Dating Taurus Woman

The symbol for Taurus is the bull, which by itself tells a man something about what to expect when dating a Taurus Woman (check out her personality traits) born under the sign of Taurus – she will be stubborn. It is important to try to understand the personality traits related to a Taurus Woman’s astrological sign so a man can have a chance to relate to her in terms of those characteristics.

Taurus the bull is persistent to a fault, able to work well independently with little assistance from the outside. Keeping that in mind, you will know that you can count on her to finish what she starts and that she will not want any help unless she asks for it. Here is a list of traits shared by many Taurus individuals:

Positive Traits

  • Dependable
  • Loyal
  • Persistent
  • Patient

Negative Traits

  • Stubborn
  • Lazy
  • Possessive
  • Materialistic

The more you know about the personality typical of a Taurus, the stronger your connections to her will be and the better you will be able to choose techniques that will help you interact effectively with her.

Dating Taurus Woman – Asking Her Out

In approaching a Taurus you wish to ask out, remember that she is very patient. There is no need to rush things, so work on slowly getting to know her rather than impressing her with all your strengths at once. A Taurus will let others get close, but only when she is ready, so don’t be discouraged if she appears aloof at first – she needs time to get to know you. She can also be very stubborn, so you must be persistent if she gives you signs that she is interested yet keeps saying no to a date. The lazy side of a Taurus may also mean you have to do most of the work to get a relationship started.

Dating Taurus Woman – Your First Date

Be careful to pay attention to signs that your Taurus date may be taking what you say the wrong way, because she will undoubtedly be sensitive even if she seems tough on the outside. A typical Taurus values money and possessions, so go out of your way to treat her to the highest quality food and choose opera over a movie, and sailing over bowling. These things can give you an advantage over another suitor.

Dating Taurus Woman – After the First Date

After your initial date with a Taurus, you will need to plan to continually surprise and impress her because her patient nature will not allow her to rush into a commitment. Here are some tips about her nature that can help you continue to understand her better along with gift suggestions for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions that may arise.

Dating Taurus Woman – Dependable

Most Taurus women are extremely dependable and will be on time for every meeting, so you should be as well. If she says she will do something, she will. It may be insulting to her if you frequently remind her about times or dates because she probably does not need to be reminded. Do not leave her waiting for you too often. Show her that you value how dependable she is by buying gifts that complement an occasionyou are joining her for – a field guide to wildflowers if you are going to a park for a hike, or some gourmet cheese if you are staying in to watch a movie.

Dating Taurus Woman – Loyal

Once you have gained the trust and affection of a Taurus,she will reward you with undivided loyalty. When that is combined with her dependability, you will find yourself with a very devoted partner. You can trust her with secrets and count on her to help you whenever she can. You will need to earn this loyalty, though, so do not reveal too much at once.Be sure to ask her lots of questions about herself if you find you are talking about yourself too much. Let her know you trust her with your secrets by lowering your voice to almost a whisper when you tell her something personal. Surprise her with gifts that show a connection between both of you, like a book you wrote an inscription to her in, or a bracelet or necklace with both of your initials engraved on it.

Dating Taurus Woman – Persistent

A Taurus Woman who is a Taurus shares stubborn tendencies with a bull, but this persistent nature can be a positive rather than a negative when she applies it to goals she is focused on. You do not want to try and talk her out of going to a particular restaurant even if you find the wait is long or that traffic is really heavy on your way there – once her mind is set of something, she will not be happy with a change in plans. Gifts that complement the persistent side of an Taurus are items that are difficult to get. It will be worth your while to get on a waiting list for a concert that is sure to sell out, the Indianapolis 500, Kentucky Derby, or other major event so you can surprise her with tickets.

Dating Taurus Woman – Patient

You can count on a Taurus to hardly ever be in a rush, whether it is waiting for you to call or standing in a long line.If you are impatient and impulsive, her patient demeanor should rub off on you, producing changes for the better, and allowing you to enjoy times you must wait with her so you can get to know her better. Do not mistake her patience for disinterest – do call her even if you have not heard from her in a while. It is very likely she has been patiently waiting to hear from you. When you first notice a Taurus you would like to ask out, resist rushing. Take your time because she is willing to wait and will appear interested in you if she is, but she will not likely overtly flirt – it is more likely you will notice her interest by her holding eye contact with you or gently touching your arm. Her patient nature will give her lots of time to get to know you before your first date, so both of you may be very comfortable together by then. Pay attention to her likes and dislikes in this extended courtship period so you can cater to her once you are dating. Find out her favorite foods, hobbies, types of music, and sports teams so you can treat her to a fine dinner of her favorite cuisine or with tickets to see her favorite team or band.

Dating Taurus Woman – Stubborn

A Taurus is sure to be stubborn, which can be both a good and a bad trait. As mentioned before, the stubbornness can feed into persistence and a strong ability to stay focused on goals. But someone who is too stubborn can be hard to make plans with, as a Taurus is likely to be hard to compromise with. You can learn to work with this negative trait by planting suggestions and then letting her think she came up with the idea – if you are hungry for Mexican food, turn the conversation to her favorite Latina or Latino singer or play that music in the car. Or mention one of your favorite recipes for Mexican food. Then ask her what she is hungry for and she will be making the decision about where to eat. Some gifts that would work well for a particularly stubborn Taurus are gift cards to stores or restaurants you know she likes or her favorite saying or slogan printed on a t-shirt.

Dating Taurus Woman – Lazy

While women with the Taurus sign are usually persistent once they are focused and also very dependable, they tend to not put a lot of effort into things that do not interest them. You will often observe them sitting calmly while others around them are madly rushing around, getting dinner ready or packing for a trip. Keep in mind that she is not always lazy, but will often seem so if there are enough others there to do the work. You may need to make most of the effort to ask her out, as she is likely to be patiently waiting for you to do so, while she conserves her energy to get to know you once you are together.When you do need her help, she usually needs to be asked to do something specific, and may also require an explanation about why she has been asked and not someone else. You should be ready to explain to her that you are asking her to do something because of her strengths and talents. For example, praise how good she is at negotiating before you ask her to try and get a table more quickly at a crowded restaurant. Nice gifts for the lazy side of your Taurus date are a throw blanket for using when she curls up on the couch or gadgets that make life easier, like a GPS.

Dating Taurus Woman – Possessive

Holding onto things once they have them in hand is a hallmark of a Taurus. This possessiveness can extend to people as well as things, so be prepared to feel her holding tightly to you the more she gets to know you. Discussing about your freedom in the very beginning of your relationship will be helpful in keeping this from getting out of hand. Expect her to be possessive of her belongings, and try to ask before you touch or try anything. Once she gets to know you well her loyalty will loosen her tight grip on her things and she will trust you more and more with them. She may enjoy receiving gifts that help her mark her possessions, like one-of-a-kind artistic luggage tags or wine glasses etched with her name.

Dating Taurus Woman – Materialistic

A Taurus can be especially possessive with her things when they are very valuable or irreplaceable. Again, be careful with touching or disturbing her things. She may seem at times to value things more than people, becoming annoyed if you accidently scratch her car or spill something in her kitchen. If you realize that she is materialistic, you can avoid conflicts about this by being extra careful when borrowing her things – be sure to return them in at least as good if not better condition than they were in when you borrowed them.Gifts you are choosing based on her materialistic tendencies should either be expensive or appear so, and chosen so she will feel very valued. Examples are very nice jewelry and pewter or blown glass figurines.

Dating Taurus Woman – Conclusion

If you date a Taurus Woman who is a Taurus, you stand to benefit in gaining a loyal and dependable partner. She will also be persistent and able to wait patiently for a long time for a worthwhile goal. She will also be stubborn once she has decided what she wants, and she will enjoy the material rewards she waits so patiently for, guarding them closely once they are hers. You should not challenge her possession of the riches she treasures, whether they are nice pieces of jewelry, a music collection, or one of the latest versions of technology.Enjoy watching her with those treasures, and learn what she likes most so your gifts to her will be meaningful. Do not criticize what appear to be periods of laziness on her part, as they are used for gaining energy to rise up to aim for the next goal, kind of like a lioness lying in the sun but always ready to pounce. Court her slowly with subtle compliments and do not rush the relationship, matching her patience with yours.


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