Gemini female, for all her airy charm and delicate femininity, possesses a sharp, satirical tongue, and she’s not reluctant to use it when her fast mind urges her to express her quick opinions. Her Libra lover or husband will have recognized early in Life that rudeness and frank speech is a stumbling block to achieving his true and secret purpose, whether in love or business. So he projects a sort of gentle amiability (most times) and is an expert at hiding his passions and intent behind a smooth smile and a persuasive voice. Yes, she may have started it verbally. But he may be at the bottom of it, the real initial instigator of the quarrel—by spending two weeks to make up his mind whether they should take their vacation this month or next, while she had to stall the airlines and coax them into holding their reservations during the busy season. .… or something similar. Therefore, regardless of who outwardly starts the fussing, he is seldom innocent.

Libra men are never as innocent as they look and sound, or as they would like to have you believe. In fact, there are times (rare, but they do exist) when his Scales are dipping, and he can be as cranky as a cuckoo bird stuck in the little clock door. On those occasions, however, he probably apologizes so sweetly, overwhelming her with so much sugary Libra charm, that she may forget to remember his grumpiness later. Strangers who gaze upon the Libra man’s smooth, even features have no way of knowing about the painfully articulated resolves forming in his mind beneath his cheerful exterior—or the crankiness displayed to his intimates while these are in the formative stage.

A Gemini woman might take a notion to be a dress designer. Then she could become dazzled by the idea of getting a pilot’s license and maybe her own Lear jet. Following that, she could take a new notion to translate Sanskrit, study the Dead Sea scrolls, open a pet shop or enroll in law school. But the Libra man can handle all her tangled notions and emotions better than an Earth Sign male, who might erupt like a volcano—a Fire Sign male, who might burn all the oxygen out of her enthusiasms—or a Water Sign male, who might dampen her excitement with a wet blanket.

Libra understands Gemini’s wanderlust of the mind and heart, yet is stable and logical enough to control her more erratic impulses before they blow up out of proportion, gently pointing out the pros and cons to her, until she decides to find her bluebird a little closer to home—and to him.

Serene is the word. Libra can be a serene influence on Gemini, except for those occasional cranky-bear spells he charms her into forgetting. Goodness knows the Gemini woman needs serenity. Hers is a restless spirit, a seeking soul. She longs poignantly to know what she wants, where she stands, who she is and why she’s going—or coming. The Libra man is the most logical one to explain all this to her. But … well, you see … a Gemini girl is made up of so many fragments—of honey and spice and everything nice, yes. Yet, she’s far more than this. She’s all the books she ever studied, a reflection of the ideas and philosophies of her mirror-image Twin, diametrically opposed to her own. She’s the swinging rope she skipped in childhood, the plaintive wail of the gulls, and the secrets she whispered to the sandpipers on the beach she once walked along, the memory of her first dance … tumbleweeds and tornadoes … the flickering candles of a half-forgotten New Year’s Eve. These fragments of the Gemini female make up her private world, where the Libra man who loves her can never freely roam, even though he may guide her through it … from a distance.

There’s something judicial and cold in Libra’s balanced thinking process, despite his charm and sweetness, that doesn’t permit him to enter the deep woods of the changeable fairyland where she and her Twin so frequently dwell. He can watch her lovingly, as she removes her shoes and runs through the grass barefoot—he can wait by the gate until she returns from her faraway land, but he can never truly join her. Why? Because he would first have to locate it on a map, see if an airline booked a flight there, learn its population and study its chief industry, before loping off with her. Otherwise, how could he prove to himself logically that such a place really does exist? And if it doesn’t exist, why go there at all? There’s an invisible veil between this man and woman, for all their many similarities of personality.

Their physical relationship is usually blessed with nearly complete fulfillment, the kind of fulfillment only two Air Signs are able to comprehend (or desire). At night, sometimes lying alone beside her (yes, lying alone beside her) he’s grateful when she returns from her make-believe world, back into his arms, often not even guessing that fragments of her are still out there, chasing moonbeams and playing tag with the stars. She feels to him like she is there. And, of course, part of her is—the one who has vowed to love and cherish him, never to leave him. She can’t be expected to account for the other, wayward one—her Twin, who refuses to obey, even when she, herself, pleads.

Their sexual union will not be as all consuming as that between two Fire or Earth signs, but it can be as refreshing as a summer storm, with flashes of thunder and lightning. They are both airy, mental souls, living primarily in the mind, not in the emotions, and so explosive passion may be missing, but the total peace and tranquility of a deeply affectionate blending can be theirs. Sex, as with all 5-9 Sun Sign Patterns, is important to this couple, but not primary for happiness. Romantic love is equally needed, perhaps even more desired, by both, and forms the true basis for the initial attraction between them.

These two will take turns being the aggressive partner in their lovemaking. Both can switch from active to passive, from masculine to feminine, in a strange, mystical way that makes their sexual experiences a constantly changing yet harmoniously blended delight. If they have twin beds, there might be a few discussions about who gets to sleep nearest the window, but aside from such minor adjustments, these two will usually wake up in each other’s arms, sharing a good-morning embrace that melts the previous night’s disputes, as the Sun disperses clouds.

They may need and complete each other physically, yet it’s possible that he may be more in love with her mind and spirit than with her body, and she may have more interest in his intellect and soul than in his sexuality—even though they may be only dimly aware of this. The chemistry between two Air Signs is misty, mental, and variable—rather than earthy, passionate, and sensual. Not all Gemini women desire children, and very few dream of large families, but when they do, it will often be a Libra man who is chosen to father them. Many Gemini women who would not have a child with any other man will find motherhood more attractive with a Libra male.

If she marries him, it will be because she likes the way he sings or dances or whistles. .… the way he moves and walks and talks and winks. The way he dresses too. Then, womanlike, she may set about to try to change him afterwards. Ruled by Venus as he is, the Libra man may tolerate this and try to please her, because he loves her—until he finally realizes that, although she thrives on change, too much change affects his own equilibrium. So he’ll roar (gently) and put his foot down (softly) to prove he’s a masculine Cardinal Sign, return to his old ways—and it will probably be best for both of them.

They’re likely to do lots of traveling together, may have either religious or educational reasons for getting together, and may meet on a trip. If he ever gets interested in astronomy, it will probably be because of her. She will inspire him to reach heights he would not have aspired to reach without her. Because they both have wings on their heels—and hearts—they may change residence more often than lovers or mates born under other Sun Signs.

There is little doubt that the Gemini woman will at times confuse and confound her Libra lover or husband. She is, after all, so many women in one. She can be the most talkative when he’s trying to think or struggling with a decision, the prettiest when she has provoked him into a spell of rare Libra anger, the most silent when he wants to show her off to his friends, the most energetic at bedtime, the laziest in the morning when he’s waiting for his poached eggs—but what other woman could be such a kaleidoscope of grief, joy, annoyance, happiness, embarrassment, irritation, delight, and frustration as this twin-packaged mystery of femininity?

True, she can be untidy, lose the car keys, tangle up the checkbook, waste his time and money, destroy his dignity, and try his temper—but just when he’s ready to walk out, her little-girl misty tears begin to splash, switching almost instantly into a rippling Gemini laugh … … and he’s lost again, caught between the myriad women bottled up inside this girl, who needs his strength if she’s ever going to find her way out of the woods.

As for him, he’ll relentlessly try to force her to be more logical and stable, criticize her faults, refuse to help her pick daisies when he has work to do, shatter her fragile nerves, and sometimes behave like a stern judge, pronouncing sentence over her free spirit—but when her dreams are scattered, her house and her hair are both a mess, and she feels like a silly, foolish child, he can make her feel like a woman when he smiles and says, I don’t know why I love you so much, but I do.

Then she realizes that she’s the one problem he can never balance on his Scales and make come out even. Being a daughter of Eve, she will privately smile, knowing that the solution to the enigma of herself can never be totally analyzed by his intellect, only by his heart. Yet, also perversely, Eve-like, she’ll refuse to share this key to love’s Gemini secret with him, wanting him to guess.

One serious level of disagreement within this liaison of Air will be the Libra man’s proclivity to weigh and judge things—to see life, people and situations in the proper perspective and balance, coolly and logically, with an odd sort of detachment, void of all whimsical notion. Not only does this facet of his nature clash rather sharply with his own inherent optimism and faith, it will also frequently conflict with her tendency to see all these things, not as they are, but as they ought to be. She sees what she desires to see, coloring facts with fancy, avoiding delusion (to her way of thinking) by drenching everything with illusion.

If he doesn’t make a sincere effort to comprehend her attitude with compassion, she may be forced to tell little white lies to defend her viewpoint. This woman can be frightened of those who demand always the exact, precise, unvarnished truth, with no allowances made for maybe—perhaps—and suppose it had been. Then, she could be forced to escape by plunging even deeper into unreality. It wouldn’t hurt Libra to add a few sprinkles of Gemini imagination to all the matters he balances so seriously on his Scales. For truth is often not what it appears to be—(Mercury taught her that)—logic can be deceptive and facts can fool.

When the night is frosty and full of stars, who expects a warm summer rain to be hiding just behind Arcturus? The Twins do. She knows that true wisdom is only gained by adapting to life’s ever-changing patterns. But he cannot accept today’s patterns until he’s weighed them mentally against former and future patterns and found them worthy of acceptance. Somewhere along the way, near the center of these polarized points of view, Gemini and Libra will meet, touch lightly. .… linger. .… and love.

Gemini Man and Libra Woman

He really knew nothing about it; he had merely suspicions, but he said at a venture, Wendy, I ran away the day I was born.

Wendy was quite surprised, but interested; and she indicated in the charming drawing-room manner, by a touch on her night-gown, that he could sit nearer her.

It’s a 5-9 astrological fact, and there’s no room for argument. A Gemini male is irresistible when he is effortlessly magnetizing a poor Libra woman into deserting her nicely balanced life and pledging her heart to an uncertain future, flying in and out of ideas, towns, cities, and moods with him. Of course, it works both ways. Doesn’t everything work both ways with Gemini and Libra?

It’s just as fascinating to watch an irresistible Libra female spilling clouds of gentle, helpless, femininity all over a poor Gemini man, convincing him that it’s his own idea to settle down and do the only sensible, logical thing after falling in love—get married, get a job, raise a family, and stay in one place with one person who can handle both of him—namely her. Who wins this romantic game? It sometimes depends on which one has the stronger Moon sign, but usually it will be she, not he.

Whoever makes the initial approach, the laws of physics and chemistry soon take over, and these lovers will soon be turning airy dream castles into solid, substantial mortgages, because she smells so good, is so soft and cuddly, while he is so quick and bright and intelligent, and can beat her at chess and checkers.

A Libra woman will seldom glance twice at a man beneath her intellectuality. And a Gemini man will seldom sacrifice his precious freedom for a woman who can’t anagram his thoughts and work crossword dreams with him. It’s always amusing to watch a Gemini magician get fooled by one of his own magic tricks with a few new twists. Yet, there is a certain poetic justice about it. Here he has spent all his life charming women, weaving his way in and out of romances, making it seem it was always his partner’s fault, never his, glibly charming his way back into being friends again, and, in general, enjoying his enviable ability to handle every situation with a string of words from Webster’s accompanied by small-boy innocence.

Now he meets a female who is more than his match at the game of guile, who gives him right back what he dishes out. After he has been led to think he has wooed and won her, after he allows her to harness his free spirit within the confining bonds of matrimony—(let other women try the more temporary arrangement of living together, Libra females will settle only for a wedding ring)—after all that, he will discover that her gentle, soft, persuasive and amiable manner covers a cool, brilliant mind, a strong will, and a steely determination to get exactly what she wants. This is no fluffy bunny rabbit—this is a WAC field general!

A Libra female will always manage to get her own way under the guise of fairness, femininity and helplessness, but Libra is, in the final analysis, a masculine sign. I keep telling you that. She’ll be surprised and hurt when he eventually sees through her, which he will, because no one, not even Libra, can fool the twinkling Gemini intellect for long. She didn’t mean to be unfair or deceptive. To Libra, all is fair in love and war between the sexes, and the female of the species, in this respect, is more deadly than the male.

Her intriguing mind which so attracted him in the beginning of the romance will later make her a dangerous opponent in a discussion, since she’s so skillful at the art of putting him at a disadvantage by arousing him into a display of temper, thereby causing him to lose his cool and poise. Then she has him at her mercy, while she claims tearfully that he is a brute, and his anger is certain evidence that he is wrong. Over and over again, she will outmaneuver him by using his own trick of twisting his statements and intent, leaving him unable to pin down the flaw in her arguments because of her capacity for doing things with such subtlety, and it doesn’t seem she is doing anything at all, but fairly and justly defending her position.

A Libra woman is as impatient of constraint as any of the twelve Sun Signs, though perhaps not quite as much so as Gemini, Aquarius, Sag and Aries. For the Gemini lover or husband to attempt to impose any sort of restriction upon her would not be a wise idea. Libras cannot be controlled by others effectively because, while they appear to be gentle and patient, offering no resistance, they will, nevertheless, always manage to find some subtle way of nullifying the opposition. The Gemini man will never gain a total victory over the Libra woman. Just when he thinks he has succeeded in breaking down all her arguments, she will have slipped around to another tactic or emotional strategy, catching him off guard again. But he should also keep in mind the curious detachment of Libra. She will take infinite pains to win her way, but when she fails, she has nearly the same mental satisfaction in the analysis of the reason for failure as she would have if she had been successful. He should keep this in mind, mainly because the same thing is true of himself. The two of them are much alike in many ways, influenced as they are by the very favorable and harmonious 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibration. They are sympatico, and often complement one another even in the areas where they differ.

Essentially, Gemini and Libra are wonderfully compatible, possessing many virtues (as well as vices) in common. They tend to respect each other’s mentality, privacy, and freedom of thought and speech—normally. Yet there will be times when he wounds her deeply and is completely baffled by her hurt reaction, by the unexpected violence of her emotions. Any Libra woman in love with a Gemini man will understand why it has been said of the Mercury-ruled male that he is so busy thinking, he never stops to think.

He has no wish to attack, but his verbal outbursts can be sharp and cutting to the Libra female, who by nature covers every opinion with the softer blur of tact and courtesy. Still, with his innate Mercurial charm, he’ll win her over and make her believe he didn’t mean what he said, which he probably didn’t (Geminis never mean what they say for longer than an hour or so).

Their physical relationship may not be comprehensible to those born under Fire or Earth signs, but to them it will be enough to fill their hearts with peace and fulfillment. Neither is genuinely passionate, not really capable of love as more intensely emotional people experience it. There will always be something delicate and detached about their lovemaking—poetic and haunting, yes—but sensual, no. Yet the banked fires of the sexual blending between this man and woman are as magnetic and binding to their mutual air natures as the more torrid contacts between other mates and lovers. Romance will eternally be more important to both Gemini and Libra than sex. This attitude will predominate and suffuse their intimacy with a beauty all its own.

These two do not view love as an erotic appetite to be appeased, but as an art to be refined—not as lust, but as mutual pleasure—to be sipped slowly, not gulped greedily or blindly. There’s an undeniable air of voluptuousness about a Libra woman, but also an air of refinement. Grossness, coarseness, obscenity and vulgarity offend her.

(Of course, an earthier Moon Sign or Ascendent or a severe affliction between Venus and Mars in her natal chart can dilute this basic part of her Sun Sign nature—but, as always, with all Sun Signs, we’re speaking of the typical Libra Lady.)

There’s small chance she’ll be offended in such manner by the Gemini man, who privately feels the same way she does, although he may need more variety of expression in their physical union than his Venus-ruled wife. Yes, she will eventually become his wife—or leave. Libra rules marriage, you know, and it’s a very rare Libran who is satisfied with an emotional relationship other than marital for any length of time.

The typical Libra female who normally can’t make up her mind about love any faster than she can about anything else, may nevertheless feel an impulse to rush into matrimony with a Gemini man before she’s taken the time to balance her dipping Scales of decision. The infallible sign of a salesman is his ability to make people fight for the article he’s trying to sell, and Gemini is a salesman supreme. When the article he’s trying to sell is himself, the Libra female is no more invulnerable to the Mercury charm and gift of glamour than the rest of his dazzled audience. She’s sensible, intelligent, perceptive and all that, but these qualities seem to fail her when she’s losing her heart to this gentle man with the bright eyes, light touch and far-out dreams.

Money may be a trifle more important to her than it is to him. Just a trifle more. The accumulation of cash and the manipulation of finances is not the prime motivation of either Libra or Gemini, except for the occasional natives of these Sun Signs who almost accidently wander into the Banking business. To Gemini, money only becomes really important when he doesn’t have it—when he desperately needs it. To Libra, money is important because of the luxuries, comforts and beauty of surroundings it can buy. Yet, stinginess and greediness are not qualities belonging to the Air Element, so there should be few disputes in this area, unless the Gemini man throws it away too freely, speculates too often, or gambles on long shots. When he spends beyond the budget, it will usually be connected with some new idea or promotion, a vacation or a change of residence—at the very least, a brief change of scene. When she’s extravagant, it’s more often lavished on clothes, dancing, singing or music lessons, sculpture, drama or Yoga classes, and the like. Sometimes, home decor and beauty parlors. They’re basically alike in their attitudes toward money, as in many other matters, although they may differ in their manner of using it, from time to time. (Naturally, a stingier or more economical Moon Sign or Ascendent may slightly change the picture in either birth chart, but not substantially.)

Their homes will probably be filled with music, flowers, books—and children. Those who love within the vibration of the 5-9 influence often decide to raise a family together, despite their reluctance to have children with members of other Sun Signs. They’ll do a lot of traveling, either mentally or geographically, the relatives of each will be prominent in their relationship, and they may find religion or higher education grounds for agreement—or periodic dispute.

If these two are also graced by a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between their respective nativities, their relationship will be smooth sailing on sparkling water, perhaps punctuated by a few storms and reefs, but, on the whole, like floating downstream on a feather. With a tense aspect between their Luminaries, the air could become humid, muggy, and even smoggy now and then, but there will always be the chance to run back into each other’s arms for forgiveness after a quarrel, however serious—to try again.

He’ll send sorry flowers, she’ll recall the way the lights danced in his eyes, like a small boy, when he was excited, overlook his flaws, melt into his heart once more—and begin all over again to analyze why she loves him. But she won’t solve the puzzle until she realizes that he is Twins, two-men-in-one. A Libra woman is compelled to balance any duality she comes across into a harmonious whole, by virtue of her Venus essence. She’ll never completely accomplish it, of course, but she may come closer to his magic than he’ll ever allow anyone else to come. Except, of course, for the other half of himself.

Gemini Scorpio
Air—Mutable—Positive Water—Fixed—Negative
Ruled by Mercury Ruled by Pluto
Symbol: The Twins Symbols: Scorpion & Eagle
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine


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