Dating Leo Man

The Leo Man tends to be masculine, confident and very attractive. Leo is also the fifth sign of the zodiac and is impossible to miss. Due to his physical appearance, he can be easily mistaken for an aggressive individual, but is actually a gentleman. The Leo men also love to entertain and it is for this reason that they can be found in theater or probably owning the theater. They are leaders and not followers.

Although at times they may tend to be lazy, they are actually ambitious and always trying to make something of themselves. They love attention and feed on the adoration, praise and admiration from those around them. They also tend to be more interested in material things and they may tend to excite them even more than sex. So, keep that in mind if you are eying a Leo.

Positive Traits

  • Charismatic
  • Generous
  • Class and Style
  • Loves Gifts

Negative Traits

  • Self-absorbed
  • Jealous
  • Pompous

A Leo is most likely to attract a number of women when he gets in the room. For the ladies who would like to date and develop a relationship with these men, they should be aware of their traits that make these men who they are. This would significantly help the women know how to cope and deal with them.

They love to feel as if they are at the center of everything and this would make it easy to start up a conversation with him. They can be found in places such as an art gallery opening and exclusive movie openings given that they love to be in places where they can be noticed. Once a conversation commences, the lady can give him all the attention and admiration through which she can make it easy to ask her on a date.

Dating Leo Man – Your First Date

They love places with style and class and this would be the best of places to go out on a date with a Leo man. If the lady has excellent cooking skills, then preparing a great dinner for the date would not be a bad idea. The room should be set out nice to show a sense of class and style and this will definitely catch his eyes.  He loves beauty and the lady should dress up for the occasion. The make-up should not be too much but just enough to catch his eye and make him appreciate it. If asked to bring a bottle of wine, he will be sure to bring the best quality given that it is within his traits.

As much as he loves being gushed over, the Leo man also wants to be entertained and thus making him laugh would certainly do it. She should be careful not to deny him the attention he feeds on by ignoring him. This will drive him away.

Once the first date is successful and the lady feels they have connected, there are a number of things she should know about him if they are to continue and develop a long lasting relationship. The tip is to learn his traits and personality and to use them for her advantage. Some of the traits with which she should know include;


A Leo is a charismatic man and will tend to attract a variety of people his way. As said before, he loves being at the center of it all and will not hesitate interacting and having fun with other people. To some women, this might mean danger. However, the lady should be sure that if she gives him all the attention he needs, he is going to be a faithful man and loving partner. She should not mind going out with him to interesting places, meeting new people and giving him a challenge.


These are some of the positive traits held by a Leo man. While courting, he is very generous and the lady can expect to be showered with gifts, taken to fascinating places and given all the attention. However, she should not get consumed by all this affection and forget to show the same back to him. He cannot survive without romance and the lady should try her best to give it to him from time to time.

Class and style

These men will not settle for anything less if they can get better. They are always pursuing the best. They also appreciate a lady who is stable in her own way and shows some sense of class. In the relationship, the lady must prove to be somewhat independent and one to be respected and worth being pursued.


Loves gifts

A Leo man loves the best of everything. Some good champagne from time to time would be an excellent choice. He also appreciates luxury so it would be nice if she can spend a good amount to get him something that signifies class and style and she can expect the same from him.


These men tend to be self-absorbed and have a huge ego. However, they are also loving and warm hearted. Women intending to develop a relationship with them should look at the latter and enjoy their loving and warmhearted nature. However, given that these men are self- absorbed, they should not be denied attention. Once she takes her eyes off him, he might feel ignored and lose interest in the process.


These men have a huge ego which can get hurt easily. The slightest sign that his lady is looking at another man is enough to get him jealous. Trying to make a Leo jealous might not be a very good idea given that they might end up being unreasonable and may not want to hear reason. When with a woman, he tends to be highly possessive over her. Although his vanity may come into play at times, a Leo man can be cooled by being shown care, love and stability.


It isn’t strange to find a Leo being pompous. They often walk with their chest out exuding excessive self-confidence. Leo men can often be seen inflating their ego. It would be wise for a woman interested in a Leo to know this upfront. If he believes that the woman he is with is of lower intelligence she might find him talking down to her. This is by far one of the negative traits that Leo men possess.


In conclusion, it would be wise to take time to think of whether the lady really wants to be with a Leo man. As much as he is a loving, loyal, faithful and charming man; most women may feel disappointed by the fact that he loves being at the center of attention and cannot stay indoors for long. This might send out wrong signals. She should have all the information about his traits if she is to have a successful relationship with him.


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