Leo and Sagittarius

When playing Follow my Leader …

Leo is a Fixed Sign. Sagittarius is a Mutable. Since neither of them was born under a Cardinal Sign of leadership, you’d think they’d sooner or later realize there can never be a permanent winner between them in the competitive game of which one shall lead—which one shall follow, and give it up as a tiresome conflict that takes a lot of time they could otherwise spend doing a number of jolly things side by side, cooperatively.

You’d think so, but although there are lots of Lions, Lionesses and Archers who do take such a sensible attitude toward their association, there are a goodly number of others who insist on concentrating all their flaming energies (both are Fire Signs) toward determining who shall take (or not take) orders from whom. Still, even with these, the mutual challenges tossed back and forth tend to be friendly and good-natured, because Leo and Sag are influenced by the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern of natural empathy and easily attainable harmony (not always, but most of the time) so that the competitive sparks between them are more likely to result in a refreshing sort of exhilaration than in envious resentment. If they enjoy competing so much, why not allow them to have their fun? We might as well grant them our own and astrology’s permission, because these two will do just exactly as they please in the long run anyway. They’re both independent, and prefer to learn through the experience of their own mistakes than to be counseled by well-meaning people.

When these two masculine signs entangle their temperaments, whether by choice (in a friendship or love relationship) or by Destiny’s design (as relatives within the family circle, or business associates forced into professional proximity) outsiders who stand by and watch have nearly as much fun as the two participants themselves. Leo was born to command, lecture, guide and counsel. Born free. Sagittarius was born to rebel against being commanded, refuses to be lectured, guided or counseled—and was also born free! Clearly, as smooth as their association may be most of the time, there will come moments when something has to give. It won’t be Leo. And it won’t be Sag. The Centaurs and the Big Cats might be said to represent the ultimate in eternal stand-offs.

Should their Luminaries be in favorable aspect between their natal charts, the blending of their super-bright auras often creates an almost visible rainbow around these two, coloring their clashes with the soft shades of forgiveness and fresh beginnings. Sagittarius is ruled by and stamped with Jupiter’s expansive generosity and idealism. Leo is ruled by and stamped with the benevolent warmth of the Sun itself. So there’s plenty of contagious enthusiasm and genuine affection they can fortunately exchange if they choose, with the power to jet-propel them toward any seemingly impossible goal or ambition they seek as individuals, or as a team. Aside from their heated quarrels, incited by their equally fiery tempers, Leo and Sag can bring to each other—and to the world—much happiness. There’s a lot of vibrant activity and energy flowing when they’re together, along with a considerable amount of good will.

The name of the most ferocious dragon of dispute that threatens the tranquility of this sympathetic 5-9 combination will be spelled in bright red, flaming letters: PRIDE. The typical Sag is ordinarily blissfully unaware of the meaning of the word. Archers may be feisty and spunky; they may refuse to be pushed around by bullies, but the truth is that they aren’t really hung-up on false pride. They’ll cheerfully laugh at jokes on themselves, and are often the very ones who tell them! Thanks to Jupiter’s philosophical outlook, Sagittarians see no reason to feel guilty or embarrassed, just because they happen to possess a few shortcomings. After all, doesn’t everyone?

No. Everyone does not. Leos possess none whatsoever. Just ask them. No shortcomings. No flaws. The Lions and Lionesses can do no wrong. Everything they say or do is right. Always. Royalty is infallible, protected from error. Leo’s judgment is at all times sound, sensible and wise. Also practical. And quite naturally, superior to all other judgments. Everyone knows that. Everyone but Sag. The Archer will delight in punching Leo’s plump velvet pillows of pride with a powerful verbal right hook, time and time again. The more Leo’s pride gets punctured, the louder the Lion or Lioness will roar. As always when fire fans fire, the expansive Jupiter temper will then be ignited by Leo’s arrogant roaring, and things can get explosive.

The possibilities of harmonious compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius are so potentially rich and rewarding, it’s really a shame for the Archers to spoil it by failing to realize the need to constantly and carefully consider that too many thorns thrust into the Lion’s paw can cause Leo to stalk away permanently, in wounded and outraged indignation.

A classic example of the result of ignoring the sensitive Solar pride of the Sun-ruled occurred during an incident experienced by some people I know, when an apparently harmless and typical Sagittarian practical joke missed its mark, and boomeranged back upon its playful Centaur perpetrator. The Lion involved was in his third year of law school, and platonically associated with a female Archer Fine Arts student, who attended the same college. Nothing romantic. Just matriculating friends, so to speak. The Leo had recently quarreled with his wife, and they had mutually and angrily decided to try a trial separation. Feeling understandably morose and glum, he found the buoyant, optimistic chatter of the female Archer a cheerful boost to his loneliness. (There’s no sadder sight, whether he’s roaming Nature’s jungle pride of ivy vines, or the civilized jungle of ivy league classrooms—than an affectionate Lion, separated from his mate.)

One bright Saturday afternoon, the Lion decided to soak up some Sun on the beach (a favorite Leo pastime) with Sag tagging along happily, to keep him company. An hour or so after they arrived, the female Archer noticed that the Leo law student’s estranged wife was sun bathing nearby. The Lion was unaware of the presence of his mate (a Lioness, by the way). With no real intent to cause trouble, but just in the spirit of Jupiter fun, Sag asked her friend to carry her, piggy-back, into the water—to catch one of the big waves. Taken by surprise, he bent over, allowing her to leap astride his shoulders in her string bikini, and lock her legs tightly around his neck. Suddenly, the Horse half of the female Centaur was inspired with a questionable equestrian idea. On the way to the water’s edge, she slapped her Leo friend’s shoulders, as a jockey whips a horse into a faster gallop, knowing the Lion’s mate was watching. The sight of a proud and noble Lion playing horsey, carrying a laughing rider on his back, and meekly obeying her obvious commands to run faster, thereby nearly stumbling over a rock, created (as you can imagine) a most undignified image. But Leos are kind and warm hearted, so he reluctantly submitted to the indignity, rather than be thought a poor sport. (The gods were compassionate in not allowing him to fall flat on his face with his burden, which would have been an unbearable embarrassment.) Later, when he realized the piggy-back scene staged by Sag was observed by, and had deeply wounded the woman he loved, he—well, let’s just say the escapade was only one of the things that removed any possibility of a lasting friendship between this particular Lion and Archer.

Fortunately, the awkward and humiliating experience didn’t prevent an eventual reconciliation between the Lion and his equally proud Lioness, but not before what seemed an eternity of atonement, and some very heavy explaining, which was an additional blow to his Leonine ego. The male Lion can’t bear to be placed in the humbling posture of explaining his behavior to anyone, not even to his wife. Apologies are painful for Leos of either sex, especially when the transgression was caused by the harmless prank of someone else, and Leo must shoulder the undeserved blame.

If the Sagittarian man or woman takes care not to cross the line of safety with a Sun-ruled friend, relative, business associate, lover or mate, the Jupiter proclivity for holding up a mirror to Leo’s occasional flaws and mistakes (yes, even Leos can have them and make them, for all their superiority) is a healthy habit. It will gradually lead the Lion and Lioness to unbend their regal manners a bit, and acquire the much needed quality of realistic self-appraisal. Just so Sag does it with a degree of tact (which will probably take more than a little practice). The Sagittarian blunt candor, when it’s reasonably controlled, is a blessing in disguise to Leos. The Big Cats become more tolerant and much nicer to be around, once they’ve relaxed their stiff pride, and are able to mingle more graciously with the lesser animals in the astrological zoo.

Of course, the Archers aren’t guilty of making all the blunders in this association. Leos are guilty of a few errors in judgment themselves, when it comes to handling the merry, but decidedly willful Sagittarians. Like those long Leonine lectures, delivered with such a smug, self-righteous air. The typical Archer will become clearly restless at being forced to sit through the repeated counseling sessions of a pedantic Pussycat, then after a time, ZING! will go one of those bull’s-eye arrows of truth straight into the vulnerable ego of the Lion or Lioness.

If you’re so smart, why did you almost flunk high school? You only got your college degree because your father knew the Dean. Or maybe, I may not be able to keep a checkbook balanced, as you say, but at least I didn’t take out bankruptcy three times, like you did. Perhaps … So what if I do embarrass you by talking too much in front of your friends? You happen to embarrass me too, with those corny jokes you tell over and over, till everyone’s bored, the way you’re always bragging—and those gawd-awful loud clothes you wear. You look like a peacock posing in a barnyard. And you really should stop eating all that rich food. You’re beginning to get a jelly roll around your waistline. If you can’t stop stuffing your mouth, at least you could jog a few miles a day, like I do. Or play some tennis with me once in awhile. At your age, you can’t afford to let your muscles get flabby.

It shouldn’t take long for Leo to learn to go easy in trying to curb the Archer’s sense of individuality, and to recognize his (or her) need of free expression, without the restriction of constant advice. Lions and Lionesses learn quickly, and Sag is a tough and verbally agile lion tamer. Leo, being a Fixed Sign, is more stubborn than Sagittarius. And so after one of them has caused melancholy emotions in the other, it almost always must be the Archer who initiates the repair of a temporary crack in the relationship. Otherwise it can grow into an increasing coldness that will take some time to thaw. Leos tend to freeze in icy dignity when they’ve been injured, but the heat of two Fire Signs will eventually melt frozen hearts, especially two hearts as large and as warmed by the Sun and Jupiter as those of Leo and Sagittarius.

When their scars have healed, Sag will develop the knack of aiming that Jupiter bow of truth toward a more positive target, such as giving Leo the much longed-for gift of honest appreciation and forthright respect—while the Lion or Lioness will slowly but surely comprehend that, although the Archers may impulsively get tangled up in a ton of troubles by ignoring advice, they’re also blessed with amazing streaks of pure luck, and will often unexpectedly manage to find a happy ending to their own stories—if they’re given what they most long for, which is simply to be trusted.

Sagittarians secretly want Leo’s practical, benevolent guidance (when it doesn’t take the form of commands), and they also need the strong net of Leo’s protection to catch them when they fall from their swinging trapezes, just as the noble Kings and Queens of the jungle (and elsewhere) are secretly thrilled by the Archer’s colorful tumbling acts, admire the Sagittarian integrity—and respond warmly to Jupiter’s unshakable faith. When these two courageous and generous Sun Signs link their ideals into a chain of cooperation, then weld it with patient recognition of each other’s demand for independence, it will never rain on their circus parade.

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

I shall have such fun, said Peter, with one eye on Wendy.

It will be rather lonely in the evening, she said, sitting by the fire.

I shall have Tink.

Tink can’t go a twentieth of the way ‘round, she reminded him, a little tartly.

Well, now, look here, Archer, I’m going to give you some unsolicited and probably unwelcome, but nevertheless sound astrological advice. Stuff your teasing, taunting arrows back in your—well, back wherever they came from—and stop trying to win this woman’s love by futile attempts to jar her jealous nature.

It’s sheer folly, no less, to deliberately arouse the fury of a Lioness. As for making her jealous, you couldn’t possibly choose a worse way to warm her heart and have your way with her. Your rather clumsy, albeit charming practical jokes won’t get you far either. Nor will teasing her, as though she’s your kid sister, and you’re her incorrigible, but lovable and protective big brother. She knows you’re incorrigible. She also knows you’re lovable (that’s what frustrates her). And she does not need or want to be protected. Royalty does not need protection. Royalty gives protection. She’s not your kid sister, and you’re not her big brother. Your relationship is different, and you’re perfectly aware of that. So stop playing the role of innocence. You may be unbelievably naive (another thing that makes you lovable) but you are also wise and philosophical, qualities you gained from having your innocence dented a thousand times, tinging it with a touch of skepticism, but hardly tarnishing at all your naivete. It’s this duality in your nature (you are a dual or double Sun Sign you know, half Horse, half Human) that attracted her in the beginning to your little boy grin, your clown antics and your air of the wise sage, all rolled up into a bouncing ball of independence and generosity. She was utterly fascinated by it.

Study your astrology. Or at the very least, go to the library and read up on the feline habits of the Big Cats of the jungle pride, if you want to know how to make this Leo lady purr for you. Continue to stick your foot in your mouth, continue to torment her into a raging Lioness, and instead of purring, she may show her Pussycat claws, from which you could suffer some major emotional scratches that will scar your ego more painfully than you may guess—and forget about how good you are at guessing games. You won’t be able to guess what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a Leo’s outraged pride until you’re there. And then you’d better believe you’ll wish you were somewhere else. If you really love her, that is. And you do. (You can fool her, but you can’t fool an astrologer.)

You really love her because you’re both influenced and guided by the fortunate and beneficent 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibration. Not every Archer and Lioness benefit from the trined Suns of Leo and Sagittarius, of course. (I’ll be explaining why in the beginning of the next section of this chapter, so we won’t take time to go into it here.) But a great many Centaurs and Lionesses do benefit beautifully from the 5-9 vibes, and the two of you are doubtless among them, or you wouldn’t even be reading this chapter. You’d be out somewhere with your Jupiter bow, aiming your enthusiasms in all directions at once, scattering original ideas like glittering Stardust all over the stodgies and stuffies in the world, traveling around the globe (or in your own head) in search of an honest man or woman, like Diogenes, but without his lantern—someone other than a child you can count on not to be hypocritical. That’s why you’re so good with children, and they love you back so much. You respect their honesty and integrity, their naivete and faith, that match your own. You understand them, as they understand you.

Still, lovely as children are, with their caroling laughter and the ribbons of magic in their eyes, there comes a time when you’d like to be able to equally share yourself with someone your own size, to be able to equally respect and admire an adult, who could communicate with you and puzzle with you over all sorts of things children haven’t yet begun to worry about (if only they could remain in such a blissful state) but that worry you constantly. You need to exchange ideas with a peer you can depend on to be truthful, and not phony—maybe play a few games more complex than kick-the-can or Frisbee. So now you’ve found someone who’s delightfully designed to fit all those needs of yours. She’s noble and loyal and—not quite so capable of total self-honesty as yourself, perhaps—but certainly not deceptive. She likes to play games too. And she’s good at them. Whether it’s tennis, mental chess, Monopoly, bridge or softball, she’s capable of winning, and that makes her a more exciting partner. You always enjoy games more with an opponent who makes you work harder to be victorious, and at last you’ve found your match. This one can even beat your jogging time if she takes a lazy, languid notion to do so. Your stop watch will get a work-out. So.. now that you have her, what are you going to do with this royal prize? Yes, true, sometimes she behaves more like a royal pain in your Horse half than a royal prize. But she is very, very special. Womanhood in full bloom.

The first thing you should do with her is stop treating her like your baby sister. And stop all those things astrology has just given you a Zen clip in the jaw (figuratively) for doing. Sagittarians are extremely lucky, thanks to Jupiter’s huge good fortune (when Jupiter’s in the mood to grant it) but causing the proud Lioness to fall in love with you may be the most gigantic rainbow of luck of them all. You know what happens to gamblers in Vegas. They win—then they lose every dollar, by betting against themselves. Now that you’ve won a Leo woman, don’t bet against your love by seeing how far you can press your luck with her. Because the truth of the matter is, she can outdistance Tink, or any other lady you might have in mind. As she said, Tink can’t go a twentieth of the way ‘round, and the Lioness can circle any race track in double time before other women have made the first quarter-mile. In any way you want to take it, that’s true. She not Wonder Woman, but she comes closer to being a female fit to be Superman’s mate than most of the other girls, ladies, or whatever, in your past.

A Leo woman is as sleek and graceful as any thoroughbred horse who ever won the Kentucky Derby. She’s playful and warm and sunny—she’s generous, wise and sensible. She also possesses a very sensitive ego, an uncommon amount of pride (some of it false pride, some genuine) and she can be more than a little supercilious, arrogant and demanding. The word, if we must be plainspoken, and I suppose we must with Sag, is: spoiled. All Monarchs are spoiled. She is, remember, the Queen of the jungle pride—and of all she surveys. (In her own slightly self-centered mind, she is.) It would pay the Archer to be always aware of this when she’s surveying him—trying to decide if he’s worthy of being her Prince Consort.

The Lioness may need a respectful astrological scolding too. She tends to expect too much of the man who loves her, unconsciously tossing him royal challenges no mere mortal could fulfill. The Sagittarian man is brave and courageous, probably closer to being truly fearless than any of the other Sun Signs (including Leos, who wrap their fears in velvet and ermine confidence, so they won’t show). He’ll try very hard to bring her rubies and emeralds, whether real ones from Tiffany’s or the more valuable gems of his sparkling honesty. He’ll conquer armies of problems for her, be her successful explorer of new worlds and ideas, play an Academy Award performance of Essex to her Elizabeth, Columbus to her Isabella—demonstrate his loyalty and intelligence while he’s proving to her that he possesses a crusading zeal and a Holy Grail kind of faith worthy of Arthur and Launcelot themselves. But the one gift he may have trouble giving her is groveling worship. This man is simply unable to prostrate himself at anyone’s feet, in the traditional attitude of reverence and awe (in court, in the Vatican or anywhere else, including the den, kitchen—and especially the bedroom). He’ll gladly give her the respect of an absolute equal (and some men wouldn’t do that, you know). He won’t look down on her, but neither will he look up to her. He’ll treat her neither as his inferior nor his superior, but with the same devoted affection, warmth, passionate loyalty and tenderness he bestows upon his dog or his horse. (The Leo lady shouldn’t sniff contemptuously; this man adores animals with more fervor and real emotion than a whole lot of people treat other people.)

And so, she’ll receive all these priceless gifts from her merry, twinkly-eyed court jester, her searching soldier of fortune—but worship, in its true sense, may be missing. And never mind that Sag is Mutable (most Mutable Signs are docile and humble) because his Mutability is considerably tempered and modified by his Fire Element, and by the fact that he was born under a masculine Sun Sign, also ruled by a masculine planet, Jupiter. Tempered is certainly the right word. Because it reminds me to remind her that the Archer has a very quick temper, of the size Jupiter uses to make all patterns—extra large. But his anger, like hers, although easily aroused, is soon replaced (like hers) with a heartfelt regret for his impulsive words, and (like her) he almost never bears a grudge. He’s always magnanimous enough to forgive and forget if he’s met half-way. She’s noticeably slower to forgive and forget an injury, becase she was born under a Fixed Sign, but if he can convince her he’s really sorry, she’ll defrost herself, and benignly grant him another chance, with the innate graciousness and benevolence bred into her nature by her ruling Sun.

If all these two had to worry about was their chemical attraction, there wouldn’t be a cloud in their skies. Melting into Oneness with a depth of passion remembered by the heart from a long-ago dream, is one of those grand and glorious gifts showered by the great Jupiter and the powerful Sun upon—not every Leo and Sag—but upon those Lionesses and their Archers who are honestly in love. Their physical expression of body hunger is by turns playful, sensual, fresh, soft and gentle as raindrops, kissed by warm summer breezes—then wild, abandoned and feral, as though they were both lost in a forest primeval. Love-making between them can also be a calm and quiet thing of peace and stillness. The only rumble of warning related to their sexual happiness is an astrological Beware Sign for the Sagittarian man—who may, as is his customary habit, say something a little too honest and frank to her at the wrong time (the Archer’s sense of timing is seldom the greatest) which will wound her more than he realizes. A wounded Leonine Queen is one of the Sun Sign women who may retreat somewhere alone (like the jungle lioness) in cold, aloof silence, to allow her wounds to heal gradually—during which time she tends to be seriously and sadly sexually frigid.

This man is a clown. This woman is a beautiful Lioness. Together, they create the image of a colorful, exciting circus parade. His clown’s grin, his cartwheels, acrobatic speech and movement—her tawny loveliness and slow, sensual grace, her warm, intelligent eyes, together create an abstract impression of all the Big Top shows you’ve ever thrilled to in breathless excitement as a child. Throw into the imaginary scene some pink balloons, some calliope music (Sag will play the role of the daring man on the flying trapeze trading his clown costume for purple spangled tights easily, because of the Sagittarian duality) and you can see why this relationship often turns out to be The Greatest Show On Earth. (Both Leo and Sag are decidedly dramatic.) She has the theatre in her blood, he has sawdust in his. They’ll have a grand time together, playing the circuit, stopping in all the small towns, but dreaming of Europe and the big challenge.

But she must never forget the aching sadness and streaming tears behind the wide, greasepainted grin of all clowns, from Pagliacci to Emmett Kelly, and realize that, while he may pretend to be a Great Explorer, a Brave Lion Tamer, a Knight on a White Horse, a carefree, casual Soldier-of-Fortune … all those roles … his true identity is Don Quixote. And in the end, he needed the woman he loved to remind him once more that he really did possess the courage to manifest the impossible dream, even though he lost it for a while.

And the Archer should never forget that, once he and his Lioness have loved completely, giving all of themselves to each other, it won’t matter if they quarrel, and he hastily, angrily decides to pack up his bow and quiver of arrows—dashing off to roam the world, leaving her behind. However far he may go, he’ll weep when he finally comprehends that his careless remarks caused his proud and sensitive Leo Lady such pain. And he’ll miss her dreadfully. He’ll remember her sunniness and warmth, her odd blend of trembling intensity and calm, cool poise. And he’ll remember other things. Because she’ll be sending him a silent, yet eloquent and powerful message, pulsing through the golden cord that binds together all true lovers linked by the 5-9 vibration, even when they’re miles apart. Her whispered message will throb within him some night, in a deep dream, fragrant with the memory of her hair and eyes. Then he’ll leap up from his strange, cold bed, walk to the window, and stare into the velvet blackness, shimmering with tiny, brilliant star diamonds … until sunrise. The Sun, too, will remind him … of her slow, rising smile at dawn. By then he’ll know it’s time to return home to the pride of his Lioness. There’s no way he can resist the truth of her astral words. No way on this Earth.

close your ears to the sound of my voice
and through the thunder of a thousand cannons
you will hear it calling your name

blind yourself to the light in my eyes
and through the blackness of eternal night
you will feel them piercing your soul

insulate your body against my hands
and through blocks of ice
it will tremble in response to my touch

turn your cheek away from my breath
and through layers of rock
you will feel it hot against your lips

 and musty

like jungle grass<a href=#filepos2124521″>*

Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Many clapped.
Some did not.
A few little beasts hissed.

Naturally, the Earth being a fairly sizeable round ball, not absolutely every single male and female upon it whose Sun Signs form the 5-9 Pattern are ecstatic or any other kind of lovers. Some are simply remarkably tolerant and affectionate, platonic friends, who share experiences with a rare sympathy of viewpoint. Some are merely cheerfully nodding and pleasant, but casual acquaintances. Most are strangers, whose paths never cross at all in this lifetime.

Then there are other Lions and female Archers who, despite the golden opportunities for harmony normally bestowed by trined Suns, share severe planetary afflictions and negative Luminary or Ascendent aspects between their birth charts, those whose dissident karmic chords and auric colors vibrate so disturbingly, they never become close enough to cause each other either extreme happiness or extreme pain. Like the old nursery rhyme:

Now listen, thee, and listen well
I do not like thee, Doctor Fell
Exactly why I cannot tell
But I do not like thee, Doctor Fell

This, of course, is true of all 5-9 Patterns, not Leo and Sag alone. In a similar, but opposite manner, there are men and women whose natal Suns form the traditionally tense and difficult 4-10 Pattern, yet whose other birth chart configurations are powerfully beneficent, and who therefore discover together an easy compatibility. Still, it must be remembered that these are the exceptions which prove the rule.

Consequently, not every Sagittarian woman claps her hands in delighted admiration at the cleverness and superiority of the Lion. Some female Archers will refuse to clap, or to pay, for that matter, any kind of tribute to Leo’s virtues—and a few will even dare to hiss the King of the jungle when he’s showing off his talents. There’s not much use taking up space discussing these occasionally mismatched and clearly mismated Leo men and Sag women. Not only would they be bored by reading about one another, but there are all those magnetically attracted and destined to mate stormily-but-passionately feminine Centaurs and the lovable Lions who truly adore them to consider. So, best to concentrate our attention on these Leo-Sag couples, and counsel the others to search elsewhere for happiness and harmony.

Even though not every Leo man and Sagittarian woman are fated to meet and fall genuinely in love, those who do will forge a bond that’s not easy to break. But they will make an attempt! These two may at various times appear to share only one thing in common—a mutual desire to pound each other’s healthy egos into trembling inferiority complexes. Don’t be fooled. Appearances are deceiving, more times than not. What they are actually doing is testing their relationship, through an odd combination of simultaneously seeking an affirmation and a denial. An affirmation of mutual loyalty and devotion—and a denial of an equally mutual fear of being deceived by the faith in one another eternally required by love. It’s a game quite natural to Fire Signs, and Leo and Sag both having been born into Fire Elements, they learn the rules swiftly.

If they’re lucky (and thankfully, most Leos and Sagittarians are uncommonly lucky, though not all) they’ll learn reasonably soon what a wealth of happy hours they’re choosing to waste by playing the testing game. If they’re not so lucky, and their normally fortunate individual natal Suns were afflicted at birth, they’ll take a long time, and exchange a lot of emotional bruises before they comprehend how foolishly they’re behaving.

For example, the Lion will go far beyond what he well knows is fair in arrogantly bossing around the female Archer he loves, commanding her to obey his wishes, or else be banished from his sunny smile and his warm, strong arms—expecting her to wait on him like a scullery maid, lecturing or scolding her sternly for the slightest disobedience of his Majesty’s pleasure, and permitting her no freedom of opinion or outside activity where she might in some way equal or outshine his own accomplishments. He’s not really a tyrant, and he neither wants nor intends to be cruel and despotic. He’s only silently, desperately (often unconsciously) playing the testing game, seeking an affirmation of her loyalty, proof of her devotion—by seeing how willing she is to submit, how far he can go with her before she admits she doesn’t love him as much as she vowed she did in the beginning. (But praying fervently all the while that she does.)

Then he’ll test her by seeking, not a positive affirmation, but a denial. He’ll either rage and roar, or pout and sulk over her merest hello to another man, accusing her of everything short of (and even including) outright adultery, with out the faintest foundation or cause, secretly longing and achingly needing her repeated denial that she could ever even think of betraying him with someone else. The more outraged and indignant she becomes, the more clear the denial—and the more secure he feels.

Taking turns, she’ll then make her move around the board in their romantic monopoly game. Being fully aware (her mind is very bright and quick) of how hungry this man always is for sincere compliments, she’ll deliberately starve him, refusing to give him the smallest crumb of admiration, no matter how hard he tries to impress her—testing him, you see, to see how furiously he’ll try to succeed, how high he’ll climb, what impossible challenges he’ll conquer to gain her attention and applause. How much is it worth to him? If he stops caring what she thinks, it means he doesn’t love her, as he swore he did at first. Then, also fully aware of how he suffers from having his masculine pride trampled before his friends, she’ll deliberately embarrass him when there’s an audience, by putting him down, or telling some private story about him that makes him look ridiculous. Secretly (often unconsciously) she’s hoping he’ll be loudly angry and furious with her later, when they’re alone, treating her to a display of fury, as only an aroused Lion can, proving to her that he loves her, that she’s the only one who has the power to fire his emotions into such leaping flames. As for the denial part of the game, the rules are the same for her as they are for him.

She’ll become bitterly sarcastic and accusatory every time he leaves her to go somewhere alone, making it vividly clear that he’s not fooling her—she knows about his promiscuous behavior with worshiping females when he’s out of her sight, because one woman isn’t enough to satisfy his erotic jungle lust—when in her heart she knows he’s not being unfaithful, either by word or deed. But she needs fiercely to hear his impassioned denial … see it in his eyes.

Isn’t that an immature, frustrating and leading-nowhere game for a man and woman who love each other to play? Because she’s Mutable (more adaptable) and he’s Fixed (stubborn) she’s the one who should be first to communicate her weariness with the testing—her desire to start all over and return to the way it used to be with them, when they held hands trustingly, like happy children, touching tenderly, full of the joy of discovering a new miracle together every morning.. when everything he did was wonderful, and filled her with worship … everything she said was magical and dear and funny. When just the nearness of his warm strength and calm wisdom made her tremble … when her brave clown grin made his heart turn over, and brought a lump to his throat, as he promised himself he’d protect her forever, and never allow anyone to hurt this cheerful and giving, yet so terribly vulnerable woman—ever again—the way so many people did before he found her.

That’s all she has to do—make the first move to talk it over. Just be her honest, real self. And say exactly what she feels. Pretending is a part Sagittarius can never play successfully. He’ll make the second move, and do something he’d never do with anyone else but her. He’ll confess how wrong he’s been, how many mistakes he’s made, how very, very sorry he is … how fallible and human and frightened he is on the inside, at the very moment he’s projecting such confidence and icy detachment on the outside. She’ll apologize too, then … for all the thorns she stuck in his big, lovable Lion’s paw that caused him such pain, and for all those times of make believing she doubted his loyalty.

They’ll both admit that, all through the tortuous testing time, they were always able to read the truth in each other’s eyes, never mind what either of them were saying. Words don’t matter. After awhile, when they have nothing more to communicate in any way at all, they’ll fall asleep together in the darkness, and in the morning, they’ll awaken as intimately familiar strangers, hearing the same music they heard the very first morning they awoke to the sunlight of knowing the lonely search was over.. but exploring the mysteries of each other was just the beginning. This time, the music is sweeter, the chords are deeper, because they know the rhythm and the melody by heart. Best of all, they’ve learned the words to a new song of honesty, that could maybe someday grow into a symphony.

They almost lost each other, but they stopped playing the game before the truth left their eyes. The Leo man and the Sagittarian woman are among the lucky ones whose moments of passion and affection are interchangeable, their needs first gentle, then intense—whether they’re blending their bodies, their spirits or their minds. The ones whose auras clash (like those mentioned in the beginning of this section) will never touch at all, either mentally, spiritually or physically, and will forever look upon each other with the eyes of apathy. But with the Lions and the Archers who are destined to love, Life is a magical carnival of ideas and ideals, dreams and discovery. They stimulate in each other physical desire, intellectual seeking and spiritual reaching. Once they’ve broken down the barriers of his false pride and her skepticism—and allow their relationship enough sunlight to encourage his warm enthusiasm and her fresh faith in the future, they won’t have time for playing games. Their days and nights will be filled with a thousand adventures, whether they’re traveling somewhere together (which they’ll do a lot) or just lying in the grass in their own back yard on a summer night, counting the stars and listening to the crickets’ choir. She should beware of being caught in his clever Lion trap, though—and refrain from correcting him when he points to Spica in the sky, and she’s tempted to tell him he’s actually pointing to Arcturus. He knows. He’s just testing her knowledge of astronomy. When she finally knows—that he always knows—they’re half-way home.

If they must play games, there are hundreds more fun than the testing game. She should give him one for his August birthday, tied with orange-yellow-golden ribbons, the color of the Sun … and maybe scribble a poem on the card, to give him a hint of how it should be between them from now on, when they think they’re about to weaken, and go back to their old ways.

lovers play games of No and Yes a quick caress, a sigh … goodbye and why?

lovers play games of Yes and No of Stop and Go.. of wait and fate too late

they laugh when they want to cry leave when they’d rather stay they quit when they need to try and lie … when they walk away

lovers play games to save face so I’ll tell you what we’ll do we’ll play Monopoly, you and I just for a change of pace

you grab the railroads
and buy up Boardwalk
and I’ll hang on to Park Place

Leo Capricorn
Fire—Fixed—Positive Earth—Cardinal—Negative
Ruled by the Sun Ruled by Saturn
Symbols: Lion & Shy Pussycat Symbol: The Goat
Day Forces—Masculine Night Forces—Feminine


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