Capricorn and Pisces

Strange to say, they all recognized it at once, and until fear fell upon them they hailed it, not as something long dreamt of and seen at last, but as a familiar friend to whom they were returning home for the holidays.

In the calm presence of Capricorn, the Piscean Fish often feel cozy and snuggly-secure, rather like baby bears when they’re tucked into their winter logs for a nap. It may seem odd to think of the Fish as a bear, but Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, has that effect on Pisces. Because they’re ruled by the slippery, subtle, and elusive planet Neptune, Pisceans find the solid stability of Saturn so comforting, it makes them feel like baby bears—(or Mama or Papa bears).

Conversely, in the serene presence of Pisces, the Capricorn Goats often feel a light-hearted, floating sensation… . like bubbles, when they’re released, shimmering, into the air. It may seem odd to think of the Goat as a bubble, but the Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, has that effect on Capricorn. Because they’re ruled by the stern, demanding discipline of Saturn, the Goats find the dreamy, relaxed looseness of Neptune so fascinating and so full of the promise of freedom, it makes them feel like bubbles.

So, here they are, a Fish and a Goat, magically transformed by each other’s proximity into a bear and a bubble. It’s really quite beautiful, don’t you think? All Pisces and Capricorn people should ponder the previous two paragraphs for a while, until they’re permanently impressed by all the good things they can derive from their association, and realize the great value of the intangible, but precious, gifts they can exchange. The thought will bring them smoothly through the problem periods they’ll experience, from time to time. But let’s stay with their positive points of compatibility a bit longer, before deliberating on the dangers they must guard against.

There’s often a marvelous serene sympatico inherent in this 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern, because it vibrates through the Earth and Water elements. Their association causes Capricorn’s Earth essence to be greatly enriched, and the Piscean Water essence to find a secure place in which to flow. In these dual rewards, it’s similar to the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern influence of Earth and Water also experienced by Pisces-Taurus, Taurus-Cancer, Cancer-Virgo, Virgo-Scorpio, and Scorpio-Capricorn.

Goats feel somehow safer with a Fish than with most Sun Signs, other than Scorpio, in kicking up their heels defiantly against the natural Capricorn restrictive behavior. Although the Goats also get along smoothly with Taurus and Virgo, they may feel considerably less inclined to kick over the traces with the Bulls and Virgins than with Pisces. Contrariwise, the Fish, somehow, feel more protected with a Goat than with most Sun Signs, other than Taurus, from life’s harsh, abrasive experiences—more courageous in overcoming the natural Piscean introverted behavior. Although the Fish also get along smoothly with Scorpio and Cancer, they may feel somewhat less protected, as well as less courageous, with the Scorpions and Crabs than with the Goat. In many ways, therefore, Capricorn and Pisces were made for each other. If one of them has a Moon Sign or Ascendent in conflict with the other, they’ll sputter and spat back and forth occasionally. Otherwise, these two will be far happier and more harmonious together than uptight and tense.

Because Pisces and Capricorn feel alike and think alike about most major issues, their differences of opinion are relatively less frequent than their times of agreeable, almost effortless, cooperation and compromise. Even in those areas where they differ and disagree, they’ll take turns carefully convincing each other to come around to the other side of whatever question caused the friction. Sometimes it’s the Goat who manages to straighten out the confused or muddled thinking of the Fish; at other times, it’s the Fish who manages to soften the Goat’s firm stand. For example, if they should become involved in a discussion of controversial subjects like astrology and religion, they probably won’t be able to avoid clashing in principle, because Cappy is so big on tradition and authority—suspicious of the abstract—and less instinctively compassionate and perceptive than Pisces. In this case, it will usually be the Fish who gently turns around the Goat’s wrong thinking—although on other subjects, an equal number of times, it’s the Goat who determinedly switches the Fish’s viewpoint to his (or her) own.

Actually, these two subjects are nearly certain to be debated at some time between the two of them, since Saturn is the defender of the status quo, and Neptune (along with Pluto) governs both astrology and religion. (Jupiter is involved chiefly with the philosophy of religion, Pluto with its mystery, Neptune with its mysticism.) Therefore, it’s reasonable to suppose that this Saturn-and Neptune-influenced association will contain its share of disagreements in these departments, which Pisces will nearly always win.

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Pisces: Don’t you believe religion is failing people, by not giving them a sense of the continuation of individual consciousness? Capricorn: What is that supposed to mean? Sometimes you get too abstract for me to follow. Why can’t you speak in plain and simple terms an ordinary person can understand? Pisces: I’ll try. What I meant was that reincarnation, which is the foundation of astrology, is the real truth of existence, and all the churches have removed this wisdom from their teachings. That’s as plain and simple as I can say it. Capricorn: Reincarnation? I won’t even discuss it with you. It’s too ridiculous to even be considered. Pisces: (only pretending to back down—sneaky Neptune!) All right. We can always discuss reincarnation some other time, and when we do, I’ll tell you some things I’m sure will change your mind, but right now let’s just talk about religion and astrology. Capricorn: That’s almost as bad. Astrology. Maybe even worse. Pisces: (ignoring Cappy, as though he—or she—hadn’t heard) Do you know that nearly every religious faith teaches that astrology is a sin, and won’t permit their members to even investigate it? Capricorn: They’re certainly justified in taking that position, if you ask me, considering all the quackery associated with it. I don’t blame them. Astrology has such a bad name, the Catholic Church requires formal confession from Catholics who have been contaminated by having anything to do with it, before they’re allowed to take communion. Pisces: Every art and science has quackery associated with it, not just astrology, so that doesn’t prove anything, either way. But I’m glad you mentioned communion. That’s the ritual of swallowing a wafer symbolizing the body and blood of a simple carpenter—who was himself an astrologer—as were his teachers, the Essenes, where he spent the eighteen lost years of his life, which were conveniently removed from the scriptures. Capricorn: How could someone like Jesus have practiced astrology, when the Catholic Church, and every other faith, has defined it as a dangerous belief in the control of stars and planets over human destiny? Pisces: (smiling softly) I see. So only church dogma should be allowed to control human destiny? You probably don’t realize that the Church Fathers themselves are well aware that the purpose of studying astrology is just the opposite—to teach us that the only way to escape the control of the stars is by understanding their powerful influence, so we can then use our own free choice to guide our own destinies. A knowledge of astrology releases us from planetary control—but it also releases us from church dogma’s moral dictatorship, and that’s the real reason the definition of astrology has been deliberately distorted and maligned. Capricorn: The trouble is, you’re just anti-Catholic. You’re prejudiced against Protestant denominations too. Pisces: (softly, not antagonistically) Not at all. The Catholics and Protestants aren’t the only ones who cause their followers to believe untrue things about astrology—or who suppress the facts. Judaism has also denied its own roots in the Hebrew Qabbalah, which is one of the deepest sources of both astrological and numerological wisdom. And the Mormon church calls astrology the work of the devil. Capricorn: You just lost the argument. All those Mormons are so polite and neat and well scrubbed—decent, law-abiding people. They believe in the sanctity of the family, and so do I. Pisces: (again smiling gently) Outside appearances are sometimes deceptive. Is being clean-shaven, then, a necessity for illumination and salvation? That removes Lincoln, Moses, Jesus, the Apostles, and countless others from the list of the virtuous. You’re right about the Mormon reverence for the family circle, but did you know that their founder, Joseph Smith, claimed he had a vision which told him that all religions other than the Mormon religion are an abomination to the Lord? Now Cappy is silent—and the Fish calmly continues. Pisces: Only since 1978 has the Mormon church allowed blacks to be priests. Before that, the Mormons taught that Africans are unworthy, their darker skin tones a sign of God’s disfavor. Capricorn: Well, at least they finally admitted their mistakes. Pisces: Yes, they did. One of them, at least. Mormon President Spencer Kimball has taken many great strides toward truth and tolerance. Still, even he currently states firmly that it’s absolutely impossible for women to ever be permitted to teach or preach in the church. But I believe he’s trying . . and someday that belief will be softened too. There are many good and positive things about Mormonism. Many more than the negative attitudes. Most of their principles are sound and sensible. Capricorn: Listen . . I’ve decided you aren’t prejudiced after all. Tell me some more about astrology and reincarnation.

And Pisces wins the discussion, as he or she almost always does. The Fish made a solid impression on the Goat’s normally inflexible mind by exhibiting the typical Neptune tolerance and compassion—by refraining from an offensive or emotional attack—and especially by winding up the talk between them with the words sound and sensible (two of Cappy’s all-time favorite words, that bring to the Saturn-ruled a subconscious sense of security). It takes patience to bring the stubborn Goat to a change of views, but Pisces is endowed with lots of patience, plus an ample supply of the persuasive charm and gentleness necessary to move an Earth Sign from a long-held conviction.

There’s no doubt that the Neptune Fish of either sex and any age tends to procrastinate and to be, at times, too flexible. This sort of attitude will deeply disturb the typical Goat, who almost never procrastinates on either minor or major matters, and is frequently too inflexible. It’s easy for an outsider to see how they’d both benefit from each adopting part of the other’s nature, yet it’s not so easy for Pisces and Capricorn to realize the obvious. If the Piscean is the rare Whale-type man or woman, he (or she) could overpower the Goat, until Capricorn frantically feels the panic of one who can’t swim, going under for the last time, unable to cope with being in such elusive, changeable territory as the Goat has been deceived into entering by the Whale Piscean, with nothing solid to cling to, and no foothold in sight … nothing underneath but treacherous quicksand.

But if the Fish is a typical Piscean, the danger is different. Then there’s always the possibility that the stronger Goat will so control and dominate the Neptune person that the Piscean becomes only a shadow of Capricorn, suffering silently from a frightening loss of personal identity. A frightened Fish can turn to lying, drugs, or alcohol … or simply disappear, quietly, without a word of warning … because the Neptune-ruled will eventually escape imprisonment of the spirit, one way or the other. It’s inevitable. And none of the possible escape routes are pleasant or desirable.

But these are the extremes of unfortunate Neptune-Saturn associations, which occur only when other planetary positions between the natal charts are negative. Far more often, Pisces and Cappy become lasting friends (especially if their Luminaries were harmonious at birth), whether they’re classmates, lovers, neighbors, coworkers, or relatives. They’re alike in many more ways than they’re different—and even in those ways that they’re not alike, their differences usually complement each other nicely. Normally, they’ll enjoy the same music and laugh at the same jokes. Cappy’s humor is subtle and gentle, and nearly always brings a smile to the expressive features of the Fish.

Do you know what a Naptune is? asks the Goat.

You mean Neptune, don’t you? politely corrects the Fish.

No, I mean N-a-p-t-u-n-e, repeats the Goat. What is a Naptune?

I give up, sighs Pisces. What’s a Naptune?

Capricorn grins shyly. A Nap-tune is a Pisces lullaby. Suddenly, the magic sparkles between them again, as the Fish becomes a bear—and the Goat becomes a bubble—each of them once more snug and serene. Let’s leave them there, shall we? Crowds make both Cappy and Pisces nervous. They’re more comfortable with a few close friends, and a quiet dinner at home.

Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man

I can’t fly.
I’ll teach you.
Oh, how lovely to fly!
I’ll teach you how to jump on the wind’s back, and then away we go!
Oo! she exclaimed rapturously.

Yes, I know Pisces is a Water Sign, not an Air Sign, but have you never heard of a flying fish? Before these two get carried away with the idea of flying anywhere together, they’d best synchronize their propellers and adapt themselves to each other’s decidedly different mores. Although it’s true that they frequently mix and match traits very well, they are not cut from quite the same pattern. For instance, very few Fish are formal.

The typical Pisces male cruises through Life, taking little or nothing seriously, including himself—least of all custom and tradition. He’s as informal as can be.

Conversely, all Capricorns are formal. As formal as can be. The Goat Girl projects an image of class and quality, whether she lives in a railroad car down by the depot (where she won’t remain long) or in the governor’s mansion—whether she spends her time signing up for food stamps (which she won’t do for long) or shuffling her stock certificates. Everything this woman does is formal and formalized—even breathing. She inhales and exhales correctly. She also brushes her teeth carefully and thoroughly, in the right direction, and even gargles discreetly. You may wonder how one manages to brush one’s teeth and gargle in a well-bred manner, but this female has the hang of it.

An acquaintance of mine in San Diego, California, has a neighbor, a young Capricorn woman named Laurie, who works in a topless bar. Now, that’s a comparatively rare occupation for the normally shy and reticent (on the surface) Saturn-ruled female. But now and then it happens to even reputation-conscious Cappy. Nevertheless, despite the fact that she’s temporarily employed in such an untypical Capricorn manner, she never forgets or neglects her Saturnine sense of status and style. Along with the group of three or four girls she works with, Laurie is naked above the waist, as she performs her acrobatic dances on the barstage, turning miniature cartwheels and the like, to the beat of rock records from overhead speakers. Yet, Capricorn Laurie stands out from the rest. That is, one notices her. There’s something that sets her apart. Whereas the other women are totally topless—above Laurie’s twisting and turning nude torso, around her neck, Laurie wears a modest white collar, demurely fastened with a black bow tie.

At the sound of the music that signals her entrance cue, Cappy calmly adjusts her collar and bow tie, then prances out before the customers with her dignity intact, secure in the knowledge that she’s dressed formally and appropriately—relatively speaking. If the owner of the bar should ever demand that Laurie remove her costume to match the appearance of the other women, I guarantee you Cappy would coldly resign before she’d comply. After all, a lady is a lady, and anyone with true class and breeding dresses correctly for all occasions. (Obviously, Capricorn Laurie considers her appearance in the bar to be a black-tie affair, not one of those ill-bred come-as-you-are-when-invited parties.) She won’t be there much longer anyway. Laurie is moving to Las Vegas soon. A girl has to think of her future and make plans to advance herself. After Vegas, perhaps Broadway or Hollywood, and a starring role in which she’ll dance fully—but still formally—clothed. Capricorn Laurie, you see, thinks of herself not as a topless dancer (that’s merely a practical expediency of the moment), but as a modern-day Ginger Rogers. Considering Capricorn’s patient and plodding, yet nearly always successful, trek to the top of the mountain, it’s quite possible that she is.

Laurie may not be aware of it, but she’s following a solid, well-marked path up the mountainside. Everyone’s favorite ecdysiast, Gypsy Rose Lee, was also a Capricorn. Like Laurie, Gypsy had her own, personal sense of Saturnine dignity. Disdainfully refusing to imitate the other burlesque queens of her day, Gypsy never exposed her totally nude body. With carefully designed costumes, featuring strategically placed zippers, she revealed just enough to intrigue, but never enough to be vulgar—and consequently, made more money and achieved a more lasting fame than today’s centerfold women could ever hope to realize. The most popular and unique part of her performance was her wry Capricorn humor.

One of her closest and most trusted friends was showman Mike Todd, who used to take the the Gyp to art galleries (when he was in the chips) to thank her for making one of his Broadway musicals a hit. Take your choice, he’d tell her, chomping on his cigar, pick a painting, and whatever it costs, it’s yours.

Capricorn Gypsy never failed to select the most expensive painting of the lot—usually in the $4,000 price range (quadruple the sum for today’s inflation), and they all greatly increased in value over the years—according to Mike Todd’s sensitive, perceptive biographer, Art Cohen, who was tragically killed in the plane crash that ended Todd’s life. Also according to Cohen, when Gypsy hit the jackpot, playing the lead in Mike’s hit show Star and Garter, she sensibly purchased the three-story, twenty-six-room town house built by Anne Vanderbilt, on East Sixty-third Street, in Manhattan—and its five thousand dollar marble floor, fountained patio, seven baths, and elevator were a considerable improvement over her thirty dollar a month flat. Later, the town house was worth ten times what Cappy paid for it. Like Laurie, Gypsy was a practical lady, whose modesty was equalled only by her common sense and ambition.

I relate these little stories as a hint to the Pisces male that not every Capricorn woman is a schoolteacher or librarian, which brings us to the second thing the male Fish should know about this usually soft-spoken, always hard-headed lady. Not only will she frown on informality, sloppiness, and improper behavior (especially in public), she’ll also disapprove of a lack of ambition in a man—or in a woman, including herself.

A Goat Girl is amazingly surefooted when she’s climbing a ladder. Not a stepladder—the ladder to the success and recognition that bring her a sense of self-esteem. If not public achievement, then at the very least, her grimly determined goal will be to gain the respect and admiration of her friends, neighbors, and relatives. Especially her relatives. She probably only has one or two close friends, three at most, from grade-school days. As for neighbors, if she lives in the country, they’re a far piece down the road, and if she lives in the city, well … .metropolis cave dwellers aren’t very chummy. So actually, it’s her own family she needs to impress, in a quiet way, if she’s not the kind of Goat Girl to pursue a wider fame. Cappy will rise to the best of the breed, in however large or small a circle. She’ll create a successful furniture refurnishing business and still have the cleanest house on the block—or be acknowledged as a chef supreme for her Thanksgiving and other holiday family dinners. Status is status, whatever form it takes.

Unless she was orphaned as an infant or small child, this Cappy will stick to her family like a persistent burr. If she was orphaned, she’ll transfer her frustrated and detoured sibling-parent loyalty to her own immediate family, children, and grandchildren—or she’ll attempt to encompass both family circles with Saturn’s compulsive, devoted duty. It’s a lovely quality, one of her most endearing character traits. But the Fish should be aware that he’ll always rank second to her family with her, not in love or affection, but in the areas of her prime concern and attention.

Actually, the Pisces man will probably adjust contentedly to her family fetish. Unless his birth chart contains afflicted planets in Gemini, Aquarius, or Sagittarius, he’ll enjoy being made an honorary member of her family, and love her all the more for her devotion to them. It proves she’s reliable, dependable … . words which have a strong appeal to his Neptune subconscious, though he may fight it. He’s more relaxed, less restless, when he feels a sense of emotional security in a relationship. Families are stable. (Naturally, there are some Cappies who, for one sad reason or another, are without any family ties, but it’s extremely rare.) Yet, regardless of his need for stability, if the family togetherness is overdone, it could create a problem. When a Pisces man begins to feel someone’s constantly looking over his shoulder, and discussing the pros and cons of every move he makes, he’ll begin having nightmares about the Great Inquisition (as he did when he studied it in history class, in school). All Pisceans have a thing about personal privacy—and freedom. Freedom of thought, action, and movement. Any sort of confinement (mental, emotional, or physical), whether actual or merely implied, will cause him to become restless and irritable. The Goat Girl should remember that a Fish needs to know he’s swimming in a large body of water. Like the Nature fish, it’s unkind to confine a male Pisces in a small tank, where all he can do is swim eternally in circles, never straight ahead—to explore. Never mind all the pretty, decorative shells at the bottom of the tank, it’s both cruel and boring, and causes both kinds of poor fish to become neurotic. Like the unkindness of keeping a bird in a cage. Or tying a goat to a fence post. How would she like to be tied to a fence post, and have to depend on someone to toss her a few crumbs, now and then?

Although the Capricorn woman can be silently possessive, unmistakably indicating her disapproval by an icy look, or a refusal to communicate, she’s not likely to subject her Fish to stormy, emotional scenes of angry, tearful jealousy—and he just might be so grateful, he’ll stay away less and less frequently, until he’s nearly as rooted as she. (Roots are what he’s really seeking, but he doesn’t know it.) All Pisces men are alike in this way. When they’re cheerfully given all the freedom they need, they seldom roam far, and are nearly always faithful lovers and loyal husbands. But when their freedom is smothered, they’ll feel nervous and restless, and begin to slip and slide out of the grasp of unfounded jealousy, until they become unwilling channels to prove the wisdom of the old rule that a person will become what the one he loves and who loves him expects and believes him to be.

The moral of the story is that the quickest way to insure a Pisces male’s being unfaithful is to expect him to be, and let him know your suspicions—while the most reliable way to insure he’ll never be disloyal is to have complete faith in his integrity, to let him know his love and his support is needed and appreciated. More than most Sun Sign males (except maybe Gemini and Sag), this man is strangely vulnerable to being completely trusted. Somehow, it makes him ashamed to betray that trust. Yet (also like Gemini and Sag), if he’s doubted, the doubt itself (although he may not consciously realize it) weakens his will, at the same time that it strengthens the darker side of his curious nature, creating the necessary excuse for an inclination toward variety and multiple experience.

No one, man or woman, really wants to be unfaithful to love. Unfaithfulness inevitably brings only the sharp pain of guilt and tangled emotions, never joy. But some men must have a constantly changing challenge, varied forms of excitement (not necessarily sexual), or become deadly bored and depressed. The wise Goat Girl who loves a Fish will understand this, and provide him with so much brightness and lightness and unexpected surprises within their own relationship, that he finds the kaleidoscopic interests he needs—with her. That’s truly the way he’d so much rather have it, in his secret heart.

It may sound strange, but there’s much that is practical in the way the Pisces man and Capricorn woman approach their sexual relationship. She may be, at first, more than a little shy—but by at first, I mean before she’s ever been embraced by a male, before her first goodnight kiss. Once initiated, this woman isn’t the kind to be coy or play romantic games. Her sexual expression is as direct as everything else about her—and, of course, also like everything else, practical. As for him, he is, like all the Neptune-ruled, completely shockproof in all things, including the area of his own lovemaking experience. Added to these individual and mutual qualities of the Fish and the Goat is the fact that the Earth and Water elements are represented in their passion, which adds both depth and imagination to their sexual union, causing it to be a many-faceted rediscovery of themselves, especially if there’s a single or double conjunction, sextile, or trine between the Sun and Moon in their birth charts.

If there’s disharmony between his Sun and her Moon, or vice versa, her approach to sex may not be romantic enough to fulfill him, and might leave him still vaguely yearning—while his approach may seem to her to be too light and fleeting, not deep enough to satisfy her inner longings. But even so, the foundation of friendship these two share because of the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern vibration—and the easy communication usually achieved through the 3-11 influence—will probably be sufficient to enable them to smooth out any problems, after a while. Often, the understanding achieved after trust has inspired confession deepens desire in a startling way.

It’s not that she wants to deny him. Her first instinct is to provide the man she loves with anything she knows will give him the warm feeling of security, on every level. But she often thinks the only way to do this is to be a rock herself—for him to lean on in every storm. That’s fine, it’s wonderful, but it’s not quite enough. She’ll have to be his rock (for he does need that kind of security), yet also somehow manage to match his own personality and desires, which are so much more peripatetic than hers. It won’t be easy for her to make a deliberate effort to be looser, more willing to fly in the wind and take chances, more adaptable and less cautious. But if she really wants to keep him near her, and mold love into a forever shape, she can always call on Saturn to firm her resolve. Whatever a Capricorn woman wants intensely enough, she has the strength within her to make happen. She can do anything she really wants to do, anything at all. Her patience and her instinctive wisdom are a formidable combination. In the final analysis, Neptune can always be conquered by Saturn, when Saturn chooses to take the time and trouble to be victorious.

The greatest gift a Goat Girl brings to her gentle Fish is the warm comfort of her dependability. He knows he can depend on her steady faith in him, when he’s discouraged from repeated disappointments, weary and soul-wounded from the rejection of his dreams by a cold, uncaring world. The greatest gift he brings to her is his marvelous Neptune imagination.

He’ll tell her she has skin like a lotus petal (he’s never seen a lotus)—hair as golden as a sunset over the Swiss Alps, or as shiny black as a raven’s wing (he’s never been to Switzerland, and the only raven he knows of, firsthand, is the one in Poe’s verse)—and eyes like sapphires (even if he’s never seen such a gem, and couldn’t distinguish a sapphire from a piece of blue glass).

When he tells her she reminds him of the Mona Lisa, neither will he need to have viewed da Vinci’s original masterpiece to be unerringly right in his comparison. Every Cappy’s smile is hauntingly reminiscent of Mona Lisa, because the girl who posed for the painting was a Capricorn herself … . . rumored by several historians to have been a direct descendent of Anne, mother of the girl called Mary, who was the wife of Joseph, the carpenter—and it was the mystery of the woman Anne that da Vinci was attempting to capture through the expression of holy secrets in Mona’s Saturn eyes. Only a Pisces man would sense that truth without ever having read it anywhere.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

She thinks we have lost the way, he replied stiffly, and she is rather frightened. You don’t think I would send her away all by herself when she is frightened?

Not all male Goats are male chauvinist pigs. Just some of them.

A Capricorn male often has a rather outdated perspective of his wife being his woman. which is accompanied by an unquestionably kind, gentle, and protective feelings towards her. Other than preferring she not have a career, Cappys are rarely disrespectful of women and are, in the truest sense of the word, gentlemen.

And let no one say that the Goat isn’t ambitious. He will climb the Capricorn mountain with steely determination, and make it all the way to the top peak, where he most definitely intends to remain, one way or the other. Then too, there’s the Capricorn generosity. Subconsciously obeying the dictate of Saturn, Capricorn men frequently give large gifts of cash to his family, his friends, and his community

Naturally, not all male Capricorns have such fixed ideas about not wanting women to work. There are plenty of the other kind of Saturn men, who think it’s just peachy-dandy for their ladies to be busy, and to be gainfully employed. They don’t object at all. I knew a Capricorn milkman who serviced a rural delivery route just outside Marietta, Ohio, and cheerfully worked alongside his wife in the dairy truck. He kept the engine from stalling, while she lugged the milk jugs to the farmhouses, through sunshine, rain, sleet, and hip-deep snowbanks.

However, it is fair to claim that nearly all Capricorn men who agree with their wives’ working because of financial necessity do so reluctantly, while inwardly anticipating a time when circumstances will remove the need for the women they love to work outside the home. There are exceptions of course, as always, but few male Goats are genuinely overjoyed by the thought of their wives’ jobs or careers—if they’re honest with themselves. And once they become honest with themselves, they might see the light and change their attitudes permanently, from within—with happier emotions on both sides.

The Pisces woman will resent her Capricorn man’s attitudes less than most other women would. She’s tolerant and sensitive enough to comprehend that the very instincts which cause his inflexibility also create the qualities in him that attract her. From the same source springs the Goat’s protectiveness and dependability, his kindness toward her—and his unswerving loyalty and devotion to those he loves. His stability calms her own restless spirit. His confidence gentles her own uncertainties. She’s touched by his formal manners, moved by the loneliness that hangs over him. She sees behind the defense of his outward sternness to the sadness and longing it attempts to hide. Beautifully, a Neptune-guided woman can sense that only a great heart would—or could—permit a man to set himself such difficult goals—only great strength and determination would—or could—aspire to the self-mastery a Saturn-ruled man is dedicated to attain. His spells of depression and silence don’t trouble her as they would another, but instead, cause her love for him to grow, as she’s challenged to find ways to smile and tease and brighten him out of his moods with the softness of her ways … … her graceful acceptance of his Saturnine nature … … and her obvious respect for his virtues (which almost always exceed those of most other men).

Piscean love is tempered with mercy and the deeper wisdom of the nonjudgmental. After a while, she’ll change him, ever so gradually, until he grows to realize and know that he can relax the strict rules he sets for himself (and sometimes others), and no one will criticize him for doing so. By then, he’ll have entered the typical Capricorn age-reversal period of his Life, and begin to open up both his heart and his mind to the possibilities of all kinds of freedom—of the spirit—and of his own behavior. He’ll be willing to travel with her, to be more careless and casual … to take the time to smell flowers and chase the wind … … allow an excitement for adventure and new horizons to peek through. Goats become absolutely charming and delightful when Saturn eases the restriction of discipline over them and they become their true gentle selves—once they’ve escaped their self-imposed habit patterns.

As with all Earth and Water combinations, the physical love between the female Fish and the Goat can be a deep and enriching experience for both of them. Somehow, a Capricorn man is refreshed after the fulfillment of sexual union with the Pisces woman he’s learned to trust. The sudden sense of happiness he feels after they’ve shared intimacy is obvious in the lightness of his manner, the visible sparkle in his eyes, as though he had just rediscovered innocence and pleasure, unburdened by worry and guilt. She’s happy too, because to the Pisces woman, happiness is always defined by the amount of happiness she’s able to give to others. Silence is nearly always the foundation of lovemaking between Pisces and Capricorn—an eloquent silence made of understanding and a depth of feeling impossible to express in words. These two reach out to one another with a kind of natural and wholesome sureness, causing their bodies and minds to blend in a quiet song of peace, contentment, and restful stillness.

If there’s a disharmonious aspect between the Suns, Moons, and Ascendents of both their charts, their sexual compatibility will still be more positive than negative, although the stillness and quiet between them during their physical expression of love may turn to the polarities of coolness and bored disinterest at times. When this occurs, it’s because he has placed physical desire above consideration for her more romantic needs—or because she has refused to respond with enough intensity to his earthier nature. But if they try, these two lovers, influenced as they are by the 3-11 vibration of friendship and easy communication, can talk it over, with the happy result of more consideration and comprehension of each other’s different requirements. To honestly discuss what the other person really expects to accomplish in relation to the completeness of love can clear up problems like these in a surprisingly effortless manner.

The most frequent area of tension between Pisces and Capricorn lovers or mates will be her tendency to be sensitive—and his tendency to be insensitive. She may find him too cold and unsympathetic, whereas he may find her too elusive, secretive, and emotionally vulnerable—which makes him nervous and apprehensive, afraid to be himself for fear of hurting her feelings. They’ll have to solve these conflicts when they first appear, not allow them to compound themselves into a barrier that causes a gradual withdrawal from candid discussion between them. For, when Pisces feels frustrated, the Fish will often be tempted to turn to drugs, alcohol, or daydreams—or the more direct escape of divorce. And when a Goat is deeply perplexed, he may be tempted to turn to a stubborn and icy disapproval that’s cruelly apparent in his words and actions, and which only makes matters worse.

Many of their emotional problem areas will be lightened by the position of their Moons and Ascendents in their horoscopes. If the Goat’s Moon or Ascendent is in Virgo, for example, instead of resenting his Pisces woman’s desire to hold down a job, he’ll be more likely to consider working a great privilege for either sex. If his Moon or Ascendent is in Libra or Aquarius, he’ll be substantially more jolly and generous about his Neptune lady’s career, maybe going so far as to approve, even if her chosen profession should require her to travel now and then. These are the exceptional Capricorn men, but there are a fair number of them around.

The Goat who loves a female Fish can be easily misled by her soft femininity. There are other things about this female he should know. For one thing, she’s of the Water Element and that means she’s capable of wearing down the Goat’s determination, not by violent emotional demands, but by the invisible pressure of insistent and consistent persuasion and subtle suggestion. Water is the toughest of all the elements, simply because of its passivity, which eventually wears down all forms of resistance. She can also be cranky and irritable, though seldom or never aggressive. He won’t find it easy to pin her down to a direct answer when he wants to know what she’s really thinking and feeling. The tactic of evasiveness is refined to a rare art by Neptune people, since it’s one of the few defenses they have against an intrusion of their privacy. There are times when he’ll feel she’s trying to avoid the issue—or him. Just as there’ll be times she’ll think he’s too possessive and smothering, not allowing her the freedom of her own opinions.

But these are only passing clouds, not permanent darkness. Like an occasional shower, quarrels between this man and woman, who are guided by the 311 harmonic vibration, can always be followed by the rainbow of reconciliation—if they’ll remember to look up toward forgiveness and not down toward futility. No one ever saw a rainbow on the ground. They appear in the sky … … the place where balloons, birds, and dreams fly free … . . unhampered by the chains of self-pity, fear, and dogmatic thinking. Flying is such a lovely feeling. Both the Fish and Goat would find it an exhilarating experience if they’d try it. Together. It’s lonely flying alone. Everyone needs a space buddy.

Aquarius Aquarius
Air—Fixed—Positive Air—Fixed—Positive
Ruled by Uranus Ruled by Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer Symbol: The Water Bearer
Day Forces—Masculine Day Forces—Masculine


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