Aries and Taurus

Above, where all had been so still, the air was rent with shrieks and the clash of steel. Below, there was dead silence.

Because Rams and Bulls each have tough horns, the determination of Aries and the stubbornness of Taurus might seem to be identical traits. They are not, and numerous incidents will occur between the two of them to make the distinction clear.

For example, an Aries parent wants a Taurus child to eat, and emphasizes it with a Martian command like: You swallow every bite of that Wheat Germ and pick up your spoon this second, do you hear me? That’s determination.

The Taurus child sits quietly, not moving a muscle, gazes back steadily and says, No. That’s stubbornness.

An Aries boss wants a Taurean employee to work on his or her day off and states firmly, I need you on Saturday, and it may take all day, so cancel any other plans you have. That’s determination.

The Taurus employee calmly answers, I’m busy Saturday. Get someone else. That’s stubbornness.

After a few encounters, the difference between the two traits will become evident. Determination initiates. Stubbornness reacts. The first is a Positive action. The second is Negative re-action. Therefore, in any clash between Aries and Taurus, the Ram starts it and the Bull finishes it. It’s important to remember that. Taurus won’t forget it. Taurus doesn’t forget anything.

Although Aries people get accused of running around burning their bridges behind them, and shooting off sparks in reckless abandon, they have their gentle moments too. Taurus people get accused of always pouting and brooding like dull globs of earth, ready to smother Arian enthusiasms in negative silence. But Bulls have their imaginative moments too, when it suits them, and they possess a thoughtful wisdom and wonderfully warm sense of humor behind that pragmatic exterior. Still, the essential differences between these two Sun Signs must be faced.

Rams are inclined to be aggressive, impulsive, bossy, extravagant, talkative and optimistic. They pursue excitement and quick results—and they require a dash of magic to make life interesting.

Bulls are inclined to be reserved, practical, usually sparing with words and self-sufficient, though somewhat pessimistic. They pursue stability, solitude and sure things—and they require lots of rest and tranquility to make life bearable.

You can see right away that these people are not the Bobbsey Twins. Their inner motivations, not to mention their outward actions, tend to wander in divergent directions. However, sometimes it’s beneficial to knock around with someone who possesses the qualities you lack. Because this is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern association, the Taurean is more apt to be tolerant and sympathetic toward the Ram, and the Aries will try to imitate the Bull’s placid stability. After all, placid stability is more or less synonymous with strength, and Aries people will try anything—even if it’s against their natures—to gain more strength. Weakness is a four letter word to both the Ram and the Bull.

Although Bulls are equally fond of strength they’re ruled by Venus, which tempers the whole thing somewhat, so they’re not as intense about proving it or flaunting it as the Mars-ruled Arian. Taureans understand the compulsion behind Aries courage and flashing independence, since every Sun Sign carries the seeds or karmic memory of the qualities of the sign immediately preceding it in the zodiac, as with every 2-12 Pattern. But because the Bull has already been there, in an unconscious sense, he’s also aware of the pitfalls involved in throwing caution to the four winds. The Taurus goal of financial security, however, can often be obtained through cooperation with the tireless drive and energy of the Mars person, and Taureans instinctively know this, which is one reason why they’re attracted to Aries in the first place.

As for the Ram, he or she secretly envies the Taurus reserve and sensible outlook, and could profit immensely from being exposed to the Bull’s realistic approach to life. Every Sun Sign unconsciously senses there are lessons to be learned from the sign immediately following or ahead of it in the zodiac, in a 2-12 vibration. This is why Aries feels drawn by the dependability of Taurus, as something tangible to lean on when that Mars rashness brings on a shower of trouble.

If a free flow of give-and-take can be established between the Bull and the Ram, their natures could blend in such a way that each could attain with the other, through their association, what it would be difficult to realize alone. The danger inherent in the mixing of their Mars-Venus auras is that the Ram, on occasion, may exasperate the Bull beyond his (or her) great limits of endurance, until the Taurean finally makes up that very stubborn Bull mind, after long deliberation, that it’s no longer worth the effort. Conversely, there’s always the possibility that the Bull may so frequently refuse to catch fire from the Ram’s many flaming ideas, sparks of ideals and dreams, that the Aries person will eventually leave in desperation, to avoid depression—which no Mars-ruled man, woman or child can tolerate for long periods of time, without relief.

The Ram may be puzzled, and frequently frustrated, by the Bull’s periodic spells of melancholy and introversion, even though it’s relieved by lots of fun and giggles and from time to time may coax the Bull into parties and social activities, which, if it’s not overdone, may help to balance the Taurean’s instinctive loner instinct—a trait best not overemphasized. Encouraging the Bull of either sex, or any age, to express the innate Taurus love of form and color in music or art—or suggesting ways to retreat to the fields, woods and hills (all Bulls have an intense, even if buried, love of Nature)—are all ways the Aries person can use to coax Taurus into more placidity and peace.

The major mistake made by most Arians with a Taurus friend, relative, business associate, lover or mate, is to press the Bull into a decision. It will never work. Never. The Bull must decide in his (or her) own time. Demanding, pushing and insisting (the typical Mars strategy, when Aries desires are blocked) will only make Taurus more unwilling to budge, often causing these people to become totally uncommunicative. If Taurus believes that the suggestion is valid and sensible, he (or she) will consider it, and finally say okay. Until then—and otherwise—no power on Earth can force the situation prematurely. That’s the way it is, and no one, not even a fiery Ram, is going to change it.

If the Bull can learn, as they say out West, to ride loose in the saddle with the Ram, and not always expect the Aries person to be practical, the association will also be smoother. Rams must be allowed to express themselves through their own Mars pattern, which must contain a certain amount of violent ups and downs, in order to eventually learn that impulsive, rash behavior usually brings regret. The Aries person will undoubtedly benefit from the nearness of a more stable Taurean to lean on when things go wrong—and he (or she) will accept advice with surprising docility from the Bull, as long as it’s tempered with tenderness, and isn’t offered so frequently or dogmatically as to make the Ram feel fenced in.

Aries people of all sizes, shapes, ages and sexes must be allowed to forge ahead without undue restriction, or too much negative disapproval. Actually, silent disapproval disturbs the bright, hopeful Aries spirit even more than spoken disapproval. It seems, somehow, to the direct Ram, more ominous and threatening—and just plain scary. Remember, Aries is the symbolic newborn Infant, just as Taurus is the symbolic older baby. (See the The Twelve Mysteries of Love in the front of this book.) If the Ram’s spontaneous enthusiasms are constantly buried beneath a ton of earthy Taurean don’ts, he-she may become a frustrated Sheep—a Ram whose ego has been cruelly nipped in the bud of blossoming. The Arian needs to be cautioned against all that brimming-over excitement, now and then, but cautioned lightly, and with much gentleness.

Aries discovers the new country, whether it’s geographical—or a mental continent. With the direct penetration of Mars to the core of any situation, the Ram leads and pioneers both the land—and innovative ideas. Then the Bull can enter into his or her own natural activity of building, of turning the country or idea Aries has discovered and pioneered, into a thriving community—or a concept that becomes practical and useful.

All human relationships—Life itself—must have, for Taurus, a clear purpose, and a definite function. Lacking a defined goal of usefulness, in the midst of scattered thoughts, and aimless activities, the Bull becomes confused, and finally withdraws. He (or she) learns only through the senses and through experience, and only by exercising a Fixity of intention can this Fixed Sun Sign remain true to himself—or herself. To Taurus, every thing, and every person, has a proper place, and should stay there, serving its purpose, never pretending to be something it’s not. Aries behaves and dreams in a straight line, always going forward, ignoring the fact that both ends of that straight line are wide open to the winds of fate, whereas Taurus behaves and dreams in a circle, which encompasses lessons of the past and careful plans for the future, leaving no opening for failure due to irresponsible action.

The Ram can help the Bull break open that circle to let in the light of optimism and new ideas—and the Bull can assist the Ram to bend the direct Mars straight-line of activity and feeling into at least a semicircle shape, to help close out some of the inevitable disappointments that will be met throughout the eventful, Aries roller coaster existence. It’s a strange and lovely thing that music, in any form, will almost always serve to build a bridge of understanding between Aries and Taurus and heal some of the hurt caused by each other’s personality differences, which can be vast.

Since the Sun is exalted in Aries, these people frequently feel that victory has been won even before the battle. Every Ram feels an identification with Birth, Spring and the ecstasy of Easter—the resurrection. It’s the reason for that soul’s existence—the miracle he (or she) possesses to innocently offer other Sun Signs—the way Aries people serve both mankind and their true, inner self. Aries believes in the triumph of Life over Death, of Faith over Doubt. However, behind his (or her) bravado lurks the peculiar emotional insecurity of the Ram (those karmic memory seeds from Pisces, just behind Aries, on the astrological circle)—and the attempts of an Earth Sign to hold him (or her) back in any way only result in an increase of this hidden vulnerability. Then, an Aries person will either suddenly and violently shatter all ties with the smothering Taurean—or submit, and fall into a sad neurosis, completely unnatural to the Mars Life Force.

For the reason that the combining of Mars determination with Taurus willfulness creates an immense amount of sheer power, ancient astrologers warned that a blend of the Aries-Taurus qualities, if not carefully balanced, can result in great cruelty. Adolph Hitler’s severely afflicted Taurus Sun and Aries Ascendent (plus other negative natal aspects) is the classic example of this warning ignored. It can occur within the birth chart of one individual—or become manifest through an association between a Ram and a Bull, depending always on the planetary positions of both at birth. The tendency may, of course, be overcome, through enlightenment, and many Rams and Bulls produce an equally powerful alchemy of kindness and beneficence via their association. But there are, unfortunately, for example, some Aries and Taurus people who channel such negativity by becoming hunters-for-sport, expressing the dark side of Aries courage and Taurus strength in a cruel manner, which causes them to be, instead, if they only comprehended it—cowardly—in the worst sort of way. Shooting a wild animal in cold blood, including deer, rabbits, ducks, pheasants and all our feathered friends in the sky—then carrying the silent corpse through town, as a trophy of macho, is a pathetic kind of cowardice in its lowest form—not the demonstration of manhood or womanhood some believe it to be.

If the Sun and Moon in the birth charts of the Ram and the Bull are inharmoniously aspected, in mutual Luminary relation to each other, the danger of cruelty must be guarded against carefully. However, when the natal Sun of the Ram is beneficently aspected to the natal Moon of the Bull (or vice versa) and if their mutual Ascendents are also harmonious, in a triple exchanged aspect, Taurus can help Aries soar to the heights of happiness and serendipity by supporting the Ram’s emotional balloon flights of fancy with warm, kindly patience (also by providing a comforting, soft patch of Earth to fall on when the string breaks). And the Ram can lead Taurus to the higher slopes of the imagination, up where the windswept view of the future is as huge and grand as the Bull’s own sturdy dreams.

Aries Woman and Taurus Man

Get your things, Peter, she cried, shaking.

No, he answered…. I am not going with you.

Yes, Peter.


A romantic involvement with a Taurus man is sure to be an educational experience for the Aries female. She thinks immovable objects (him) are simply things to kick aside, leap over or melt with the irresistible force of Mars heat (hers). Not this one.

She shoves—he sits. She pushes—he pouts. She demands—he digs in. Then, look out. The next step could be: she weeps—he walks. Away, that is— for keeps. But Bulls and Rams can do other things together. Like, if she smiles—he’ll soften. If she coaxes—he’ll cuddle. If she bear-hugs—he’ll beam. You’ll notice it’s always she who initiates the first move between them ….. of any kind.

They may quarrel about money (her extravagance—his economy), or lock horns over the Aries need for excitement, and the Taurus need for peace and quiet. But with some effort at adjusting to each other’s different metabolisms and personal mannerisms, this man and woman can find a rare and very cozy contentment together.

Since she demands, and requires (both), an abnormal amount of freedom, it’s a fortunate thing the Bull is not unduly jealous. He’s not jealous, but he is very possessive. The difference between these two qualities can be found in the dictionary—or through living with each other. She’s jealous. He’s possessive. They should carefully check Webster, and take it from there.

Yes, a Taurus man is stubborn, there’s no denying this astrological fact. His sometimes blind, unreasonable bull-headedness can be unpleasantly aroused, if an Aries woman wants him to pick daisies with her when he wants to snooze—if she subjects him to her friends, when he wants to quietly read—(at other times, he’ll be happy to entertain them all with his marvelous humor)—or if she insists on spending more than he earns, faster than he doesn’t earn it. Yet a well-loved Bull will bear up under a great deal of sound and fury, signifying nothing but noise and nonsense, with tranquil aplomb. Normally, he’ll take it with an unruffled good nature when she fights with his boss or his relatives, howls with a toothache, loses her engagement ring in the mashed potatoes at a restaurant, and doesn’t realize it until after they’ve left, the place is closed and the garbage truck has already done its ruthless chop-chop thing.

A contented Taurus man will patiently put up with most Aries misguided missiles of enthusiasm unless he’s pressed too hard, and too often. Then, he’s likely to erupt into the infrequent but ever latent and smoldering Taurean anger. Rams who have never been exposed to the Bull’s anger should not press their luck. And that happens to be a most serious astrological warning, in no way intended to be humorous.

If he’s handled gently, with a decent amount of consideration for his own feelings, this man will stick by the female Ram he loves through the darkest storms, like a steady rock of solid love, covering the miseries of her mistakes with a warm, protective blanket of sheer devotion. It’s rather like coming home, all safe and secure, from a long journey through a frightening nightmare of rejection, where no one really cares or understands. He cares, even if he can’t quite understand her temporary emotional traumas. And he’ll usually back up his caring with a dependable bank account, and a leakless roof over her head (not to mention a well-stocked refrigerator), to the very best of his steady ability, while he builds slowly and surely for an even more secure, and even luxurious, future.

In the average love affair or marital relationship between the Bull and the Aries woman, she’ll provide the ideas and the energy while he provides the stability and security. This applies to both the financial and the sexual aspects of their cooperative venture.

Although Taurus men are as practical about love as they are about everything else, they’re also deeply affectionate, quietly romantic and deeply sentimental. The Aries woman who’s grown into the mistaken impression that her usually undemonstrative Taurus lover or husband doesn’t really love her anymore will never fail to be periodically surprised by receiving an extravagant Valentine, or other card, on some unexpected holiday, which expresses the shy Taurean feelings tenderly and eloquently, in the words of the verse.

Still, there could be some problems concerning the physical sharing of their love, after the first magnetic attraction of Male-Positive and Female-Negative polarity loses its novelty. Sex is, to the Aries woman, a form of release—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It’s the visible manifestation of the Mars Faith and Strength combined, in a powerful urge of self-expression. To her, sexual activity justifies itself as a thrilling fantasy, which could, in some miraculous way, known only to her, make every dream she’s ever dreamed come true. Sex is, to the Taurus man, a normal and natural function, for the purpose of achieving two very tangible and sensible results—the satisfaction of sensual and erotic flesh needs—and children. A family.

She’s compelled to release the Mars sexual energy, even if it doesn’t result in much of anything, except frustration—and imaginative romancing is absolutely essential to her. He doesn’t see the sense in releasing any kind of energy unless its purpose is to produce something practical and useful—and the typical Taurean does not regard daydreams as either essential or productive. Consequently, the female Ram may gradually and eventually become impatient with her Bull’s desire for frankly sensual and somewhat unimaginative lovemaking— and he may (at a relatively slower rate of speed) become honestly puzzled by the trip to the stars she feels must be synonymous with passion, in private, wistfully wishing he could take her there but sensing they might get lost, because he’s uncertain of the route…. and after all, there’s no map to guide him. A harmonious relationship between their mutual Suns, Moons and Ascendents will miracle away these differences in their natures, and allow the two of them to achieve a rich fulfillment through their sexual union, as well as in every other facet of their togetherness.

However, with a tense aspect between their natal Luminaries and/or Aseendents, it may be difficult for the Aries female to keep the Bull in her pasture, unless she makes a constant and conscious effort to please him, an unselfish urge that does not come naturally to the typical Arian. It takes mountains of hurt and resentment to make a Taurus man leave a woman he’s once loved (or permit her to leave his possessive domain), but once he goes, he is gone. Permanently. A little tenderness today can prevent a lot of tears tomorrow.

Despite the many arguments these two are almost destined to have in the area of both mutual and individual finances, she’ll soon learn a touching truth about her Taurus man’s attitude toward money, which is so vastly different from her own (assuming they’re both typical of their Sun Signs, and their birth charts don’t confuse matters with a variety of planetary positions that create the exceptions that prove the astrological rules). In the beginning, she’ll think he’s an outright tightwad, and he’ll think she’s as improvident and careless with cash as they make females (he believes they’re all made, more or less, in a similar extravagant mold). Gradually, however, his great Bull’s heart will be moved, when he slowly comprehends that her carelessness with cash is nearly always motivated by impulsive generosity. He’ll see that, although she spends a good deal of money on herself (Aries represents the first astrological house; therefore, all Rams are exceptionally concerned with their physical appearance), she spends even more through her gestures of giving, much in the sense that a child gives, with a feeling of sheer delight in pleasing others and receiving the reward of their happy smiles. He’ll probably relax his attitude somewhat then, regarding his initial disapproval of her wild and carefree spending. In fact, after their relationship has had time to solidify into a permanent pattern, her spontaneous generosity may even cause him to love her more.

At the same time he’s learning to adapt to her financial looseness, even affectionately, she will be discovering that he’s not such a miser as she first thought him to be. She’ll realize that his caution stems from his uncontrollable need to be sure of tomorrow’s security, his deep-seated fear of being suddenly thrown out into the street and forced to rely upon the charity of others or the government, which would kill his proud spirit of self-sufficiency. And she’ll see that, once her stubborn, but kind-hearted, steadfast and loyal Bull knows their future is reasonably insured (not excessively, as is the case with the typical Crab or Goat), he’s genuinely generous. Barring an afflicted Moon or Ascendent in Earth or Water elements, he’ll be as tickled as she to give gifts to their friends and families, and lend money to those who need it, without pressing them for repayment—as long as his basic nest egg for tomorrow is left untouched, the amount of which, of course, varies with each individual Bull. But the typical Taurus male won’t take huge chances with his security. If his Aries woman tries to convince him that they should move into a better apartment or house, and trust a promise someone made to them regarding future paychecks, commissions or bonuses, to make up the difference in rent or mortgage payments, she’s engaged in a futile endeavor. The Bull won’t move an inch until he’s sure he can handle the extra burden. To Taurus there’s never been a promise since the world began that’s been made of anything but talk and thin air—both materials he’s found to be totally unreliable for the purpose of building anything concrete and lasting. Yet, when push comes to shove (an excellent descriptive phrase to use with Taurus) this man will share half of whatever he has with anyone whose real need he’s been made aware of, most especially his family, friends…. and the woman he loves.

There may be times when the Bull’s stubbornness seems like the coldest kind of cruelty to an Aries woman. For example, he may say something unkind to her in public, when she’s been frisking too much for his taste and acting up in general, and it will cut her to the quick. She’ll try to force him to apologize, openly or at least to admit he didn’t mean it (which he didn’t, and she knows it), while he sullenly refuses to grant her the verbal solace and reassurance she’s seeking (or, rather, demanding). As she continues first to command, then finally to plead with him to retract his statement, he’ll grow even more silent and removed, like a chunk of marble, unseeing, unhearing, unfeeling—apparently.

Then she’ll impulsively run out, angrily weeping, into the night. He’s the coldest, cruelest man she’s ever known, and it’s all over between them. He can’t do that to her. A few blocks down the street (maybe twenty or more, depending on the extent of the adrenalin she was generating when she stormed out of the place where she left him)—she sees a coffee shop, and wanders inside, to sit by herself, crying all over her donuts, and fiercely hating him ….. until their favorite song hits her ears, from the ceiling speakers, reminding her of what she’s lost by walking out on him. So, she pays her check, leaves hastily and ends up standing on a street corner, forlorn and alone, trying to hail a taxi to take her home—sorry, at last—and now really frightened. It’s late, there are no taxis anywhere, and she has to walk home, giving her time to think over a lot of things as she hurries down streets that seem unusually quiet and deserted.

But … who is that there in the shadows, leaning calmly against the building across the way, waiting patiently for her? It’s him. He’s still there. She feels a surge of happiness as she runs across the street into his safe arms. He didn’t go away and leave her after all. It’s all right again. No, he didn’t go away—this time. He’ll probably still be there, patiently waiting for her after the next fiery, emotional, farewell scene too. But, someday …….

If she’s wise, she’ll count her blessings before it’s too late.

Aries Man and Taurus Woman

… unless this tie is round my neck we don’t go out to dinner to-night, and if I don’t go out to dinner to-night, I never go to the office again, and if I don’t go to the office again, you and I starve …

Even then Mrs. Darling was placid. Let me try, dear, she said ….. and with her nice cool hands she tied the tie for him.

In an Aries-Taurus romance or marriage, when the woman is the Taurus and the man is the Aries, the relationship has a slight edge for success over its chances when the sexes are reversed. That’s not a guarantee either way, of course, it’s just what I said—a slight edge. The qualities of passivity, steadfastness, and quiescent receptivity (Taurus) are more natural when exercised through the female. The qualities of aggression, independence and forceful action (Aries) are more natural when exercised through the male—never mind Women’s Liberation, which is right and good and timely and necessary, and all that, but the passage of ERA is never going to forcefully (or any other way) alter Mother Nature’s basic tenets. At the very least, the conflicts may be somewhat fewer in number, when she’s the Taurean and he’s the Ram, in this 2-12 vibration. Still, it’s the intensity of the conflicts, not the quantity of them, that damages any relationship, so these two ought not to become heady with optimism. It depends. Mostly on the Moon and Ascendent positions of each of them.

A Taurus woman, unless the fourth house of her horoscope is severely afflicted, is a born homemaker. (Thank goodness somebody enjoys it!) Even if she has adverse aspects in her birth chart which tend to tempt her into spending a few years as a playgirl type (a most rare occurrence), her basic desire, nevertheless, is to create a comfortable home, filled with fine furnishings, good food, babies and music—with the beds all nicely made, the corners clean, the laundry folded and put away and all the bills paid. Throw in a flower garden in the back yard, and an extra powder room, well stocked with bubble bath. She’s not unreasonably jealous, without good cause; she’s patient and she seldom nags. She’s normally a warm, gracious hostess for her husband’s business friends—and a pretty good listener.

Now, since an Aries male requires a constant and dependable sounding board while he discusses his favorite topic—himself—since he frequently brings people home to sell them a new project or idea he’s dreamed up—and since he’s a little careless with the budget, because he never learned to spell the word thrift in grammar school—you can see how a Taurus woman can provide him with a perfect base of operations. Normally, Aries men like sports, and the typical Taurus female loves nature. So if the sport he happens to favor is camping out, or hiking in the woods, add another plus on the potential success side of their relationship. Otherwise, there might be some Saturday-afternoon-football tension.

The trouble starts in areas they may never anticipate during the mating season. She may prefer living in the country or the suburbs, and most Aries men can’t exist for long, without the excitement and action of the city. There may be some who can, but they’re few and far between, and even they like to flash around in the bright lights on weekends. Camping and hiking aside, he’s not a farm boy at heart. If he has a Taurus Moon Sign or Ascendent, he may plant a few potatoes or milk a few cows, but essentially, for him, the pull of the sod will never replace grabbing a taxi to catch a miracle.

Sparks may also fly in the area of mutual funds, because their attitude toward money is not necessarily mutual. He wants a new car; she wants a new freezer. Things like that. His favorite man at the bank is the one in the Loan Department. Her favorite man at the bank is the one in the Savings Department. You know how bankers like to push their own thing, so these two outsiders don’t help matters any by pulling the Bull and the Ram apart. However, when he spends money on jewelry for her, or on furniture for the house, she may be more loose about it. Taurus females usually appreciate fine jewels and luxurious decor in the home, but they’ll expect these things to be practical, made to last for a few hundred years before they need to be replaced.

Despite her general tranquility, she may lose her cool if he burns holes in her new couch or spills grape juice on her carpet (before marriage, you can substitute her new skirt or her carefully clutched pocketbook for the couch and carpet). It’s hard for him to figure why she gets so upset over such small incidents. To Aries, crying over spilled milk (or grape juice) is a huge waste of time. If something is lost, broken or damaged, there’s always more where it came from. Taurus has a few doubts about that.

Fortunately, most of their disagreements can be smoothed over by reconciliations at bedtime since the physical relationship between them can be snugly satisfying. The Aries male is certainly not unhappy about the Taurus woman’s capacity for sensual, erotic feeling, but he may be somewhat frustrated by her lack of mystical creativity when it comes to making love. She welcomes sex as a practical and enjoyable activity that brings a total gratification of the senses and the added bonus of producing some bouncing bambinos. She may, therefore, fail to comprehend why sex should be like a wild dream that transports two souls to the top of a mountain in Tibet, like a comet streaking across the night sky—or a miracle connected with throwing three coins into the Fountain of Trevi, in Rome. To her, sex is sex. Love is love. What does any of it have to do with tossing a few Lincolns into some dirty, green water—or with comets, for that matter? This woman has a funny bone about sex, since Taurus humor isn’t restricted to any one facet of Life. It’s broad. If the Aries man should happen to step on a tack as he’s running passionately toward the bed on their honeymoon, she’ll crack up laughing. His reaction? It may postpone the honeymoon a few days—or nights—until his Martian male ego has recovered.

Still, although she may remain mystified by his romantic idealism during their entire association together, it needn’t necessarily cause complete sexual incompatibility. There are deep emotional wells in her, and it’s possible that her ultra-feminine response to the Ram’s strong, direct love urges, plus her obvious pleasure with his masculine charisma, may eventually make him wonder why he thought he had to go climbing mountains in search of happiness anyway. It’s possible. Not certain, but possible. (Aries is reluctant to accept substitutes for miracles.)

A word of warning: Just because the Taurus woman doesn’t pick up every nuance of the Aries sexuality, this should not be interpreted to mean that she’s not sentimental or romantic. She is. Oh, she most certainly is! If she’s ignored on February 14th, or if he forgets to remember the day they first met (first made love together, first decided to get married, got married or whatever, in whichever order), the inconsiderate, thoughtless Ram who neglected to honor these historic occasions will never hear the end of it. This woman has a memory like an elephant for personal injury and emotional hurt.

Some of the astrological descriptions of the Taurus female make her seem like a contented cow in a pasture, and that’s pretty insulting. So what if she isn’t overtly flashy, the center of attention at every gathering? Her quiet beauty is like a still pool, filled with fragrant lilies, deep in a piney forest. Taurus magnetism pulls powerfully on a man’s heartstrings, because it promises such peace and rich adventure, especially on a Ram’s restless heartstrings. The Aries male soon discovers that this feminine creature, who is so calm and composed (the way he’d secretly like to be himself), can fill his spirit with fresh flowers, fill his house with the music of love and companionship, besides being an uncommonly good cook. In addition, she can fill his heart with lots of laughs, and a loyal devotion that can outlast forever. She also knows how to accumulate and save money. No cow could pull off all that. This woman can well afford to leave the false lashes (which look like spiders’ legs) to the less-female types than she. She’s all warm woman, and she doesn’t need the masquerade of artificial glamour to prove it.

What she may need to do, however, is to climb out of her earthy rut, now and then. A lady Taurean can seem pretty cold and heartless to the friendly, direct and open-hearted Aries man when she’s made up her mind about something, and slammed the door in the face of any further discussion. If he shouts at her that she’s stubborn at such times, it will do about as much good as when she tells him, firmly, that he’s selfish and spoiled. In a word—none.

Who, her—stubborn? Who, him—selfish and spoiled? It wouldn’t be wise for either of them to hold his or her breath until the other admits such character deficiencies.

Lots of affection, plenty of ambition, honesty and the guarantee of financial security are the four ways to her heart. An Aries man can supply the first three with no difficulty, but he may have to make some adjustments in his general life-style to meet her expectations of the last item. Aries incomes do tend to often fluctuate, and that can make this lady very nervous.

Normally, of course, she’s not nervous—only when her emotional or financial security is threatened. At most other times, she exudes a placid mystique that can be deliciously relaxing, in particular, to a Ram. It can also be a substantial aid in recharging the batteries of this man’s dynamic Mars energies when he’s run down from his various mental, emotional or physical excesses. (An Aries man will jog till he drops.) Admittedly, when she goes into one of her very rare rages, her placid mystique can change into anger of volcanic proportions, without much of a warning. But it happens so seldom, it’s one of the least likely causes for trouble in their relationship—unless the Ram is foolish enough to insist on trying to win these infrequent, but dangerous, encounters. It will never happen. Retreat is the expedient strategy. Go fight an earthquake.

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Fire—Cardinal—Positive Air—Mutable—Positive
Ruled by Mars Ruled by Mercury
Symbol: The Ram Symbol: The Twins
Day Forces—Masculine Day Forces—Positive


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