Dating Pisces Woman

If you want to date a Pisces Woman there are several things you should bear in your mind. Having a Pisces Woman girl could be heaven or hell if you don’t allow yourself to learn their positive and Negative Traits. Pisces Woman is the oldest sign in the Zodiac; therefore their traits may include those found in the other signs. But still having awareness of their traits is your key of winning. As a water sign, Pisces Woman are very emotional by nature, prefers to be alone and rides out of waves. Listed below are the positive and Negative Traits of a Pisces Woman, keep this in your mind so you could have an idea what to do or how to handle things to improve your communication or relationship with her.

Positive Traits





Negative Traits




Knowing the good and bad side of a Pisces Woman helps you get across to her effectively.

Asking Her Out

If you wish to ask her for a date, make sure you’ll ask her the right question in the safest way. Pisces Woman are sensitive, emotional and imaginative at times. The best way to impress a Pisces Woman is to appeal on her emotional side. Try to give a love letter that expresses your true feelings to her.

Your First Date

For a first date, you can take her to watch a romantic or classical movie. Eat at a restaurant then you can talk at a romantic place, which will surely leave a mark on her heart. At the same time, don’t forget the exact date that you first take her out and other things about your first date like what she wore or what you had for dinner because your forgetfulness may indicate you’re dispassionate to love.

After The First Date

Once you’ve been on a successful date, a Pisces Woman can be depended on to offer you support and understanding which is the great opportunity for you to get closer to her. Talk to her often; send her sweet thoughts or gifts where she can feel your genuine feelings to her.


Pisces Woman are full of womanly charms that every guy would want to have or fall in love with. They are so feminine, very different from the modern and liberated woman of today. She is one of the women that want to stand behind their husband and support them in every way they can. They are the ones who will never try to dominate their husband. Don’t act so rude to Pisces Woman because Pisces Woman can be deceptive at love.


A natural artist, Pisces Woman women see meaning into the most mundane situation. She expresses her passions into dance, song or paint. She pays attention to what she likes, understands and nourishes it with her own talent. She prefers to select a song that depends on her mood, carefully chooses jewelry to wear for the day, and love seeing the beauty of nature. Do not be imperious or pushy to her of the things but be careful in suggesting to her about other things and ride on her mood cause if not, it can break the good interaction you have.


Pisces Woman are social and popular because of their easygoing and likeable manner. They have an uncanny sense of perceiving what it is a person wants or needs, which in turn makes her more popular. Pisces Woman are good and patient listener; she can stay with you listening to your sadness and then give you a hug and soft treatment to make you comfortable afterwards. At the same time, carefully choose the right words to say because a single harsh word can make her cry at the end. You have to assure her that she is appreciated.


Pisces Woman are shy and vulnerable; they tend to hide their true feelings at times, making them mysterious. Pisces Woman are all mystery; their true nature is hidden and elusive. Pisces Woman are afraid of expressing their true self, lest people will hurt her. The right lover for a Pisces Woman should be quiet and can ride on her nature. Remember a man that chooses to be with a Pisces Woman should be able to guard her and give her a sense of security.


Being sentimental of a Pisces Woman can be vexatious sometimes. She can easily hurt and cry after some harsh words are delivered. That is quite irritating. However, her being sentimental can be beneficial to you. By showing her that you can be by her side is a good point, listening to her, and letting her know that you understand and know what’s on her heart and mind can aid you in capturing her heart. You can ask her to watch a movie or a band that she’s into or take her out to a place with a private atmosphere.


She wants you to tend to her constantly. She can be a little too clingy. This can be a good point; however, her love can be somewhat deceptive. She did not open up to you completely. Her true feeling is unseen and prefers to be hidden. This is quite annoying. In this manner, you should be sincere and true to her. Respond genuinely and honest at all times. Making her feel secure can be pleasing to her. Give her time to think for herself, guard her from hurting and be an instrument to inspire her. In this, she may probably take away the doubts she had or may have.


Her mood-swings, they can easily change. Happy now, mad later. This kind of behavior of a Pisces Woman is natural. Learn how to deal with it by staying positive and keeping yourself calm. When she’s in a bad mood, you have to examine your options. A simple “sorry” can make the situation better then continue to communicate to her but this time speak to her kindly and gently.


Physically and emotionally, sensitivity is present in most of all Pisces Woman. Giving her harsh and bad words, she may cry. Touch them even unintentional, she’ll hate you. They are fragile. Deal with it by giving her special care and attention. Don’t be harsh and don’t make critical moments. I’m not saying don’t criticize her but say it in the right way or she will avoid you. Help her manage her anger; this can be useful to avoid the swinging of her moods. Last, be more romantic; the more romantic you become the more she will love you.


To win the heart of a Pisces Woman, a man should have the guts to appeal to all her side. Being too rough and out-of-tune are not good ideas. You should be aware of her thoughts and be genuine every time. Ride on her emotions and fantasies to get closer to her but avoid being too over powering. Appreciate everything she does and give her the care she needs. Be firm enough to be the man she needs and gently dominate her. Take control of everything but always keep in your mind that a single mistake can erase everything you have. Tolerate her good side and help her terminate the bad without making her conscious of it. Pisces Woman is a water sign, a sign of tears so be aware of her feelings. A slow and romantic courtship is ideal to have a happy relationship. Pisces Woman are generous in love, win her and you will see the fruit of your courtship.

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